10 May, 2015 6th Sunday of Easter Mother`s Day

86 Raceview Street, Raceview QLD 4305
19 Ipswich Street, Riverview QLD 4303
St Johns
8:00am & 9:30am
32 Roderick Street, Ipswich QLD 4305
10th May, 2015
6th Sunday of Easter
Mother’s Day
All the stages of my life were spread out before you, The days of my life all
prepared. Before I’d even lived one day.
Psalm 139:16
Ipswich Lutheran House
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A Message From Pastor Ben
A big and special welcome to all of the guests in our worship
this morning as we give thanks to and honour mothers for all
that they do, and as we focus on what it means to be rich in
our relationships.
Today, we look at one mother in particular whose story is
recorded in the first few chapters of 1 Samuel – and Hannah
shows us through her example of motherhood how we too can be rich in our
If we, like Hannah exhibit real problems, if we prayer vibrant prayers, if we
understand God’s provision and also excel at keeping God’s promises, I believe
that God will bless us with rich and abundant relationships.
Ultimately though, our relationships are an extension of God’s relationship with us.
You see God loves us so much – and he was willing to go to extreme lengths to
show us this love – by sending His Son Jesus to die on the cross for us.
So in your relationships, let them be a reflection of the relationship you have with
God. It might open up doors and opportunities for you to reflect the love of Christ
into this world, and help you to have rich relationships, knowing that you are rich
in what matters most.
Worship This Week
St Johns
St Marks
Service with Holy Communion
Children’s Ministry
Service without Holy Communion
Hymns 321 LH, 323 LH, 344 LH, 301 AT
Service without Holy Communion – LHS page 23
Readings1 Sam1:1-28, Ps 139,1 John 5:1-6, John15:9-17
Hymns 347 LH, 330 LH, 426 LH, 164 LH
Contemporary Service without Holy Communion
Sunday School
Service without Holy Communion
Sunday School
Upcoming Dates for Your Calendar
This Week
Mon 11/5 7.00pm
Wed 13/5 9am – 11am
Fri 15/5
Coming Up
Mon 18/5 6.45pm
Tue 19/5
Wed 20/5 9am – 11am
Thu 21/5
Sat 23/5
9am - 3.30pm
Sun 24/5 9.00am
Faith Chest Ministry
Open Arms Playgroup (St John’s House)
Parish Office Closed (Ipswich Show Holiday)
Bethany School Council Meeting
Faith Chest Ministry (Bethany Shed)
Bethany Worship Team Meeting
Open Arms Parish Playgroup (St John’s House)
Midweek Holy Communion Service (Bethany)
St John’s Teams Meeting Night
Bethany Ministry Team & Church Council Meeting
St John’s Friendship Club (St John’s Hall)
Pentecost Revival Day (Bethany)
Churchwide Pentecost Worship Experience
Happenings in our Parish
We welcome and thank Pastor Tim Jaensch for leading worship at both services
at St John’s this morning. We also thank Trevor Samson for leading worship at
Grace this morning.
Can you help us?
We need toys! Do you have some toys sitting around your house that you don't
want any more? Are they suitable for babies to four year olds? We can make
good use of them in a music playgroup which will be starting up soon. Please
contact Leah at Parish office, or email Amanda at [email protected]
Alternatively bring them along to church and we will collect from there. Thanks.
Magazines needed for Bethany Prep Children
Bethany Prep classes need Women’s magazines for pictures to cut out. If you
have any, or know of someone who does not need them anymore, could you
please bring them to Bethany Church or drop them into the school office? With
thanks, Jenny Schiller
What Do Cakes and Couches Have in Common?
They are both great to help us relax and feel good. Our parish youth are
fundraising to pay for new couches in St John's Hall. They are selling decadent,
delicious, desirable cake slices for $5. This will be ongoing through April and
May, so bring your $5 to St John's or pre-order (Jo- 0422 244 216 or Margaret
0417 564 990) and we will deliver a selection to choose from, to Bethany or Grace
services. Any cash donations also accepted.
Holy Spirit and the Mission of the Church Revival Day
Join us on Saturday 23rd May, from 9.00am to
Come along to what will be an amazing, Holy
Spirit led day as we focus on the Holy Spirit and
the Mission of the Church (that’s you!)
There will be uplifting worship, fun fellowship, delicious food and inspirational
speaking from Rev. Dr. Noel Due about the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the
importance of the Holy Spirit’s fullness for the church. Seeing how the Spirit led
the mission of the early church in Acts will inspire you to go out and change the
Register using the flyer in this bulletin, and make sure you give one to your family
members, friends, neighbours, co-workers, and other interested people – more
are available at the back of your worship centre, or you can download a form off
our website: www.ilp.org.au
The first 5 completed registrations (with payment) will receive a free book
(Christian Atheist – Craig Groeschel; the basis of an upcoming message series)
and the first 12 complete registrations will receive a Happyland Gift Pack. So be
sure to get those forms in ASAP to make sure you don’t miss out on what will be
an amazing day!
Volunteering Opportunities
Have you felt God leading you towards visiting and even giving
Holy Communion to those people across our Parish who are
unable to attend church? We are in need of people to either visit regularly
(once a month or bi-monthly) or to just visit intermittently throughout the year.
We are also in urgent need of people to be available to visit regularly and give
Holy Communion. Please keep this important ministry in your prayers. If you are
able to help please Contact Vicki Park: Parish House on 3202 403 or Email
[email protected]
Call for LEADERS for RAGE, Ignition & St. John’s Sunday School
The need for Leaders across our Child & Youth Ministries is becoming more
apparent as we get into 2015. St. John’s Sunday School, Rage High School Youth
and Ignition Primary School Youth are all in need of volunteers to either go on
regular rosters or just intermittently throughout each Term. God will equip you if
you feel he is directing you to answer this call! Contact Leah Bricknell @ Parish
House on 3202 4035 or email [email protected]
St Johns Volunteering Opportunity
We have a need for Ushers and Sound Desk Operators for our 9.30am services.
You would be rostered approximately once per month. Please contact Wayne
Upcoming Workshop
Building Healthy Relationships – 22 & 23rd July
Christ Focused communication
This is a two day workshop focusing on
• Understanding and developing our relationship with God and others
• Keys to effective communication within our relationships
Equipping for Leadership – 24/25/26th July
Christ centred leadership
This three day workshop will focus on
• Understanding how leadership applies to all areas of our life
• Identifying and developing individual and team leadership skills
Both workshops will be held at St John’s
Registration Cost $126 per person
Register Online www.grassroots.edu.au
Upcoming Events
Parish Children & Youth Ministries
Term 2
Night off for RAGE and H2H Friday 15th May (Ipswich Show Holiday)
Ignition – Friday 15th May – Bethany Worship Centre 6.00pm
Theme “Schooling”
Ladies Retreat - Saturday May 16th to Sunday May 17th
Men’s Shed – Thursday, 28th May
Donations for Natural Disasters
The worst earthquake in Nepal in 80 years has left more than 2500 people dead.
Many more are injured, missing or homeless. You can give emergency help
straightaway through ALWS. Your help will be directed through our Lutheran
(World Federation) team based in Kathmandu. High priorities are likely to include
food, clean water, clothes, blankets, shelter, medical supplies and psychosocial
support. ALWS has already committed $50,000 for emergency aid.
How to donate – www.alws.org.au
click on ‘DONATE NOW’
LYQ Camps
CLW Camps – Registrations Open
Christian Life Week camps are here again! Pick up your ‘How to Register’ card at
the back of the church today.
Week 1 – 29th June to 3rd July 2015
Week 2 – 6th July to 10th July 2015
Week 3 – 21st Sept to 25th Sept 2015
Register today www.lyq.org.au/clw
Contact Parish Office for subsidy code
Available from your local Church foyer
• Current Bethany School Newsletter
• Current LCAQD Newsletter
• Pentecost Church Revival Day Brochure
Financial Matters
Financial Support for the Mission and Vision of the Church
Proportional Giving
Three times a year all your men must appear before the Lord your God at the
place he will choose: at the Feast of Unleavened Bread, the Feast of Weeks and
the Feast of Tabernacles. No man should appear before the Lord empty-handed:
Each of you must bring a gift in proportion to the way the Lord your God has
blessed you.
In Old Testament days, three times a year every male was to make a journey to
the sanctuary in the city that would be designated as Israel’s religious capital. At
these festivals, each participant was encouraged to give what he could in
proportion to what God had given him.
God does not expect us to give more than we can, but we will be blessed when
we give cheerfully.
For a few, 10% may be a burden. For most of us, that would be far too little.
Look at what you have and then give in proportion to what you have been given.
What is REG? (Regular Electronic Giving)
Regular Electronic Giving is a way that you can give: regularly and electronically
(cashless). If you would like to give in this way to be able to easily give your first
and your best to God, by being able to tithe in line with your pay period (weekly,
fortnightly, monthly) – please contact the office who can help set this up for you.
For more info on REG (and other ways of giving) go to www.ilp.org.au/give
Prayer Corner
Church Prayer Time
A time of prayer is held at Bethany every Sunday at 8.30am. Any and all are
welcome to join in with these prayer times.
Prayer Points
• for the church, the bride of Christ, that it may abide in his love
• for the newly baptised, that they may learn to keep the Father's
• for parents, that they may love their children
• for musicians who lead us in worship
• for those whose love has grown cold or who live without love
• for those who live without joy
Care Slip & General Parish Prayer Requests
• Prayers and donations to the people of Nepal.
• Please help us to be empty, willing vessels to know where we are needed to
be especially when others are hurting.
• For all the sick.
General Prayers
• Please continue praying for
o the pastors, office staff and leaders of the Parish and congregations.
o the upcoming meetings of the parish and congregations (refer to the
‘Coming Up’ section at the back of this bulletin).
o the church services beforehand and as they take place
o specific events as they arise i.e. funerals, weddings, baptisms, synod,
studies undertaken across the parish
Next Week
Bible Readings
Altar Colour
Service Time &
Sun 17-May-15
7th Sunday of
Proverbs 11:23-31
White or Gold
Sun 17-May-15
St Johns
Sun 17-May-15
St Johns
Sun 17-May-15
7th Sunday of Easter
7th Sunday of Easter
7th Sunday of Easter
Psalm 1
1 Timothy 6:17-19
White or Gold
White or Gold
White or Gold
LHS page 6 HC
9.30am w/o HC
C Hoffmann
Samuel Grieger
C Hoffmann,
G Schultz
R Suthers
R Kreis
J Stewart
D Riggs
Service Order
Bible Readings
Support Lay Leader
Glenys / Denis
Eunice S / Glenys P
Pastor / Steve / Neil
Glenys M
Gary / Ann / John S
/ Paul
Children’s Ministry
Matthew H
HC Assist.
Prayer Leader
Organist / Musicians
Children’s Ministry /
Children's Activity
PP Operator
Sound Desk
Video Operator
Children’s Talk/
Offering Counters
PP Designer
Morning Tea
St John’s Monthly
Luke 12:16-21
D Cobbin
No Children’s
H Barron
No Children’s
D Mibus
M Zeidler
M Stanke
S Stanke
Modra / Green
J Bailey
N Behrendorff,
D Milligan
Kreis, Muggeridge
J Bailey
J Kreis
B Robke
Kreis, Muggeridge
Ann / Gayle
Yvonne / Gary
J Kreis
J Kreis
Altar linen: G Steinhardt / Brass clean: Gehrke, Sippel, Smith /
Care slips/pencils: E Kreis / Activity bags: E Meier / Cards: M Toft /
Funeral clean: S Piotrowski / Ushers: C Hoffmann, (emerg - M Oldfield) /
Organist: D Gowell / Caterers: G Borchert, L Riggs, M Smith, G Steinhardt /
Wedding usher: C Hoffmann
Any changes or corrections with the rosters please contact the congregation’s
roster coordinator – Bethany – Doreen Gowell/Gayle Green, Grace – Errol
Freiberg, St John’s - 8am Claire Barnett, 9.30am Wayne Kreis
Want to know more about Jesus? Head to ‘Next Steps’ on our website:
nextsteps.ilp.org.au Or alternatively, speak to one of our pastors. We would love
to hear from you and help you if you want to continue in your faith walk, learning
more about our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
Guests – we trust that you have drawn closer to God in worship today. Our
church is blessed by your presence today. Please stay and enjoy a ‘cuppa’ with
us after worship and make yourself known to us. We’d love to answer any queries
you may have.
Help Us To Care - if you know of someone who has fallen ill or who is suffering in
any way, please let the Pastoral Care Coordinator or one of the Pastors know by
contacting the parish office so that appropriate care and follow up can occur.
Thinking Of Joining This Church? – We would love for you to make that
commitment with us, as you make a conscious decision to be part of something
bigger than simply yourself. If you have been worshipping here regularly and are
not yet a member, the pastors would be happy to talk to you about ‘making our
Church home - your Church home.
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