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May 2015
Tampa Palms North
Board Members
Maureen Meyering
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Tampa Palms
Vice President:
Kevin Dunbar
Next TPNOA meeting
June 1, 2015
Carol Richardson
Renynold Gosselin
Next ADMC Meeting
June 8, 2015
Garrison Urette
Tampa Palms North Owners Association is a
Master Planned Community
Craig Parrino
Tampa Palms
Architectural Design and Modification
Committee Application form available at
Craig Parrino (Chairperson)
Ed Ciperski
Ashington Reserve
Kevin Dunbar
Mark Rolfe
Mike Kahn
Renynold Gosselin
Ann Diller
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Ashington Estates
The AN Annual meeting was held on March 23. Due to the
lack of a quorum the meeting will reconvene on May 28.
Please take a few minutes to send in your ballots so that
important business benefiting your community can be
Although it feels like we have gone straight from “winter”
into “summer”, spring is in full swing in Ashington Estates.
A second round of sidewalk repairs has been completed. We
will need to replenish our reserve over the next 12 months
before further work can be done. Overall, a lot of progress has
been made.
Many of you have refurbished your mailboxes and they look
great! This is a follow-up item for the Board so if you have
received a violation letter please take it seriously and enjoy
how much your property will be enhanced.
CA maintains a master list of AN owners email addresses.
There have been several broadcast messages sent out recently
and if you didn't receive them please contact
[email protected] to add or update your
The wild boars are back and if you are considering hiring a
trapper please make sure that they meet the following 3
Commercial vehicle insurance
Liability insurance
Trappers license
There are many unqualified hog hunters who are looking for
an opportunity to gain access to TP's protected conservation
areas. They will frequently leave a trail of many types of dead
or wounded animals including deer and you could be held
liable under certain circumstances.
Although the Ashington Association does not manage
wildlife, let the CA Office know if you are having a serious
problem. Last year, TPNOA pitched in with hog control
Finally, there is a small group of owners who have apparently
contracted with Mother Nature to manage their front
landscaping. Please take some time to inspect your mulch,
grass, shrubs, trees and sidewalks and make sure that they
meet the high standards of our community. The Board is fully
engaged in managing this as provided for in the AN
TAMPA PALMS NORTH ۩ IKarePublishing.com
Several homes have received letters requesting cleaning and
other home maintenance. Please take the necessary actions to
improve the appearance of our neighborhood.
Here are some other things to keep in mind:
 Sidewalks, fences and driveways need regular
pressure washing to maintain that clean appearance.
 Palm trees, including those tall ones, need to be
pruned of all dead branches.
 Lawns need to be properly maintained including
regular cutting and weed control. Did you know that
St. Augustine is the only grass approved for all
Tampa Palms homes?
There is currently an open position on the Ashington Estates
Neighborhood Association Board. If you are interested in
applying to be on the Board, please contact Todd Whitlock,
Sentry Management at 727.799.8982 ext. 53009, to submit
your request.
Did you know that Ashington Estates Owners Association and
Tampa Palms North Owner Association (TPNOA) both have
several Board meetings during the year and all homeowners
are invited to attend? There is always lots of good
information being shared at these meetings. Watch for
meeting notifications signs near the entrances of Ashington
Estates and near the Club entrance for TPNOA.
One of the best benefits of living in Tampa Palms is our
wonderful Club Tampa Palms and the recreation facilities
included with our HOA fees. The Club features a great gym
with machines, weights and other equipment offering a great
workout for all levels and needs. The Club also offers limited
group classes, party facilities and meeting rooms. A kitchen
and large open bar area are also available for gettogethers. These are available for a small fee or at per class
rates. The outside area of the Club includes 3 pools (kiddy,
family and adult), a great hot-tub/spa, a beautiful large
waterfall, BBQ grills, playground and tennis courts. If you
aren't a regular user, you should check it out!! It is a beautiful
facility!!! If you would like additional information about
Club Tampa Palms, stop in at the front desk.
Ashington Reserver
The Ashington Reserve community continues to look beautiful. Many of our neighbors have taken advantage of the mild
weather and have been sprucing up their homes. Spring is a
great time for planting and painting. Just remember, before
you paint or make any changes to your landscaping contact
the ADMC.
A warm welcome to new neighbors who moved in the past
few months. Please be sure to register your email addresses
with the office so you can receive important periodic updates.
What is the ADMC? It is the Architectural Design Review
Committee which is made up of resident volunteers from multiple Tampa Palms North neighborhoods. They review any
modification requests for homeowners and ensure the requests
conform to the Architectural Guidelines developed by the
We all agreed when we purchased our homes to keep them
looking their best. The committee is not an unreasonable foe,
on the contrary, they are the friend of our neighborhoods ensuring the neighborhood maintains its desirable characteristics. They are a responsive group and want to work with us.
Please be respectful of the scanner island when you enter the
neighborhood. Keeping your speed below 60 MPH is
adequate to catch the laser which opens the gates. Backing
up into the island due to a miss can mess up the mulch and
fauna if you back up over the island.
The palm tree in the roundabout (if you're not from NJ or
Michigan, a roundabout is a circle intersection that connects
two or more streets) is suffering from dipsomania due to a
broken water pipe. An attempt has been made to rehab the
poor thing by injecting it with steroids to dry it out. We'll
The best time to trim your palm trees is once a year in June
after the seed pods have been flushed out. This according a
well known (to us anyway) arbor specialist.
For more information about the ADMC, there is a link online
at www.mytpnoa.com, or you can chat with the staff at the
Club Tampa Palms, or you can even attend one of the ADMC
Check with your lawn care company to see if your palms are
treated with a fertilizer that protects against weevils, a nasty
bug that can take out a palm tree in a New York minute.
As evidence of some recent home sales, Ashington Reserve
continues to be a highly sought after neighborhood. If you
see a new face around the neighborhood stop and say hello
and welcome our new neighbors!
We have received quotes for grinding uneven sidewalks and
the irrigation system is now functioning properly.
New signs have been painted and will replace the existing
signs that have been bleached by the sun.
The neighborhood is looking good. Many thanks again to all
the neighbors who have taken the time to maintain their
We are in Alligator “season” as the warm weather
returns and they become more active just as we do.
Here are some safety tips. Be aware on, in or near water.
Never let children or pets near the water unsupervised. Never approach an
alligator on the bank of a lake or a pond!
Never throw object at an alligator or disturb them!
Never feed and alligator!
Alligators are opportunistic hunters. They prefer to wait for prey to get close, and lunge to seize it. Adults and children alike should be very
aware of their surroundings near the water's edge; that embankment area of a water body, where land meets liquid, is often covered in vegetation in which the 'gator can hide, making it the reptile's favorite lurking place. Remember: the smaller the potential 'prey,' such as child or
a pet, the more attractive to the alligator simply because it is easier to take. Be extra-aware during the warmer seasons.
Your chance of encountering an alligator is greatest during the animal's courtship and mating season in the warmest months, from March
through September. This is when male 'gators become most dominant and aggressive as they try to intimidate rival males and attract females by their show of power. Some males end up having to travel to find a mate. July through September are when mother 'gators are
guarding nests.
Enjoy the waters edge from a safe distance!
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The company responsible for the Bruce B Downs road
construction has provided an update on the pond being
constructed next to the south end of Mayfair. They bought
this land from the city to install the pond, which will be a very
large one, called pond 400. The bad news is that the area is
going to take one year to complete. The good news is that
they have agreed to plant grass and southern cypress trees on
the land that abuts directly with Mayfair at the end of Abbey
Park and Nottingham. The main portion of the pond will be
fenced with a chain link fence, but they have agreed to put the
fence further up just behind the palmetto bush and wild areas
still remaining that is just to the left of Mayfair. This is not
something that they are required to do, but they are trying to
be good neighbors. Remember to be on the look out for
snakes leaving the pond area, we killed a baby rattlesnake on
our front porch last week.
Happy Mothers’ Day to all mothers in Windsor!
Congratulations to our students who have completed their
spring semesters. And good luck to the students who will
soon be taking exams.
As more of us are getting out on walks and bicycle rides,
please remember to close the pedestrian gate slowly rather
than allowing it to slam shut. This will prevent damage to the
locking mechanism.
Future Board meetings are scheduled for June 2, August 18,
October 6 (budget meeting), and December 1 (annual
All meetings will be held at Club Tampa Palms at 7:00 p.m
As the summer rains are almost here, let's all get to work
getting our yards spruced up and looking good, adding mulch
around trees and flower beds, cleaning driveways and
sidewalks, trimming trees, etc.
Several homes within Mayfair have recently been sold and
new families have arrived, let's all make them feel welcome in
our great community.
From The Manager…
We are happy to welcome ABM (formerly One Source) as our new landscaping and irrigation partner for Tampa
Palms North and the Club grounds. We look forward to a long and happy collaboration with them. They will begin
in the middle of May - please issue them a warm welcome.
We have begun injections on all of the more expensive Canary and Madjool palm trees in the community to help
strengthen them to assist with warding off diseases and insects. We have lost several palm trees in the recent past at
the Club and in the common areas. There is usually a cause for concern if you see the top crown of the tree drooping
or dead. Diseases and insects can spread quickly to other trees and devastate an entire area. Please have distressed
trees checked out quickly to stop the transfer of any pathogens. Our tree arborist recommends that the blades used to
trim the palm leaves should be sterilized (even with Lysol) between each tree that is pruned. Please remember that a
healthy palm can resist threats more easily.
We have started a landscaping page at http://www.mytpnoa.com/tpnoa-landscaping-news.html
where we will be placing articles to assist owners with understanding and managing the
landscape challenges in the Tampa Palms area.
Don’t forget – this is the time you want to put down grub killer on your grass and mulch to deter
wild pigs from encroaching and munching on your beautiful lawn. We’ve heard cayenne pepper
can discourage them as well, but may be washed away by the rain too easily.
Tampa Palms Fashion Show
On April 9, over 160 women enjoyed a fashion show, with by Accessories and More, and luncheon served by
Tampa Palms Country Club. The annual event, sponsored by Tampa Palms Women's Club, included a silent
auction and a raffle. All proceeds are used to support worthy organizations which focus on the needs of
children and families OASIS, Kids and Canines, God's Pedal Power, Rich House, and House of Hope.
Photos provided by Jay Carlson Photography
1st photo: Beth Hatfield
2nd photo: Sharon Padley
3rd photo: Purnima Kumar