Debut Book - The International Internet Leathercrafters` Guild

May 15, 16 & 17, 2015
Sheridan, Wyoming
Information & Registration
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Debut Highlights
Special Letters
Debut Sponsorship
Rules and Regulations
Categories and Category
About My Work
2014 1st Place Winners
2015 World Leather Debut
Held at the Rocky Mountain Leather Trade Show
in Sheridan, Wyoming and hosted by the
Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal
Tel: 715-362-5393
[email protected]
Page 1
The World Leather Debut is a special event for leatherworkers worldwide. Makers of any skill level are invited to enter their work and compete for cash prizes and awards in one or more of sixteen categories,
two of which are designed just for youth. The entries are arranged
in a gallery setting for the public to tour over a two day span during
the Rocky Mountain Leather Trade Show. A select duo of judges in
each category determine 1st, 2nd and 3rd placement and provide written constructive feedback of every entry to the maker. As attested
to on the following page, the Debut benefits contestants by providing
an enjoyable event that can challenge and even enhance one’s perspective, skills and self confidence. The
public benefits by having the opportunity
to view, study and appreciate the works
of art on display, many returning home
with excitement and inspiration to invest
in their own leatherworking endeavors.
The 2015 Debut is off to a great start. Thirty-nine sponsors have again
contributed over $10,500.00 in prize money. Judges for the competitive aspect are established in most categories. And all categories of
the last Debut are again available for contestants to compete in. New
this year is what is called “About My Work”, a brief write-up that can
accompany an entry. See page 16 for more details.
All leatherworkers are invited to participate in the 2015 World Leather Debut. Details of the event are outlined on the following pages.
A registration form is enclosed for your use, copies of which can be
made for multiple entries. The registration deadline is Wednesday, April 29, 2015. Entries do not have to be complete by this time,
only registered and all fees paid. Questions can be directed to Brian
Stelzel, Debut Manager at the Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal.
We look forward to your participation in the next World Leather Debut.
Page 2
Debut Highlights
Dates & Times
April 29, 2015
May 14, 2015
May 15, 2015
May 16, 2015
May 17, 2015
May 17, 2015
Registration Deadline
Check-In of Entries
2015 World Leather Debut
2015 World Leather Debut
2015 World Leather Debut
Check-Out of Entries
Noon - 5:30 pm
Noon - 5 pm
8 am - 5 pm
8 am - 11 am
11 am - 2 pm
Sugarland Mining Company Dining Room
Holiday Inn
1809 Sugarland Dr
Sheridan, Wyoming USA
14 Main Categories - Enter as many categories and items as you like.
2 Youth Categories - Limit: First 20 entries. One entry per contestant.
Entry Fee
Main Categories - $3000 per entry ~ Youth Category - $1000 per entry
Registration Deadline
Registration due by midnight (CST) Wednesday, April 29, 2015
Two judges per category. Judging performed Thursday evening May 14th through
Friday morning, May 15th. Ribbons will be placed upon completion of judging.
Prizes and Awards
•Main Categories (#1 through #14) (per category)
1st Place - $500 Cash Prize, Blue Ribbon & Certificate
2nd Place - $200 Cash Prize, Red Ribbon & Certificate
3rd Place - $50 Cash Prize, White Ribbon & Certificate
•Youth Category - Junior Division ages 8 to 13
1st Place - $50 Cash Prize, Blue Ribbon & Certificate
2nd Place - $25 Cash Prize, Red Ribbon & Certificate
3rd Place - $10 Cash Prize, White Ribbon & Certificate
•Youth Category - Senior Division ages 14 to 18
1st Place - $75 Cash Prize, Blue Ribbon & Certificate
2nd Place - $50 Cash Prize, Red Ribbon & Certificate
3rd Place - $25 Cash Prize, White Ribbon & Certificate
Page 3
Sheridan Honors Night
2015 World Leather Debut Awards
Saturday, May 16, 2015 ~ 7:30 pm. Best Western Sheridan Center ~ Free
Admission - Desserts & Cash Bar
About My Work
Contestants can display a brief write-up with their entry regarding any aspect(s) of
their entry that they wish the judges or public to know. See page 16 for details.
Makers Directory
Makers Directory listing all contestants will be free to the public at the Debut. Listing
of contact information is optional. Makers can promote themselves by purchasing
a “Maker’s Ad”.
Contestants need not be present to participate. Entries can be shipped to and
from the Debut. Photos of many entries will be featured in the Leather Crafters
& Saddlers Journal following the show.
Special Letters
Colorado Saddle Makers Association
President’s Message from Shane Deeter
[The following is an excerpt from Volume 21, Issue 2 of the CSMA newsletter. The content refers to the World Leather Debut in Sheridan, along with other contests similar
in nature. We thought it was worth a reprint].
“Entering our work into contests gives us a great opportunity to be judged by our
peers. Why is that significant, you might ask? When we are willing to take the risk of
having our work criticized by others, especially our peers, we give ourselves an opportunity to see our work through others’ eyes. We get to see where we need to improve,
and how others interpret our artwork. Many of us are scared or intimidated by putting
our work in front of others and receiving such criticism. Sometimes we may just be
waiting for our work to get good enough that we feel comfortable entering contests. I
suggest that getting “good enough” can only truly come by being judged by our peers.
If we put our personal egos aside and not take comments personally, but use them as
steps to improve our work, we will find ourselves striving to improve our abilities in
areas the judges have pointed out. Besides, sometimes we’re our own worst critic and
we need the compliments to help us realize we’re better than we think. Sometimes
you might win the contest sometimes you might not, but you will always benefit from
entering. I challenge my fellow CSMA members to put yourself out there, get out of
your comfort zone, and take advantage of some of these contests.”
Shane Deeter, La Sal, Utah
Reprinted with permission.
Page 4
Special Letters
Rocky Mountain Leather Trade Show and
World Leather Debut
My wife, Linn, and I had decided to take a driving trip to Sheridan Wyoming and attend the Rocky Mountain Leather Trade Show and the World Leather Debut. Neither
of us had ever visited that part of the country.
I registered in the World Leather Debut and entered a clock. Not having ever attended
this trade show, and never having entered any kind of leather work competition, I had
no idea of what to expect. I downloaded all the trade show brochures and the competition entry forms from the Leather Crafters and Saddlers Journal website. The entry
form was fairly straight forward; however I was unsure about how much information
to include in the item description. I decided to mail the entry to insure that it arrived
on time in case we ran late on our drive up.
On our drive up to Sheridan from our home in the North Texas area, we
visited the Crazy Horse Monument and the Mount Rushmore Monument. While at
Sheridan, we drove up to Little Big Horn to see the battle field. If you’ve never seen
these, we highly recommend them.
The trade show was a little bigger than I expected. There were many vendors
there with tools, equipment and leather. We enjoyed meeting many of the vendors,
getting to know them and seeing their products.
The World Leather Debut was outstanding. There were many items entered
in many categories. There were some really fine examples of leather craft and art.
Most entries seemed to be in the “Sheridan” style. Maybe that’s because it is held in
Sheridan. My entry was more of a California or Texas style.
My category was “Stand Alone.” Among my competition were none other
than Al Stohlman Award winners Jim Jackson and Bob Klenda, both of whom were
winners. I didn’t have a prayer of winning, and knew that before I knew who the competition was. But I don’t care. I’m proud of my entry and I had a blast.
We attended the awards reception and witnessed the presentation of all the
awards for the competition. We sat at a table with the crew from Leather Machine Company. We had some great wine and wonderful desserts. Overall it was a room full of
great people who love what they do, whether as a career professional or as a hobbyist.
I don’t know if we’ll make it back to the trade show again, but I plan on giving
it another try in the World Leather Debut. We may alternate between Rocky Mountain
Leather Trade Show and the Southwest Leather Workers Trade Show. They are both
great and we can see friends and relatives on the way to either. Take your vacation and
go to one of these. You’ll be glad you did. And if you go to Sheridan, enter something
in the World Leather Debut. It doesn’t matter if you win; you’ll have fun trying.
Jim Welborn
Reprinted with permission.
Page 5
Key components of the World Leather Debut are the individuals, companies and
associations that generously provide cash contributions towards the prize money
and operations of this exciting event. The Debut of 2015 will award over $10,500.00
in cash prizes to those who place first, second and third in each category, another
record level of prize money for the Debut. We appreciate the desire of each
sponsor to give to this event to help encourage others in their leatherworking endeavors. May all of us express our gratitude the next time we meet or do business with each of them. Thank you sponsors for your support!
Gold Sponsors
Craft Sha
Barry King Tools
13 Year Sponsor - Quality leatherworking tools
since 1993. Wide selection for all styles of tooling.
Craft Sha
2 Year Sponsor - Since 1959, Craft Sha has offered the finest in professional leathercrafting
tools, treatments and leathers to leather artisans
Fiebing Company, Inc.
Leather Machine Co., Inc.
6 Year Sponsor - Home of the “Cobra”. Highest quality machinery for the leather trade. www.
Slickbald Customs
4 Year Sponsor - Pattern Packs for professional
level gun leather and more! Easy to follow instructions with color pictures. Always adding!
13 Year Sponsor - Manufacturer of leather finishes, cleaners, conditioners, soaps and oils.
Fiebing’s is the most popular and widely accepted leather dye around the world.
Scott P. Wilber, CPA, PC
Gomph Hackbarth Tools
Silver Creek Leather Company
5 Year Sponsor - Custom, hand-made, hand-polished & precision ground stamping tools made the
“old way”, one at a time, for today’s leatherworker.
Hermann Oak Leather Co.
13 Year Sponsor - Since 1881, tanner of quality
firm-bodied pure vegetable leathers, processed by
traditional pit tannage, for long-lasting products.
2 Year Sponsor - Over 30 years experience providing tax compliance and planning services and
a proud sponsor of the World Leather Debut.
1 Year Sponsor - Manufacturers of Realeather®
brand leather lace and leathercraft kits from our
factory in Southern Indiana. Available at craft retailers nationwide, along with leathercraft hand
tools, hardware and supplies.
Tandy Leather
13 Year Sponsor - The recognized World Leader
in Teaching Leathercraft and Providing Craftsmen with their Leather Supplies.
Page 6
Silver Sponsors
Goliger Leather Co.
Chuck Smith Tools
Elle & Co.,
CUT ddler s s Braider s s Crafter T
American Leather Direct, Inc.
George Barta Hide Co.
Buckeye Engraving, Inc.
Goliger Leather Company
4 Year Sponsor - Providing quality leathers and
excellent customer service. Where there’s always
a friendly voice on the other end of the phone.
MAKER STAMPS & BRANDS - 6 Year Sponsor
Custom made per your artwork including name,
logo, design & signature. Buckeye Engraving
C. S. Osborne & Co.
6 Year Sponsor - Manufactures a complete line
of leather working hand tools, needles and awls
since 1826.
Chuck Smith Tools
7 Year Sponsor - Dedicated to making the best
quality swivel knives, stamping tools and more.
Customer satisfaction says it all. Products 100%
Guaranteed! Tel: 760-749-5755
4 Year Sponsor - If you think of leather, furs or
exotics, think of Barta Hide Company.
Tel: 707-762-2965
8 Year Sponsor - Providing top quality leather
with exceptional customer service since 1947.
Horse Shoe Brand Tools
5 Year Sponsor - Premium quality leatherworking
tools designed with the professional in mind.
International Internet Leathercrafters Guild
2 Year Sponsor -  Knowledge Sharing
 Contests  Teaching Grants  Extensive Lending
Library  Member IFoLG
J. M. Saddler, Inc.
7 Year Sponsor - Nine generations of excellence–
J. M. Saddler continues their objective of producing superior quality leather care products.
Colorado Saddle Makers Association, Inc.
Jesse W. Smith Saddlery
Double K Leather
Kyoshin Elle & Co., Ltd
7 Year Sponsor - Dedicated to preserving & passing
on the fine art of saddlemaking & associated trades.
3 Year Sponsor - At Double K Leather, the customer’s the boss. Best quality, value and options
in leather, tools, finishes, DVD’s and more.
E. C. Leather, Inc.
3 Year Sponsor - Fast & Friendly Service to the
leather & leathercraft industry since 1977. Call
us at 1-888-207-3305.
7 Year Sponsor - 50 years of the finest in custom
saddles and 39 years teaching saddle making
and leather work.
4 Year Sponsor - It’s our great pleasure to support leather crafters for their imaginative inventions with leather. Enjoy & Be Creative.
Lace Master
9 Year Sponsor - Patent cutter used by award winning braiders, production shops and serious craftPageers
6 worldwide. Cutting circles around the rest.
Industrial Sewing Machines
Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal
14 Year Sponsor - Your bi-monthly source for
how-to, leatherworking projects, patterns and
Leather Laces Direct
a subsidiary of American Leather Direct, Inc.
2 Year Sponsor - Providing high quality leather
laces for the footwear, sport and craft industry. We
have 18 years of lace manufacturing experience.
Montana Leather Company
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professionals since 1908. Providing leathers,
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courteous service.
Pecard Leather Care Products
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Zelikovitz Leathers
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Rules and
1) General
A. Each entry in the World Leather Debut must be made by one individual
and registered under that maker’s name. Prizes, awards and announcements will be awarded only to the individual who made the item.
B. Entries must be suitable for all ages and are subject to approval by the
Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal.
C. All entries must have been completed after January 1, 2014 and never
entered in a previous World Leather Debut.
D. Each entry must consist of 70% or more leather. Frames, foundations and
hardware excluded.
E. Metal decorations that are part of the entry do not have to be made by the
maker/contestant. (e. g. silverwork, conchos, horn caps, etc.)
F. Each entry must bear the name of the maker (maker stamp or tag) for
identification purposes. If using a tag, firmly attach it to an inconspicuous
yet accessible area on the entry.
G. Entries are to remain on display until 11:00 a.m. Sunday, May 17, 2015.
H. Refund Policy - A full refund of all paid fees will be issued for cancellations
received by the Journal on or before April 29, 2015. Return shipping,
repacking and stand rental fees only will be refunded after this date, provided no items are to be return shipped at the time of cancellation.
I. Stand Rental - Saddle and chap stands are available to rent for display of
your entry(s). Rental fee is $5.00 per stand. Quantities are limited - Firstcome, first-served basis.
J. Definitions specific to each category are detailed on the “Categories and
Category Regulations” pages and apply to all items entered in the World
Leather Debut.
2) Entry and Registration
A. Main Categories #1-#14 - Enter as many items/categories as you wish.
B. Main Categories #1-#14 - A $30.00 entry fee is required for each item entered. Example: One entry equals $30.00, two entries equal $60.00, etc.
C. Youth Category - $10.00 entry fee per item. Limit one item per Youth contestant. Youth category (Junior and Senior Divisions combined) is limited
to the first 20 items registered. Parent or guardian of youth must sign the
registration form.
D. Registration form(s), all fee(s) and applicable shipping/repacking funds
must arrive at the office of the Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal
(PO Box 673, Rhinelander, WI 54501 USA) by midnight. CST, Wednesday, April 29, 2015 to be eligible to enter the Debut. Registrations received after this date and time cannot be allowed to compete in the
Page 9
Rules and Regulations (Continued)
Debut. (Exception: Said forms, fees and funds received after this date
through the US Postal Service postmarked on or before April 27, 2015 will
be accepted.) Registrations can be submitted by way of: US Postal Service,
delivery service (e.g. UPS, Federal Express, etc.), e-mail, fax, telephone or
website. See registration form for contact numbers and addresses.
3) Judging
A. Judging in most categories will be performed by two judges.
B. Judging will take place Thursday evening and Friday morning, May 1415, 2015.
C. All entries will be judged for determination of First, Second and Third
placement in each category.
D. Ribbons will be placed on winning entries as judging and scoring for
each category is completed.
E. Judges and the Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal reserve the right to:
• Move an entry into a more appropriate category.
• Make exceptions for minor variances.
• Disqualify an entry.
F. Decisions of the judges are final.
4) Prize Money and Awards
A. Main Categories #1 through #14:
• 1st Place - Cash Prize $500.00, Blue Ribbon & Award Certificate
• 2nd Place - Cash Prize $200.00, Red Ribbon & Award Certificate
• 3rd Place - Cash Prize $50.00, White Ribbon & Award Certificate
B. Youth Category - Junior Division:
• 1st Place - Cash Prize $50.00, Blue Ribbon & Award Certificate
• 2nd Place - Cash Prize $25.00, Red Ribbon & Award Certificate
• 3rd Place - Cash Prize $10.00, White Ribbon & Award Certificate
C. Youth Category - Senior Division:
• 1st Place - Cash Prize $75.00, Blue Ribbon & Award Certificate
• 2nd Place - Cash Prize $50.00, Red Ribbon & Award Certificate
• 3rd Place - Cash Prize $25.00, White Ribbon & Award Certificate
5) Arrival and Shipping
A. All entries (shipped or hand delivered) must arrive at the Holiday Inn by
5:30 p.m. MST Thursday, May 14, 2015 to enter the Debut.
B. Hand-delivered entries will be accepted and checked-in at the Holiday
Inn - Sugarland Mining Company Dining Room between 12:00 p.m. and
5:30 p.m. MST on Thursday May 14, 2015.
Page 10
Rules and Regulations (Continued)
C. Entries Shipped are to arrive at the Holiday Inn between Thursday, May
7, 2015 and 5:30 p.m. MST on Thursday, May 14, 2015.
D. If shipping, send your entry(s) to:
E. Exceptions to 4A. and 4B. are possible and must be preapproved by the
Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal.
F. To ensure safe arrival of your entry, use
new and sturdy shipping containers.
Sheridan Holiday Inn
Attn: World Leather Debut
1809 Sugarland Dr.
Sheridan, WY 82801 USA
Tel: 307-672-8931
6) Departure and Return Shipping
A. Picking Up Entry - If picking up your entry, please do so between 11:00
a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 17, 2015. Entries not picked up by
2:00 p.m. on the 17th will be assessed a $2000 handling fee in addition to
repacking and return shipping fees.
B. Return Shipping Method - The following methods of shipping are available
to have your item return shipped to you: UPS-Air or Ground, Fed Ex-Air
or Ground, US Postal Service - First Class Mail, Priority Mail and Parcel
C. Return Shipping Container - To aid in the safe return of entries to be return
shipped, please carry out the following:
• Include return shipping labels with entries.
• Use new and extra sturdy shipping containers - entries will be returned in the same containers they were received in.
• Use adequate packing material inside of container to protect entry
during shipping. This same material will be used to return ship your
item to you.
• Items that arrive damaged and/or poorly packaged may be returned
D. Return Shipping Costs - If your entry(s) is to be shipped back to you, payment of return shipping funds must be prearranged by one of the following:
• Include a prepaid return shipping label with entry.
• Provide charge/debit card information to process return shipping
funds after the Debut.
• Prepay return shipping funds at time of registration. (Shipping fees
vary based on their origin of shipment. Prepaid return shipping
funds are to be 50% more than the original shipping cost to
Sheridan to ensure adequate return shipping fees. Excess return
shipping funds will be returned to the contestant after the Debut.)
• Entries without adequate return shipping funds will not be return
shipped until adequate return shipping funds are received by the
Journal and an additional handling fee of $15.00 per entry is paid.
Page 11
Rules and Regulations (Continued)
E. Return Shipping Repacking Fee - If your entry(s) is to be shipped back to
you, a re-packing fee of $10.00 per shipping container (not per entry) applies and must accompany your registration.
7) Sale of Entry
A. Sale of entry is optional.
B. If sold, a commission (10% of the net sale price) will be assessed by the
Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal on each entry sold.
C. Net Sale Price is the predetermined amount of sale contestant requires.
D. All sales will be transacted through the Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal.
E. Accepted methods of payment (by the buyer) are cash, money order or
bank check. Charge cards, debit cards and personal checks will not be
accepted. All funds in US dollars, payable through a US bank.
F. All sales are subject to Wyoming State and County Sales Tax of 6.00%.
G. Proceeds of a sale remitted to the seller are calculated as follows: (+) Sale
Price (+) Wyoming Sales tax (-) Commission (-) Wyoming Sales Tax.
H. Include a price tag with each entry (that is for sale) reflecting the sale
price, date and your signature to help ensure accuracy.
I. Contestant need not be present for sale to be completed.
8) Makers Directory and Maker’s Ad
A. The Makers Directory is a pamphlet listing each contestant’s name (plus
additional information if the contestant so chooses) that will be available
free to the public at the World Leather Debut.
B. Optional - Contestant’s company name, address, telephone, e-mail and
website can be listed in the Makers Directory (at no charge) ONLY IF the
contestant “checks” the related box in Section 3 of the Registration Form.
C. Optional - Contestant can purchase a “Maker’s Ad” that would accompany their name and contact listing in the Makers Directory. The Maker’s
Ad can be up to 30 words in length and can publicize any information the
Maker wishes. The Maker’s Ad can provide the maker the opportunity to
promote themselves and their services (if applicable) to the public. All maker’s ads are subject to publisher’s approval.
D. The cost of the Maker’s ad is $15.00. Contestant must “check” the related
box in Section 3 of the Registration Form, complete a Maker’s Ad Form
and include the Maker’s Ad Fee in their total payment.
E. The Makers Directory is the property of the Leather Crafters & Saddlers
Journal. Reproduction of the Makers Directory is prohibited. The Leather
Crafters & Saddlers Journal reserves the right to reproduce and market the
Makers Directory at will.
Page 12
Categories and
Category Definitions
1) Boots
2) Braided Items - Leather
3) Braided Items - Rawhide
4) Chaps & Chinks
5) Clothing
6) Holsters - Tooled
7) Holsters - Un-Tooled
8) Personal Items - Tooled
9) Pictures
10) Saddles - Carved
11) Saddles - Geometric &
Basket Stamped
12) Stand Alone - Tooled
13) Tack & Saddle Accouterments
14) Un-Tooled Items
15) Youth - Junior Age 8 to 13
16) Youth - Senior Age 14 to 18
1. Boots: All custom-made leather boots. A pair of boots must be entered.
2. Braided Items - Leather: Any braided item which consists predominantly of
leather braid. Leather braided items with rawhide knots will be classified and
judged in the Braided Items - Rawhide category.
3. Braided Items - Rawhide: Any braided item which consists predominately of
rawhide braid. Contestants - Please specify if you made your own string. See
registration form Item 2E.
4. Chaps & Chinks: All custom made chaps or chinks such as batwing, shotgun, show
chaps, chap-bat and reiners, etc. Stands available to rent. See registration form.
5. Clothing: Appropriate leather garments for all ages - Hats/caps, shirts, vests,
jackets/coats, dress/skirt, pants, gloves.
6. Holsters - Tooled: All custom-made, fully or partially tooled holsters or rigs.
7. Holsters - Un-Tooled: All custom-made holsters or rigs whose surface is not
tooled. Exception: A “minimal” amount of “accent” type border tooling or
stamping is acceptable. However, this tooling or stamping must be minor in
nature. (e.g. a cut line border, cut bead border, simple stamped border, etc.)
This exception is subject to the judge’s discretion.
8. Personal Items - Tooled: Wallets, purses, cuffs, spur straps, belts, sheaths,
book covers, albums, notebooks, portfolios, cases, canteens or other containers that are worn on or carried by a person. The surface of these items are
partially or fully tooled – either carved (floral, figure, pictorial, etc.), stamped
(basket or geometric) or both.
9. Pictures: Figure carving, pictorial carving, floral carving, embossing, etc. (or
combinations of such) that are in “picture” form. Framed or unframed. If frame
Page 13
is made of or covered with leather, it will be judged as part of the picture. Can
be designed to hang or stand.
10. Saddles - Carved: Saddle is to be partially or fully carved. Seat is to be 13”
or larger. Quality of design, balance/symmetry, construction, carving and finish
are the primary areas considered in judging. Saddles predominantly carved but
containing a small amount of basket or geometric stamping will be placed in the
Saddles-Carved category. Stamping will not be included in judging. However,
substandard stamping can detract from score. Bring a tall stand if your saddle
has “taps”. Stands available to rent. See registration form.
11. Saddles - Geometric or Basket Stamped: Saddle is to be partially or fully basket
or geometric stamped. Seat is to be 13” or larger. Quality of design, balance/symmetry, construction, stamping and finish are primary areas considered in judging.
Saddles predominantly stamped but containing a small amount of carving will be
placed in the Saddles-Geometric or Basket Stamped category. Carving will not be
included in judging. However, substandard carving will detract from score. Bring a
tall stand if your saddle has “taps”. Stands available to rent. See registration form.
12. Stand Alone - Tooled: Objects such as leather sculptures, clocks, boxes,
storage cases, mirrors, holders, decorative items, animals and other such
things that “stand alone” and don’t move or tend to be moved. Items as such
designed to hang on a wall are included in this category. The surface of these
items are partially or fully tooled – either carved (floral, figure, pictorial, etc.),
stamped (basket or geometric) or both.
13. Tack & Saddle Accouterments: Any leather riding or driving equipment related to the horse or the saddle (but not part of saddle), (e.g. reins, bridles,
headstalls, halters, breast collars, tapaderos, pommel bags, saddle holsters,
rifle scabbards, saddlebags, etc.) (Braided items not included).
14. Un-Tooled Items: Objects that would normally be classified in the Personal
Items or Stand Alone categories but whose surface is not carved or stamped.
Exception: A “minimal” amount of “accent” type border tooling or stamping
is acceptable. However, this tooling or stamping must be minor in nature.
(e.g. a cut line border, cut bead border, simple stamped border, etc.) This
exception is subject to the judge’s discretion. Tools used only for molding
purposes are acceptable.
15. Youth - Junior Division: Ages 8 to 13. Only items matching description of
Categories #1 through #14 are eligible to compete in the Youth category. Age
is as of May 14, 2015. Entries in each division will be judged together (e.g.
chaps, picture, and purse will compete against each other). All Rules and
Regulations of the Debut apply to the Youth Category.
16. Youth - Senior Division: Ages 14 to 18. Regulations in Category #15 apply.
Entries are subject to approval by the Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal
and must be suitable for all ages. Judges reserve the right to move
an entry to a more appropriate category. Thank you!
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Judging of each entry is based on the following criteria:
1) Design
2) Construction
3) Carving/Stamping (If Applicable)
4) Color, Finish & Accents
5) Bonus Points
Judging of most categories is done by two judges. Some categories may only be judged by one judge depending on the number of
entries and availability of judges.
Each criterion is scored on the basis of 10 points, 1 being the lowest value and 10 the highest. As a judge evaluates an entry, he/she
records each criterion’s score on the judge’s score sheet and then
tallies them for the entry’s total score. The total possible score for an
entry is 100 points (50 points per judge). Calculation of each judge’s
score sheet is reviewed before the two judge’s scores are combined.
The total scores of all entries in a category are then compared to
determine which entries place First, Second and Third.
A comment section follows the criteria in which judges record their
comments regarding the entry and the contestant’s work. These
comments are meant to provide the contestant constructive feedback as to what they are doing well and what can be improved, in an
effort to aid in the furtherance of their leatherworking skills.
All decisions of the judges are final.
Consideration of individuals to serve as judges is based on their
experience, knowledge, quality of work and recommendation by their
peers in the leather community. They make every effort to judge in
an equitable manner according to general standards of the industry
coupled with their own perspective of proper leatherwork. We appreciate the time they volunteer and the effort and personal concern
each judge invests to fulfill, to the best of their abilities, the responsibility asked of them.
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Carl Chappell
Dan Schwarz
Braided Items - Leather
Vince Donley
Herb French
Braided Items - Rawhide
Nate Wald
Chaps & Chinks
Gordon Andrus
Jesse Smith
Kay Orton
Elaine Snyder
Holsters - Tooled
Chris Andre
Erik Little
Holsters - Un-Tooled
Chris Andre
Erik Little
Personal Items - Tooled
Wayne Hape
Jim Linnell
Kathy Flanagan
Tony Laier
Saddles - Carved
Bob Klenda
Ben Swanke
Saddles - Geometric &
Basket Stamped
Keith Seidel
Chuck Stormes
Stand Alone - Tooled
Barry King
Akiko Okada
Tack & Saddle Accouterments
Shane Deeter
Cary Schwarz
Un-Tooled Items
Clay Banyai
Sheryl Katzke
Youth - Junior Division
Tom Katzke
Jill Young
Youth - Senior Division
Harry Knipe
Kay Orton
*The list of Judges is subject to change*
About My Work
Contestants can display a brief write-up with their entry regarding any aspect(s) of
their entry that they want the judges or public to know. Perhaps your entry has a
particular variance in design or construction that might be deemed as an oversight
or error but was purposely incorporated for a particular purpose. Or perhaps you
would like to explain what particular challenges you faced in creating your entry and
how you overcame them. The write-up needs to be typed on either a 5.50” X 8.00”
or 8.50” X 11.00” size paper, enclosed in a clear plastic sleeve or laminated, and
attached to the entry with a length of leather lace/string. Submit the write-up with
delivery of the entry to the Debut.
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• Two Registration Forms and one Makers Ad Form are enclosed for your
• Complete one registration form per entry.
• Complete Makers Ad form if applicable.
• Be sure to register by the deadline of Wednesday, April 29, 2015.
• Note the postmark deadline of April 27, 2015 for registrations mailed
through the U.S. Postal System.
• Registration can be submitted by mail, e-mail, online or by phone.
• Include payment of all fees with registration form.
• If entering more than one item, record fees and payment of all entries on
the last registration form.
• Questions can be directed to Brian Stelzel, World Leather Debut Manager
at the Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal.
Thank you for participating in the 2015 World Leather Debut.
PO Box 673
Rhinelander, WI 54501 USA
Tel: 715-362-5393 ~ Fax: 715-362-5391
E-mail: [email protected]
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1st Place Winners 2014
Trajan R. Vieira
Braided Items - Leather
Joseph Strain
Braided Items - Rawhide
Enrique Capone
Holsters - Tooled
Keith Seidel
Chaps & Chinks
Chris Andre
Pam Lackman
Holsters - Un-Tooled
Jay Nelson
Personal Items - Tooled
Jung - Tsung Li
Jim Linnell
Stand Alone - Tooled
Wayne Hape
Tack & Saddle Accouterments
G. K. Fraker
Saddles - Carved
Keith Seidel
Un-Tooled Items
Jim Linnell
Saddles - Geometric &
Basket Stamped
Gary Winckler
Youth - Senior
Kyle Dawson
Youth - Junior
Jack Shepardson