IFSTL 2015 Methods of Determination for Mycotoxins

 Methods of Determination for Mycotoxins
July 20th – July 24th 2015
College Park, MD, USA
Course Description:
The International Food Safety Training Laboratory (IFSTL) is hosting a 5-day training
workshop focused on methods of mycotoxins in foods on July 20-24th, 2015.
What You Will Cover:
- Familiarize with the regulations concerning mycotoxins in food and fit-forpurpose laboratory methods for sample preparations, identification and
- Review the relevant compliance programs from FDA and USDA
- Learn and practice traditional and modern laboratory methods to prepare samples
and standards
- Run ELISA plate and lateral flow methods, LC-fluorescense and LC-MS/MS
How You Will Benefit:
- Understand the FDA and USDA mycotoxin compliance program and the impact
on public health and the importation of food products
- Prepare samples and standards for mycotoxin analysis by validated methods
- Perform ELISA tests and lateral flow techniques
- Understand the methods development and analysis using LC equipped with fluorescence and mass spectrometry
- Learn the steps necessary to gain formal recognition of technical competence in your laboratory
- Increase confidence in testing and calibration data by fulfilling accreditation criteria
This workshop is led by Dr. Mary Trucksess, world-renown expert in mycotoxins and includes the participation of subject
matter experts. Guest lecturers in past workshops have included:
- Dr Timothy Norden
- Dr. Chris Maragos
- Dr. Kathy D’Ovidio
Who should attend? - Alex Krynitsky
- Dr Kai Zhang
This course is designed for laboratory - Dr Kristina Williams
scientists and managers involved in testing - Dr Garnett Wood
food for domestic markets and export to the - Dr Paul Turner
United States. Laboratory Training in Fit-For-Purpose Analytical Techniques for Food Safety
International Food Safety Training Laboratory (IFSTL)
Morning Lecture
Afternoon Laboratory Session
Welcome and Technology Transfer FDA
Regulation and Compliance USDA/GIPSA
Lab: Safety and sample preparation
Lab: Sample and standard preparation
Spectrometric measurements
Sampling for mycotoxins
Principles of antibody and antigen reactions
Introduction to ELISA
Lab: ELISA plate method for aflatoxins
Lateral flow method for deoxynivalenol
Regulatory limits of mycotoxins
Quality Assurance and Quality Control
Lab: Immunoaffinity column clean up
Lab: Fluorescence detection
Lab: TLC
Principles of mass spectrometry
Quantitative analysis
Identity and confirmation
Lab: UPLC/MS/MS method
Data analysis
Technology transfer discussion
Results and discussion
Attendees are required to participate in the hands-on laboratory work including sample preparation and sample
analysis. All safety equipment will be provided
Course Information Tuition    $2,500 USD  20, 2015 ℎ (Includes all course material and lunches) Travel Participants responsible for travel arrangements and costs Registration Procedure
1. Fill out a registration form at: http://ifstl.jifsan.umd.edu/upcomingClasses/
2. You will receive a formal letter of invitation to support your visa application. Information about airports,
hotels, and local transportaiton will also be provided.
3. Payment is due by the registration deadline and seatsare only reserved upon payment.
University of Maryland 5201 Paint Branch Parkway 2134 Patapsco Building College Park, MD 20742 301.405.1342 ifstl.org