Repairing Acer AL2216W Capacitors

Repairing Acer AL2216W Capacitors
Repairing Acer AL2216W Capacitors
Replace bad capacitors on your Acer AL2216W display power supply.
Written By: Nick
If your Acer monitor is acting up, you probably have a case of bad or failing capacitors. Here
are some signs of bad capacitors
Power issues
No power
Video issues(stability, doesn't stay on when plugged into a computer, resolution,
random image dropping, etc.)
auto adjustment issues
Power light flickers slightly
Random problems
it has to be unplugged from the wall frequently
Transformer hum*
Inverter hum*
*If you have any of these problems, replace all the caps no matter the condition of them. In
mine I found 2 that didn't look bad blew from the bottom. This is reason enough to say this.
This one is having automatic adjustment issues, power issues when hooked up to a
computer and transformer hum problems. I already took this apart to check the capacitors,
so it will be easier then one that was never opened before. This monitor can be a pain the
first time.
If you injure yourself performing this repair, I will not take responsibility for your
actions! You have been warned to follow ALL safety instructions provided to avoid
injury if inexperienced with high voltage equipment!
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Repairing Acer AL2216W Capacitors
Flathead Screwdriver (1)
16v 2200uf capacitor (1)
Soldering Station (1)
Solder (1)
Rosin Flux (1)
Flush Wire Cutter (1)
35v 220uf capacitor (2)
60/40 Leaded Solder (1)
10v 1000uf capacitor (1)
35v 1000uf capacitor (2)
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Repairing Acer AL2216W Capacitors
Step 1 — Capacitors
Unplug the cables from the monitor
and let it sit for at least 24-48
hours. This is a required step to
drain the power supply. 48 hours
is usually sufficient for LCD
monitors. If you ordered your
capacitors online, don't open it
until they come to allow
additional discharge time.
 Failure to follow this can result
in injury, or even death. The
capacitors can hold quite a bit of
energy, especially the filter
capacitor! If you do not follow
this, you run the risk of injury or
 If you can't do this safely, or don't
feel comfortable, have somebody
else repair it for your own good! If
you follow any warnings given, you
should be fine.
 If you injure or kill yourself
performing this procedure on the
AL2216W, you're on your own!!!
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Repairing Acer AL2216W Capacitors
Step 2
Remove the stand from the monitor. The 4 screws that have to be removed are circled.
 This monitor is missing the hinge cover. If you have one on yours, just snap it off with your
 Here's my shopping list for retail capacitor purchases. If you don't see them at the time
double them further, but make sure they'll actually fit. It's designed to be printed on an
index card that's 3x5" for portability.
Step 3
Remove 4 fine threaded screws from the back of the monitor.
This screw is different from the other 4 screws. Keep it separate from the other screws.
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Repairing Acer AL2216W Capacitors
Step 4
On the bottom of the monitor, you will find 4 slots. Stick a flathead screwdriver in and
gently twist it to loosen them.
 If you have to use force to open the monitor, don't use any more force than you need to.
Step 5
With the monitor dealt with on the
bottom, it's time to deal with the
sides. Use a small flathead
screwdriver or nonmarring pry tool
on the sides of the monitor. Do this
for both sides.
 If you use a flathead screwdriver,
try not to damage the plastic.
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Repairing Acer AL2216W Capacitors
Step 6
 At this point, you are almost to the
power supply. Now is the time to
decide if you can safely do this.
With the back off, remove the 2
screws on the connector for the
power supply.
Step 7
Remove the 4 pins for the video
cables from the monitor.
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Repairing Acer AL2216W Capacitors
Step 8
Disconnect the cables for the backlight inverter from the power supply.
Step 9
Disconnect the data cable for the button board from the monitor.
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Repairing Acer AL2216W Capacitors
Step 10
Remove the 2 screws holding the bottom plate on the monitor.
Step 11
On the right side of the monitor,
remove the screw securing the
power supply shield.
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Repairing Acer AL2216W Capacitors
Step 12
Remove the top screw on the
power supply shield.
Step 13
Lift up on the lower plate to remove
the power supply shield from the
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Repairing Acer AL2216W Capacitors
Step 14
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Repairing Acer AL2216W Capacitors
As you keep that plate lifted up,
maneuver the shield covering the
power suppy and control boards
up. After you have this removed,
identify the power supply.
After you identify the bad capacitor,
make sure you get the right one,
or the capacitor will explode
when the monitor is turned on.
 You can go up in voltage and uF
ratings as much as you want, but
the new capacitors have to fit in
place where the old capacitor is.
Capacitors as of 2013(when I did
this) are much smaller then the
factory ones, so you can go over
more easily and fit them now. You
can not go under on uF or
voltage, or the capacitor will
 The original capacitors Acer used
go as follows:2x 25V 1000uF
capacitors, 1x 10V 1000uF
capacitor, 2x 25V 220uF capacitors
if you intend to match the factory
specified capacitor ratings. If you
double them, make sure you
exceed the original uF and voltages
and not go under or they will fail
when the monitor is turned on.
 If any of the capacitors have
bulged, they may still have a
charge. Handle the power supply
with extreme caution!
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Repairing Acer AL2216W Capacitors
Step 15
Remove the 4 screws from the
power supply. The screw at bottom
left is larger and will fit only in this
This screw has to go in this exact
place when you replace it.
Step 16
Lift up on the power supply just enough to clear the screw mounts, and wiggle the power
supply out of place.
There are multiple revisions of this power supply. If your power supply has this capacitor,
it has to be changed.
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Repairing Acer AL2216W Capacitors
Step 17
You may wish to mark the lead
polarity on the back of the power
supply board with permanent
marker, and use this to install the
capacitor, as to avoid putting it in
 Putting the capacitor in the wrong
way will cause the capacitor to
explode. Permanent marker on the
solder mask will not affect the rest
of the board.
Step 18
Put solder flux on the leads of the
bad capacitor.
 You will have to put flux on a few
times during this repair. Put flux on
as often as you need. Use more
then this, too and do not be afraid
to put it on liberally.
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Repairing Acer AL2216W Capacitors
Step 19
Put the soldering iron on the points where the bad capacitor(s) are soldered, and push on
the capacitor to remove it. Removal of the old capacitors doesn't have to be pretty now,
because we will have to remove the old solder.
 A full recap should be performed as preventive repair work for any future failures capacitor
failures, since Acer uses CapXon capacitors in their displays, and when CapXon
capacitors fail, others follow quickly.
 lifting the board up with one hand and removing the old capacitor as you go makes this
much easier to do.
 Here is how to solder the new capacitor in: How To Solder and Desolder Connections
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Repairing Acer AL2216W Capacitors
Step 20
With a desoldering braid and flux,
put he desoldering braid down on
the solder joint and let it absorb the
old solder from the hole to add new
solder in place of the old solder.
Use the flux on the board from the
removed capacitor to your
advantage, as this will ease
removing the solder.
Step 21
Place the new capacitor in the
holes you just made with the
desoldering wick. You may want to
bend the leads a little bit, to keep
the capacitor in place.
 It's VERY IMPORTANT to match
the capacitor polarity, or the
capacitor WILL EXPLODE when
power is applied!
 If you use this to refurbish the
monitors professionally, please
note if you use lead solder, you will
ruin the RoHS status of this
monitor, and will not be able to sell
them in California. You will need to
use RoHS solder in California if
you intend to resell the monitor.
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Repairing Acer AL2216W Capacitors
Step 22
Solder the new cap in the board, and cut the leads to prevent any shorts. Repeat this with
all of the capacitors.
 Sometimes flux burns when heated up. The power supply will be fine if this happens.
 You can replace the filter capacitor on the AC in side if you so desire. Bear in mind this
capacitor gets the least stress so you don't need to unless it's bad. Replacing it will add 510.00 to the repair, generally.
Step 23
Clean the board with 91% rubbing
alcohol to clean off any flux residue
 Now is the time to check for cold
solder joints before reassembling
the monitor. If you see any, fix
them before reassembly.
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Repairing Acer AL2216W Capacitors
Step 24
Put the monitor back together and
test the repair. In this case, I got
this Acer AL2216W working again.
To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.
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