BBA Prospectus 2071 - IEF Nepal Tourism & Hotel Management

Our Mission
Our mission is to bring world class
management education to Nepalese
Our Vision:
The learning environment of NTHMC
seeks to enable the students to be
creative and constructive thinkers.
To prepare them for their future we
encourage them to investigate issues
and develop solutions to problems.
What we value
We are always guided and inspired by
the fundamental values to reach the
By setting high standards for our
stakeholders, we admire individual and
intellectual differences and focus on
personal integrity and social responsibility
to produce the leaders of tomorrow.
NTHMC Prospectus
at a Glance
NTHMC, established in 1999, is a venture of International Education
Foundation Ltd, which has the mission of developing high caliber academic
institutions in and outside Pokhara. This institution is a collaborative effort
of more than 120 founders including entrepreneurs, social workers,
businessmen, bankers, real-estate developers, doctors, engineers and
industrialists. NTHMC is the first college of the nation to start the Bachelor
in Hotel Management Degree. The BBA program was started in 2004 and
it added BBA-BI program to its list in 2009.
The main college facility is located at its own private property of 22 Ropani
land, located at Chinedada, Pokhara. Having its own safe and secured land,
NTHMC offers the most pleasing environment for the students in Pokhara.
We are the only private college in Pokhara with such marvelous property
that accommodates the modern lab for hotel management, computer lab
with internet access and library with large collection of text and reference
books. The spacious facility offers its own basketball court, volley ball
court, table tennis with other sports facilities. Compiled together, probably
we are the largest private college in terms of infrastructure, equipments
and facilities located in Pokhara.
Each year we are adding hundreds of books to our library. Recently we
have started e-library where students can access the international journals
for free. Our BBA program transforms you into an effective leader who is
socially responsible in business society. It equips you with the capabilities
and skills to motivate and inspire change. It focuses on developing your
knowledge, attitude and practice in business, society & personality
NTHMC Business Management Center
From the
Chairman’s Desk
I would like to extend my warm welcome to the prospective graduates
in Nepal Tourism & Hotel Management College. One of the first and
finest management college to operate BBA, BBA – BI and BHM in
Pokhara; NTHMC is a well established institute for offering excellent
courses on business and management under the affiliation of Pokhara
With the mission of meeting the dynamic changes in educational
arena, with focus on improvised teaching methodology for enhancing
efficiency and quality for professional managers, we are here proudly
serving in Pokhara. We are serving for more than a decade with the
dream to establish Pokhara as the higher management education
destination in the country.
The core vision of NTHMC is to turn the dream into reality. The dream
for the academic development of pokhara, that we set a decade ago,
has been materialized now, but we are not satisfied yet. For the better
future of our students, and for the better future generations, we are
ever- coming with new concepts to enhance the academic capacities
of our students.
We are committed to develop dynamic educational institution where
vibrant students initiate for the innovation, entrepreneur skills and new
business concepts. We encourage students to establish a new trend
instead of being a follower.We encourage the students for team work,
where they practice the basic managerial challenges from the very
To provide the best of everything to the students of Management
College, we are investing in the human capital. With experienced
and competent faculty members, here at NTHMC, we don’t only run
academic curriculum but prepare them to be the management leader
of tomorrow.
I welcome you all to Nepal Tourism & Hotel Management College
once again and would like to request you for your personal visit to see
what we have to offer you.
Ashok Palikhe
NTHMC Business Management Center
Being a Student of
NTHMC students are different to other students. Here, at NTHMC they
are more involved in academic discussions to learn, to lead and to
prove the best. Academic discipline is what they exhibit. They value
their choice, respect their seniors and dream for the lead.
After completion of Bachelor level from NTHMC, students become part
of the alumni body of more than 400 students spread in all continents
of the world. Our hotel management graduates are serving in many
national and international star hotels. Our hotel management students
are sent to the star hotels of Kathmandu and Malaysia for their on- the
- job training, each year. Our management graduates have already
occupied core positions in market and the number is growing in a
faster pace.
NTHMC students are potent, innovative and proactive. They don’t
wait to be employed but initiate to create employment opportunities
to others.
Dear Prospective Students
Nepal Tourism and Hotel Management College (NTHMC) has been
on the educational map for more than one and half decade with
its wonderful and rewarding experience. Since its inception, the
college has always strived to attain excellence in the standard of
management education that it imparts to students of the Bachelor in
Hotel Management (BHM), Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)
and Bachelor in Business Administration –Banking and Insurance
(BBA-BI). Our graduates who have occupied important positions
and excelled in diverse sectors or those who are pursuing higher
studies in universities even across the world are living proofs of the
achievements of NTHMC.
It is because of this very uncompromising stance in relation to quality
education we provide that NTHMC continues to remain the leading
college of Nepal in management studies. Our goal is to produce
competitive graduates having sound knowledge, sharp professional
skills and positive attitudes for employment at the national and
international level. For this, we provide students an interactive casebased learning environment, carry them into intern for hands on
exposures in industries and involve them in numerous co curricular
activities that evoke their inherent abilities which can be shared among
their groups resulting their holistic development and also become
Located at a peaceful area, housed in an attractive building with a
spacious playground, equipped with all the facilities that students need
for both theoretical and practical learning, NTHMC aims at providing
the environment of academic excellence. Seeking excellence, we are
very proud of the quality learning that takes place within our students
under the guidance of our committed, dedicated and passionate
faculties and staffs.
Our team is so confident that the students will feel a wonderful study
experience at NTHMC. We would like to assure our prospective
students that our team will leave no stone unturned to lead you safely
towards your destination.
I am looking forward to welcoming you at NTHMC personally!
Thank you,
Jas Bahadur Gurung
NTHMC Business Management Center
Words from the
College toppers
I have recently completed my Business Administration Degree from NTHMC,
and if I had to describe my experience during those four years at NTHMC in
one word, it would definitely be insufficient. The professors at NTHMC-BMC
are passionate, knowledgeable, personable and very connected with in
the community. The knowledge, experience and opportunities offered
by NTHMC have been a significant stepping stone towards choosing my
career aspirations.
Attending NTHMC and the Bachelor program has dramatically changed
my life. I have found myself thinking about everything in my life more
strategically. The program has taught me the importance and value of
visioning, planning and executing clear ideas and measurable goals. With
this education I am confident and I will be as successful as I always dreamt
I could be. So friends who have great dream to do something new in the
business field in the near future can join BBA. And I would like to say that
NTHMC will be your best choice. In fact I can say that NTHMC will provide
you the friendly educational environment that you are seeking for.
Anisha Legal
Receiver of
Dean's List Position Award, 2070
It seems it was just yesterday I was getting ready for my 1st day in 1st semester
in NTHMC; these 4 years have passed so fast with lots of learning along with
fun and masti. Now I can proudly say that I am graduated in BBA-BI from one
of the best college of Pokhara having completed an amazing experience of
4 years. It has been great from the very beginning of those 4 years in NTHMC.
I started my journey in 2009 as 1st batch of BBA-BI. We (the whole batch) had
wonderful experience with so many good and bad days as being 1st batch
students. Blessed with friends, seniors and juniors who have been caring,
loving and supportive throughout like my family and teachers were constantly
guiding and motivating always made me feel proud and overwhelmed to be
associated with this college.
Memories that will always be cherished would be picnics, tours, outing with
classmates, teachers and to miss each and every moment spent at NTHMC
as the journey in NTHMC has been great.
I would like to thank everyone associated with NTHMC who made my days
very much memorable by providing such a wonderful homely environment
and helping me directly or indirectly to accomplish my dream to receive
DEAN’S LIST student certificate from the hand of honorable Prime Minister
Without their support, guidance and encouragement I wouldn’t have this
achievement today with me.
I would like to encourage prospective students to join NTHMC for their better
future. I am glad; I can say here it was worth the while.
Renu Ghimire
Receiver of
Dean's List Position Award, 2070
Learning is like rowing upstream, not to advance is to drop back. - Chinese Proverb
The time we are born is the new millennium ruled by technology and
the globalized world of industry and commerce. We are not confined
within the narrow rigid boundary of our nation. To meet the challenges
of the globally demanded, technologically updated and scientifically
aware human resources, we are always attempting to bring the
optimum quality in BBA and BBA-BI education.
I feel myself proud to lead the generation of youngsters who will once
rule the world. Myself and our faculty members will provide you a
distinct route to gear up your career as facilitators and we promise
you to be a flag bearer showing your safer destination. Also, with
this, I would like to inform all deserving students to cooperate us
by providing a sound environment for implanting education as per
your expectations. Bring genuine suggestions, regular comments,
innovative solutions and creative desires to my desk. I assure you that
I will try to tackle your problem with utmost endeavor and attempt to
fulfill them without a sense of grudge. Hope our collective endeavors
will solidify our dreams.
We discourage rot learning and help you sharpen your skills by
yourself while all our crew facilitates you to achieve it. Remember,
you are the student of management and the skillful human capital
in the world possessing the capacity to reawaken the people and
join hands together in rebuilding the nation. Explore some creative
potential in you that will create pristine beauty to others. Yours choice
have made you select NTHMC, and we salute for yours choice of an
institution that always advocates for valued education. Come and join
NTHMC with an open mind and a promised future. Take how much
you can; we have bounties of offer for you.
With sincere gratitude and warm regards;
Harihar Poudel
NTHMC Business Management Center
The owning
NTHMC is a venture of International Education Foundation Ltd. This company has the mission of developing
high caliber academic institutions in the country with a special focus on developing Pokhara as a tourism,
business education and health city of Nepal.
The company has a general body of 140 persons, most of them are the scion of the top leading business
houses of Pokhara like the Laxmi House, Gosheli House, Himshree Noodles, Pokhara Homes, Machapucchare
Bank, Karmacharya Group etc. Besides this there are top Bureaucrats, Academicians, Surgeons, Doctors,
Engineers , Social Workers, Bankers, Real State Developers, Food Industrialists, etc. from all over Nepal as
well as Germany and Switzarland.
The General body elects a Board of Directors, which is also known as the College Management Committee.
The management Committee is headed by the Chairman.
The current management committee is as under:
Management Committee
Name of the person
1.Mr. Ashok Palikhe (Chairman)
Businessman, Former President, Pokhara Chamber of
Commerce & Industry, Former Chairman, Pokhara Valley Town
Development Committee, Former President Pokhara Tourism
2. Mrs. Karma Gurung
Social Worker.
3. Mr. Birkha Raj Gurung
Entrepreneur, Chairman, Himshree Noodles (P) Ltd.
4. Mr. Jaya Ram Hamal
5. Mr. Binod Vaidhya
Entrepreneur – Pokhara Colour Lab.
6. Mr. Narayan Dwa
7. Mr. Prakash KC
Director, Machhapucchere Bank and KC construction Company
8. Mr. Huta Raj Shrestha
Proprietor, Base Camp Resort, Baidam, Pokhara
9. Dr. Pradeep Ghimire
Chairman - Fishtail Hospital, Professor - Manipal Teaching
Advisory board
1. Dr. Deepak Bhattarai
Founder, Nepal Engineering College, Kathmandu M.D., Nepal
College of Information Technology, Kathmandu.
2. Mr. Surya Bahadur K.C.
Hon. Member of Constutional Assembly/Contract Business
3. Dr. Bhuwan Sthapit
Eminent Botanist
4. Mr. Krishna Thapa
Former Mayor - Pokhara Sub Metropolis, Chairman-CPN (UML),
Mr. Gyanendra Paudel
M.Ed. English
Ms Dipika Palikhe
MBA Finance
Regular Faculty
Visiting Faculty
Dhaneswor Bhandari
Prakash Chandra Tripathi
Basanta Kumar Shrestha Ramesh Poudel
Prakash Wagle
Madan Thapa
Prabin Parajuli
Bivor Kumal
Khem Raj Chalise
Ram Prasad Timalsena
Bhola Adhikari
M.Sc. Mathematics
M.B.S., Finance
M.A., Economics, MPhil
MBS, Account
M.A., English
M.Ed. Maths
M.B.A., Finance
M.B.A., Finance
M.B.S., Finance
M.B.A., Finance
M.A. Anthropology
Mukti Raman Parajuli, M.B.S., Finance, M.A., Economics
Netra Subedi, M.B.A., Finance
Baburam Lamichhane, M.B.A., Finance
Dipendra Bastakoti, M.A., Economics
Choodamani Subedi, M.Sc., Statistics
Santosh K. Gurung, M.A. Sociology
Surya Pokhrel, M.B.A., Marketing
Beerendra Bastola, LLM, LAW
Rishi Neupane, M.B.A., Finance
Baikuntha Timalseena, M.B.A., Finance, B.Ed.
Ms. Prerana Rai
MBA Finance
Mr. Surendra Babu Tiwari
MA English / MA Conflict,
Peace and Development Studies
Prof. Dr. Dev Raj Adhikari
Dean, Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University
Prof. Dr. Kundan Dutta Koirala
Tribhuvan University
Prof. Dr. Prem Raj Panta
Tribhuvan University
Prof. Dr. Ujjwal K. Chaudhary
Former Dean, Symbiosis Int’l University, Pune, India
Dr. Rameshwor Khanal
Former Finance Secretary
Prof. Dr. Puskar Bajracharya
Tribhuvan University
NTHMC Business Management Center
Words from the
Studying at NTHMC is really different. It provides excellence in
education which is a stepping stone towards a bright future. I
feel empowered to take control of my learning and to make every
effort for best. The teachers engage me in my learning by not
just teaching me but listening to my ideas as well. Here, I come
across warm and caring atmosphere where friendship is created,
cooperation is encouraged and independence is fostered.
Khem Thapa
BBA, II Semester
Conducive learning environment and better surveillance of the
teacher is what I appreciate the most at NTHMC. Moreover,
NTHMC is trying to keep pace with the changing world by
introducing well experience team of faculty members, innovative
teaching methodology and prosperous infrastructures.
Romit Thapa
BBA, IV Semester
NTHMC has helped me to be a competent student with full of
practical and theoritical knowledge. Courses offered and provided
by NTHMC with congenial environment make me alter to find out
and cater the opportunities elsewhere. I am therefore very much
satisfied to carryout my BBA Program from NTHMC and will always
be indebted to NTHMC.
Priya Shai
BBA, VI Semester
When you enter NTHMC-BMC you’ll notice a big difference in your
life from previous school years. You will be studying subject you
particularly enjoy so that the incentive to work harder will lead to
faster pace of learning. You will find that the teachers are more
approachable and ready to advise and help you in every steps for
your betterment.
Pradeep Subedi
BBA, VIII Semester
Our BBA program is a four years extensive Bachelor’s Degree
Program affiliated to Pokhara University. With a total of 126
credit hours, the program is spread over eight semesters. The
students are required to complete project work and internship
during the semesters.
Our BBA program is designed to prepare students to start
professional career in business or public management. It is a
foundation for higher studies in management which implants
positive attitudes, abilities and practical skills, essential for a
successful manager.
Semester Course
First Year
First Year
First Semester
ENG 101.3
MTH 101.3
Acc 101.3
MGT 101.3
MIS 101.3
English I
Business Mathematics I
Financial Accounting I
Principles of Management
Computer and IT Applications
Second Year
Third Semester
ENG 201.3
STT 101.3
FIN 131.3
SOC 101.3
ECO 201.3
Business Communication I
Business Statistics
Essentials of Finance
Fundamental of Sociology
Introductory Macroeconomics
Third Year
Fifth Semester
ACC 221.3 Basics of Managerial Accounting
RCS 311.3 Business Research Methods
MGT 314.3 Management of Human Resources
MGT 311.3 Fundamentals of Operation
Concentration I
Fourth Year
Seventh Semester
MGT 411.3
MGT 312.3
INT 391.3
Business Environment in Nepal
Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
Elective I
Concentration III
Second Semester
ENG 102.3
MTH 102.3
ACC 122.3
PSY 101.3
ECO 101.3
English II
Business Mathematics II
Financial Accounting II
General Psychology
Introductory Microeconomics
Second Year
Fourth Semester
ENG 202.3 Business Communication II
STT 102.3 Data Analysis & Modeling
MGT 211.3 Fundamentals of Organizational
MKT 241.3 Principles of Marketing
FIN 231.3 Financial Management
Third Year
Sixth Semester
MIS 201.3 Introduction to Mgmt. Info. System
LAW 291.3 Legal Aspects of Business and
MGT 212.3 Business and Society
PRJ 491.3 Project Work
Concentration II
Fourth Year
Eighth Semester
MGT 412.3
MGT 313.3
MIS 202.3
Strategic Management
Introduction to International Business
Essentials of e-Business
Elective II
Concentration IV
NTHMC Business Management Center
Words from the
Joining NTHMC has been proved to be my correct decision to
attain my goal in the field of business and management. Well
experienced teachers, friendly environment, a very cooperative
and encouraging college faculty, all team up to provide us the best
of all.
Kripa Rana
BBA-BI, II Semester
I feel really proud of being a student of NTHMC. The higly
qualified and dedicated teaching faculty and extremely cooperative environment of this college make a focus on educational
excellence and encouragement in extra-curricular activities by
preparing us as the strong foundation for the future nation.
Asmita Thapa
BBA-BI, IV Semester
NTHMC-BMC is certainly the best choice for higher learning
in order to gain more knowledge and expertise in the field of
Business administration and in Banking and Insurance. Significant
and proactive feature of NTHMC is, learning here forms an
indespensable part of leadership, vastly enriched with co-operative
and friendly learning environment.
Ananta Sharma
BBA-BI, VI Semester
NTHMC is the best thing that has happened to me. BBA-BI at
NTHMC has broadened my mind to be analytical and acute of
Jitendra Gurung
BBA-BI, VIII Semester
Our BBA- BI program is a four year extensive Bachelor’s Degree
Program affiliated to Pokhara University. With a total of 126
credit hours, the program is spread over eight semesters. The
students are required to complete project work and internship
during the semesters.
Our BBA-BI program is designed to prepare students to start
professional career in banking and insurance. It is a foundation
for higher studies in management with focus in banking and
insurance institution, which implants positive attitudes, abilities
and practical skills, essential for a successful manager.
Semester Course
First Year
First Semester
ENG 101.3 English I
MTH 101.3 Business Mathematics I
ECO 101.3 Introductory Microeconomics
SOC 101.3 Fundamentals of Sociology
PSY 101.3 General Psychology
Second Year
Third Semester
ENG 203.3 Business Communication
STT 101.3 Business Statistics
FIN 132.3 Principles of Insurance
ACC 102.3 Financial Accounting II
MGT 211.3 Fundamentals of Organizational
First Year
Second Semester
ENG 102.3 English II
MTH 102.3 Business Mathematics
ACC 121.3 Financial Accounting I
MGT 111.3 Principles of Management
ECO 201.3 Introductory Macroeconomics
Second Year
Fourth Semester
FIN 238.3 Risk and Insurance Management
FIN 131.3 Essentials of Finance
STT 102.3 Data Analysis & Modeling
ACC 221.3 Basics of Managerial Accounting
Third Year
RCH 311.3 Business Research Methods
MIS 201.3 Introduction to Management
Information System
FIN 437.3 Financial Institutions and Markets
FIN 232.3 Credit Risk Management
MGT 314.3 Management of Human Resources
MKT 241.3 Principles of Marketing
PRJ 492.3 Project Work
Third Year
Fifth Semester
Fourth Year
Seventh Semester
MGT 311.3 Fundamentals of Operation
FIN 234.3 Property and Liability Insurance
FIN 235.3 International Banking and Insurance
FIN 236.3 Management of Commercial Banks
Elective I
Sixth Semester
MIS 202.3 Essentials of e-Business
FIN 231.3 Financial Management
LAW 292.3 Legal Aspects of Banking and
FIN 233.3 Life and Health Insurance
INT 392.3 Internship
Fourth Year
Eighth Semester
MGT 411.3 Business Environment in Nepal
MGT 412.3 Strategic Management
FIN 237.3 Treasury Operations
Elective II
NTHMC Business Management Center
Admission will be based on written entrance test and personal
interview. Students are required to submit statement of interest for
the admission in NTHMC graduate school for the concerned faculty.
Applicants are required to pass the entire admission test administered
by the Business School.
Eligibility for Enrollment
Any applicant with a standard academic record and an undergraduate
degree from an accredited institution
Second division in any faculty/stream.
Enrollment Procedures
Applicants should fill up the admission from with two recent PP
size photographs, photocopies of all required academic certificates
(mark sheet, transcript, character certificate, provisional and original
migration certificate) of SLC and +2.
NTHMC offers number of scholarships at the time of admission.
Meritorious Scholarship for students holding outstanding academic
performance in their intermediate level of studies
Need Based Scholarship for brilliant students who can’t financially
support their education.
Under Privileged Scholarships for Minority Groups
NTHMC Student Scholarship for students who have completed 10+2
from NTHMC.
Special Scholarship for the entrance topper.
The scholarship offered by the college management during the time of
admission will be based upon the student’s academic performance,
entrance examination and interview. However, the scholarship offered
during the time of admission will be valid for the first semester only
and for the remaining semesters, students can apply for performance
based scholarships.
Performance Based Scholarship
In order to acknowledge and appreciate the outstanding performance
of students at the Bachelor level, the management committee has
instituted a Performance Based Reward that is transparent and
competitive. Scholarship for the succeeding semester will depend
entirely upon the student’s performance in the previous semester.
The final grading earned in a semester will be the sole basis for
performance based Scholarship.
NTHMC Business Management Center
Extra &
Madhusudan Joshi, Lab Incharge/Computer Instructor
Ramesh Raj Paudel, Account
Gabindra Adhikari, Marketing
Apsara Adhikari, Librarian
Sajani KC, Account Asst.
Radhika Paudel
Office Helper
Naru Prasad Acharya
Office Helper
Arjun Basaula
Security Guard
NTHMC Business Management Center