ICNEF 5 Sisters` Quran Competition Sunday April 26 2015 2:00-5:00

ICNEF 5th Sisters’ Quran Competition
Sunday April 26th 2015
Aim: To encourage the study and recitation of the Holy Quran melodiously and with proficiency, to implement the spirit
of sisterhood and bonding among our Muslim Sisters, and to provide a fun yet educational activity for our sisters.
1. Surat Al-An’am #6 (The Grazing Livestock)
2. Juz’ 14 of the Quran
3. Juz’ 17 of the Quran
4. Juz’ 25 of the Quran
5. Surat Al-Baqarah #2 (The Cow) Ayah 177-202
6. Surat Maryam #19 (Mary) Ayah 1-64
7. Surat Al-Qasas #28 (The Stories) Ayah 1-43
8. Surat Al-Qasas #28 (The Stories) Ayah 44-88
9. Surat AnNaba #78 to Surat An-Nass #114
Muslim Converts:
10. Surat Al-Fatiha, Surat AnNas, Surat Al-Falaq, Surat Al-Ikhlas
11. Surat Al-Fatiha, Surat AnNnas, Surat Al-Falaq, Surat Al-Ikhals
Surat AnNasr, Surat Al-Kawthat, Surat Quraish, Surat Al-Asr
Score: Recitation:
1. Fluency 40%
2. Tajweed 40%
3. Style 20%
Score: Memorization:
1. Fluency 50%
2. Tajweed 30%
3. Style 20%
Registration Deadline: Sunday April 19th. Please complete registration form and give to Sister Sara at front office,
Sister Shakirah, Sister Rafa, or Sister Rana.
Registration Fee: $5 per participant, due by April 26th.
1. Participant must be females ages 14+. (Ages 14-21 will be judged separately from ages 22+)
2. If children must be accompanied by a contestant or an observer, there must be no talking or playing
amongst the children.
3. Dress code must be modest, according to the limits of the Shari’ah.
4. A contestant can take part in only one (1) of the eleven subcategories.
5. Subcategories 10 and 11 are for Muslim Converts only.
6. Muslim Converts can participate in any of the eleven subcategories.
7. Registration form must be filled and submitted by Sunday April 19th and fee must be paid on or before
competition day.
8. All Quranic Ayat (verses) for recitation and memorization will be preselected by the organizers of this event.
9. Winners from each of the two main categories (recitation, memorization) will be determined by the judges.
10. The decision of the judges is FINAL.
Contact Information:
Sister Shakirah: 651-9478
Sister Rafa: 662-1005
Sister Rana: 881-5181