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Winter 2013/14
news for the maui arts &
s p o n s o r s h i p
xperience Marriott tradition and luxury at
the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa. Nestled
aui Art & Cultural Center is such an asset to
Maui County as it is dedicated to the presentation
in Maui’s premier Wailea Resort destination,
and production of a full spectrum of musical,
Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa offers
visual and performing arts events and cultural
exciting guest services and amenities. The resort
experiences. This strong cultural base attracts
features the Maluhia Serenity Pool with six
businesses looking for engaged workforces, provides
exclusive over-the-water cabanas, perfect for
outstanding educational opportunities and creates
private whale watching, sunbathing or relaxing.
communities worth living in.
Guests can also get a taste of celebrity at Mala
Wailea restaurant and lounge from renowned chef
Mark Ellman, one of the original founders of
Hawai‘i Regional Cuisine. Or get pampered
with rejuvenating island-inspired treatments at
Mandara Spa. For information or to book your
next trip, visit www.waileamarriott.com
m a h a l o
cultural center ‘ohana
Aloha! And welcome to the 2014 edition of
Centerpiece, where we honor our donors, members and sponsors
and try to bring you up to date with some of the important news
of this center.
The MACC has indeed become a focal point for community
activities – in, by, of and around the arts. The MACC invites
everyone to participate in personal and shared experiences of
the arts, and we try to be as inclusive as possible with many and
diverse offerings. These range from our own presentations of
entertainment and fine arts, to presentations by the community:
MAPA, Maui Pops Orchestra, individual schools and community
groups, concert promoters and festival organizers, meeting
planners . . . you name it, we host it!
You will know us best, however, through the events and programs that we present to you, our Maui constituency. In our
season of presentations (a season, which is growing into a yearround, by the way) we try to bring the best of the world to Maui:
performers and artists from far and wide – or as near as other
islands!) We also present as many free community events as we
can: the annual Slack Key Guitar and ‘Ukulele Festivals, Starry
Night Cinema family movie nights, trendy ArT=Mixx interactive
evenings, and always-free admission to exhibits. Evidently the
community embraces these efforts, as over 30,000 people have
attended free events at The MACC in the past few months
alone! E komo mai!
“The MACC Presents” encompasses a large portion of our
events here. However, in addition to being a world-class destination for artists from around the world, The MACC is also a
world-class facility where the community of Maui can display our collective talents to the world. Never has this been so clear
as with the successes of the past year: visits by luminaries and
legends such as Carlos Santana, James Taylor and Tony Bennett;
benefit concerts such as that performed by Crosby & Nash
for Ruth’s Ride; and MAPA’s triumphant production of Les
Miserables. We are not just the ones presenting the artists;
sometimes we are also the ones making the opportunity for the
artists to shine their brightest. This all happens only with your help, your attendance, and
your donations. We thank you all for your support.
2011-2012 MACC
Art Vento
James J. C. Haynes
Robert J. Morgado
Carolyn Schaefer Gray
Jack Naiditch
Marcia Perreira, Executive Assistant
Candace Croteau
Andrew Gabel, Event Services Coordinator
Shawn Boeckman, House Manager
Naomi Tamura, Volunteer Coordinator
James Kaneshiro, Security Manager
Amro Nassar
Virgilio Agcolicol
Zadoc Brown Jr.
Richard Cameron
Louis Cole
Robert Davidson
Shep Gordon
Dorothy ‘Honey Bun’ Haynes
Alexa Higashi
James Judge
Betty Leis
Dorvin Leis
Helen MacArthur
Paul Mancini
Wendy Rice Peterson
Margaret Ishiyama Raffin
Clyde Sakamoto
Anthony Takitani
Masaru “Pundy” Yokouchi
Becky Lee, A/R, Payroll, Benefits Adminv
Lourdes Engracio, Accounts Payable
Henry Arroyo, IT/Systems Manager
Peter Giles
Kathy MacGlashan, Development Data Coordinator
Teresa Nae‘ole, Development Coordinator
Colleen Furukawa
Kahulu Maluo, Programs Manager
Susan Hernandez, Grants Manager
Hokulani Holt
Moani Whittle-Wagner, Cultural Program Assistant
Neida Bangerter
Susana Browne
Kristen Dias, Programs Assistant
Barbara Trecker
Elaine Roe, Marketing Coordinator
Janet Allan
Judy Bisgard
Gary Salenger
J. Kalani English
Shan S. Tsutsui
Lisa Haole & Luana Argel
Angel Salavec, Food & Beverage Assistant
Jason Carbajal
Joanne Calaustro, Box Office Ass’t Manager
Jane Chenoweth, Box Office Staff
Tiffany Gibo, Box Office Staff
Galen Kiyota, Box Office Staff
Mark Astrella
Harvey Strauser, Audio Engineer
Danny Owen, Stage Manager
Matt Moreau, Lighting Director
Sharon Munz, Production Assistant
Art Vento, President & CEO
Mike Foley
Anna Mae Medeiros, Supervisor, Janitorial
Curtis Piligrin, Facility Maintenance
Rodger Agcaoili, Maintenance Staff
Stephanie Kaina, Maintenance Staff
Johna Sanchez, Maintenance Sfaff
To inspire people through personal and shared experiences of the arts.
Maui Arts & Cultural Center is a 501(c)3 organization
with a mission to inspire people through personal and
shared experiences of the arts.
Taken by
2013 @
in the
at The
A legacy of
Maui plays in the fort
Wes Bruce built
It’s impossible to tell what’s art and
what’s not once you’ve been Taken by
Wonder. Twenty-eight-year-old artist
Wes Bruce chose that title for his oneman show in the MACC’s Schaefer International Gallery. It closed November
2 after an attendance-record-setting,
two-month run. Bruce, the MACC’s first
artist in residence, turned the creative
process inside out by building a fort in
the gallery where people of any age
could feel safe enough to get in touch
with their inner kid again.
he fort was a magical maze of
rooms, hallways and a staircase leading upstairs to more of the same.
Front doors appropriated from the old
P¯ai‘a General Store greeted visitors.
Lights twinkled in its windows.
It was both inviting and a tiny bit
spooky, its interior walls and shelves
covered with books, old National Geographics, antlers and animal skulls,
maps, bottles, glass fishing floats, farm
implements, sepia-tinged family photos
and so much more. One room upstairs
had a telescope for viewing the heavens. In another, a rocking chair hung
suspended from the ceiling by colored
threads, a resting place for imagined
ancestors. A nook with a cozy bed and
abundant reading materials suggested
that the MACC should have hung a
pink neon VACANCY sign outside.
The fort was equal measures playhouse, clubhouse and haunted house.
Touches of a fairy tale cottage and
evidence of its former inhabitants—
themselves products of the artist’s
imagination—added to its allure and
mystery. Its components were part
Smithsonian, part garage sale, part
“It referenced freedom, it referenced
playfulness,” said Bruce of his creation.
This isn’t his first fort in a gallery
space. His architectural installations
are “sort of a rebellion against the art
that I had been making previously,” he
said. The exhibit also included some
new mixed-media works—whimsical
renderings of owls, cats and other
critters. They sold out to collectors
almost as soon as the show opened.
His style is childlike yet visionary,
alive to the natural environment with a
deep, tribal reverence. In person, he is
wiry, agile and usually smiling. His
moves are quick, gracefully efficient.
He is boyish, curious, enthusiastic . . .
and one of those intuitive genius
types, an Amadeus kind of guy.
The California native is also someone at odds with the notions of “taste”
and inflated prices defining so much
of today’s art world. “I had been making lots of paintings previous to doing
these installations, and I wasn’t having
fun doing it,” he recalled. “I didn’t feel
like I was making connections with
people through them.”
That changed when he took a job
directing a summer camp, and did a
fort-building exercise with his staff.
“They really connected with it, so when
I got back I started doing them in a
proper ‘art’ context.”
He had found a way to pull the rug
out from under artistic pretensions.
Gallery director Neida Bangerter became acquainted with Wes Bruce’s art
when she was visiting her son, Bryan,
now a musician and filmmaker in San
Diego. He took her to see his friend
Wes’ fort in a museum there. Neida
instantly knew Maui needed Wes
Bruce’s art, too – and so began two
years of planning to create his residency
at the MACC.
Before coming to Hawaii, Bruce
said he had the stereotyped image
of “this paradise where everything’s
green and lush.” He began researching. “Sandalwood . . . whaling . . .
sugar . . . pineapple . . . tourism . . .
cattle. You can read all of that, but you
don’t realize just how overlapped all
that is,” he said.
Once he arrived, the equation
“I loved to see all the stuff the
Hawaiian tourism board didn’t want
me to see. The Maui Central Base
yard, old Matson containers in the
“dingier parts of Lahaina, and some
dilapidated parts of Wailuku” became
treasure troves. He also distilled a
unique understanding of the island’s
multi-ethnicity—“all this culture saturated into one spot.”
An early visit to Makawao provided
the perfect metaphor: “Here’s cowboy
culture, paired with native culture, and
then there’s Filipino culture, Spanish
culture . . . all twisted into these
paniolos.” The Buddhist hongwanji
is a few blocks away from the
Catholic church. “It’s like Spanish
cowboys meets Native Hawaiians
meets the Buddhist mission, all in
the same square footage.”
He spent a month collecting and
another month building the fort from
palettes and scrap wood, including
some from the old Waianapanapa
cabins in Hana. Donated Japanese
family photos were among the
pictures on the walls.
Within those rough-textured walls
lay a unique realization of what Maui
“means.” And underpinning that vision was the solid strength of craftsmanship. The fort was a sturdy,
perfectly plumbed structure whose
hallways and staircases safely guided
the footsteps of 10,000 visitors to
the gallery over the two-month run.
Guided education tours were given
to 894 students, pre-K to college
level students.
With his wife Emi, an ally in the
creative process, Wes conceived the
backstory of the ancestors, complete
with their own language, leaving
traces of wisdom in inscriptions on
the walls and windows. The fort was
equal parts art and function. It was
about repurposing castoff materials
into an environment for new imaginings. It was all about storytelling.
The fort was equal measures playhouse,
clubhouse and haunted house.
Touches of a fairy tale cottage . .
Its components were part Smithsonian,
part garage sale, part landfill.
It utterly destroyed the intimidation factor of “Art.” You had to enter
it to view it. Once inside, you were
part of it, adding your experience to
the story. It was accessible to everyone. A September 13 “Builders and
Dreamers” event brought a handpicked group of island artists and
other creative souls together to create
whimsical scenarios, like children at
play. On October 4, a well-dressed
crowd turned out for Art=Mixx Wonder, making the fort the hippest spot
on the island that evening.
Happy voices of children provided
continued on page 4
Kuana Torres on Moloka‘i
a constant soundtrack. They have yet to
learn there’s supposed to be a difference
between “art” and fun. Nearby work tables
and raw materials in the gallery prompted
new creations.
Some of the most astute art reviews
came from UHMaui College students, taking the
short walk from
the campus across
the street to fulfill
class writing
“As I walked
upstairs, I immediately felt at home,”
wrote Kamalei Barrows. “It brought back
an awesome memory of being at my
grandmother’s house in the mac nuts . . .
I almost wanted to walk around barefoot.”
Kellie Furtado was drawn to the owl
paintings. “I feel like somehow the house
and owls were connected. Owls are very
timid and mysterious and that’s exactly
how I felt in the house.”
“At first glance, the rawness of the
structure seemed to offend every part of
my senses,” wrote Jalyn Olinda. “A closer
look, however, revealed a more complex
beauty that entreats the eyes to wonder
how such grotesque, imperfect pieces
complemented each other perfectly.”
The students tried to imagine the former residents of the dwelling.
“I questioned the psychological
explanation for why Wes would make up
“inhabitants” that previously lived in this
house,” wrote Shayla Leone/Collins. “My
thought is that art is all about expressing.
Sometimes it’s easier to express feelings
if they are a “friend’s feelings” and not
your own, even if they really are. Although
this fort was a little spine-chilling, I imagine with all the ‘inhabitants’ living in the
home it was a really warm, spiritual
and peaceful sanctuary.”
“I love this place!” wrote Taylor
Phillips. “It could be understood as
home to everyone. Every artifact that
existed within and around the house
had its own story. All the stories of
each artifact came together to compose one story, the exhibit.”
And, summed up Devin Galloway,
“Growing up as a child, our imaginations created worlds apart from our
own, where we could do almost anything. We built forts, castles, towers,
islands, anything to get away from
now. Our imagination built all the
things we couldn’t and took the place
of all the objects we didn’t have. Wes
Bruce took that imagination we all had
as kids and created the fort we all
dreamt of having. . . . There was a
room filled with pictures, and these
pictures were of my aunts and uncles,
my cousins, my grandparents, my
family. But all of these objects and
pictures didn’t just belong to me, they
belonged to every person who stepped
into this fort.”
For Wes Bruce, “It’s this form where
there are all these personal stories,
then I have to work from my own
angle. I have this mantra—what’s
most personal is most universal. It
waters it down if I’m trying to cater to
everyone. But if I listen well and if I
gather stories, and I’m honest and I’m
vulnerable, and I’m connected with the
people and the landscape and the past
culture, I let it resonate. I have to hit
that personal resonating bell so it just
fills that space with a kind of sweet
sound. And then other people come in
and they can harmonize with it.”
Art-Rageous Students
uring the summer, Wes Bruce conducted art
classes at MACC, including a new program for
promising young Maui artists grades 9-12, called
ART-RAGEOUS. Development of their ongoing
ideas will become the foundation for the Young
Creatives Student Exhibit, May 4 – 25. (Participants
will also be from Maui County schools K-12)
Part of the overall mission of the summer art
programs, and the ART-RAGEOUS project specifically, is to help students learn the process of being a
professional artist. The ART-RAGEOUS students are
creating pieces that involve deeper conceptual explorations of the work they started in the summer.
These projects are monitored according to several
key criteria, such as composition, development of
concept, and care in craftsmanship. Guided critique
and review sessions help stimulate their growth as
an artist: to encourage conversation and visual
awareness, discuss process and goals, and learn
about exhibit design and presentation. Through
this in-depth participatory process, students will
learn that the adventure of being an artist includes
interacting with fellow artists.
“Legends of Celtic Harp”
performing for the H¯ana
Beyond the Stage!
Maui Arts & Cultural Center
brings artists from around
the world into the heart of
our community, fostering
shared experiences and
meaningful moments for
both artist and audience.
Nrityagram in a school performance in H¯ana
“Fat Boy” breakdance class at Boys & Girls Club
Maui Youth Philharmonic
“Legend of Ko‘olau” performed on Moloka‘i
We know that not everyone can make it to The MACC
for a performance, especially from the remote regions
of Maui Nui. So whenever possible we try to take the
performance to where the audience can gather. . .
Kuana Torres plays for seniors on L¯ana‘i
Engaging Our Community
Over the past year alone, tens of thousands of
people in our Maui Community have enjoyed
FREE events at The MACC (approx. attendance):
Five free Starry Night Cinema events: 15,000
Three free ArT=Mixx events: 8,500
The 8th annual free ‘Ukulele Festival: 3,000
The 22nd annual free K ¯i Ho‘alu Festival: 3,000
Five free exhibits in the Gallery: 15,000
Giordano Dance company’s Master Class at Seabury Hall
Teo Castellanos’ D-Projects at Kamehameha Schools
As a snapshot of subsidized events in the past
few years, The MACC has helped our community
enjoy the arts with:
$12 tickets to the public: 10,341
Social services free tickets: 911
$12 tickets to Kaunoa seniors: 8,324
Keiki half-price tickets: 18,525
School show attendance: 129,878
Teachers’ tickets: 13,117
Marc Bamuthi Joseph teaches urban poetry at L¯ana‘i High
Starry Night Cinema
Fleetwood @ The MACC
Bill Cosby
Brew Fest
A Few
James Taylor
ArT=Mixx: Wonder
Yokouchi Golf
Maui Calls
Tony Bennett
Glenn Frey
N¯a H¯ok¯u Hou
Crosby and Nash
Earth Wind and Fire
ArT=Mixx: Runway
with Jackson Browne
and John Cruz
Slack Key Festival
K¯u Mai Ka Hula
‘Ukulele Festival
Les Misérables
s p o n s o r s h i p
Ho‘okele Wa‘a
Science, Performing Arts, and Hawaiian Culture
Come Together in the 8th Grade Classroom
Official Ground Transporation Provider
by Susana Browne
In all my years of teaching science, the absolute best are here on
Maui. Not because of the closeness to the ocean, or the natural
beauty, but because I finally learned how to integrate art into the
curriculum. The arts education classes offered through Maui Arts &
Cultural Center have changed the way I teach and assess science.
—8th grade Kalama Intermediate School science teacher Margaret Prevenas.
ince 2004, Margaret Prevenas has
taken over 200 hours of MACC professional development workshops
and summer institutes on how to teach
through visual arts, dance, drama, and
music. In addition, for the past four
years, Prevenas has been collaborating
with teaching artists in eight or ten week
residencies, bringing the arts, along with
Hawaiian cultural connections, directly
to her students.
Ho‘okele Wa‘a, an interdisciplinary
unit, uses science and performing arts to
teach students basic understanding of
the major source of energy on Earth,
how energy is transferred, and energy
movement through waves. Ho‘okele
means navigate in Hawaiian and is used
as a metaphor for students learning how
to successfully navigate through life. By
learning and performing an oli (chant),
accompanied by meaningful move-
ments, students develop an understanding of the connection between
successfully moving through their own
lives and navigating energy in the
ocean and the world.
Prevenas developed this innovative
way of teaching out of a need to reach
what she calls her “quirky, unreachable, rascal target population known
as Hawaiian Pacific Islander middle
school boys.” In a 2011 research paper,
Prevenas wrote:
“In order to help my indigenous
students learn, I had to learn about
their culture, show how the culture
supports the understanding of
science content and has all along.
I needed to be able to understand
that a native way of knowing is truly
native intelligence. I needed to
learn about Hawaiian culture and
have open communication with an
individual or a reliable resource
that could assist me in addressing
the traditional Hawaiian ways of
knowing. And if I did, I believed my
students could learn science and
learn it well.”
With support from Maui Arts &
Cultural Center, Prevenas found reliable
resources in the form of Hawaiian
teaching artists/performers Makamae
Murray and Kalapana Kollars who
collaborated with her on teaching
interdisciplinary science/arts units to
eighth graders from 2009-2013. In
September 2011, Kollars and Prevenas
& Arthur’s
Limousine Service
Kumu Makamae
introduces students
to the pono bowl.
Kumu Makamae Murray
developed Ho‘okele Wa‘a, and he wrote
the following oli which students memorized and performed:
Ho‘okele Wa‘a
Eia ka ho‘okele wa‘a
Holo I ke kai akea
Imua ka wa‘a, holomua
Eia ka mana o ke kai
Here is navigator of the canoe
Traveling the wide expanse of ocean
The canoe moves forward, improves
Here is the power of the ocean
In September 2013, Prevenas was
back in her science classroom at
Kalama after a year as a STEM (science,
technology, engineering, and math)
resource teacher for Maui District.
She communicated with The MACC
education director and wondered if
there might be funding for her to
bring another group of students
through the navigation unit. In
addition to the science learning,
Prevenas wrote about the power of
the cultural connection in building
community in her classroom.
“Working together, laulima, is a
Hawaiian cultural value and of
great importance in establishing
a learning community where all
individuals are valued for their
strengths. Focusing on strengths,
rather than deficiencies, allowed
everyone to bring a gift to the
classroom and helped students
learn collaboration skills and
respect for one another. Creating
a strong, respectful learning
community was an unexpected
bonus from this project.”
Thanks to funding from the
County of Maui, Makamae Murray
was able to once again collaborate
with Prevenas and bring another
group of 150 eighth graders to the
understanding of the power of mana
and ho‘okele. Students were asked,
“What is the message of your dance?”
Responses included: “Put pride in
what you do!” . . . “You can navigate
your way through life” . . . “Working
together is the best way to get
through life.” . . . “You are the leader
of your life.”
Prevenas’ final words:
“I am able to help my students
authentically learn and discover
the depth of their knowledge
through arts integration. If you
don’t integrate art, you are doing
students a great disservice.”
for the Maui Arts & Cultural Center
Maui Arts & Cultural Center entrusts
its visiting artists, stars and celebrities
to the attentive care of SpeediShuttle
and Arthur’s Limousine Service.
For more than 20 years, SpeediShuttle
and Arthur’s Limousine have delivered
gracious, punctual service as Hawai‘i’s
leading provider of ground transportation. SpeediShuttle’s Mercedes-Benz
shuttles are spacious, comfortable
and surprisingly affordable. Arthur’s
Limousine offers luxurious stretch
limousines, sedans and SUVs
combined with fastidious service.
More importantly, our knowledgeable
and professional staff makes every
trip an experience of aloha.
8th grade Kalama students (2013)
SpeediShuttle and Arthur’s Limousine
Service are proud sponsors of Maui
Arts & Cultural Center in support
2014 Summer Institute
for Educators
of the tremendous cultural, educa-
June 16–20
MACC delivers to Maui County
Focused on STEAM—
Science, Technology,
Engineering, Arts and Math
tional and economic benefits the
and all of Hawai‘i.
A brochure about a recent
research project that outlines
the benefits of arts integrated
learning will be posted in January
Kumu Kalapana
Kollars teaching a
haka at Kalama
School (2011)
on www.MauiArts.org
(click on the “Education” tab).
m a h a l o
by the
“This installation will meaningfully
reduce our energy costs and contribute
to a more sustainable environment
by significantly reducing our
carbon footprint.”
—Art Vento, MACC President & CEO
An aerial view of MACC
with its new installation of
photovoltaic panels (below)
he MACC’s 1.3-acre solar
energy farm was planted in
2011 on a small rise of unused land overlooking the
center above the main parking lot. Now this gleaming field –
a shiny array of 1,974 photovoltaic
panels – produces one-third of
the facility’s electrical power
needs, and saves the center over
$100,000 per year in operating
costs. It also results in a more
Maui-shaped footprint on the path
to restore Planet Earth. As anyone
who has come home a little toasty
after a fun, day-long concert in
the amphitheater knows: Sun.
We have it. Let’s use it.
The installation was completed at no cost to The MACC
by project partner SolarCity, and
constructed by Honolulu Builders.
The plan is that SolarCity will recoup its infrastructure investment
by selling energy to The MACC for
less than the rates charged by the
local utility.The MACC system
also serves as a demonstration
site for SolarCity; delegations
from Korea, Japan and Tahiti have
visited the site to view this as
a working prototype for other
potential installations in Hawai‘i
and the Pacific Rim.
The energy use at The MACC
is intensive because the Center's
activity is intensive: over
250,000 people per year come
through the gates, attending
1,700 separate events every year:
concerts, films, exhibits, meetings and seminars, dance
classes, school field trips. The
theaters, high-tech equipment,
and the Gallery require mainte-
This installation will meaningfully
our energy costs and contribute to
a more sustainable environment by significantly
reducing our carbon footprint.
nance and special environmental controls. Spaces need special
settings to guard against adverse effects of the elements;
audience comfort and safety
require another set of controls.
With this constant balancing
act, The MACC uses a daily average of over 6,000 kilowatt hours
(kWh); the Solar-City array provides approximately 2,000 kWh.
“As a nonprofit, it is essential
to find ways to reduce overhead
in order to deliver the maximum
products and services to the
community,” President and CEO
Art Vento said at the dedication
of the solar farm in December
2011. “This installation will
meaningfully reduce our energy
costs and contribute to a more
sustainable environment by
significantly reducing our carbon
The MACC implements eco-friendly
practices into events and our
daily work lives. MACC staff agreed
back in 2005 that “green” was the
color to strive for, and we are
now using 99% recyclable or
biodegradable products.
• We recycle cardboard, glass,
aluminum, plastic, newspaper
and office paper.
• We use biodegradable plates,
napkins, utensils, cups and straws
for our food and beverage services,
and biodegradable trash bags
to collect it all.
Maui Arts & Cultural Center will be the site of a conference
March 26–28 about alternative energy sources.
Electric Utilities: The Future Is Not What It Used To Be:
Developing the Blueprint for the Utility of the Future
Keynote presentations by nationally-recognized energy policy and business
leaders, and discussion about the rapidly changing energy landscape and
implications for power utilities, policymakers and consumers.
Conference partners include Hawaiian Electric, the Hawaii Public Utilities
Commission, the Maui Economic Development Board and the
Mayor’s Office of Economic Development.
To learn more, go to www.hightechmaui.com/energyconference.
silences between notes. Eight-hundred
eyes caught in the blinding light of his
playing, like deer in headlights. Which
isn’t to say the blinding speed wasn’t
there when needed. Songs like
“‘Ukulele Five-0,” “Less Cowbell, More
Ukulele” and “Orange World” disappeared into blurs of his right hand. His
energy more than filled the stage. At
one point he left it altogether to play as
he moved through the tables, up close
and personal, as a Moonlight Series
show is meant to be.
His stage presence was a cross
between zen master and an amiable
kid brother, his unassuming, selfeffacing patter between songs added
humor, as when he talked about bowing incessantly when meeting the
queen of England; or poignancy, when
he described a ride in the car with his
dad when he was still a boy.
That experience produced his composition “$5 Unleaded,” which rivaled
great pastoral folk guitarists with the
vivid landscapes it painted in sound.
Elsewhere in the show, he described
playing “In My Life” as a duet with
Bette Midler . . . before his fingers once
again took the place of lyrics to convey
the song’s rich emotions.
A "Moonlight" show in the pavilion
seems at its best with mellow solo
artists, their accessibility to the audience enhanced by the silkiness of
Maui by night. But then again: add seasoned artists like Melveen Leed with a
jazz band, or Mana‘o Company (as
were featured in the latest N¯a H¯ok¯u
Hou concert) and the space transforms
itself into the ultimate night club,
and the energy rises to the stars.
Get Maui moonlight into the act
and anything is possible.
The gleaming pavilion space, in a variety
of seat configurations, will be the scene
of more moonlit concerts to come.
Shows scheduled for Yokouchi Pavilion thus far:
Hapa, January 17
Kahulanui, February 21
Kuini, March 22
N¯a H¯ok¯u Hou, July 12
Jake Shimabukuro will be back
at The MACC on Saturday, February 8,
in the Castle Theater.
M o o nl ig h t So n a tas Make More MACC Magic
In his pork-pie hat and striped blazer, his wiry body filling one end of
the stage to the other with lithe dance moves, Jake Shimabukuro pushes the humble
‘ukulele to virtuoso places it’s never been before. Even performing solo, with no one else
onstage, in concert he has the energy of a rock band, the sweeping power of a symphony.
inner of countless awards,
including Hawai‘i’s coveted
Favorite Entertainer of the
Year N¯a H¯ok¯u Hanohano Award, the internationally acclaimed musician spent
the night before his 35th birthday last
year testing the creative possibilities of
the MACC’s Yokouchi Pavilion in The
MACC’s Moonlight Series. And putting
on a memorable show in the process.
The evening’s biggest surprise wasn’t
the blinding speed and dazzling dexterity of the boyish artist who rose to fame
playing “The Stars
and Stripes Forever” faster than
and gentle seemed humanly
possible. Instead
it was the nuance, subtlety and softness
of his artistry as he covered a repertoire
of classics created for guitar, piano and
Japanese koto . . . on four strings in
Jake Shimabukuro made the
outdoor venue feel more like a jazz club . . .
only with palm trees
trade winds for accompaniment.
two octaves.
Not intimidated by playing signature
songs associated with George Harrison,
Wes Montgomery, Carlos Montoya and
Erroll Garner, Jake made the indoor/
outoor venue feel more like a jazz club . . .
only with palm trees and gentle trade
winds for accompaniment.
The still-new pavilion venue has bars
and food counters, adding to the cache
of a nightclub. But when Jake played
there were no blender noises, no tinkling
glasses to break the spell as he held the
audience of 400 transfixed as he gracefully moved through a song list ranging
from the Beatles’ “In My Life” to
Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” through
the Japanese koto piece “Sakura” before
concluding with Franz Schubert’s “Ave
Maria” played unplugged to showcase
the acoustics.
You could hear a pin drop in the
Mahalo to MACC’s Donors and Members
As of November 12, 2013
The Maui Arts & Cultural Center depends on the donations of the individuals and organizations shown below for
“inspirational experiences through sharing of the arts.” We could not do it without you. Some membership levels
were changed as of January 1, 2013. As a result some recognition levels in this Centerpiece may be shown differently
than previously. Please call Kathy MacGlashan at 243-4225 with any questions or corrections to this list.
We hope you will consider maintaining and increasing your annual gift or membership level in 2014. Please
contact Teresa Nae‘ole at 243-4237 on donor and membership levels and benefits.
Yokouchi Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Zellerbach
kauila $25,000 & above
Eric & Tracy Aanenson
Madeline & Doug Callahan
Joao Eduardo Guinle Gentil
Jimmy & Honey Bun Haynes
Mr. Robert J. & Dr. Mary Lou Morgado
Margaret Raffin
Carolyn & Jack Schaefer Gray
Cathy Tai, BJB Charitable Trust
$10,000 to $24,999
Mr. & Mrs. G. Thomas Baker
Rena & Jonathan Biel
Lou & Jolene Cole
Frances & Robert Davidson
Steve & Tamar Goodfellow
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence P. Hughes
Mr. & Mrs. Dorvin D. Leis
Chimen Podrat
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Schatz
Mr. & Mrs. George Swindells
naupaka $2,500 to $4,999
Zadoc & Hilary Brown
Jerry & Linda Bruckheimer
Richard F. & Fatima Cameron
Mr. & Mrs. C. Pardee Erdman, Jr.
Deanna & Gavin Ferguson
Craig & Johanna Furtado
John & Marie Hara
Hermine Harman & Andrew Grabow
Nancy & Hamilton Harris
Wayne & Kim Hikiji
William & Riette Jenkins
Olinda & Michael Kelley
Anthony J. & Beverly Kozy
Genie Miller
Robert & Linda Nelson
Mr. & Mrs. Kent Smith
Wil Somaoang
Mike & Jill Spalding
Patricia Steele
Sandi & Earl Stoner
Paul & Melinda Sullivan
Mrs. Jo Werner & Ms. Lisa Werner
Ms. Lisa Werner
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Yuen
koa $5,000 to $9,999
John & Darlene Abt
Peter D. Baldwin
Diana J. Bentley
Bruce & Kris Chandler
Dr. & Mrs. John A. Decker, Jr.
Roy Dunn & Estrella Salcedo
Zora Durock & John Buck
Auriol Flavell
Chad S. Goodfellow
& Chelsea Recchia-Goodfellow
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Goodfellow
Michael & Susan Graham
Woody & Laura Harrelson
Alexa Higashi
Doug Hill
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Knourek
Bob & Kay Lloyd
Audrey MacLean & Mike Clair
Mick & Cindy McCaffrey
Gary & Deb Michalchuk
William R. & Lyanne Monkman
Doug & Wendy Peterson
Deborah & Michael Rybak
Jim Sanders
Richard & Arlene Small
Joseph Sugarman
Mr. Mark Whiting
David W. & Karen S. Williams
maile $1,500 to $2,499
Cynthia Aafedt
David A. & Merryl L. Alpert
Anita Arsenault
Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Sally Baldwin
Howard & Toddie Barbarosh
Margaret H. Bedell
Alice Bierer
Tatiana Botton
Mr. & Mrs. Dave & Corine Breiwick
Mr. Zadoc W. Brown III
John & Tammy Browning
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Caldwell
Bill & Laura Cameron
Anne Carter
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. & Tess Cartwright
Bruce & Dina Chernoff
Tom Cherry & Tricia Shoemaker
Dorothy Cross & Kerry Leimer
Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Carolyn Dan
Mr. Torben Danielsen
& Ms. Christine Monberg
Erwin & Trina Decoite
Debbie Dennison
Jeff & Sandy Ellison
Mark & Judith Ellman
Thea & Tony Engesser
The Gillette Foundation
Mr. Chet Goldberg
Joe & JoMae Gonyea
Mr. & Mrs. John Grippi
David & Shirley Hartley
Peter & Pat Haug
Mr. & Mrs. Wes & Diane Hickey
Steve & Leona Holaday
Frank J. & Sandra Hook
Michael Hunter
Lance & Deborah James
Lisa & Jim Judge
Joseph Kovack & Rick Villarreal
Ms. Darlene J. Levy
David & Jan McKinley
Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Judith Michaels
Steve & Billie Moksnes
Barbara Mosle & John Kahawaii
Lyn & Jack Muegge
Don & Joy Nelson
Gary Passon
Helen S. Percy, M.D.
Jane & Barry McCullough
Lemoine & Foster Radford
Walter & Arlene Moniz
Henry & Sandy Rice
Eric Roberts & Joni Connelly
Steve & Chickie Rosen
Greg & Marti Rosenbaum
Bob & Margo Rowland
Dennis Rush
Edy & Gary Salenger
Richard & Sheila Schlesinger
Gage Schubert
Mr. Grant Shoemaker
Joe Soldwedel
Ms. Chela St. John-Parisian
& Ms. Krystal Franks
R. Clay Sutherland
Sheryl Lynn & Glenn Suzuki
Robert & Carol Suzuki
Cathy & Maynard Torchiana
Kim & Lynn Von Tempsky
Jim Wagner
Ann Marie & Jack Wilder
Martin & Debbie Wyand
Mr. & Mrs. Dwight & Kay Yamada
Mr. Jon Yokouchi
Announcing the 20 Year
Anniversary Issue
2014 will be the 20th Anniversary of the
opening of the MACC! In May 2014 the
next Centerpiece will be issued. In addition
to acknowledging all Campaign Annual Fund
donors and members, the next Centerpiece will
celebrate The MACC’s first twenty years.
Mrs. Carol Burdick
Paul & Cindy Campbell
Steve & Deana Campbell
Rick Cooper
Dr. Lorne Direnfeld
& Marianna Knottenbelt
Jeffrey & Heather Drood
Christian & Jacqueline Erdman
Larry & Jo Feinberg
Mrs. Ruth Freedman
Lane & June Fujii
Robert & Bonnie Gerlach
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Guard
Norm & Diana Hageboeck
Ted & Zelie Harders
Alden & Beverly Harris
Mrs. Patricia Hillman
Luke & Natalie Hoffseth
Stanton & Shirley Hooper
Carla & Billy Jalbert
Grafton & Carolyn Sue Jhung
Rebecca Kapustay & David Ludwig
Mr. & Mrs. George N. Kaya
Robert & Carole Kooy
Toni & Sue Koszykowski
Mrs. Mette W. Lyons
Louise & Paul MacDonald
Andrea Marcus
Mr. & Mrs. William Marrs
Daniel & Colleen Sotomura Mayeda
Dick & Donna McCullough
Lynn & Gary McFarlane
David & Grace Murata
Jack Naiditch
Joyce Nakanishi
Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Louise Neustadt
William M. & Malika Newport
Jenifer Owens
Michael Pastula
Guy C. & Nancy J. Pinkerton
Mr. & Mrs. Colin & Merlyna Radford
Paula & Ethan Rathbun
Charles & Jennifer Rose
Dr. Dennis Rowe & Dr. Susan Stewart
Jim & Sheila Rutherford
Dan Sayles & Wendy Shyer-Sayles
Jon & Suzanne Schlobohm
Tim & Cindy Shannahan
William & Cynthia Simon
Mr. Kent Stewart
Dr. & Mrs. Russell Stodd
Anthony & Audrey Takitani
David & Karen Temple
Ms. Lili Townsend
Mike Trotto & Adele Heide
Arthur & Janis Von Thaden
Dr. & Mrs. Albert Weihl
Bill & Tamara Whitley
David & Barbara Williams
Susan A. Wilson Tabor
Mr. George R. Yaksic
Elizabeth & Warren Youngquist
kukui $300 to $649
Hideo & Nobuko Abe
Del Adlawan & Sharon K. Heritage
Richard & Brenda Albright
Janet Lee Anderson & Warren Pung
Anonymous (2)
Bryan & Jennifer Arveson
Karl & Anne Aschenbach
Gretchen Augustyn
Bernhard Bach
Kathryn Bangerter
Kevin & Cheryl Baptist
William & Kathy Bauer
Scott & Jan Beemer
Richard & Libby Behn
Ed & Pam Bello
Robert & Ann-Marie Bjornson
Richard & Judith Blakemore
Stephen & Patricia Blessman
Corie Beth & Robert Bluh
George & Patricia Boettger
Raymond Borchers
George & Patricia Borg
Emily Bott
Roger Bredeson
Laura Broski
Clement & Virginia Brown
Kelii Brown
Patricia Brown
Michael Burkovskis & Dariece Oki
Joseph & Donna Caimi
James Calandra
Bennett Cale
Richard Camacho
Robert & Debbie Carr
Valerie Cartwright
Melvin Catugal
Neola Caveny
Bob & Jeanette Cella
Dr. Peter Chin & Dr. Nicole Apoliona
John Cho & Jeannette Iwado
James & Sally Clemens
Denise Cohen
Ward & Lois Cook
Kimberly Cooper
Lynn T. Craft & Patrick Nugent
Mike Crall
John & Erin Crinion
Scott Cronce
Ann & Dougal Crowe
Jeffrey Dale
Theresa Daly & Trudy Anthony-Hoppe
Ron & Marjorie Danz
Bill Darrah & Kris Berens
Michael Dean
Ms. Geraldine deBeer
& Mr. Jonathan Finer
Mr. & Mrs. Boyd Deel
Tim & Scarlett Deshong
Miranda DeSoto
Michele & Michael Diana
Paul & Kimberly Dobson
Peace Eagle & Rainbow Star Dolphin
David Dombert
Jason & Jayme Donez
Ms. Tracy Dorheim
Stephen Dorman & Lawrence Eng
Larry Dreffs
Cynthia Driskill
Dr. Jeffrey Drood
Wayne Eastcott
John & Deborah Eddins
John Elder
Sumner & Angie Erdman
Hidejiro Eustace & Shannon Fields
Ms. Deborah Farr
Peter & Emma Fay
Jane Ferrante & John Morre
Eric & Sandra Ferrer
John Fields
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Finlay
Robert & Lucie Fjeldstad
Dorothy Flores
Jennifer Flores
David Fonseca
Beverly & Tomas Foster
Karen & William Frampton
Harvey Frank
Jackson Friedman
Michelle & Michael Frost
David T. & Judy Fukuda
Sherry Gabriele & Mori Fils
Marianne & Michael Gaertner
Ms. Karen Gallagher
Gary Gangnath
Lee & Patti Gardner
John Gilmor & Richard Emery
Roberta L. Greger
Dartlan & Susan Guille
Mark & Angel Halik
Don & Anne Halouska
Glenn & Kathy Hamai
Louella J. Harding
John Hardwick & Ral West
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Harms
Earl & Cheryl Hasegawa
Kenneth & Desiree Hayo
Fred Haywood & Debbie Davis
Mr. E. Keith Hege
James Hengesh
James N. Hepburn & Barbara de Wit
Bradney Hickle
Robert & Cindy Hill
Mrs. Roslyn Hirschhorn
Peter & Liana Horovitz
Lee & John Hoxie
Broox Hoyt
Mr. Felix Hubinger-Tr
Suzann Hudson
Lehn Huff & Les Skillings
Debora Huntzicker
Jim & Barbara Hyatt
Edwin & Edith Ichiriu
Steve & Gina Iverson
Arnold Jacobson
Kevin Jardine
Marc & Jodi Jaslow
Linda & David Jenkins
Mitch Jenkins
Malcolm & Florence Johnson
Marilyn Johnson
Suzanne Johnson
David & Terri Lee Jorgensen
Lauren Kakutani
Michael & Donna Kanovsky
Michael Kaplan
Virginia Karpovich
Jerry & Sheila Kawahara
Ronald & Blossom Kawahara
Peggy Kay
Tom & Deborah Kelly
William H. & Peggy King
Paul Kirby
Jannette & Kent Knowley
Matt & Lisa Kolendich
Mr. John Koston
Mr. John Kuge
Margy Ladera
Thomas J. Lambert & Kristina E. Lyons
Edward & Diane Lane
Doris Lang & Gordon Firestein
David Langdon
Pierre & Yasuko Langeron
Robert & Mary Lanser
Karen Lansing
Jeffrey Lawler
Colin & Robyn Lee
Dr. Paula & Martin Lenny
Tom & Anne Leuteneker
Peter & June Lige
Marianna & Al Little
Linda Ludwick & Michael McGuire
Gregg & Marleen Lundberg
Scott Macsemchuk
Alvin Makimoto
Marguerite Malcolm
Steven Mangum
Edward & Maya Manley
David & Therese Manner
Ted Manzano
Michael & Nancy Mateja
Katherine Maxfield
Christopher Maxwell
Vern & Mimi McAleer
Elizabeth & David McGregor
Lisa McIntosh & Yarek Bartosz
Douglas & Kay McLeod
Gary & Juliette Medeiros
George & Sylvia Melville
Victorine (Vicky) & Peter Merriman
Merriman's Kapalua
Mikel & Amy Mesh
Jean H. Miyahira & Jonathan Kupau
Thomas & Jeanne Morris
Faye Murayama
John & Nadine Murray
$650 to $1,499
Alan & Carol Arai
David Austin
Jeremy & Michelle Baldwin
Caron Barrett & Deborah Vial
Ben & Patti Berry
Judy & William Bisgard
Michael & Kathy Borelli
Mr. Stephen G. Bowman
& Ms. Kristine Roberts
Jay Brooks
Galen Nakamura
Diane & Sidney Nako
Matt & Shirley Napier
Bobbi Newman
Iris & Sebastian Nola
Gary Oerther
Kerry & Luisa Ogawa
Mr. William O'Neal
Frances Ort
Betty M. Ota & Katherine Yoshizawa
Jeffrey Ota
Mary Jo Padilla
Jorma & Mercy Palmer
Lynette Pendergast
Kristine Perle
Brook & Judy Phifer
Keith & Janet Plumlee
Richard & Cori Pohle
Lee & Barbara Potts
Wallace Prestidge
Jack & Sharon Priegel
Charles & Sibel Racine
Dave & Glenna Rand
Teena & Craig Rasmussen
Lois & Lee Reiswig
Hans Riecke
Jim & Jeanne Riley
Jo Rockwell
Judge & Mrs. Eric Romanchak
Joe Rossi
Ms. Sherr Ruane & Mr. Robert Hoffmeyer
Michael & Gail Saito
Sharon & Barry Saito
Dr. Clyde M. Sakamoto
& Mrs. Gerrianne G. Sakamoto
Randy Sarrow
Tom & Janice Savidge
Karen & Mike Scarbourough
Chris Scharein & Ted Gee
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Seehafer
Aaron Seliger
George & Nobuko Seriguchi
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Shelton
Laurie Shiraki
Patrick & Cristine Simmons
Leif & Maile Sjostrand
Dori Smith
Rosalind Smith
James Somers
Ronald & Mary Louise Sowa
Jackson & Ethelyn Stisher
Dan & Lea Stockhammer
Robert Sullivan & Cynthia Fenner
Alvin & Yolanda Tagomori
Edward & Eileen Takayesu
Kathy & Rex Takushi
Naomi Tamura & Sidney Yee
Jeanna & Kevin Thacker
Earl & Sarah Thompson
Rick & Shelby Thompson
Debra Tufts
Bruce & Dawn Ueki
Alan & Linda Ann Unemori
Eva & Kris Vadla
Mrs. Louise R. Varnas
Kyle Vierra
Dartlan & Susan Guille
Rick Volner
Robert & Baerbel Wagar
Garry & Donna Weber
Dr. & Mrs. Gary Weiss
Tim & Marianne Wheeler
Scott Whelchel
Kenneth & Ruth Wilson
Ray P. Wimberley
Amy Wisthoff-Martin & Kathy Wisthoff
Dick & Kitty Wojcik
Barbara & Richard Wong
Douglas & Lisa Woodard
continued on page 16
Government, Foundation
& Business Support
Special Thanks for Support:
$35,000 AND ABOVE
County of Maui
Hawai‘i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts
Hawai‘i Tourism Authority
Maui Jim
National Endowment for the Arts
Speedi Shuttle
Aloha Visitor Guides
Fairmont Kea Lani Maui
Grand Wailea, A Waldorf Astoria Resort
Maui Coast Hotel
Maui Industrial/Metal Fabricators
Paradise Beverages, Inc.
Service Rentals & Supplies, Inc.
Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa
Weston Maui Resort & Spa
ABC Stores
AHS Foundation
Alexander & Baldwin, Inc.
Bank of Hawaii Foundation
Gartner Family Foundation
H. Hawaii Media
Maui No Ka Oi Magazine
National Performance Network
New England Foundation for the Arts
Pacific Media Group
Pacific Publications – Menu & Shops Magazines
Samuel N. & Mary Castle Foundation
Bendon Family Foundation
Daniel K. Inouye Memorial Fund
Dunes at Maui Lani
Eclipse Foundation
First Hawaiian Bank
Fred Baldwin Memorial Foundation
Hawai‘i Council for the Humanities
Koch Foundation
Maui Chemical & Paper Products
Maui Linen Supply
The Maui News
Maui Printing Co.
Surf Rents Trucks
T-Racks, Inc.
The Will Smith Foundation
Ala Kukui-Hana Retreat
Armstrong Foundation
JECO Air Conditioning & Sheetmetal
The Lawrence Gordon Family Foundation
Maui Brewing Co.
Maui Soda & Ice Works, Ltd.
Māla Wailea
The Michael S. Engl Family Foundation
O.L. Moore Foundation
Performing Arts Presenters of Hawaii
Riley Family Foundation
Classic Resorts, Ltd.
The John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts
The Jonathan Starr Foundation
Mancini, Welch & Geiger LLP
Marco's Grill & Deli
The Mark & Debi Rolfing Charitable
R E A P Foundation, Inc. Richard & Lynne Buckley
Valley Isle Produce
Aloha Eye Clinic
Aloha Facilitators
Cameron Foundation
Capezio Ballet Makers Dance Foundation Inc.
Hawaii Coconut Protectors
Da Kine Painters, LLC
Interstate Maui Realty
Maui Pack and Ship
Mulligan's on the Blue
Orchids of Olinda
Truss Systems Hawaii, INC.
Merriman's Kapalua
The Michael S. Engl Family Foundation
Niwao & Roberts, CPAs, a P.C.
Shore to Shore Realty, Inc.
Island Spirit Yoga
Karicatures by Keith
Maui Specialty Chocolates
McCoy Custom Travel & Cruise
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
Neurobehavioral Research Inc.
Scuba Shack
Security Investment Associates
Strini Art Glass, Ltd.
Surfing Goat Dairy
Tanikai, Inc.
Tides Foundation as recommended
by Janet Cooper
Two Mermaids on Maui, LLC
The Village Gallery
up to $124
Leslie Granat Foundation
Matching Gift Donors
The Boeing Company
Eli Lilly and Company
Expedia, Inc.
Foodland Supermarkets, Ltd.
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
Wallace Yanagi
Dale Yatsushiro & Lori Yatsushiro
Dr. & Mrs. Leonard Yu
Dave & Lee Zackrison
Roland Zeitler
$125 to $299
Donna Aarona-Lorenzo
Jamal Abdul-Kabir
Mr. & Mrs. Masaru Abe
Joanne Adam
Wendy Adcock & Robert Malinowski
Takuzo & Rebecca Ageno
Katherine T. V. Atchley
Lindy Ah Sam
Ralph & Debbie Ajifu
Lani Akamine
Eliza Akana
Joann Aki
Mark & Suzanne Albers
Williams Albinger & Mark Ledoux
Cathy Albrechtson
Paul Alkire & Christine Conlon-Kemp
Ms. Grace Allan
George & Janet Allan
Suzy Allegra & Robert Diener
Chuck & Sandy Allen
Donna Allen & Lorene Laffranchi
Jeannette Allen
Ms. Val Allen
Anthony Alleyne & Pamela Norris
Dwayne W. Altman
Candy & Nane Aluli
Sergio & Margaret Alvarez
Joyce & Roger Amadon
Carman Amaral
Jeff & Deborah Amaral
John & Athena Andersen
Bruce Anderson
Carl & Lu Anderson
Guida Anderson & Richie Hall
Mr. & Mrs. M.E. Anderson
Ronald Andre
Cynthia & Vern Andrews
Mr. Ric Andrews & Mr. John Lyle
Mr. John Angel
Pauline Angelakis
Richard & Audrey Annis
Anonymous (4)
Harold Appleton
Margaret & Brian Arakawa
Lynn Araki-Regan
Mrs. Debbie & Mr. Alan Arbuthnot
Luana Argel
Tady & Sandra Arisumi
Henry Ariyoshi
Roselle Armitage
Mrs. Jean Arnold
Susan Arnold
Paul Arshawsky
Charlie & Marilyn Aruda
Mr. Evan Asato
Kelly Asato
Mr. & Mrs. David Asher
Fred Asmus
Mark Astrella
Fred & Leonarda Asuncion
Ms. Daryl Atay & Ms. Dawn Kaluakini
Lynn Austin
Stephanie Austin & Jim Niess
Elizabeth & Stephen Ayson
Farzad & Kathryn Azad
Christine & Michael Baeta
Devery Bailey
Stephanie Bailie
Pamela & Ashley Baird
Marilyn Baker
Mary Margaret Baker
Ms. Roz Baker
Mr. & Mrs. Gene & Beryl Bal
Janet Bal
Lisa Bale
Neida Bangerter
Curt Banziger
Stacy Baqui
Kai Bargamento & Leilani Carvalho
Deanna Barlow
Douglas J & Kim Barnet
Rocky Lee & Chanhom Barnett
Bill & Carol Barrow
Edwin Bartholomew
David Basco & Dawn Defeliccia
Michael Baskin
Jim Basolo
Ann Bassel
Eliza Bassett
Paul & Margaret Batakis
Trent Bateman
Terry & Harley Bates & Anne Blackwell
Bill & Vibeke Bates
Dejesus Alberto Batista
Michael & Rebecca Battaglia
Richard & Leona Morgan
Janet & Bob Baylis
Paul & Pamela Beagle
Ms. Susan Beall
Bob Beaudry
Linda Beck
Diane Belanger
Lou & Catherine Bellafiore
Samana Benedetti
Marc & Lynne Benioff
Elaine F. Bennett
Carol Berg
Harold & Rosalind Berman
Nancy & Bob Bermel
Vic Bernard
Jane Bernzweig
Ms. Linda J. Berry
Scott & Melissa Berry
Chuck & Barbara Besanty
Ed Beslow
Bill & Barbara Best
Gerald Bettis
Jon & Joan Betwee
Gary & Jean Bews
Casey & BJ Beyersbergen
Barbara Bezdicek & Ray Mayron
Anne Biedel M.D. & Elizabeth Biedel
John & Gina Biondi
Richard & Isabella Bissen
Joanne Bista
Robert & Yvonne Bitter
Cynthia Black
Mark & Joleen Black
Michael Blaz
Terry Blietz
Dr. Eugene & Eloise Bliss
Barbara Blue
Ms. Diane Blue
John & Nancy Boarini
Rolando Bocti & Sarra Khoury
Wendee Bodden
Jessica Bodner
Mr. Shawn Boeckman
Laura & Kirk Boes
Vincent Boles
Richard Bond
Norman & Bonnie Bondy
Linda Boote
Brad Borba
Bobbie Boss & Jessica Holland
Nelson & Ann Boteilho
Susan & Bruce Boucher
Melanie Boudar
Christopher Bowman
Amy Boyd & Natalie Bell
Diane Boyd & Jeffrey Ferguson
Greg & Judith Boyd
Charles & Marilyn Boyd
Pamela Boyd
Betty Bradford
Steven & Susan Bradley
Beth Brand
Don & Tama Br&eburg
Martin & Joan Brashem
William & Joyce Braun
Marla Braun-Miller
M. Lynn Brewer & Susan Davies
William Brewer
Katharine Britt
Deborah Brooks & Lisa Hawks
Elaine Brouillard
Beverly Brouwer
David R. Brown
Donna & George Brown
Frank A. Brown
Gerry Brown
Jeff & Tammy Brown
Ms. Leslie Brown
Maggie Brown
Philip & Evelyn Brown
Saeko Brown
Bernard & Selma Brown
Susana Browne
Ms. Maggie Bruck
Glen & Darlene Brunskill
Jan Bryan
George & Lori Bub
Hugo & Shirley Buetler
Ravi Bugga
Steven Burgess
Adam & Janet Burke
Charles & Lisa Burke
Jacqueline Burke
Bunt & Ann Burkhalter
Bob Burrichter
Rod & Kathy Burton
David & Linda Cabral
Stephen & Lucky Cabral
John & Iracema Cahill
Joanne Calaustro
Timothy & Leanne Calibaba
Carl Calkins
Chris Campbell
James S. Campbell-Gillies
Claudia Canon
Kentrie Cantero
Leonard & Lisa Cappe
Jason Carbajal
Bernice & Bill Carden
Dr. George Carlson
Savitri Carlson
Karee Carlucci
Priscilla Carmichael & Tsune Watanabe
James & Catherine Carr
Michael Carroll
Wayne Carson
Paul Carter
Linda Castano
John Catanoso
Sylvia Cenzano
Claire Cerizo
Bonnie Chadwick
William & Lois Chamberlain
Joanne Champ
Michael Chandler
Thomas J. Chandler
Duane & Linda Chaney
Patricia P. Chaney
Lisa Chappel
Hugh & Karen Chare
Luis & Jaime Chavez
Scott Cheney
Art & Jane Chenoweth
Craig & Pamela Chernick
Deborah Chernick
Jeffrey Chester & Joyce Chin
Richard Chiasson
Christopher Chiaverina
Doug Chin
Mrs. Reta Chin & Mr. Al Chiarella
Winston Chinn
Danielle Chomel
Jeff & Brenda Chong
Mr. Greg Chou
Ed Christensen & Kathy Heller
Karen Christenson
Jill Painter & Keauhou Mitchell
Barbara & Fred Chung
Winifred Chung
Mr. John Clancey
James & Minnie Clark
Barbara & Gerald Clark
John & Francine Clark
Linda Clark
Andrew Clarke
Robert Claxton
Dr. & Mrs. W.T. Cleghorn
Richard & Jan Clotfelter
Colleen Cochlin
Ms. Elle Cochran
Larry & Deborah Cochrane
Ms. Rita L. Cognion & Mr. George R. Ziga
Arlene Cohen
Armand Cohen
Tom Cole & Kathleen Tezak
Berney & Pat Coleman
Pat Coleman
Kathy Collins
Gary P. Colton
Kerry Complita
Michael & Lee Cone
David & Diane Conklin
George Connor & Rita Johnston
Cynthia Conrad
Irina Constantinescu
Rusty Conway
Jeffrey Cooke
Ms. Diane Cooper
& Mr. Richard McLaughlin
Alan & Alicia Cordeiro
Michael Cornelius
Eric & Angela Correa
Ms. Leilani Correa
Mr. Kevin Costello
Renee Cote
Herb & Dee Coyle
Donald Craib
Edward Jr. & Frances Craig
Jesse R. Crane
James Cribben
Mary Crockford
Julie Croker
Candace Croteau
Chris Cruikshank
Julianne Dahl
Lisa Dahms
Mr. & Mrs. Masao Daida
William & Judith Dailey
Dave & Bridget Dalgetty
Lisa Daly & Robert Wiltz
Merrily Daly
Gerry Dameron
Mrs. Carolyn Damon
Stephen & Beth Daniel
Brian & Eva Daniells
David Darling
Hal & Lisa Davis
Donne Dawson
Tony & Yolanda De Andrade
Jackie de Crinis
Scott & Rosemary De Gano
Grace Y. L. & Keoki De Porter
Dale De Salvo
Martha L. Dean & Mary C. Reed
Karen Dedman
Laurie Lei & Alton DeGama
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dein
Marie DeJournette & Daniel Harrang
Humberto & Dianna Del Rio
Ken & Sharon Delfeld
John Delima & Carolyn Czar Delima
Don Dembert & Carol S. Nelson
Donald & Jenora Demers
George & Joanne Dennis
Scott & Tulasi Dennis
Jan Deputy
Richard Derickson
Robert DeVinck
Mr. Martin D. Diamond
Kristen Dias
Sal & Erin Diaz
Hugo C. Diaz
Tina Digman
James & Katie Dimeo
Kathleen Dimino & Lesley Alexander
Barbara & Lee Dines
Lee E. Dirks
Daniel Donohue
Lori Dodd
Sherrilee Dodson
Abra Dohrmann-Quinn
Russell & Sharlene Dooge
Kenneth & Renee Dooner
Mr. James Doran III
Joline Dorner
Ngai Douglas
Suzanne & Glen Douglas
Ron & Sandra Dowhaniuk
Lynley Dows
Carol & Peter Wilson
Michael Duberstein & Jeanne Mosley
Sam & Sandra Duboff
Thomas & Sandra Duckworth
WenLu Duffy
Regina & Douglas Duncan
Charlie & Mary Dungans
Andrew Dunne
James Dupree
Peter Durepo
Gerald & Susan Durkan
Paul Dusseault
Kahelelani Duval
Jay Dyer
Heather Dyment
Linda & Harold Dyment
Frank & Chance Earle
Carl Ebrus
Charlene Echeverri
Charles & Kimberly Eckart
Mike & Sheryl Eddy
Doug Edlund
Adi Ell-Ad
Lorne DeJong
Timothy Ellison
Mark Elphick
Gary & Pamela Elster
Lourdes Engracio
Gary & Greta Ephraim
Ms. Becky Erickson
Dinamarie Erickson
Jacalyn Erickson
Sannah & Edward Evangelista
Roy & Sue Everall
Beverly Ewashko
Barbara A. Exton
Dr. Eileen Exton & Ron Togashi
Joseph L. Faiella
Nancy & David Fairclough
Susan Farley
Ms. Kay Farley
Robert & Linda
Meredith Fay
Lucy Feinberg & Roy E. Sabado
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Morimoto’s pre-opening
benefit party for The MACC
orld-renowned “Iron Chef ” Chef
Masaharu Morimoto invited the
members of Maui Arts & Cultural
Center to participate in a special preopening event for his newest world-class
restaurant at the luxurious new hotel
Andaz Maui at Wailea on Sunday,
November 3. Over 100 MACC members
responded to the invitation, and the event
quickly sold out. Chef Morimoto prepared
some of the evening’s selections himself,
as well as supervised the kitchen for this
special Maui menu preview. A gorgeous
sunset over the beach crowned this
beautifully-designed property, as waves
of wait staff swirled around the guests,
bearing tantalizing trays of Chef’s
artistry—each item meticulously designed
and executed for maximum deliciousness.
Mahalo to Morimoto for helping to
raise some tasty funds for The MACC!
1 Guy Haywood, Jack Miller, Tom Cherry
2 Monica & Chris Morakis, JoAnne
3 Claudia Goodfellow, Rhonda Placourakis,
Estrelle Salcedo
4 Judy Locke, Connie Schwind, Curtis Otsuka
5 New MACC Vice-President of Institutional
Advancement Peter Giles and his wife
Leanne, Wailea Marriott General Manager
John Tolbert, MACC President Art Vento
6 Beautiful music was provided by
Ron Kuala‘au
7 Angie Peters, Tricia Shoemaker,
Sandy Muller, Anne Swift
8 Jack & Carolyn Schaefer Grey, David &
Karen Williams, Bob & Kay Lloyd
9 Eduardo Dingler, beverage director of
Morimoto Napa, with Morimoto’s
business associate Mark Stone
10 Rena and Jonathan Biel
11 Sarah and Earl Thompson
12 Mark and Kelly Payba
13 Chef Morimoto supervises the
kitchen—dynamo all night long!
14 Chef Morimoto prepares sashimi
for his guests
s p o n s o r s h i p
The Fairmont
Kea Lani
Located on the pristine white sands
of Wailea, The Fairmont Kea Lani
is Hawaii’s only luxury oceanfront
resort featuring spacious suites and
villas. This distinctive hotel encompasses 22 acres of tropical landscape
on Maui’s southern shores and
offers warm and personal service
which portrays the essence of aloha.
Resort amenities include three
swimming pools, quality dining in
four restaurants, the award-winning
Spa Kea Lani and an array of
recreational activities, including
authentic Hawaiian cultural
experiences, which are sure
to please romantic vacationers
and families alike.
The Fairmont Kea Lani proudly
supports the Maui Arts & Cultural
Center’s critical role in creating and
fostering a diverse island arts
environment through which we
celebrate culture and community.
m a h a l o
Anthony Feiteira
Myrna L. Fernandez
John & Suzy Ferreri
Robin Ferrier
Kim Ferriera
Richard Filer
Pam & Kim Finke
Greg Finn
Carolyn & James Finnegan
Frank Fiorentino
Paul Fiske
Naomi & Richard Fiske
Erin Fitzsimmons & Gordon Dunnill
Will & Gina Flammer
Philip Fleck Jr.
M. O'Hara Fleming & G. T. Bleakley
Claire Florio
Ms. Virginia Floyd
John & Jennifer Flynn
Jon Flynn
Mike Foley
Michael & Susan Foley
Barbara Fong
Suzanne & Howard Forbes
William Foster & Gerry Large
Anna Foust
Alan Fox
Jeri Fox
Joanne Foxxe
Marcie Frampton
Julie Frank
Patricia Frank & David Wilhoit
Madeleine Frankel
Kristin Duwe & Zachary Franks
Julie Frazier & Anne Higley
Anthony & Kalea Freda
Keoki & Betty Hay Freeland
Mr. Brent Freemont
Sandy Frewer
Anne Friedman & Karen Twitchell
William Friel
Dianne Friesen
Lauri Fritsch & Russell Speck
Stacey A. Fritz
Nancy & Ted Fritzen
Mrs. Diane & Mr. Rod Fru
Mr. Douglas Fujiwara
Elizabeth Fulton
George & Linda Fulton
Beverly Fulwiler
Steven Funes & Kathy Funai
Louis & April Furst
Colleen Furukawa
Jorge Gabriel
Cynthia Galbo
Daniel Galbraith
Charlie & Gretchen Gale
Douglas Gallant
Rob Gallo
Barbara Gamble
Douglas Gamet & Nancy McLean
Paul & Nancy Gammie
Angela Gannon
Carlos Garcia, Jr.
Shauna & Sheldon Gardiner
Diana Gardner
Geri & Rex Garrett
Michael Garrity
Gregory & Priscilla Garten
Steven Gatchell
Linda Gatlin
Arthur & Alice Gau
Catherine Gavagan
Paula Gay
Robert & Jean Gee
Paul & Amelita Genova
Ms. Carol S. Gentz
Mr. & Mrs. James Gerken
Dan & Roxana Gerstenberger
Mr. James E. Getz
Valerie Giacomini
Brian Gibson
Warren & Lisa Gibson
Jeff & Lisa Giesick
Harold Giger
Darcel Gilbert
Ross Gilchrist
Capt. Roger Gildersleeve & Jan Trost
Dorinda Giles
Gordan Gillespie
Cathy Gillis
Janet Gilroy
Bob & Dru Gilroy
Earlyn Ginoza
Gina & Kenneth Ginsberg
James Ginsburg
Shelly Glass & Kevin McKeirnan
Kim Gleason
John Fairbank & Ann Glen
Lewanna Godinez
Mr. Alan Godsey
Eric Goertz
Kapena & Patte Williams
Fran & Steve Goldstein
Lani Gomes
Phyllis L. Gomes
Cara Goodman & Peter Grand
Joseph Gorman
Paul Gouge
Philip George Gougeon
Ms. Pam Gould - Yards & Gardens
Mr. & Mrs. Rorri & Shannon Gould
Ervan Gouveia
Mae Gouveia
John Graf
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Graham
Tijana Graham
William & Connie Graham
Allen S. Gray
Scott Green
Linda & David Gribin
Tannis J. Grimes
Bob & Linda Grissom
Michael Gronemeyer
Jason & Mary Groode
David & Glenda Grooms
W. Eugene & Cynthia Groves
Mr. Albany Grubb
Mr. & Mrs. John B. Guard III
Shaunene Gundry
Robert Gunter
Calvin Gushiken
Jon & Joan Gushiken
Wendy & Jacob Gusman
Betsy Guyre-Allen
David & Grace Haake
Susan Haakenson
John & Monica Hackett
Dr. Mark Haddad & Elaine Bridge
Peter Hagedorn
Eric & Elaine Hahn
Alyce Haines
Dr. & Mrs. Glenn & Cathy Haines
Kathryn & Gregory Loomis
Jill Hall
Anita Hallard & Joseph Smith
Marion & William Haller
Nancy Jane Halley
Berny & Jackie Gross
Kenny Halpern
Alexander & Martha Halsey
Clyde & Gail Hamai
Ron & Gail Hamai
Kyle Hamamura
Erik Hammel
Tom & Rowena Hanks
Bob Hanley
Rebecca & Edward Hanna
Robert & Donna Hansen
Kinee Hanson
Howard & Alma Hanzawa
Lisa Haole
Dr. Jeanne Hardie & David Ferrebee
James & Lesley Hargrove
Gregg Harris
James & Andrea Harris
Judy & Alan Harris
Marcia & Rocke Harris
Mark & Joan Harris
Elaine Hart & Pete Zubowicz
Herb & Carol Hartmann
Hilary Harts
Dave Harvey
Clare Harvey
Charmaine & Gary Hashimoto
Derrick Hatada & Michelle Kato
Julie Hatch
Leander & Mary Hathaway
Kent D. Hattersley
William Haus & Patti Welton
Sandra Hay & Matthew Marshall
Mel & Gail Hayashi
Mr. & Mrs. Kimo Haynes
William Haywood
Freida Hazen
Paula R. Headbloom
Mr. James R. Heid
T.N. & Frances Heininger
Ralph Heino & LInda Yeates
Mary Helgeson
Ernest Heller & Patricia Smith
Amey Hempel
Judy Hendershot
Elizabeth Henke
William & Pamela Henry
Ron Hensel
Charlotte E. Hepler
Tim Herendeen
Marty Herling
Susan Hernandez
Evelyn Heu & Elise Moniz
Garret & Mary Hew
Tom & Doris Higa
Yuriko Higa
Jay & Cheryl Higgins
Calvin & Sharon Higuchi
Nelly Hilaire
Frank & Sheri Hill
Mr. Walter Hillinger
Kirk & Vickie Hinton
Marvin S. Hipolito
Leslie Hiraga
Leighton & Rosetta Hiranaga
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Hirano
Meiji & Toshiko Hirose
Ms. Carmela J. Ho & Ms. Annette L. Haaff
Diane L. Ho
David & Pam Hoff
Viann Hoglund
Beth Holiday
Johnna Holley
Lynn Hollingsworth
Kristin Holmes
Robert & Julie Holmes
Hokulani Holt-Padilla
Mark Holzemer
Shufflo & Geraldine Honda
Christine Hondo
Robert Hoonan & Debbie Rodrigues
Renee L. Hoopii
Trudy Hoppe & Chris Mithen
Robert & Tamara Horcajo
David & Denise Horton
Jeannette Howard
Patrick E. Howard & Kimberly Nichols
JC Hrubovcak
Robert & Nancy Hubbell
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Hughes
Mr. & Mrs. Tim & Karleen Hultquist
Michael & Connie Hunt
Becky Hunter
Christiane Huntley
Katherine Hurd & Gracy Hurd Gomez
Catherine & Donald Hurlock
Cecelia Hyland
Arline M. Ingraham
Jane Ingraham
Mr. Mitchell Irwin & Ms. Lisa Kemp
Sally Irwin & Tom James
Michi Itami
Gael Ito
Alicia Iverson
Craig Ives & Beth Skinner
Isamu & Barbara Iwaishi
Mark Izbicki
James & Linda Jabara
Jim Jackson
Ms. Kay Jackson
Mark & Dena Jackson
Joseph "Pete" Jalbert
Joan & Wayne James
Sulara James & Genesis Young
Andrew & Nikki Janssen
Linda & Richard Jarman
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Jenkins
Paul Jenkins
Vania Lee Jerome
Lynne & Dennis Jilot
Edward & Lizbeth Johnson
Kathy Johnson
Thomas Johnson & Laurie LaFleur
Wayne & Dolores Johnson
Sally Johnston
Karen & Jim Jones
Margaret Jones & Lew Heneway
Michelle Ann Jones
Ms. Deborah Jordan & Mr. Bernard Cortinez
Ms. Elizabeth Jordan & Mr. Steve Thobe
Rhonda Joshua
Mr. & Mrs. Wilkens Kaauamo
Peter Kafka
Jo Ann Kahee & Flor Wallett
Linda Kahler
George & Nancy Kahumoku Jr.
Anita & Carl Kaller
Ms. Pamela S. Kallner & Mr. Russell Kelm
Shawn Kamai
Joseph & Cynthia Kanahuna
Rebecca Kaneapua-Alexander
William & Jacqueline Kanekoa, Jr.
James Kaneshiro
Michael Kanovsky
Mark Kantor
Christopher Kanyo & Leah Young
Kekai Kapu
Lynn Kasper
Cheryll & Stuart Kastan
Stuart & Deborah Katz
Hinano & Andrea Kaumeheiwa
Cyndee Kavula
Roger & Rose Kawasaki
Mark Kays
John Keanaaina Jr.
Harlan & Marcia Kebel
Robert Keefe
Gil & Kallie Keith-Agaran
Neil Keller
Richard & Susan Kellom
Sandra Kelly
Robert Kempenich
Joshua Kendrick
Timothy & Sherry Kennedy
Linne Kennedy
Michael T. & Madeline Kennedy
Mr. & Mrs. Noel & Amy Kennett
Lynda Kenney
Michael & Barbara Kenrich
Ronald & Martel Kent
Dr. & Mrs. William Kepler
Dr. David Kern
Nicholas Kern
Sylvia Hamilton Kerr
Michael W. Kessler
Kate Kessner
John & Sharon Kevan
Frank & Leinaala Kihm
Howard & Kathy Kihune
Patrick Kilbride & Linda Morgan
Kristine Kim & Ben Hall
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kimball
William & Jeanette Kinaka
William & Jeanette Kinaka
Maury King & Loriel Luckie
William & Jo Anne King
Nora Kirkham & Terry Gibson
Keith Kirschbraun
Mollie Melinda Klingman
John (Jack) & Maribeth Klobuchar
David Knittle
Pam & Lance Knodel
Mr. & Mrs. Tamateru Kodama
Mille Kohl
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Y. S. Kong
Victor & Maryvonne Kosatschkow
Ron Kowalke
John & Sonia Kreag
Ms. Deborah Kremins
Gaylord & Young-Shin Kubota
Joy Kubota
Gordon & Peggy Kuia
Lenn Kupferberg
Karen Kurokawa
Andrew & Mildred Kutsunai
Stella & Sharon Kuwae
Ms. P. Denise La Costa
Dr. R. Gregory & Mrs. Victoria LaGoy
Jean A. Lakin
Gary Lamarche
Lawrence & Mary Ann Lambert
Tiffany Lambert
Bill & Pat Lamson
William Landauer
Virginia Lande & Gary Smiler
Rich Landry
Dan & Sachi Lane
Carol Langer
Nathan Lanham
Leo Lapito
Joey Larimer & Anna Larimer
Kinley & Pamela Larntz
Carina Lau
Gregory Lau
Mr. Henry T.S. Lau
William & David Lauer
Ellen Laura
Yulie Law
Gina & Steven Lawless
Jamie Lawrence
Robert D. Lawrence
Ivan B. Lay
Bien Lazatin
Nancy & Roger Leahy
Cynthia Leas
Alfred Leber
Shirley Lecomte
Michael Lee
Donna Lee
Donald Lee
Mr. Nicholas Leech
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Leigh
Carol Lem
Paul & Vera Lempio
David & Katherine Lengkeek
Joseph Lenz & Joyce Durbin
Teri Leonard
Dr. Bruce & Mrs. Astrid Lepolstat
Thomas Leslie
Sina Leung Wo
Larry & Anne Stevens
Phyllis Leveen
Tom Lewicke
Barry Lewis
Gayle Lewis
Gemma Ley
Beth Liebling
Mary Liebner
Ms. MengShiDa Semoia Lin
Jim & Sue Lincoln
Martha Lind
Katherine Lindsey
Mark Lindsey
Robin & Darryl Lindsey
Lenore Linn & Deborah Parker
Jan & David Linssen
Susan Liscombe & Randall Desloover
Jane Litt
Gerri Litzenberger
Ron Lloyd
Wayne Lockwood
Jane Loeffler
Jennifer Loftus
Stacie & Todd Logrande
Gordon Loo
George LoPiparo
Mr. Randall Lorenz & Ms. Mary Nadolny
Hal & Carol Louchheim
Ellen Loucks & Walter Vorfeld
Mr. & Mrs. James Loughead
Thomas & Patricia Loughran
Allegra Love
Ray Lowenberg
Karen Lozito
Wayne & Bernice Lu
Ms. Carol Lubick
Rosemary Luci
Mr. David Luckey
Mike Lucy
Mrs. Nancy Ludwig
Jeffrey & Suzanne Lundahl
Gene Lutz & Christine Vestfals
Francois & Susie Luyet
David & Deborah Lycette
Jim Lynch
Robin & Daniel Lynch
Sam & Camille Lyons
Marilyn Lytle
Gener Macaraeg
Roderick MacDonald
Todd & Doris MacFarlane
Kathy MacGlashan
Kevin & Marie Madaya
Rose Madkour
Mr. Leslie Maeda
Brooks Maguire
The Honorable Glenn A. Mahler
Ms. Maji
Loren Malenchek & Adam Gomez
Dr. Kenny & Mrs. Josie Malott
Lilikoi Maltese
Peggy Maltese
Kahulu Maluo-Huber
Valeria Mandall
Jonathan & Beatrez Mann
Nancy Manning
Richard & Judith Manthei
Anastasia Manthos
James Mar
Karl Marchenese
Dominick & Patricia Marino
Gregory J. & Rose Marion
Richard Markin
Dawna Markova
Dawn Marley
Joanne Marroni
Carl & Gayle Marsh
William Marsh
Gary & Jane Marshall
Terre Marshall
Mrs. Tina Marshall
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s p o n s o r s h i p
Grand Wailea
Built in 1991, Grand Wailea is
committed to representing the
richness of Hawaii’s people,
nature and culture. Grand Wailea
is home to the largest corporate
art collection in the state and the
NaPua Gallery, home to an
extensive collection of Hawaii’s
best artists. Art is one of the six
major design themes of Grand
Wailea and special attention
has been given to its
harmonious integration into
all areas of the resort.
A proud supporter of MACC,
Grand Wailea understands the
vital role the arts play in
the community, not just for
entertainment, but as a vehicle
for perpetuating culture,
creativity and innovation.
m aa h
h aa ll oo
s p o n s o r s h i p
Maui Coast
Perched in the heart of sunny
Kihei, Maui Coast Hotel is just
steps away from a wide stretch of
beautiful, sandy beach and within
walking distance to several
shopping, dining, entertainment
venues, and a few minutes’ drive
from the Wailea Resort area and
championship golf courses.
You’ll find numerous ways to
relax in our newly renovated,
spacious guest rooms and suites.
Maui Coast Hotel —
The True Meaning of Aloha!
Maui Coast Hotel is proud
to help support Maui Arts
& Cultural Center’s
efforts to share the benefits
of premier performing arts,
cultural events, concerts,
art exhibits, educational
programs, films and more.
m a h a l o
Andrew Martin
Cyril Martin
Joan Martin
Martha D. Martin
Martha E. Martin
Amity Mason
Svea Mason
William Massarotti
Ben & Juliana Massenburg
Raphael & Vivan Masters
Michael & Veronica Masterson
Dr. Robert & Mrs. Susi Mastroianni
Harlan & Marnie Masuda
Ed Mathay
Cathy Mathews & Mary Mishima
Jason Matsui
Mark & Lynn Matsui
Patrice M. Matsumoto
Robert & Edith Matsumoto
David & Linda Mattos
Elizabeth & Phillip May
Gerard Mazzacano
Nancy & J. Thomas Mc Carthy
Alec & Maren McBarnet
Jack & Linda McBride
Kelli McCain-Abrams
Arthur Mccammon
John A. McCollum
Yuliya McCollum
Marilyn McColman
Kevin McCowan & Linda Duarte
Mike & Haley McCraney
Virginia & Ranald McCulloch
Wayne & Lindsey McDonald
Kathy McDuff
Monty McGill
Mr. Robert McInerney
Joseph & Ruth McKay
Ginny & John McKee
Jean McKinnon
Alan McLaughlin
Robert & Avelina McMillin, Jr.
Eddene McNamara & Paul Laub
Judge & Mrs. Douglas McNish
Timothy & Deborah McNulty
Mary McNutt
Rayo McPhee
Rosalie McPherson
Tom McQuinn & Kelly Green
Anna Mae Medeiros
Luz Medina & Artemio Baxa
Ed & Judy Mee
James Meekhof
Patricia Meeks
Scott Meidell & Linda Matossian
Suzanne & Robert Mellor
Nancy Meola
David Merchant & Shelley Pellegrino
Jeff & Debra Merle
Stephen Mermelstein & Beth Miner
Francene Mertins
Frances C. Meshulam
Albert W. Meyer, Jr.
Mrs. Nancy E. Meyer
Paul & Rosalyn Meyer
Michael Micci & Catherine Cohan
Bob & Priscilla Mikell
Steve C. Milewski
Christopher Miller & Rona Smith
David & Lynne Miller
Douglas & Dorothy Miller
Eric & Kalai Miller
Felice Miller
Lenna & Douglas Miller
Tracy Mills & Neil Vonhof
Jean Millsaps & Kenneth Karinen
Tom & Wendy Milovina
Jean & John Min
Michael Miracle
Mr. & Mrs. Don Mitsumura
Jennifer Miyahira & Warren Weber
Dr. & Mrs. Alan Miyamoto
Gary & Cindy Miyamoto
Donald Miyashiro
David J. & Maryanne Moe
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard S. Momita
Dr. Meredith Moon & Dr. Bruce Glen
May Moore
Michele Moore
Thomas Moore
Mark Morales
Ohua & Steve Morando
David & Lil Morreira
Robert & Cecilia Morris
Marcia Morse
Marsha Morsky
Jill Morton
Wayne D. Morton
Mike & Kathy Mouat
Iris Mountcastle
Dwight & Julenne Mounts
Christine Muff
John & Cheryl Mulligan
Patrick & Juliette Mulligan
Tom Mullon
Sharon Munz
Gary Murai
Akiyo Murata & Tan Altinbay
Liane Muromoto
Mr. Walter Murphy
Lori Murray
Michael & Rosemary Murray
John Musser
Anthony Muzzillo
John & Rose Naeole
Teresa Naeole
Ray & Bobbi Nakagawa
Alvin & Charlotte Nakamura
William J. Nakamura
Derrick & Suellen Nakao
Myles & Margaret Nakashima
Abner & Sarah Nakihei
Kili Namauu
Ms. Judy Naone
Patt & Joseph Narrowe
Amro Nassar
Earl & Jeanne Naue
Mike & Peggy Naylor
Patricia & Peter Naylor
Serena Neff
David & Brigitte Nelson
Richard Nelson
Thomas & Karen Nelson
Mark & Deborah Nesbit
Carl Newman
John Henry Newman
Vince & Yukie Ng
Carolyn Nichols
Joan Nielsen
Jim & Patti Niemeyer
Al Nip
Ms. Theresa Nishida
Mr. Larry Nishihira
James & Barbara Noel
Todd & Agnes Nolan
Nancy Norman
Anne S. Norris
Pamela Sue Norris & Anthony Alleyne
Robert & Georgia Norton
Michael Nye
Linda O'Devlin
Toni Ogasawara
Dr. Lance Ogata
Michael & Rosanne Ogles
Sean O'Hara Psy.D
Geri Ohta
Scott & Shari Okada
Linda Okita
Kevin Olson
Bruce & Lizbeth Olsten
Geralyn Onaga & Colin Yamamoto
Stephen Onaga
Annelle Onishi & Lawrence Dramer
Linda Opdycke
Marie Brugmans
Lucie Ormsby
John & Deanna Orsbun
Rev. Susan E. Osborn
Sharon O'Shaughnessy
Ron Oshiro
Stephen Oshry
Prudence Ota
Kirsten Otterson
Matthew & Kirsten Otterson
Jerilyn Otto
Ms. Lana Oura
Patrick Ovens
Barry & Linda Owen
James Oxborrow & David Rooks
Mr. Frederick Pablo & Ms. Luise Braun
Mike Packa
David Padgett
James Palmateer
Glendalyn Pangelinan
Libby Pannwitt & James Fahnestock
Sandy & Ronald Panzo
John Papazian & Claudia S. Gerbaulet
Ann Paquin
Streams & River Parmananda
Mark & Marcia Paranada
Kendall Parker
Leland Parker
Walter & Bonnie M. Parkins
Nan Parks
Desa Parrilli
Dave & Gail Parrish
Tom Parrish
Myrna Parscal
Mr. Johnny Pascua & Mr. John Pahia
Ray & Madelyne Pascua
Michael & Janice Patrick
Julie & Patrick Patterson
Woody Paylor & Val Jensen
Howard & Sharon Pearson
Richard Pechner
Thomas W. Peck
Hokuao Pellegrino
Jeannie Pereira & Shannyn Doran
Les & Marcia Perreira
Carol Perry & Larry Shapiro
Hal & Cynthia Pestana
John Peters
Michael & Linda Petersen
Jim & Judith Peterson
Judith Peterson
Karen J. Peterson & Jenelle Peterson
Ken & Ana Peterson
William & Jeanne Phaneuf
Raymond & Christine Phillips
Byron & Nancy Pierce
Martin Pierce
Veronica & Howard Pietsch
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Pikrone
Curtis Piligrin
Fred & Beverly Pinkerton
Joseph D. Pluta
Nancy Poffenbarger
Ms. Bonny Ponting
Larry Poole
Tom & Tuih Pope
Jason & Leilani Porta
Rodney Potter
Michele & Ken Potts
David W. & Carol Pratt
Todd & Debra Preseault
Allen & Christina Prestegard
Tony, Janice & Michael Pruett
Robert Puha
Wilford & Evelyn Pulawa
Bob & Polly Quatman
Barbara Querry
Fel & Keri Quinsaat
Susann Quipotla
Cynthia & Terry Quisenberry
Albert & Jeanne Rabold
Ann Rahall
Roxana & Virgil Ramos
Ms. Susan Ramos
Darlene Ramsay
Dr. David M. Randall
Bruce & Janet
Tom Raney
Paul & Una Ratterman
Fred & Maria Rawe
John Rawson & Eva Manlosa
Robert & Christine Ray
Maggie Rayne & Chelsea Clare Wood
Millie Razo
Gary Redfern
Laura Redhead
Dana Reed
Tom Reed & Judy McCorkle
Mr. Donald Reeser
Jolyne R. Rego
Thomas Reher & Beverly Lemaster
Doug & Sally Reid
Teresa A Reilly
Carol Reimann
Jackie Reimers
Helen & Steven Rempel
Victory & Mark Repp
Ms. Leslie Resnick
Terry & William B. Revis
Craig Reynolds
Christopher & Sandra Reynolds
Mrs. Martha Ann Rice
Michael Rich
Judy Richards
Dale Richardson
Milla Richardson
Barry & Renee Richardson
Brad Richens & Berna Skrypnek
Joel & Elaine Richman
Fred Rickert
Sara & William Ridinger
Robin & Jillian Ridington
Mr. Ron Riechers
Michael Rimm
Daniel Riordan
Paul & Shirley Risinger
Allan & Lundie Robb
Ms. Karen Robbins
Janet Roberson
Warren L. Robertson
Eldon & Barbara Robinson
Robert Robinson
Glenn & Pamela Robison
Ron & Grace Robison Klonoski
Joyce & Robert Roddie
Elaine Roe
Bill Rogers
Darlene & Wally Rogers
Tori Rogers
Donna Rolens
Patricia Rollefstad
Robert Roloson
William C. & Barbara L. Rolph
Cynthia & Martin Roman
Judy Romero
Ruth Ronning
Nija Rosamond
Vince Rosano
Giovanni Rosati
Ana Rose
Karla Ann Rosenberg
Randall Rospond
Brian & Eva Ross
Kathy Ross
Mark & Carol Ross
Ms. Grace Roth
& Mrs. Winona Watanabe
Charles J. Rotkin
Roger & Anne Rowehl
Thomas & Susan Royer
Dr. Susan Rubenstein
& Andrew Smookler
Arlene & Don Ruffatto
Adele Rugg
Douglas Ruppenthal
Elizabeth Russell
David & Meridith Russell
Robert A. Rychlinski
Susan & Lila Rye
Phil Sabelhaus
Eugene H. Saffery Jr.
Vidya & Deborah Sagar
Patrick & Karen Saka
Linda Sakahara
Dr. & Mrs. Leonard & Kathy Sakai
Wendell & Janice Sakuma
Daniel & Barbara Saldivar
Richard & Elizabeth Salem
Louis & Nancy Salera
Deanna & John Salse
Jed & Joy Sampaga
Jeffrey Sampson
Johna Sanchez
Kathie M. & Scot Mercier
Donald & Donna Santos
Dr. Randall & Mrs. Gail Sasaki
Phyllis Sato
Karl Sauer & Seiko Ichikawa
Bruce & Anita Saunders
Rose Ann Savage
Deborah Sawyer
Michelle & Sebastian Sayegh
Nick & Trudy Scangas
Kenneth & Kathleen Schaffer-Barr
Caroline Schafer
Robert Schick
Holly Schmalenberger-Haugen
Ms. Judy Schmidt
Randy K.R. Schmidt
William & Martha Schmidt
Charles & Carolyn Schneider
Mary Reader
Mr. & Mrs. John & Karen Schofield
Gary Schooley
Steven Schorr
Braxton Schuffert
Ms. Betty Schultz & Mrs. Alice Schultz
Marguerite Schultz
Jerry & Janet Schumb
Elizabeth & Douglas Schusser
Mark Schuster
Ms. Pam Schwartau
Worthy Clay Scott
Leinaala Seeger
Jay Seely
Shelley Seideman & Patricia Covici
Steve Senegal
Jay & Cheryl Serle
Tracey Ann Sevenich & Zarin Sevenich
Daniel & Carmen Shafer
Milo Lou Shammas
Doug Shanaman
Walter Shannon
Ellyn & Chris Mortimer
Scott & Lindy Shapiro
Cherry Shaw
Nancy W. Shearman
Douglas & Anna Marie Sheehan
Robert Sheldon
Judith A. Sheller & Charles Philps
Mrs. Shirley Shepherd
Alan M. Sheps
David Sherman
Teri Sherrow
Michele Shibuya
Ms. Debbie Shimabukuro
Naomi & Dean Shimada
Cathy & Joyce Shimizu
Van K. Shimizu
Rene C. Shimoda
Deborah Shing
Allen & Jan Shishido
Jack Shockley & Soo Chong
Janice Shyer
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond
& Adell Sievers
Stephen & Monique Silard
Jeffrey Simon
Ned & Brooke Simonds
Wynne Simplot
Jeffrey D. Sims
Ken & Deborah Sinclair
Maura Sindel
Bob & Cindy Singer
Pete & Judy Siracusa
Peter Sisco
William Sisler
Paula & Ryan Skrotzki
Darin Slattengren
Ronald & Lisa Sloan
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Dr. & Mrs. Byron Smith
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Mary Jo & Johnny Ray Snyder
Warren E. Snyder
Lora Sokolow
Dr. & Mrs. Charles A. Soma
Joseph M. & Frances Souki
Kathleen & Ron Soule
Gary Sousa
Roberta Souza
Diane Sowers
Neville & Sally Spadafore
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Spallino
James & Carole Spaulding
David Spee
William Spence
Rob & Jennie Spenser
Phil & Theresa Spitler
Regina Splees
Barbara Sproule
Catherine St. John
Douglas & Joanne Stacy
Martha M. Stacy
Kristen J. Stafford
Richard & Jacquelyn Stahler
Richard Starkweather
Mariann Steele
Lori Steer & John A. Smith
Don & Jill Stein
Katherine Steinberg
Alan Stevens
Ms. Dale Stewart
& Mr. Keith Knox
Meg Stewart
Laura Lea Stimac
Harry Stober
Mack Stocks
Anne Stoermer
George Stoian III
JoAnn Stokes
Dr. Marc Stone
Mr. Richard G. Stone
Michael Stack & Terri Bronson
continued on page 22
Alexander & Baldwin Supports
MACC’s “Can-Do!” Days
aui Arts & Cultural Center received a $10,000 check
from Alexander & Baldwin, Inc. to support the
CanDo! Days programs for Maui students grades 1-5 in
the coming year. Grant Chun, vice president of A&B
Properties, Inc., delivered the check to MACC Education Director Susana Browne on August 15, at the annual meeting of Arts Education Lead Teachers from
schools around Maui County. During this meeting,
teaching artist Margie Heart conducted a drumming
circle to demonstrate the collaborative and team-building potential in making music. Chun, along with Joy
Yokouchi and Janelle Rodrigues (representing A&B subsidiary Kahului Trucking & Storage Co.), took part in
the exercise and experienced effective learning techniques strategies.
Arts education programs at The MACC encompass
the performing and visual arts, which help engage students’ attention and have been proven to result in
more effective learning.
Last school year alone, more than 6,500 Maui
school children took part in CanDo! Days at The
MACC: art immersion field trips that include hands-on
workshops in the visual arts, drama and dance. In addition, up to 10,000 students annually will attend special
school shows at the center.
Chun said, “Our local Maui students have many
gifts which can only be realized if they are provided
with a setting where their interests and talents are encouraged and celebrated. The MACC has provided that
setting for thousands of our Maui youngsters each year
and we couldn’t be more pleased to be a part of it.”
“The unwavering support of Alexander & Baldwin
has been vital to the development of our arts education
programs,” said Art Vento, MACC President and CEO.
Janelle Rodrigues, Joy Yokouchi, Grant Chun (representing Alexander &
Baldwin) and MACC’s Art Vento practice their rhythmic harmonies
during a learning exercise for arts education teachers in August. A&B Inc
donated $10,000 to support The MACC’s “CanDo! Days,” which extend
the learning potential of more than 6,500 Maui County students annually
Ms. Laura Straight
Thomas & Bonnie Strand
Mark Strathmann
Robert & Pamela Street
Brent Stricker & Linda Rogerson
Kathryn Strohl
Mrs. S. Strong
Kazuo & Toshiko Sugiki
Greg & Kathleen Sumners
Robert & Ellen Goff
Stephen Sussman
& Janice Roberts
Stephen Sussman
& Kelly Watson
Martha Suzuki
Gail Swanson
Matthew & Veia Swartz
Margaret Sweeney
Sierra Sylva
Larry & Barbara Tadakuma
Marlene Takatani
Michael & Rae Takemoto
Kay & Lorraine Tamaribuchi
Harolyn Tanji
Dustin Tantillo
Priscilla Tapangco
Henry S. & Florence Tasaka
Amy Tatik
Richard & Marian Taubinger
James W & Helen K. Tavares
Gordon & Kay Taylor
Livingston Taylor
Stephen Taylor
& Mary Lou Newbold
Anthony & Pauline Temple
Lance & Shari Terada
Marjorie & Zel Terluin
David Tessmer
& Kaikaikaokalani Teves
Tom & Lori Tezak
Thomas & Ellen Thayer
Rick & Patricia Tholen
Marie Thoma
Linda Thomas
Grant Thompson
Richard & Johanna Thompson
John & Lyn Thomson
Michael Thomson
Stuart & Janis Thomson
John & Dori Thorngren
Michael & Elaine Thould
Ray Throckmorton
Manfred Tirany
Tom Tobin
Clifford & Ruth Tokumaru
Molly Tokunaga
& Dayni Shimomura
Holly Tolosko
Laurie Ann Tomas
Bruce & Elsie Travis
Sande & Craig Trenholme
Charles R. Treuhold
& Ms. Faye Field
Chelsea Trimper
Nancy Trippel
Mary Trotto
Glenn & Pamela Tsutsui
Tamiko Tucker
Ted Tufty & Stuart Tufty
Mr. & Mrs. Rich Tully
Henry Scott & Wendy Tuomela
Melvin & Kathleen Turner
Sharon Tweedie
Lauren Tyler
Margie Ubben
Greg Underwood
Larry Uyeda
John & Teresa Vail
Diane Valenti
Fiona Van Ammers
Joann Van Guillory
Doug Van Loan & Maleta LaBua
Malia Vandervoort
Jeffrey Varner
John Vasconcellos
Dr. David & Darlene Vassos
Roland Vegas & Tim McDonald
Patrick Velis
Karen Venardos
Peter Vennewitz
Ms. Margaret S. Vento
Christine Ventura
Rachelle & Azenith Ventura
Diane Vick
David & Harriet-Rae Vickers
Stephanie B. Viela & Ella L. Fowler
Joel B. Vince-Cruz
Daniel Viola & Cora Nakano
Zach Visaya
Mr. John & Roberta Vogel
Lea & Carol Voss
Kelly & Robert Vough
Christine Waara
Ms. Donna Wagner
& Mr. George Schmitt
Beth Wagner & Tom Dunn
Paula Wagner
Mrs. Lucia Wallace
Mr. & Mrs. Larry & Linda Wallman
Lisa Walsh & Jonathan Mizel
Mark Walsh
Marc Walske
Carl Walther
Bruce Ward & Shirley Mattingly
Dean & Tad Wariner
John Wark
Barrie Warner
Ms. Cynthia Warner
Jerry & Ingrid Warren
Dr. & Mrs. Gene Wasson
Vernroy Watanabe
William & Betty Watanabe
Stephen & Desiree Watson
David Watumull
Mr. Marvin Wayne
Pat & Norma Weathersby
Barbara Weaver
Buff Weaver
Dale & Jacqueline Webster
Sylvia Sedmedyk & James Nielsen
Mr. Louis Weinstein
& Ms. Laura O'Hara
Brian & Jill Weintraub
Paul Weis
David C. Weiss
Mary Wellenreiter
Linda Weller
Dr. C. Joseph Welter
& Mrs. Susi Oak-Welter
Rob Weltman
Maurice & Helen Werdegar
Barbara Westenberg
& Carrol Westenberg
Bruce & Kolleen Wheeler
Daniel & Bella Whelan
Buzz Whitehead
Lance & Anya Whitney
Ms. Karen Whittingham
Lee & Judy Wickersham
Walter Denney Wickham
Paul & Ruth Wickman
Tina & Michael Wildberger
Trudy Williams
Blan & Lynn Williams
Christopher Williams
Jane & Dustin Williams
Jason & Christine Williams
Mrs. Loretta Williams
Mary Kathryn Williams
Paul C. & Kelly Williamson
Ms. Sue Williams-Rowe
& Mr. Jerry Kaiama
Marcia Wilmore-Aroyan
Ann Wilson
John & Donnette Wilson
Kris Wilson
Ron Wilson
Mr. William Wilson
Peggy Wine
Peter & Deborah Hasegawa Winkler
Candyce & Timothy Wirt
Ms. Mary Wissink
David & Heather Wittenberg
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wittenbrock
Neil Wittmann
Tom & Deborah Woehler
Suzann Wojciechowski
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J.& Ellen Wolf
Christine Wong
Lynne Wooby
A. Frederick & Carolyn Wood
Greg Wood
Mr. Lawrence D. Woodford
Rick & Kanara Woodford
Frank & Christine Wooding
Amy Wooster
William & Sally Worcester
Dr. Barbara Workman
Mr. Douglas Wright
Eric Wruck
Robert & Leonora Wykoff
Barbara S. Yamamoto
Kenneth Yamamura
Joy Yamaoka
Eric & Iris Yamashige
Fred & Helen Yamashige
David & Robin Yamashita
M. J. & Suzanne Yardley
Joseph M. Yates
Dr. & Mrs. Randall Yee
Catherine Yee
Eric & Jan Yoshizawa
Edward Young
Marlene Young & Roberta Kokx
Victoria & Jonathan Yudis
Joe & Bonnie Yurkanin
Marina & Richard Zautner
Gerry Zeek
Pamela & Michael Zemrus
Hassie Zitnik
Andrew Zsitvay & Elaine Murray
Joel Zurlo
‘ilima dual
$70(prior to January 1, 2013)
$40 (prior to January 1, 2013)
$25 (after January 1, 2013)
Shalandra Abbey
Kenji & Fay Abe
Mr. Kevin Abulon
Michele Acheatel
Patricia & Peter Adler
Leslie Agorastos
Greg Ahern
Rosie Alexander
Shelly Alexander
Mrs. Nancy M. Alueta
Mr. Fred L. Alvarez
Peggy Anastasia
Etsuko Andersen
Robert R. Andrews
Mary S. Andrews
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Ms. Susan Antoku
Cathy K. Apo
Mary Apo
Lorna Apo
Kanoe Arakawa
Dr. T. Nalani Archibeque
Dr. & Mrs. Alfred Arensdorf
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Ms. Dianne Assaly
Georgina J. Austria
Ed Auswacks
Sandra Ayeroff
Katherine Ayers
David Baar
Roger Baeder
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Bob Bailey
Byron Baker
Ms. Julia Baker
Mark Baker
Mr. Thomas Baker
Beatrice Linda Bal
Maridel Baldonado
David Balfour
Lehua Faith Barboza
Alfred Barcomb
Glenn Barr
Mrs. Brenda Barrio
Emily Bartow
James Basco
Barbara & Gary Baugh
Dr. Frank R. Baum
Lyle Baybayan
Debbie Bayer
Alfred Beardsworth
Loren J. Beaufait
Mr. Robert S. Beck
Betty Beggs
Mrs. Judy Beisner
Ellen Belconis
Fred & Bobbi Bell
Ms. Julie Benitou
Edwin Bennett
Randy Bergsrud
Carole Berthiaume
Mr. Jim Besaw
Mr. Russell Bierbaum
Ms. Evelyn Billington
Larry Birchall
Joette Black
Barbara Gail
Dr. Jon Blum
Warren Blum
Matthew Boone
Ms. Joan Boswell
Mrs. Charlotte A. Boteilho
Geoffrey & Deborah Bourne
Ms. Christine Bowers
Jeff M. Bradford
Zaida Bradley
Gary Bratland
Mrs. Christine Brayton
Llona Briley
Ms. Patricia Brint
Roberta Briskin
Christina & Jim Brod
Helena Brown
James Brown
Annie Browning
Ms. Jennifer L. Bryan
Mr. Monty Bryant
Daina Buchner
Mr. Zachariah Bunnell
Bonnie Burkholder
Ms. Ann Uhrich
Evelyn K. Cabalo
Hermina Cabebe
Farron Cabral
Linda Cantrell
Robert Sine
Odette Carothers
Ms. Linda Carr
Ed Carreon
Gordon Carvalho
Mr. Rick Castillo PGA
Carol Caton
Frank & Betty Cesario
Christina Chang
Kathleen Chapman
Karen Chenchin
Andy Glenn Chenoweth
Ms. Grale Chong
Lee & Colleen Chong
Dan Chun
Fran Clark
Barbara Clarke
& Isaac Mowoe
Mr. Donald Cloud
Jean Coleman
Tina Coleman
Harriet Collopy
Ms. Tracley Conley
Noreen Conlin
Judy E. Connor
Hunton & Radha Conrad
Ms. Ann Coopersmith
Thomas Corrigan
Mrs. Joyclynn M. Costa
Carole Cote
Coral Cottage & Li Haan
Dave Cowan
George Coyle
Lynda Crawford
Marvelene Crawford
David Crist
Mieko Crowell
Ann Cua
Elaine Cuaresma
Russell d'Agostino-Dudka
Sun Dancer
Jan Dapitan
Ms. Francesca Davi
Vince Davi
Patricia Davidson
Joanne D'Avignon
& Mike Quinn
Mary Kay & Jay Davis
Mrs. Liz Dawson
Helenna M. DeCambra
Mr. Mark A. DeColibus
Ms. Caroline DeLima
Ms. Linda Denhart
Robert Denigris
Mrs. Nancy Dennison
Jeanne Denton-Nelson
Mr. Nelson M. DeRego
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Trisha Deutsch
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William & Sarah Devlin
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Mahalo to all MA C C supporters!
Eve Hogan
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Thomas Voycik
Ms. Alison Wahl
Thelma T. Waki
Jan Wallace
Mr. James Walsh
Mr. George Walter
Mr. Howard Wardwell
Christine Warren
Ms. Lori Wash
Mr. Stephen Wasilewski
Rev. Terrence A.M. Watanabe
Craig Weber
Mr. Dwight Weiding
Lisa Wheeler
Barbara Wheeler
Anita White
Leslie White
Marsha L. White
Tony Wickey
Mr. Jack Wilkie
Dr. Gary Wilkins
William Dragas
Tony Williams
Mr. Danny Williams
Ken & Ruth Williams
Audrey Kent Wilson
Ms. Joy Wilson
Nancy Wilson
R. Fred Wilson
Carolyn Wingate
Carolyn Wolf
Kurt Wollenhaupt
Brenda Wong
Marie Wong
Jacqueline Wood
Paul Wood
Sharon L. Woodall
Jacquie R. Woods
Ms. Kathie Woods
Gail & James Wright
Keith & Elizabeth Wright
Mr. Chris Wurtele
Lois Wylie
Ms. Mildred Yagi
Donna Yamamoto
Lynette & Lester
Mrs. Stella S. Yamamoto
Mr. & Mrs. Danny M.
Carol Yamato
Aimee Yatsushiro
Gary & Alma Yoshimori
Ms. Alyce M. Yoshino
Ms. Anne Yoshioka
Mrs. Brenda
Alan & Sandra Yung
Linda Zakarian
Jerome Zamarin
AnnaLena Zanolini
The Leis Legacy
Donors to “Completing Pundy’s Dream”
Campaign Donors
$1,000,000 & Above
Harold K.L. Castle Foundation
$500,000 & Above
State of Hawai'i
Jimmy & Honey Bun Haynes
$250,000 & Above
County of Maui
Mary Lou and Robert Morgado
$100,000 & Above
Carolyn & Jack Schaefer Gray
Patricia Steele
Yokouchi Foundation
$50,000 & Above
John & Debby Baldwin
Gary & Cynthia Bengier
Bob & Fran Davidson
Ruth Freedman
Mick & Cindy McCaffrey
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Schatz
The Summit Family
$25,000 & Above
Zadoc W. Brown, Jr.
Jolene & Lou Cole
Cooke Foundation, Ltd.
John & Linda Decker
Susan & Michael Graham
Pete & Judy Siracusa
$10,000 & Above
Mr. & Mrs. G. Thomas Baker
Anne Carter
Betsy & Pardee Erdman
Grafton & Carolyn Sue Jhung
Peter and Deborah Martin
Wendy & Doug Peterson
Guy C. & Nancy J. Pinkerton
Travis & Ali Thompson
$5,000 & Above
Eric & Tracy Aanenson
Leo & Virginia Agcolicol
Stephen & Leona Holaday
Jim & Lisa Judge
Roger & Helen MacArthur –
Wailea Realty Corp.
$2,500 & Above
Edward & Sally Baldwin
The Boeing Company
David & Maggie Cole
Michael D. Moore
Anthony P. Takitani
$1,000 & Above
Evan M. Asato
Richard & Fátima Cameron
Robin A. Vandermolen
Mr. & Mrs. William C.N. Wong
All Other Donors
The Rev. Kealahou Alika
Alan & Carol Arai
Neida Bangerter
Scott Beaty
Diane Blue
Charlotte Boteilho
Susan Bradford
Philip & Evelyn Brown
William & Judith Brown
Susana & Roan Browne
Richard & Lynne Buckley
Mary Byrnes
Carol Caton
Art & Jane Chenoweth
Lee Chong
Classic Resorts, Ltd.
Judy & Bill Dailey
Don & Colette Dang
Melissa Dunham
Sannah Evangelista
Faith Ewbank
Marilu Ferguson
Teri Freitas Gorman
Donna Gomes
Mike & Loretta Gresham
Margaret Hanzawa
Lisa Haole
Leah Haywood
Alexa Higashi
Mimi Hoffman
Shufflo & Geraldine Honda
Robert & Tamara Horcajo
Suzann Hudson
Tim & Karleen Hultquist
Kathy Johnson
Iwao & June I. Kanada
Colline Kauhi
George & Pearl Kaya
Zofia Kayian
Bob & Ann Klein
Tamateru Kodama
Clint Komoda
P. Denise La Costa
Gretchen Ladley
Gim Lim
Malia Liu
Sam & Camille Lyons
Jean Mallia
Carla Mauri
Alain Mei
Jean H. Miyahira
Maki Mizutani
Rose Mooradian
Sharon Munz
Howard & Janis Nakamura
Amro Nassar
Alberta Nobu
Dariece Oki
Jonathan Olson
Joan Opitz
Midori Orikasa
Donna Ponce
Teena Ramussen
Doug Rice & Christine Andrews
Renee Richardson
Todd Richter
Toni Rojas
Mark Rooney
Breanna Rose
David Russell
Mary Ann Sakaguchi
Clyde M. & Gerrianne G. Sakamoto
Van Shimizu
Raymond & Adell Sievers
Thomas & Susan Steinhauer
Stephen & Carla Thistle
Jay Van Zwalenburg
Lisa & David Varde
Louis & Adelita Wojcik
Fund for Innovation
$250,000 and above
Kaanapali Kai
Mr. Robert J.
& Dr. Mary Lou Morgado
$100,000 and above
The Summit Family
$50,000 and above
Carolyn & Jack Schaefer Gray
Patricia Steele
In memoriam. . .
in memory of nonie
& Bill Brundage
The generosity of Dorvin and Betty Leis to Maui Arts & Cultural Center (as well as numerous other
causes and community organizations on Maui) has long been established—but our gratefulness
cannot be expressed enough to match the depth and breadth of their giving.
The Alpaugh Foundation
Margaret Hanzawa
in memory of
diana stuart
Jay Van Zwalenburg
in memory of
alma s. torres
Ms. Roz Baker
Margaret Bonifazio
Steven & Susan Bradley
Richard F. & Fatima Cameron
Grant & Joyce Chun
Lou & Jolene Cole
Robert & Joann Corti
Ms. Liliian Fuchikami
Stella Gilrod
Victor & Yvette Hershaft
Brian & Joelle Kelly
Family Foundation
Mrs. Judy Kitagawa
Levin Capital Strategies, L. P.
Mr. Wesley Lo
Cathleen McGoldrick
Kathryn Mershon
Lesley N. Morgado
Matthew Morgado
R. Gregory Morgado
Mr. Robert J.
& Dr. Mary Lou Morgado
Ron & Leola Muromoto
Robert & Linda Nelson
Naomi Okazaki
Ms. Ravenna Perbera
Carolyn & Jack Schaefer Gray
Bill & Patricia Snyder
TAG Associates LLC
Art, Angela & Alex Vento
& Mrs. Michael P. Victorino
Yokouchi Foundation
he Leis’ have a lengthy list of beneficiaries, both large and small,
and an impressive history of philanthropy. Though it is estimated
they have given away several million
dollars over the years, primarily in
Maui County, they remain rather
quiet and steadfast about their donations, and humble about their accomplishments.
Dorvin and Betty Leis were recognized as Hawai‘i’s Outstanding Philanthropists in 2003, awarded by the
Association of Fund-Raising Professionals. Dorvin D. Leis Company
was also given the 2008 Business
Leadership Hawaii Community Spirit
Award by Pacific Business News.
Their gifts to the community include more than $1 million to
MACC, $1 million to UH-Maui College, and $300,000 to the Maui Memorial Medical Center Foundation.
Aside from these major gifts, over 25
non-profit organizations have benefitted from the Leis generosity, including: March of Dimes, Boy
Scouts, Girl Scouts, Hospice Maui,
Maui Cancer Society, Catholic Charities, Child & Family Services, Kihei
Little League, Maui Historical Society, and The Nature Conservancy.
Jimmy Haynes, chairman of The
MACC board of directors, has said:
in memory of
janet k. moore
join the kalo club with
a legacy gift to the macc
By including the Maui Arts
& Cultural Center in your
long-range financial and
estate plans, you help ensure
that the MACC is here for our
entire Maui community for
generations to come. A legacy gift
can come in different shapes and
sizes, to fit whatever your situation
might be. They include bequests
through wills or living trusts, beneficiary designations on retirement
plans and life insurance policies,
retained life estate in your
residence, gift annuities and trusts
that provide income for life, and
more. For more information on how
to include the MACC in your
estate plans (and become a
member of the Kalo Club),
please call Peter Giles,
Vice President,
Institutional Advancement
at 243-4236
or email [email protected]
himself as a small business owner
and gave the money to MACC to
inspire other individual donors.
Both Dorvin and Betty serve on
the board of directors at the Maui
Arts & Cultural Center. In 1990,
The MACC was one of 17 beneficiaries of a $1.5 million charitable re“Dorvin Leis is the epitome of phi- mainder trust as its first planned
gift, and the Leis have been annual
lanthropy for the Maui commudonors ever since. The MACC renity. He, his company, and his
ceived a million dollar contribution
family give financially and they
to the “Generations” capital camgive as volunteers. When you review the list of community organi- paign in 2002-03; the Leis Hospitality Courtyard was named in
zations that Dorvin has
recognition of this generosity.
supported, ‘giving something
The Leis have said that they give
back’ takes on heroic proporto
MACC “because the Maui
tions.” This was in reference to
Cultural Center is one of the
Dorvin’s stated philosophy for his
biggest and best things that’s hapcompany: “once you receive
pened to this island.” We believe
something, you ought to give
that this statement can also be
something back.”
“We made our money in the is- stated the other way around:
lands,” Dorvin has stated in previ- Dorvin and Betty Leis and their
family have proved to be one of
ous interviews. “Giving to the
Maui Arts & Cultural Center is one the best things for Maui.
Mahalo nui loa, always, to
way we give back to our employDorvin and Betty Leis.
ees.” Despite his success in a
number of entrepreneurial projects, Dorvin says he still thinks of
Dorvin Leis is the epitome of philanthropy for the Maui community. He,
his company, and his family give financially and they give as volunteers.
When you review the list of community organizations that Dorvin has
supported, ‘giving something back’ takes on heroic proportions.
—Jimmy Haynes, Chairman, MACC board of directors
kalo club
Maui Calls “Raise the Paddle”
Darlene & John Abt
Kimo & Lisa Apana
Sen. Rosalyn Baker
Zadoc & Hilary Brown
Jerry & Gretchen Cook
Patricia Flynn
Leanne & Peter Giles
Jimmy & Honey Bun Haynes
Howard & Pamela Ikeda
Jim & Lisa Judge
Senator Gilbert
& Kallie Keith-Agaran
Grace Komoda
Dorvin & Betty Leis
Stephen & Sherry Leis
Wesley Lo
Ellen Loucks
& Walter Vorfeld
Bill & Maureen Marrs
Janine Masaki
Bob & Mary Lou Morgado
Helen Nielsen
Nancy & Ralph Overton
Margaret Raffin
Matt Schweitzer
Bob & Cindy Singer
Sheryl-Lynn & Glenn Suzuki
Inger & Rich Tully
Councilmember Mike
& Joycelyn Victorino
Shirley Yokouchi
is published by the
Maui Arts & Cultural Center
One Cameron Way,
Kahului, Hawai‘i 96732
242-ARTS (2787)
Philip & Evelyn Brown
Jack Esker & Gene Thompson
Auriol & Ed Flavell
Sandy Fox
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Hook
Dorvin & Betty Leis
Richard North
Kenneth S. Phelan
Rose Royce
Carolyn Schaefer Gray
Jitsuo Yoshimori
The Pavers are Back!
Before starting construction on the beautiful Yokouchi Pavil-
re-sand-blasted, which involved intensive research and process
ion, it was necessary to remove all of Founders Court which
to get them just right.
included the engraved tiles known as “Pavers.” People who
We are happy to report that this project is now complete, and
contributed to The MACC through the Paver project were
the Pavers are in place in a new prestigious location along the
able to create custom memorials to themselves, friends and
Arcade fronting the Schaefer International Gallery.
family or to commemorate special anniversaries or mean-
We do have limited space for additional pavers at this time.
ingful messages: over 4,600 tiles in all! These thousands of
If you areinterested please contact Teresa at 243-4237
tiles needed to be recreated and the names rechecked and
[email protected]