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The International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS) & CRDF Global present:
The International Perspectives on
Industrial Chemical Safety & Security
Webinar Series
ICCBS and CRDF Global are bringing together
international chemical risk assessment experts with
Pakistani industrial experts to share perspectives on
chemical risk management.
During these seminars you will gain
• Knowledge of the importance of ensuring chemical safety & security
across industrial sectors;
• Awareness of the benefits of Responsible Care® risk management
principles to your business through increased organizational
efficiencies, improved recognition and community relations, and
greater competitive advantage;
• An understanding of legal and regulatory frameworks governing
chemical management as well as best practices to allow your company
to meet and exceed international industry standards;
• Exposure to chemical security assessment and management tools
including chemical supply chain and transportation risk mitigation
strategies; and
• Connections with fellow chemical professionals and international
Speakers include
Dr. M. Iqbal Choudhary
Director, ICCBS, Karachi University
Most-cited scientist from Pakistan
Dr. Abdul Jabbar
Dean, Textile Institute of Pakistan
Head, Textile Research and
Innovation Center
Consultant, Textile Industries
Dr. Shakil Ahmad
In-charge, Industrial Analytical
Center, Karachi, Pakistan
Mr. H.M. Leith
Senior Principal Consultant,
AcuTech Consulting Group
Mr. Tahir J. Qadir
Executive Director,
Management Systems
AcuTech Consulting Group
(Dubai, UAE)
Dr. Amir Haider
Quality Control Manager
Environment, Health and Safety
representative, Karachi, Pakistan
Chemical Safety & Security in Context
Focus on Responsible Care®
Friday, 29 May | 18:30-20:30 PKT
Proper chemical risk management is the
responsibility of all industry stakeholders and,
if implemented effectively, it can drive business
value. In this webinar, Pakistani industry experts
and international leaders in chemical risk
management will discuss the current status
of chemical safety and security in the country.
Speakers will introduce important principles
of Responsible Care® and their benefits to
environmental health safety, security and
chemical management across industrial sectors.
Pakistan’s Chemical Safety & Security
Legal Structure, International Best
Practices, & Chemical Risk Assessment Tools
Monday, 8 June | 18:30-20:30 PKT
In this webinar, experts will discuss legal
and regulatory frameworks governing the
management of chemicals throughout their
industry life-cycle and international risk
management best practices. Speakers will present
useful risk assessment methodologies and tools
along with industry-specific strategies from
agrochemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical,
textile, and other sector perspectives. Case studies
from Pakistan and around the globe will highlight
the importance of identifying unknown risks and
mitigating threats to maintain safety and security.
Pakistan’s Chemical Supply Chain:
Methods to Ensure Safety & Security
Friday, 12 June | 18:30-20:30 PKT
Ensuring the safety and security of chemicals is
critical from production through distribution.
During this webinar, experts will provide an
overview of the chemical supply chain in Pakistan
and methods to manage supply chain risk. Speakers
will present supply chain vulnerability assessment
methodologies, relevant transportation and
distribution codes, and strategies to ensure
the security of chemicals from manufacture or
import to distribution and end use. Speakers and
participants will discuss the benefits of effective
chemical supply chain security and the role of
all individuals and businesses along the supply
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International Perspectives on
Industrial Chemical Safety & Security
Dr. M. Iqbal Choudhary
ICCBS, Karachi University
Dr. Choudhary is recognized for original contributions in the fields
of natural products and bioorganic chemistry. He has served as
Visiting Faculty at Cornell University, Purdue University, Pennsylvania
State University, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, King Saud
University, the University of Rhode Island, and universities in Malaysia,
Kazakhstan and Iran. He is currently a Professor of Organic Chemistry
and Director of the International Center for Chemical and Biological
Sciences at the University of Karachi. He has written and edited 24
books, most of which have been published in the US and Europe. He
is also the author of over 750 research papers and chapters in top
international science journals and holds 33 US patents. He is the
most cited scientist from Pakistan in the last five years, exceeding
8,500 citations. He has received awards and honors, including: Hilale-Imtiaz; Sitara-e-Imtiaz and Tamgha-e-Imtiaz; COMSTECH Award;
1st Khawarizmi International Award and Prize; and the Economic
Cooperation Organization Award in Education.
Dr. Abdul Jabbar
Dean, Textile Institute of Pakistan
Head, Textile Research and Innovation Center
Consultant, Textile Industries
Dr. Jabbar has more than 15 years of experience in teaching,
consultancy, research and product development in the field of
textile chemicals, coloration and finishing. He has been associated
with several institutions of textile education in the capacity
of departmental and institutional head. His research interests
include: process optimization to enhance dyeing efficiency of
textiles; synthesis and application of dyes and specialty chemicals;
environment-friendly dyeing of textiles; coloration of paper, plastic
and other synthetic material; color application in food, cosmetics
and pharmaceuticals; and natural dyes. Presently, he supervises five
M.Phil/Ph.D. students at the International Center for Chemical and
Biological Sciences (ICCBS), University of Karachi.
Dr. Shakil Ahmad
In-charge, Industrial Analytical Center,
Karachi, Pakistan
Dr. Shakil has 25 years of experience in testing and researchrelated work in the field of pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, food
& agrochemicals, raw material testing, natural products, pesticide
residuals, microbiological and toxicological analyses, industrial
effluent testing and textile-based analysis. Currently he conducts
quality checks related to laboratory safety, including biohazards, and
ensures facility maintenance according to good laboratory practices.
He manages and coordinates technical activities, educational
programs (internships) and infrastructure for the operation of
laboratories. Dr. Shakil acts as technical manager to meet schedules
and/or resolve technical problems and coordinate with research
staff on issues that impact laboratory services. He also develops and
administers budgets, schedules, and performance requirements. Dr.
Shakil frequently interacts with chemical industries, EPA customs
officials and environmental NGOs. He has worked in top laboratories
throughout the world (i.e., the U.S., Australia, China) and has valuable
experience in chemical safety and security.
Mr. H.M. Leith
Senior Principal Consultant
AcuTech Consulting Group (USA)
Mr. Leith has over 35 years of diverse national/international risk
management experience, with extensive expertise in the commercial
energy and governmental sectors. He is an expert in petrochemical,
nuclear, executive venue, and maritime security, encompassing
vulnerability analysis and risk management, executive protection,
cyber security, security program management, administration,
training, and policy/procedure development. Mr. Leith has a
comprehensive knowledge of protection allocation, intelligence
analysis, personnel surety, and intrusion detection systems. He is an
internationally recognized authority and author on risk assessment,
emergency response, crisis management, incident mitigation, and
countermeasures planning. He has conducted over 500 security
risk/vulnerability assessments world-wide for AcuTech, ExxonMobil,
and DOE/DOD. Mr. Leith supported development of the Chemical
Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) and is coauthor of multiple
government and industry risk assessment methodologies. He holds
advanced degrees in communication and psychology, and is CVI
certified with active TWIC.
Mr. Tahir J. Qadir
Executive Director, Management Systems
AcuTech Consulting Group (Dubai, UAE)
Mr. Qadir is well known in the petrochemical and chemical industries
for leading regional initiatives and creating strategic alliances with
organization leaders to effectively align with and support key
business initiatives. Mr. Qadir has decades of experience in process
engineering and management systems which allow him to offer
services at all levels of AcuTech’s global services. As the leader of the
GPCA’s Responsible Care Initiative, Mr. Qadir possesses unparalleled
experience in the Gulf region. During his five-year tenure with GPCA,
he helped companies like Tasnee, Farabi, GPIC, Q-Chem, S-Chem,
Qatar Petrochemicals, Borouge, and others with the development
and implementation of integrated management systems including
Responsible Care©. As chief sustainability manager of one of the
world’s largest chemical companies, Mr. Qadir offers expertise to
clients ranging from risk assessment and management services to
training and development, review, and integration of management
systems at any scale.
Dr. Amir Haider
Quality Control Manager
Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)
representative, Karachi, Pakistan
Dr. Haider completed his Ph.D. in chemistry from Karachi University.
He has 14 years of diverse work in laboratory management, statistical
methodology, methods, processes, and cleaning validation in the
pharmaceutical, explosive and agrochemicals industries. He has
several research publications in global journals, including field of
studies analyses, syntheses, interactions, derivatizations, and antiviral
and transdermal studies. Dr. Haider is currently affiliated with the
Chemical Division of Arysta Life Science Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. and acts
as a EHS representative at global forums.
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