The climate of change - International Award for Public Art

01 Jun 2015
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The climate of change
An upcoming conference aims to expand understanding of public art
and urban place-making.
Far right: The Geometry of
Conscience by Alfredo Jaar
Right: Makoko floating school
by Kunle Adeyemi
rt and its relationshipto urban development
will be the focus of the second International
Award for Public Art (IAPA) exhibition and
conference taking place in July. Finalists include
projects as diverse as a floating school in
Nigeria, a restaurant that only serves cuisine
from countries the US is in conflict with, a
pavilion for post-earthquake Christchurch and
memorial for the victims of the 17 years of
Pinochet dictatorship, all of which represent
the rich, challenging, and divergent practice
of art making in the public realm.
Hosted by Elam School of Fine Arts and
Shandong University (China) and held at the
University of Auckland, the bilingual (Chinese/
English) conference, Cities in a Climate of
Change: Public Art and Environmental and
Social Ecologies, seeks to promote and
advance culturally diverse and socially
responsive public art. Over four days, the
conference will bring together leading artists,
curators, urban planners, architects, public
health and environmental scientists from
around the world.
The International Award for Public Art is a
global search for the most outstanding recent
socially engaged art projects. An international
jury of leading contemporary art curators
and museum directors reviewed hundreds of
projects and selected 32 that will feature in
an exhibition at Auckland Art Gallery alongside
the conference. The creators of the seven
finalist projects will present their work at the
The conference will take place in the
Engineering Building, at the University of
Auckland, 20 Symonds Street, 1-4 July, 2015
A limited number of free daily passes to the
Cities in a Climate of Change conference are
available to interested practitioners. To find out
more visit