The Hearth – April 2015 - Hearthstone Village Community Association

The Hearth
Hearthstone Board
Issue No. 2
April 2015
Newsletter of the Hearthstone Village Community Association
631 Water Meade Place
Hearthstone Board of
Spring Garage Sale
From Danina Downing, Social Coordinator
The Hearthstone spring garage sale will be held
April 23-25 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)
from 8 am to 5 pm daily. Advertisements will be
posted in both Fort Wayne newspapers beginning the Wednesday prior.
Fort Wayne TinCaps Game
Join us for a fun night at Fort Wayne’s beautiful downtown Tincaps Stadium!
This year, your tickets can be picked up at the Annual Meeting on June
29th. To reserve your tickets, please contact our social coordinator Danina
Downing at 489-9912. We will have 100 tickets available on a first come, first
serve basis (immediate family or grandchildren only)
President - Lee McAllister
Vice President Secretary - Dan Culberson
Treasurer - Joe Kumfer
Maintenance - Wes Downing
Architecture - Billy Madden
Crime & Safety - Bill Smith
Social - Danina Downing
Tech - Stephen Heindel
District 1 - Chuck Frederick
District 2 - Dean Gorsuch
District 3 - Ronda Roose
District 4 - Lee McAllister
District 5 - Wes Downing
District 6 - Tama Bradley
District 7 - Ron Radeke
District 8 - Tom Sternal
District 9 - Dana Anspach
District 10 - Billy Madden
Contact information can be
found on Hearthstone
Association Webpage
With the warmer weather comes the annual Great American Cleanup, which will be held this year on Saturday,
May 16th. Hearthstone has been a long time participant in this event, which is the nation’s largest community
improvement program that Fort Wayne as a whole has participated in for over 20 years. It is a time when we
can show our community pride by lending a hand to clean up our neighborhood, common areas and waterways.
We will meet at 8 am near the intersection of Deer Brook Place and Fox Orchard Run. Free T-shirts and
work gloves will be provided to the participants, as well as a pizza lunch and light refreshments. Getting
involved is easy and only takes a few hours of your time. Please contact your Hearthstone district director
listed in this newsletter or by contacting Wes Downing, Maintenance Director at 489-9912. Please indicate
your shirt size and glove size so we can ensure we have enough supplies. Let’s pull together to make our
neighborhood the best it can be!
Wes Downing - Maintenance Director
One of the most important goals of this newsletter is to get YOU the latest information on
upcoming community events! So here are the important upcoming dates for the Hearthstone
Community! This would be a great list to pin on your refrigerator so you don’t miss any of these
important dates!
April 23-25: Association Garage Sale. See opposite side for details
April 27: Monthly Association Meeting. Are you new to the neighborhood? Would
you like to find out more about your association? Then come out to meet us and let us meet
you! Residents are always welcomed at the monthly meetings, and your feedback is always
appreciated! The meeting will take place at Wallen Baptist Church at 7:00 P.M.
May 16: Great American Cleanup. See opposite side for details
May 25: Monthly Association Meeting
June 29: Annual Association Meeting. This is by far the best opportunity for you to
be involved in your association! Along with yearly elections, we will be discussing possible
capital projects to help improve our association. Please come with any ideas, suggestions, or
feedbacks you may have! The meeting will take place at Wallen Baptist Church at 7:00
June 30: Association Dues Deadline
July 13: Association Community Event – Fort Wayne Tincaps Game. See
opposite side for details
Tired of getting paper newsletters? Interested in saving the association money? There
are so many ways to do it! You can send an e-mail to [email protected], tweet a message
to @hvcafw on Twitter, or send a Facebook message to our group at to sign up for our e-newsletter! By reaching out
through e-mail and social media, we hope to make more frequent
updates to keep you up to date with everything going on here at