“This One might not ever be a single
Just something on my heart I had to sing
I hope they play this on the radio
Give me a chance to let somebody know…
Well, I know your station’s got to pay the bills
And there’s only some and there’s lots to fill
But I’m just trying to bring what’s something real
And if FM won’t surely AM will play.”
– “One Person At A Time” by Jonny Lang
issue twenty
fall 2009
That kind of longevity is due to the passionate support of so many past
station managers, students, school board members, superintendents,
principals, teachers, community members, and friends of the station. The
dream that took root in the hearts of John Hoben, Bill Brown, and Bonny
Dore was able to flower due to the dedication of Mary Phyl Sieger, Jeff
Cardinal, John Seidelman, Andy Melin, Dave Snyder and so many students,
too numerous to name.
Back in May we received a wonderful note and donation from WSDP Alum
Mary Guregian Jenkins. Mary was a former wizdip music director and a
graduate of the class of 1974. She wrote “Has WSDP really been on the
air for 37 years? In other words – if I was there on Feb. 14, 1972 when we
signed on the air for the first time – I’m old!
Facebook has been a wonderful way to catch up with former WSDP staff
members. Feel free to look me up and become one of my friends. I always
enjoy hearing from former staff members. I love hearing the stories about
WSDP. Though the names change so many of the stories remain the same.
Nick Stemberger, Derek Harbison and Bill Keith receive the Michigan
Association of Broadcasters Foundation High School Station of the Year Award
WSDP is old.
I think I realize it most when I give tours of the station to local cub scouts. I
usually ask them how old they think the station is. When I finally tell them
that WSDP is 37 years old I’ll usually get one kid who remarks, “wow, that
is older than my mom.” I usually chuckle when some smart aleck says “My
mom is older than that.” That may be true Jimmy but I’m sure she doesn’t
want you sharing it.
I realized how old the station is this winter when we brought on our
newest class of WSDP staff members. One of the new staff members,
Katherine, is the daughter of WSDP founding member Bob Mercieca (see
the alumni profile). That is a true landmark occasion for WSDP. What
began as a dream over 37 years ago has continued to impact students four
decades later.
I’m glad WSDP is still here 37 years later. The station still gives students
an opportunity to learn skills that will be with them whether they go
into broadcasting or not. Hands on programs like WSDP give students a
concrete way of applying things they are learning in the classroom. This
fall we will kick off a new Introduction to Radio Broadcasting class. We
thought we would have enough students for one section, one semester.
But we’ve been blessed with enough interest to offer the class both
semesters. I look forward to working with Salem English teacher Lauren
Cummings on this new class.
I should also mention that WSDP survived a bit of flooding at Salem. An
eyewash in a third floor science lab came on over the weekend of August
29 and 30 and we came into a drenched studio area on Monday morning.
Fortunately the transmitter and main studio equipment escaped damage
and they did a wonderful job cleaning up. We’re waiting to hear back from
the insurance company in regards to some of the damaged equipment.
There is always something exciting happening to start off a school year.
That has never changed over the years.
WSDP may be old, but this station still has a lot to offer students in the
Plymouth-Canton Community School District. I look forward to celebrating many more years.
Bill Keith
Station Manager
Favorite Radio Format:
Bob: Classic Rock
Katherine: Classic and Alternative Rock
Favorite Artist:
Plymouth 1973
& Plymouth 2012
Bob: The Beatles / Katherine: Bon Jovi
Favorite Song:
Bob: Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
Katherine: Coldplay “Viva La Vida”
Favorite Movie:
Bob: Lawrence of Arabia
Katherine: Ghost Town
Favorite TV Show:
Bob: Taxi / Katherine: House, M.D.
Favorite Book:
Bob: Before the Beginning by Martin Rees
Katherine: Harry Potter
Bob: Astronomy, Photgraphy/
Videography, Writing
Katherine: Guitar, Reading, Running
Bob & Katherine Mercieca
(Bob) Where has life taken you since you left
a couple of interactive training filmstrips. Yes, that’s right,
After leaving WSDP, I went on to Michigan State University and enrolled in the Telecommunications program.
During my junior year, I studied journalism at Eastern
Michigan University for two semesters and was a staff
writer for the Eastern Echo.
From there, I went on to be a production assistant/
assistant director, and, eventually, a producer at Sandy
Corporation. They produced car marketing and training
programs, and the big announcement shows. Their major
client was Chevrolet. I was a producer/director of dealership training programs, but I jumped in where needed on
a variety of different productions. I was full-time freelance
for Sandy for 3 years and eventually began freelancing
for other companies as well. I eventually became an
independent producer/director with my own company,
RCM Productions. I produced and directed marketing and
training videos and multimedia programs for business
meetings until 1989.
After returning to MSU and getting my degree, I lived in
East Lansing for a couple of years. I had two jobs. I was
a stage engineer (sound and lighting equipment) for a
club called Dooley’s. I also helped stage concerts there. I
also worked as a weekend DJ at WILS-FM 101 in Lansing.
I did the early morning and late night shifts (usually both
before and after working at Dooley’s).
I left East Lansing and came back to Detroit in 1980. I
got a job with the telephone company until I was able to
locate film and video production companies. In May of
1981, I began as a production assistant at Regan Productions in Detroit. The client was Cadillac. Regan gave me
the opportunity to learn the ropes and make contacts in
the car film business. We were shooting film and transferring it to videotape and finishing on interactive laser
disc. I got to direct some still photography and produce
I then became a writer of automotive technical training
programs. I wrote dealership service training publications for Ford and GM until 1998. I took a job with Delphi
and worked at the GM Proving Ground in Milford, MI.
I designed and wrote training books, interactive Help
information systems integrated into Delphi software, and
classroom Powerpoint presentations. That was a one-year
contract position. I liked working at the Proving Ground
enough to go after a job as a Resident Engineer but still
continued to write training programs. Since leaving
Delphi, I’ve been doing some freelance writing. I’m also
re-establishing contacts in media production in the
Detroit area.
(Bob) What is your favorite memory of your
time at WSDP?
Writing news and doing the “anchor report” at 5:30. There
were four of us and we took turns doing stories around
the mike. The other memory was watching Jeff Cardinal’s
reaction when Cooper attached a small canister to the
axle of his wheelchair that made a mooing sound when it
was rotated.
(Katherine) Why did you decide to join the
radio station staff?
I joined WSDP for many reasons: mainly because I have an
interest in a career in broadcast journalism, and I wanted
to get a hands-on experience. I also thought it would be a
good chance for me to exercise my writing abilities and to
explore different kinds of music.
What advice would you give to future WSDP
Staff Members?
(Bob) Simple. Just have fun. Don’t be afraid to create new
programs. Find something that you really care about and
communicate it to your student audience. Even if you’re
not going to pursue radio as a career, WSDP is a great
place to learn skills that will serve you well in any career
that you may chose.
(Katherine) I think the key to success on WSDP, as with
anything in life, is to have a good attitude. If you only
come in because you have to, you’re not going to enjoy
yourself and it will become a very stressful burden. But if
you have a good attitude, and you want to do well, you
will really enjoy your time on WSDP. Radio isn’t just about
writing and announcing; a good part of it is personality.
Someone who sounds happy to be there and ready to
go is much more pleasant to listen to than someone who
whines and complains. And if you keep a good attitude,
your personality will shine through.
(Katherine) What do you enjoy most about
being on the WSDP staff?
It’s hard to only mention one thing, but my favorite part
of WSDP is interacting with all of the members on staff.
Everyone is so friendly and up-beat; it makes coming
in every week that much more enjoyable. I don’t think
there’s anyone on staff that I don’t get along with.
(Bob) You had a big part in the beginning of
WSDP. What is it like hearing your daughter
on the radio station?
I wouldn’t necessarily say that I had a big part in the
beginning of WSDP. I had only been a student at the
school for a month when the station went on-the-air.
The heavy lifting had already been done by Bonny Dore,
Barb Chlopan, John Dobel, Paul Trinka, Bob Delano, Rob
Milford, Tom Cooper, Larkin Pence, and many, many
It has been very gratifying for me to listen to Katherine on
the air. At the same time, I also realize that I must enjoy
it from a distance. That’s the hard part for me. Because I
remember how much fun it was. I’m trying not to be one
of those parents who is trying to re-live his high school
WSDP Auction with Rodney Harris and WSDP Alums Greg Angel
and John Dalton
WSDP Pledge Drive
Take a moment to think about why you listen to 88.1FM.
Do you appreciate the opportunity to hear so much
new music? Do you look forward to the live broadcasts
of Canton, Plymouth and Salem High School Sports? It
may be the commitment the station shows to the Plymouth-Canton Community through our local news and
information programming that keeps you tuning in.
Listeners, alums and friends of WSDP will be able to show
their support for 88.1FM during our annual pledge drive,
November 4-7. Mark your calendars and make plans to
give a gift of financial support. Donations can be mailed
to WSDP - 46181 Joy Rd., Canton MI 48187. Checks can
be made payable to Canton Community Foundation (put
WSDP Pledge Drive in the memo line). Donations can
also be made at our website, www.881theescape.com.
Look for the donate link on the right side of the page.
CD Reviews
Far — Regina
Regina Spektor, A unique Pop
pianist has added a new album
to her discography entitled
Far. This 15 track CD has had
Spektor fans waiting on their
toes, and for a good reason.
With its release in June, The
album has captured the highs
and lows of indie pop and vocal expression. Spektor has
always captured her thoughts and put them in to songs with
great lyrics and good beats. An example of that is with earlier
tracks on the album such as “The Calculation” or “Folding Chair”
starting the album off on a good note. Their fast paced tones
and rhythmic lyrics bring you into a world of childish fun and
timeless youth. Spektor can also remind you though of the
seriousness of the world in songs such as “Blue lips” or the
single for the album “Laughing with” where you are reminded
of battles against yourself, the world and God. Not to fret
though, most everything ends on a good note through the
ending track “Time Is All Around”. The song leaves you with
thoughts of love and life.
Over all, the album is an excellent addition to Spektor’s list. Her
strong following and admiring fans are a great example that
she can create some good music that will always be different
but will always be adored. — Hannah Glodich
Hot Mess —
Cobra Starship
Pop-Punk Dance music
group, Cobra Starship brings
us another beat boppin’, hip
shaking album. Their 3rd
album titled ‘Hot Mess’ delivers
nothing but a party in your
The album is not all about the
fun energy and excitement though. With vocalist Gabe Sapotra
recovering from surgery to remove a cyst on his vocal chords
last year, the album wasn’t looking so promising. Fortunately
Gabe made a full recovery and is bringing the heat with some
of the hottest tracks of the year. The single, “Good Girls Go
Bad” (featuring Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl), may be a
perfect representation of Saporta’s rebel attitude but also
represents Cobras changing yet traditional style.
Cobra Starship may seem like they only care about partying
and making it to the top, but that statement may indeed be
proven false. They couldn’t be more grateful to be where they
are and use every chance to recognize the people who helped
them get there. They even titled their second track “Pete
Wentz Is The Only Reason We’re Famous”.
Gabe, Ryland, Nate, Alex and Victoria each bring something to
the album. They’ve given us 11 tracks of good up beat happy
tunes that are guaranteed to brighten your day. — Hannah
Aim and
Ignite — fun
Summer has come to an end,
and as the school has started,
we need to squeeze in a bit
more fun, don’t you think (yes,
pun intended)? Well, here’s a
CD for you—Aim and Ignite by
This album is amazing. The tracks are so rich with color and
depth. It’s not just something you can brush off as ordinary.
The vocals are harmonious and clear, which kind of reminded
me of Queen. Maybe I’m just drawing a blank, but I can’t
think of any other “sounds like” for this band; they have such a
unique sound. The songs give off this epic aura - like a musical
- with violins, trombone, saxophone, synth, accordion, viola,
and of course, the amazing vocals. The rambling lyrics capture
your attention and tell a story. Though, it really depends
on how you interpret it. Of course, 5 stars all the way. These
people are TALENTED. Jack, Andrew and Nate of fun and the
many others that helped create this album, I applaud you. But
don’t let my limited explanation suffice. Go listen for yourself.
— Christina Edgerton
WSDP Points of Pride
Congratulations to Timothy Thompson (Salem 2009) for
winning 1st place in the Engish Speaking Union of the United
States 2009 Shakespeare Regional Competition. Timothy won
an all expense paid trip to New York City to study Shakespeare,
acting, attend plays, see Manhattan and compete at the
Lincoln Center in April.
Congratulations to John Kreger (Canton 1997). John is the
Volleyball Play-by-Play broadcaster for Michigan State University. In June the American Volleyball Coaches Association
named him the best volleyball broadcaster in America. He
is a finalist for the Grant Burger Award, which is given to the
top person in volleyball media. Kreger has been the voice of
Spartan Volleyball since 2001.
Brad Eichkorn is about to complete his Masters Degree at the
University of Nebraska. This fall he will be doing high school
football play-by-play for Time Warner Cable in Lincoln.
Plymouth 2009 grads Brandon Karsten and Nick Stemberger
were invited to broadcast the Michigan High School Baseball
Coaches All-Star Game at Comerica Park in June. They were
able to broadcast from the press box and interview players on
the field following the game.
Mel Guthrie (Salem 1978) was recently featured in an article
in the Observer Newspapers. The article spotlighted the
Monkeemobile he owns. The 1966 GTO was used in the
popular TV show. He purchased it in an auction and it is now
part of his extensive collection of Monkee memorabilia.
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our friends and family.
This is a simple way to support WSDP if you already shop at
Kroger. Go to krogercommunityrewards.com to sign up and
begin earning money for the high school radio station.
Meijer Community Rewards also allows us to raise funds to
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their Meijer 1 Card, or with their linked Meijer Credit Card. Our
six-digit code for supporters to use when joining is 706339
If you have any questions, please e-mail me at [email protected]
k12.mi or call 734-416-7732. Thanks for your support.
September 2009
THE RUSE Midnight In The City
PORTUGAL. THE MAN The Satanic Satanists
SPOON “Got Nuffin”
Baby Darling Doll Face Honey
Drama Junkie Queen
MEW No More Stories
JEZABELS The Man Is Dead
OWL CITY Ocean Eyes
PHOENIX Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
Reverie Sound Revue
MAGIC WANDS Magic Love And Dreams
...And The Ever Expanding Universe
MARS VOLTA Octahedron
I FIGHT DRAGONS Cool Is Just A Number
ANTI-FLAG The People Or The Gun
ROMANCE The Divide
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issue twenty
fall 2009