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South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
Capacity Building.
Annual Report 2007-2008
2008 Annual Report.indd 1
9/4/08 2:59:30 PM
Mission Statement:
The mission of the South Carolina Campaign to Prevent
Teen Pregnancy is to prevent adolescent pregnancy in South
Carolina through education, technical assistance, public
awareness, advocacy and research.
Our Values:
As an organization, and as a team, we are committed to using:
Our Heads to provide innovative programs and services that are based in research and grounded by science;
Our Hearts to guide our efforts with care and compassion, being mindful to respect the potential in each other;
Our Voices to advocate for those who cannot fight for themselves.
Our Beliefs:
The prevention of adolescent pregnancies is in the best
interest of adolescents, their families and society.
Parents should be the primary sex educators of their children.
The most effective health and sexuality education is
abstinence-first, age-appropriate and comprehensive.
The use of research-proven curricula and programs will
reduce adolescent pregnancy.
Communities play a key role in reducing adolescent pregnancy.
Youth should be recognized as assets and involved as equal
partners in all aspects of prevention activities in their
The prevention of adolescent pregnancies will improve the
health and economic prosperity of South Carolina.
2008 Annual Report.indd 2
9/4/08 2:59:31 PM
Our Staff
Forrest L. Alton, MSPH, CHES - Executive Director
Gwen K. Baker - Deputy Director of Operations
Cayci S. Banks - Director of Communications
Jeannette Barton - Conference & Training Coordinator
Suzan D. Boyd, DrPH - Executive Consultant
Kim Butler - Research and Evaluation Specialist
Zenica Chatman, MMC - Public Awareness Associate
Bernetta D. Cooper - Senior Associate, Education and Training
Tina Devlin, MPH, CHES - Health Education Specialist
Jennifer Duffy, MA - Evaluation Coordinator
Shannon Flynn, MSW - Director of Research and Evaluation
Sarah Huggins, MPH, CHES - Technical Assistance and Research Data Associate
Erin Johnson, MPH, CHES - Education Manager
Jennifer Kahn, Ph.D. - Senior Grants and Development Consultant
E. Michelle Thomas Nimmons, LBSW, CGS, CGC - Senior Program Consultant
Polly Edwards Padgett - Director of Technical Assistance
Lashanda Palmer, MSW - Grants and Development Specialist
Mary Prince, Ph.D., MPH - Senior Research Consultant
Linda Robinson - Contraceptive Consultant
Schrendria Robinson - Health Education Specialist
Chris Rollison - CDC/Technical Assistance Coordinator
Carol Singletary - Outreach Coordinator
Kenya Smith - Office Manager/Executive Assistant
Tina Torres - Accounting and Human Resources Coordinator
Taylor Wilson - Technical Assistance Associate
2008 Annual Report.indd 3
9/4/08 2:59:32 PM
A Year of Growth
was recently going through photo
albums and came across a picture
of my daughters at the beach.
Taken about 15 years ago, they look
so small! Now they are off to college.
Watching them grow up was a great
joy, but having them as adult friends is
even more wonderful.
I often have that feeling as I look at
the SC Campaign to Prevent Teen
Pregnancy. I am amazed at the growth
this organization has experienced.
As you read this report I hope you
will feel the same sense of pride and
accomplishment that our Board of
Directors does. The reduction in teen
pregnancies in our state has been
nothing short of amazing. The staff continues to add highly qualified
professionals to assist with programs in every county in our state. We
have become the organization that policy makers and media outlets turn
to for valid, up-to-date, proven information. In short, the SC Campaign is
growing up!
The growth in the organization is not just in the improved numbers. As
a more mature organization we are able to raise more mature questions
about how we, as an organization and as a state, can continue to address
the serious problems facing our teens. No longer will we settle for what
feels good, but rather what research shows is working. No longer are
we content to rest on the past, but rather go to great lengths to identify
the challenges ahead. It will take the work of all of us to continue the
positive changes we have begun to see in South Carolina.
On behalf of the Board of Directors I want to express our appreciation for
the leadership of our staff and their hard work; and also to the multitude
of citizens who have grown up with the organization and who are making
a difference in the lives of our youth. It has been an amazing adventure,
but the real fun is just beginning!
Every 58 Minutes A
South Carolina
Teen Gets
Board of Directors
Rev. Don Flowers, Jr.
Carol E. Burdette
Lynne B. Ford
Michael Stout, M.D.
Elizabeth Barry, MPH
Susan A. Brill
Judy Davis, J.D.
Lilly Filler, M.D.
Marcous D. Gardner
Rozalynn Goodwin
Joan Johnakin
Janice Key, M.D.
Lori Lyles, M.D.
Wendy Nance
Erica Grace Powell
Monnie Singleton, M.D.
Molly Talbot-Metz, MPH, CHES
Rev. Don Flowers, Jr., Chair
Grant Warren, M.D.
Jessalyn Wynn Story
2008 Annual Report.indd 4
9/4/08 2:59:33 PM
Keeping Our Promises
ne of the true joys of being the Executive Director of the South
Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy is that I am afforded
the opportunity to be a storyteller. Many of my days are spent
traveling around South Carolina and throughout the nation recounting the
amazing accomplishments of our talented staff. Perusing this year’s Annual
Report brings a similar sense of pride as we reflect on our contributions and
investment in our state’s most valuable resource – young people.
Throughout the Annual Report you will see mention of the Campaign’s Four
Organizational Promises. I hope you will agree that we are keeping our
promise(s) to you and the thousands of providers our organization touches
across South Carolina annually. Over the past decade plus, the Campaign has
established itself as the key leader and quality resource for comprehensive,
science-based teen pregnancy prevention efforts. As a part of this work we
promise to:
Communicate: our office is located in Columbia, but the real work we do
happens in communities throughout the state. It is our vow to communicate
with and listen to parents, providers, key leaders and community members throughout South Carolina to gain an
increased understanding of local needs and assets.
Customize: accordingly the communication that happens only has value if it is followed by action. We promise
to customize approaches to teen pregnancy prevention that combine the very best research and evidence-based
approaches with the unique fabric of every community we serve.
Build Capacity: the Campaign has changed a great deal since its inception in 1994 but one thing has remained
constant—our unprecedented effort to increase the capacity of community members (parents, youth serving
organizations, school staff, faith leaders and youth) to address the complex issue of teen pregnancy.
Commit: teen pregnancy rates in our state and across the nation have decreased dramatically for the past 15
years. However, recent trends in teen sexual activity, other health indicators and the national teen birth rate are
cause for concern. The Campaign understands the need to be committed and fully invested for the long term.
My hope is that as you read this Annual Report you will do two things. First, take time to reflect on the
awesome progress that has been made in reducing teen pregnancy in South Carolina. Second, and perhaps most
importantly, understand that there is still much work to be done. The Campaign has made a commitment to the
long term and to achieving further reductions in teen pregnancy – I hope you will join us!
Forrest L. Alton, MSPH, CHES
Executive Director
2008 Annual Report.indd 5
9/4/08 2:59:33 PM
Capacity Building
What Others Have to Say:
“Training I receive from the SC Campaign
equips me with the necessary skills to
incorporate new and innovative approaches with
the youth in my program.”
“As a new employee to this field, the trainings
were inspiring, interesting, knowledgeable, and
just simply outstanding.”
“The Campaign’s workshops are refreshing...
they provide excellent tips I can use with my own
“The trainings inspire me to go above and
beyond with my lesson plans in conducting
challenging activities.”
“I always enjoy the professional and efficient
trainings put on by the SC Campaign.”
The Campaign’s Education Department
continued its hard work in 2007-2008! Highlights of a very successful year include:
45 education, training, and networking events.
Over 1,000 youth-serving professionals reached from non-profit, governmental,
and faith-based agencies and schools.
3,200 continuing education units (CEU) and networking hours awarded.
17 highly-qualified professionals admitted into the Adolescent Pregnancy
Prevention Certificate Program co-sponsored by the University of South Carolina.
2008 Annual Report.indd 6
9/4/08 2:59:40 PM
Creating Change Through
Leadership and Innovation
Summer Institute 2008 was
highly successful.
Highlights include:
Just over 400 participants attended the 9th Annual Summer Institute held for
the first time in Greenville, SC.
Attendees were offered four keynote presentations, 48 breakout sessions
and 11 half-day workshops. Topics ranged from reading and understanding
research articles, to grandparents raising grandchildren, to putting the “men”
back into mentoring.
Conference highlights included an inspirational reflection from a former teen
mother, highly-rated keynote addresses by Coach Ken Carter, inspiration for
the movie Coach Carter; Leonard Pitts; Laura Sessions-Stepp; and closing
keynote by Victoria Rowell, former foster child turned actress.
More than 3 out of 4 participants reported that SI was equal to or better than
other conferences they attend.
94% of participants said they would recommend SI to their friends and
-SI 2008 Participant
2008 Annual Report.indd 7
9/4/08 2:59:43 PM
Commitment to Research
The Campaign received funding from 13 federal,
state or local organizations/foundations to improve
the delivery of research-proven approaches to teen
pregnancy prevention in school and community
A grant from the BlueCross BlueShield of South
Carolina Foundation will inform the design of a
pregnancy prevention model for 18 – 19 year old
emerging adults - a population that represents over 2/3
of all teen pregnancies in South Carolina.
South Carolina is one of only 9 states in the country
to receive funding from the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention to increase use of the “Getting
to Outcomes” model. Initial data collected from
nine strategically selected partner sites is shown in
the following graph. The Campaign will work over
the length of the grant to ensure that all nine sites
increase their use of the GTO model and science based
The Campaign distributed more than 35,000 fact sheets
in South Carolina.
The Campaign hired Shannon Flynn as Director of Research and
Evaluation. She previously served as the Director of Planning
and Policy Analysis for the New York City Department for the
Aging. Formerly Deputy Director of Management Evaluation
and Analysis at the Department of Homeless Services, Flynn’s
knowledge of program evaluation and strategic planning are
sure to be an asset! Mary Prince, past Director of Research, has
transitioned into a consultant role for the Campaign.
Use of Science-Based Approaches
Number of Local Programs
The p
Conducted a
Detailed Logic
programs with
to Improve
Customized Technical Assistance.
The Technical Assistance
Department strives to build capacity of local programs to apply research and training of teen pregnancy prevention into
practical application with local communities. This goal is accomplished through various strategies: Mini Grants, Technical
Assistance Contacts (phone, email and online discussion boards), Site Visits, Resource Library, Scholarships and Regional
Mini Grants: With funding from the Department of Social Services, the Campaign awarded over $143,000 in mini grants.
Programs representing 16 counties received mini-grants to implement research-proven, science-based approaches including
sex education curriculum and peer norm projects. Counties included: Aiken, Anderson, Cherokee, Charleston, Clarendon,
Dillon, Edgefield, Hampton, Kershaw, Newberry, Orangeburg, Richland, Spartanburg, Sumter, Williamsburg and York.
These mini grants served a total of 400 youth and 118 adults in South Carolina.
Assistance from the SC Campaign is 100%. They provide excellent trainings, workshops, and knowledge on how to clearly
implement science-based approaches. The Campaign provides the much-needed knowledge for successful programming. - Mini Grant Recipient 2007-2008
Contacts: 80 programs received an average number of eight contact hours of Technical Assistance (see chart for TA Strategies).
Technical Assistance Strategies
Materials Distributed
Site Visits
Scholarships: $14,786 in training scholarships were awarded to 19
counties in order to build capacity in science-based approaches.
Special Initiatives: Technical Assistance efforts expanded to
include several special initiatives to further explore techniques for
local communities to prevent teen pregnancy:
• March of Dimes Adolescent Health Services for four local teen
health facilities to gain greater understanding of how to better
serve and retain adolescent patients.
• Peer Norm Campaigns at three local high schools; Newberry,
Wade Hampton and Crescent to address the misperception of
sexual activity among underclassmen.
2008 Annual Report.indd 8
9/4/08 2:59:43 PM
One Voice
Brandon, 15
One Voice can be strong.
Strong enough to get across,
The point that teen pregnancy really costs.
One voice can tell,
Those people who might not know it well,
The problems that teen pregnancy entails.
One voice can show,
What their parents already know,
That parenting is not as easy as they show.
The Public Awareness Department received over 200 entries for the 2008 Teen
Expressions contest; three exemplary teens - Brandon Howard from Barnwell,
Shanace Isaac from Allendale, and Asia Pegues from Cheraw - all received the
top honor.
One voice can make them think,
About whether or not they are on the brink,
Of throwing their life out of sync.
172 billboards were displayed in 30 counties across the state as part of Teen
Pregnancy Prevention Month (May). Billboards featured a “Stay Teen”
campaign encouraging kids to stay focused on their future. (See above).
That voice can come from anyone.
My friend you could be the one.
May activities also included the first annual Road Show. While visiting 19
counties and holding more than 40 events, staff of the Campaign directly
impacted more than 1,200 people and through media efforts delivered
messages of teen pregnancy prevention to another 1.2 million. Photos of the
Road Show are below.
Redesign of the Campaign’s website, www.teenpregnancysc.org, brought an
average of 2,300 visitors each month.
Media efforts landed the Campaign 23 television, 9 radio, and 35 newspaper
appearances reaching more than 4.8 million people. Media outlets included such
stations as WIS, WLTX, and WACH in Columbia; The State, Florence Morning
News and Greenville News newspapers; On Point radio program with Cynthia
Pryor Hardy; and the nationally syndicated Armstrong Williams Show.
One voice can make them see,
How hard it will be,
Having a baby as a teen.
Tears of a Teenage Mother
Asia, 17
Forrest &
Senator Linda Short
Winning entries from Teen Expressions 2008
Forrest with Senator
John Courson
2008 Annual Report.indd 9
9/4/08 2:59:49 PM
Thank You For Your Support!
Grants & Contributions Received from July 1, 2007 - June 30, 2008
Champion: $10,000 and Above
Contributor: Up to $249
BlueCross BlueShield of SC
BlueCross BlueShield of SC Foundation
Dr. Suzan D. Boyd and M. Edward Sellers
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
March of Dimes
Mary Black Foundation
Merck & Company, Inc.
Palmetto Health
SC Department of Education
SC Department of Health and Environmental
SC Department of Social Services
SC Health and Human Services
William A. Ard
Noel Bailey
Gwen Baker
J. Elizabeth Barry
Jeannette Barton
Rochelle R. Belka
Reuben S. Bennett
Debra Brown
Winthrop and Sarah Brown
Patrice L. Bryant
Kimberly Butler
Clothilde M. Cammarata
Dr. Michael A. Carrera
ShaQuanda L. Charles
Megan Conklin
Bernetta Cooper
Sara J. Corwin
Carol R. Courtenay
Kevin Dailey
Tina Devlin
Jennifer Duffy
Inesha G. Faber
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Ferlauto
Lisa W. Franklin
Lee A. Fryland
Dwan A. Gathers
Alonsha D. Gibbs
Rozalynn B. Goodwin
Perkayja M. Gray
Clara H. Heinsohn
Keisha A. Holliday
Shanel James
Valerie Jones
Jennifer Kahn
Stephen M. Klejka
Quentin T. Lee
Djaris Mack
Debra McSweeney
Erica Nelson
Polly Edwards Padgett
Alexander Perry
Mary Ellen Ramos
Albert Richardson
Dale L. Rish
James H. Robinson
Marline Robinson
Walter C. Robinson
Devonia E. Salley
David E. Schindler
Corey Schmidt
Ann Seindler
Laura G. Shah
Coretta Simmons
Ashley Smith
Kenya Smith
Raghavendran Srinivasan
Kama J. Staton
Dean and Terri Stokes
Dr. Sharon H. Thompson
Jacqueline Thornton
Tina Torres
Meghan B. Truluck
Ann M. Ward
Felicia Wesley
Pace Setter: $5,000-$9,999
Spartanburg County Foundation
Spartanburg Regional Healthcare
System Foundation
United Way of the Piedmont
Leader: $1,000-$4,999
Jerry and Judy Davis
Doctor’s Care
Smith Family Fund
Marcous Gardner
Linda G. Ketner
State Department of Education - SC Healthy
Dr. Grant Warren
Friend: $250-$999
Arthur and Ula Alton
Forrest L. Alton
Cayci S. Banks
Mayor William Barnet, III
Alan and Susan Brill
Coleman Ureeda
Ginger R. Foley
Geiger O’Cain
Susan W. Simons and John B. Hagerty
Alanson B. Houghton
Joan D. Johnakin
Ivan Juzang
Lori Lyles
Matrix Consulting
Duncan S. McIntosh
Anne Darby Parker
Charles and Celeste Patrick
Robert V. Royall
James L. Sacco
Carol Singletary
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Stout
Gregory Taste
James R. Walker
Vanetta W. White
Flemon Williams
April R. Worley
Paul C. Zenk
Murray L. Vincent Memorial
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Andrews
Gordon and Sandra Boyd
Dr. and Mrs. Shawn Chillag
Joseph and Rachel Etherington
John F. Folley
Friends at Bureau of Environmental Health
Rachel D. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. S. Jackson Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Jarrett
Joan Kuipers
Sam and Karen Lake
Joyce Larrison
Ms. Catherine Long
Robert and Mylla Markland
HG and PM Merriman
Nancy Hunter Padgett
A. Cynthia Poole and Karin Pahnke
Mary W. Prioleau
Margaret B. Reese
Riverbanks ONS
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Sakellarios
SC Association for the Advancement of Health Education
Bernie L. Shealy
Dr. Ann C. Slater
Sandy Streater
Douglas J. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. John Ureda
Frank and Winona Vernberg
Wayne E. Vincent
Michal and Jay Youngflesh
James H. Youngflesh
2008 Annual Report.indd 10
9/4/08 2:59:49 PM
Join our other supporters by indicating your level of investment.
Please return form in the enclosed envelope or visit www.teenpregnancysc.org to make your donation online.
Thank you in advance for your support of our efforts.
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$10,000 and above
CHAMPION donors will be listed as the title sponsor of an upcoming workshop or keynote presentation at the SC Campaign’s Annual Summer Institute attended by over 500 professionals from South Carolina and surrounding states.
$5,000 – $9,999
Allows for the SC Campaign to continue bringing the best and brightest scholars and
presenters in the field to South Carolina to assist with ongoing work. PACE SETTERS
will be listed as a sponsor of an upcoming SC Campaign workshop.
$1,000 - $4,999
Allows for the SC Campaign to build capacity through onsite technical assistance and training. LEADERS are recognized on one SC Campaign publication annually
(i.e. Teen Expressions).
$250 - $999
Allows for the SC Campaign to offer scholarships to local providers who might not
otherwise be able to attend training events.
All donors who give at the Friend level or above will be recognized in our new
state-of-the-art training room.
Up to $249
All donations help prevent teen pregnancy. If you are unable to donate at an indicated level, please note your level of contribution here. Contributors will be recognized in our Annual Report.
Please follow up with me about volunteering and getting more involved in teen
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South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
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