Vacation Bible School - Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

The Trinity Trumpet
Church Office 480-963-4127
Pastor Leroy Rehrer
June 2015
Pastor Scott Thompson
Summer Worship 8:30 & 10:00
Nursery provided 8:30 am—11:00
Caring & Sharing in the Community
Summer Worship Schedule begins Sunday, May 24th
Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend
8:30am traditional worship
10:00am praise worship
Vacation Bible School
June 8th-12th
Grades—Preschool thru
Fifth Grade (something
NEW for 4th & 5th Grade)
Cost—$15 per youth or
$25 per family
Worship With Us
8:30 am (Communion on 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month).
10:00am (Communion every Sunday).
June 7th—Pentecost 10—ELW Communion
June 14th—Pentecost 11—WOV Service of the Word
June 21st—Pentecost 12—Haugen “Now the Feast”
June 28th—Pentecost 13—ELW Service of the Word
Pastor Scott begins his sabbatical leave in June.
Dear Holy Trinity Members and Friends,
It’s happening again! Pastor Scott Thompson will be on sabbatical leave June1 through
August 31, 2015.
As Pastor Lee defined for us last year; sabbaticals are renewal periods for our rostered
leaders – times when they can step away from worship planning, sermon preparation, administrative duties, organizational demands, teaching, meetings and pastoral care – and
into a time for intentional exploration and reflection for renewing enthusiasm, creativity, and commitment for ministry.
To make sure Pastor Scott is able to take full advantage of his renewal time, it is critical that Pastor Scott not be contacted
or called during his sabbatical. Pastor Lee, the church council, staff and committees will continue to provide support and
leadership for our congregation. And although we will miss Pastor Scott’s presence, our ministry will continue and thrive
because of our own shared commitment to this faith community and with the help of some gifted guest preacher.
Pastor Scott’s sabbatical is centered on the theme of goodness, mercy and harmony. The promised Healthy Initiatives
Groups have been established and are running strong. There is the hiking group, the recipe sharing group and the Taste of
the World group which explores different cultures through cuisine. We encourage you to join one of these groups or start a
group of your own centered on the theme of healthy living.
Pastor Scott has provided us with an overview of his sabbatical travels with a webpage at https:// Feel free to check it frequently to keep up with his activities. If you have further
questions, please contact me, Pastor Lee or a member of the church council. Together we will experience a three month
period rich in revitalizing discoveries.
Linae Stoner
Church Council President
A Message from the Church Council
Regarding Holy Trinity’s Pastors officiating at weddings
After months of prayerful discernment informed by the gospel, our congregation’s mission statement, conversations among church members and friends, and our desire that Holy Trinity be a
place where all are welcome, the church council affirms that: Holy Trinity’s Pastors, by their call,
shall continue to officiate at weddings. At their discretion they may officiate at both traditional
and same-gender weddings in our sanctuary and in other locations in the community.
Dear Members and Friends of Holy Trinity,
About a year ago your church’s Staff and Council decided to convene a Listening Team as a way of gathering information regarding Faith Formation in kids
and adults. With the goal of exploring the mission of Holy Trinity’s youth and
family ministry, to deepen the faith of our children and youth to serve God and
our neighbors, the team facilitated several events and opportunities for you to
share your likes, dislikes, hopes, values and more. You may remember the survey you filled out last September in worship, the Summit Event led by Peggy
Hahn, director of LEAD, in October, focus groups in late 2014, and the most recent gathering of parents with grade-school age children in April. The information you shared at these events and other ways has yielded much about the
good things that are going on here at HT. But, we heard about some concerns for children and families not
growing deeply in faith. Finally, many of you asked for new opportunities of sharing and growing faith within our church community to be considered.
The Listening Team submitted its report to the church Staff and Council in May. You can read the
full report online at In brief, the Team has made three
recommendations as follows:
Holy Trinity should develop a way for children, youth, and families to enjoy worshiping together.
Holy Trinity should consider augmenting Sunday School to provide opportunities for all ages to worship and
learn together– either intergenerationally or in age groups – to “practice” what is highlighted in worship.
Holy Trinity should find ways to not only serve but to build relationships with individuals and organizations in the community.
Supporting ideas and suggestions are found in the report which, again, can be found at
The newly formed Faith Formation Council as well as the Church Council and Staff will be considering ways
for these recommendations to be explored and implemented.
The Listening team thanks you for your support. May God continue to bless us all in many ways.
Pastor Scott Thompson
Welcome New Members!
Phyllis Bromley
1021 S. Greenfield Rd. #1158
Mesa, AZ 85206
Tom & Bobbie Fishburn
705 N Longmore St
Chandler, AZ 85224
Elizabeth Campbell
Alicia Michael
705 N Longmore St
Chandler, AZ 85224
Men on the Mountain
June 25—28
Contact Emil Gaumont at 480-650-8280 for more information.
Don’t Miss It!
5th Sunday, May 31st
Bring cases of water for the homeless And School Supplies for the Chandler
Operation Back to School
(backpacks, pens, pencils, Highlighters, index cards, crayons, construction paper, rulers, markers, glue sticks and notebooks)
Summer Bible Study
Pastor Bernie Carl will teach a Bible study
on the 1st and 3rd Thursday evenings in
June, July and August from 6 to 7 pm.
To all who came to spruce up the
Church Campus in April
Hidden Treasures Thrift Store
610 N. Alma School Suite 30 Chandler, AZ 85224
Hours 9 – 4 Monday – Saturday
9 - 6 P.M. Thursdays
Like us on Facebook
Our mission is to turn gently used items into dollars
to do God’s work in our community
The Thrift Store Board met in early May to give away money, always fun. Each of the founding churches received
$2,000 in addition to several other non-profit organizations. Your donations, shopping and volunteers hours made
this possible! Thank you!!!
Mr. Pollack is refreshing the Waterfall Shopping Plaza. You will see new paint, new stoneware around the main
pillars and a sign on the road. It is looking great! Thank you, Mr. Pollack.
Looking for activities for your children this summer? Our crafts area has a variety of items, including some just
for children. In our Book Nook, you can find children’s books, activity books (including Math, ABC activities and
phonics books). We also usually have flash cards for math and phonics. Our children’s section has a variety of
games and puzzles, in addition to toys. Check out the Children’s area for water fun.
Donations needed: Boys Clothes, pet supplies, books, kitchen items including spoon, forks and knives. Women’s
tops, scrubs and maternity clothes.
Enjoy your summer activities.
Women’s Ministries of
Women of all ages, coming together to connect
through fellowship, support and spiritual
Join Us
July 7th
at 7:00 pm
in classroom A
for a little PMS!
Popcorn, Movie and Sharing, of course!
Beverages provided
Join Us
Wednesday, June 10th
& Wednesday, August 12th
at 7:00 pm in classroom A
for game night
Please bring $5.00 for prize money
As always snacks & beverages are provided
June 10th game night
July 7th movie night
June 28th- Secret Sisters
Aug. 12th game night
Women’s Ministries meets the first Thursday of each month at 6 pm . Please join us!
Chandler CARE Food
June 2015
9:00 am AA
7:00 pm NA
6:15 am Men’s Breakfast
9:30 am AlAnon
7:30 pm AA
9:00 am AA
7:00 pm NA
6:30 pm Prayer Shawl
6:15 am Men’s Breakfast
9:30 am AlAnon
7:30 pm AA
9:00 am AA
7:00 pm NA
6:30 pm Prayer Shawl
6:15 am Men’s Breakfast
9:30 am AlAnon
10:00 am Staff Meeting
5:30 pm OA
7:00 pm CA
7:30 pm AA
5:30 pm OA
7:00 am NA
7:30 pm AA
6:30 pm Prayer Shawl
Vacation Bible School 6-8 pm
5:30 pm OA
7:00 pm Council Meeting
7:00 am NA
7:30 pm AA
10:00 am Staff Meeting
5:30 pm OA
7:00 pm CA
5:30 pm OA
7:00 am NA
7:30 pm AA
6:30 pm Prayer Shawl
6:15 am Men’s Breakfast
9:30 am AlAnon
9:00 am AA
7:00 pm NA
Men on the Mountain
10:00 am Staff Meeting
5:30 pm OA
7:00 pm CA
7:30 pm AA
5:30 pm OA
7:00 am NA
7:30 pm AA
10:00 am Staff Meeting
5:30 pm OA
7:00 pm CA
5:30 pm OA
7:00 am NA
7:30 pm AA
Worship Teams
June 2015
Ushers: 8:30 Tom Tennison, Loren & Ann Schieber, David Timmerman
10:00 Diane Rymer, Richard Anderson & Pete Barton
Readers (R) & Communion Servers (C)
June 7th
Tracy Lemons - RC
Kim Butler - C
Ruth Bartling - C
Morris Bartling - C
Sharon Reese - RC
Jo Mellage - C
June 14th
Christine Halvorson - R
Kismet Weiss - RC
Tish Dirks- C
June 21st
Mark Furrey - RC
Barb Carl - C
Bernie Carl - C
Ed Gielow - C
Marlene Gielow - C
Christine Halvorson - RC
June 28th
Val Rehrer - R
Sharon Gilbert - RC
Assisting Ministers
June 7th
June 14th
June 21st
June 28th
Dan Moellering
Dan Meyer
Donna Anderson
Kathleen Lotz
Coffee Servers
June 7th
June 14th
June 21st
June 28th
Robert Stagger
Don & Dorothy Browning
Paulina Ullmer/Carolyn Price
Tom & Donna Tennison
Cookie Contributors
June 7th
June 14th
Dan & Joy Meyer
June 21st
Carolyn Price
June 28th
Dale & Kristen Schell
Phil & Teri Smithers
Sharon Gilbert/Jo Mellage
Tonya & Amanda Gapen
Thank you to ALL the teachers who gave their
time this Sunday school year!
The last day of Sunday school was May 10th—
Sunday school will resume September 13th—
Have a great Summer and see you in Church...
Vacation Bible School
Ages: 3 years thru 5th Grade
Cost: $15 per person or $25 per family
Time: 6p-8p
More info—contact Becky Howardell or Darcy Mittelstaedt
Something new for 4th-5th Grade
May 17th
Affirmation of Baptism at 10:45 a.m.
Confirming 7 youth
6th, 7th & 8th Graders
Campfirmation at Tonto Rim Camp near Payson, AZ the week of June 28th-July 3rd
Cost is $195 per camper
Chantal Andazola—Daughter of Ray & Heidi Andazola
Graduating from: Chandler High School
College: Chandler/Gilbert Community College
Major/Minor: Physical Therapy
Noah Brown—Son of Amy Wahlgren-Brown & Steve Brown
Graduating from: Hamilton High School
College: Chandler/Gilbert Community College/ASU
Major/Minor: Business
Allison Leitner —Granddaughter of Bob & Becky Leitner
Graduating from: Chandler High School
College: EVIT
Major/Minor: Veterinary Tech
Hannah Valentine—Daughter of Dan & Paula Hagen
Graduating from: Hamilton High School
College: University of South Dakota
Major/Minor: Psychology
Sr. High Youth
9th-12th Grade
$300 per person
Thousand Oaks, CA
Disneyland, Beach,
Oxnard Food Bank
June 2015
Music Ministry
Summer’s here! We wish you safe travels wherever you roam. While you’re vacationing
with your family, teach them a song you enjoy! It will be a life-long memory! And when
you’re in town, come and worship with your church family!
June 7
June 14
June 21
June 28
Please welcome Dan Moellering, Dolores Furrey and Kathleen Lotz this
morning, playing Jack Schrader’s arrangement of the stately hymn “Great is Thy Faithfulness,” accompanied by Gayle Riggert-Harris. Thanks, all of you, for your music this
morning! (Note: Josh and Kathleen Lotz will be moving later this summer, as Kathleen
continues her seminary studies. We wish you both godspeed!)
Welcome some of our church’s children this morning to sing! After our week-long Vacation Bible School program, Everest! They will sing the well-known camp song “Do
Lord!” with us today. This song may have antebellum (post-Civil War) roots and ties
to American spirituals, but it actually gained popularity in the 1920s, as people and music moved northward from the American South. Many of us learned this song at a Bible
camp, or as part of our Sunday School programs. Sing out! J
The gospel lesson is about Jesus calming the stormy Sea of Galilee, and this morning
Donna Anderson will sing “The Calm at the Center of My Storm,” a country western ballad by Paul Overstreet. Overstreet left the bayou country of Mississippi in 1968 to
pursue a career in country music. He was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of
Fame in 2003. Overstreet is also a committed Christian humanitarian, donating his time
and money to helping those in need both here and abroad as part of the organization
Samaritan’s Purse. Thanks for your music today, Donna, and its reminder that Jesus is always with us in the storms of life.
Plans are still in process…keep in touch for more information!
FYI: While our choirs are enjoying their summer hiatus, we are
busy crafting praise teams for our 10am worship services, and recruiting musicians to present anthems at our 8:30am worship services this summer. Let our musicians know you appreciate their
faithfulness this summer with those magical words, “Thank you!”
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
739 West Erie Street
Chandler, AZ 85225
Published by Holy Trinity Lutheran Church,
Grand Canyon Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Among us —-Those who have been in our prayers this past month.
Please pray for: Illness: Jerry van West; Elaine Olson; David Ehle; Eleanor Munson; Carol Knudson;
Jill Maggard; Dan & Paula Hagen’s friend, Rebekah; Diane Rymer’s friend, Keisha Bollen; Joanne Ehle;
Cheryl Owen’s friend, Nina; Joanne Ehle; Michele Heath; Karen Scott’s daughter, Linda Crouch; Jerry
Christiansen; Jacky Limke; Carolyn Brown; Gary Baker’s cousin Denise Holihan; Carolan Quenneville;
Amanda Tarver’s stepmother-in-law Nancy; Vern Raveling; Pat and Carmen Serio; their son Ross;
Liz Black; Carolan Quenneville- sister-in Law Kathy Quenneville ; Ordean Mattson.
Surgery: Marlene Marxman’s great grandson, Tucker Miller; Ron Rehrer; Diane Rymer’s cousin,
Dick Rymer; Marilyn Zeller’s friend, Maudie; Marilyn Moore; The Buechler’s friend, Wendy;
Chuck Janacek; : DeDe Buechler; Ann Schieber friend, Barb Rice. Carolyn Searls.
Grief: Jeri Pfeilsticker & Carolyn Searls following the death of their brother-in-law, Carl Osgood; Jon McCoy following the
death of his wife, Beverley; Nancy Weeks & family following the death of her mother; Don Wicke & family following the
death of his sister, Bonnie Mohling; Tonya Gapen & family following the death of her mother, Peggy Sharits; Jeanne
Moorhead’s relatives, the Sarazin family following the death of their son, Keith; The Cassen family following the death of
Carol Cassen’s; Rhona and Robert McCanless and family.
Other: The Buechler’s friend, Steve Scott;
Congratulations to:
Marlene Marxman on her granddaughter’s graduation from Basha High School and EVIT, where she
received a CNA Award.
Reminder: The next newsletter deadline is June 10th by 9:00 am.