Issue 15 / OCTOBER-NOVEMBER 2013
The continuing development
of our island
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Strengthen your body
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Halloween visits Kids’ Corner
ine i
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A great hike from Mui Wo to Discovery Bay
to burn those calories!
Find out what’s happening around Lantau Island
What to wear, watch, read, use and splurge on!
Multi-currency loans
Dental health for the whole family
BOO! It’s Halloween
Fruit sticks and bug biscuits
Crafty Keira shows us how to make a pen holder
Music and learning
Strengthen your body for birth and beyond
Flavours of the Philippines
Get out, get busy
Recapping Lantau’s past events
Some fun snaps from around Lantau
JoElle points us in the right direction
for a spooky Halloween
A look at the latest developments around Lantau Island
Protection, education, love and support for
the children of Kathmandu
Four women become their own bosses
Local community members share their views
on what’s happening on Lantau Island
Veronica Chan
We find the answers to your questions
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Autumn is here! What a great time of year it is. The cooler days and lower
humidity bring great opportunities to get out and have some outdoor fun. In
this issue, we give you some ideas on ways to enjoy the beauty of this island,
have fun, and keep fit – all at the same time! Turn to page 28 for Jamie’s
outdoor exercise tips.
For some, October marks the beginning of their favourite time of year for
another reason. Halloween! There are events happening all over Lantau
Island to celebrate this unique and interesting tradition, so dress up the
kids (and yourselves) and head out for some spooky fun. Our fabulous cover
photo was kindly provided by Hong Kong Disneyland, who are offering a
“Scream-No-More Challenge” to those brave enough to try.
Lantau Island is growing and changing before our eyes. In this issue, we
explore the development projects underway across the island, and take a
look at how these may affect us, the residents. Turn to page 6 for more.
We receive so many fabulous letters from our readers with their comments
about the magazine and about issues concerning all of us here on Lantau
Island. This issue we’re thrilled to introduce our new “Share Your View”
section, where we share these letters with our community. We’d love to hear
from you about your views, concerns or opinions – or maybe you just want to
share with us how great life is on Lantau. See page 37 for details.
Don’t forget to enter our Giveaways competition on page 8 – there are some
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All eyes on Lantau
With hotels, roads and
r e s id e ntial e s tat e s
springing up across
Lantau, are our quirky
i s land comm u niti e s
b e ing
thr e at e n e d
by slick marketable
developments? Teagan
Miller investigates for
Life on Lantau.
By Teagan Miller
With highland peaks and seaside communities, excellent beaches
with surf, and free-roaming water buffalo, Lantau has always
enjoyed a reputation of being Hong Kong Island’s more laid back
and outdoor-loving neighbour.
While only a 30-minute ferry ride or short MTR trip away from
Central, for the last couple of decades expats and Hongkongers
have taken up residence on Lantau in a bid to step away from
hectic lives spent running between tightly packed skyscrapers
in the busy centre of Hong Kong. Yet while Hong Kong’s secondlargest island still revels in a relatively scarce number of high-rise
residential developments compared to Hong Kong Island and
Kowloon, there is no denying the urban landscape has started to
change at an increasingly rapid pace over the past few years.
So what’s going on? Perhaps the best place to start is on
Lantau’s north-western corner: at the airport, to which most of
the developments can be traced back. Hong Kong International
Airport at Chek Lap Kok was completed in 1998 and since then
economic development has started trickling out across the island.
In the same year the Tung Chung MTR line opened, providing a
link between Central and the airport. Predictably, those previously
remote villages that now touched the commuter route grew –
quickly. The once quiet village around Tung Chung Wan quickly
became a new town and is today home to just under 80,000
people located in 30- to 50-storey high-rise housing estates
and condominiums including the popular Tung Chung Crescent,
Seaview Crescent, Coastal Skyline and Caribbean Coast.
Yet the development plans don’t stop there. Far from it. The local
population is set to more than double under government plans
to turn Tung Chung into an airport city and to help alleviate Hong
Kong’s space shortage, largely using reclaimed land.
According to the Hong Kong Territory Development Department,
Tung Chung is being developed in four phases with a target
population of 250,000 people. Indeed, the newly opened North
Lantau Hospital is indicative of plans to increase the population to
100,000 by 2019. Public housing occupants are expected to account
for a majority of the population growth and it is these residents
who are in fact disappointed with the speed of development of
transportation links, job opportunities and community facilities
in the district.
With a number of large-scale infrastructure projects near Tung
Chung, including the Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macao Bridge (HZMB),
Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities (HKBCF), and the
Highway Department’s Hong Kong Link Road (HKLR) and Tuen
Mun–Chek Lap Kok Link (TM–CLK), all to be completed as early
as 2016, authorities are clearly building on the potential to develop
Tung Chung into a regional commercial and tourism node and to
bring more jobs to the local community given its strategic location.
The signs of a thriving tourist destination are already present.
Anyone familiar with Tung Chung knows that daily busloads
of largely mainland tourists stop off at Tung Chung Station
(sometimes en route to nearby Disneyland) to visit Citygate Outlets
or to take the 20-minute Ngong Ping 360 cable car journey to visit
Tian Tin, the Big Buddha. The Lantau Economic Development
Alliance, a group of ten business and community organisations,
supports tourism and has suggested that Lantau Island continue
to be developed as a commercial zone to draw mainland tourists
away from crowded Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui.
DBers may soon expect another demographic of visitor.
And yet similar to developments at Tung Chung, DB’s developer
Hong Kong Resorts (HKR) has its eyes on the commuter town’s
housing and tourism potential. In October 2012, HKR launched
the luxury Amalfi apartments. The development is located on the
hill in Yi Pak Bay, directly overlooking the North Plaza and the
Auberge, with stunning views over to Central. It is made up of three
mid-rise blocks of 164 flats, ranging from one to four bedrooms.
Prices range from HK$4.62 million for a 661 square foot flat to
nearly HK$36.5 million for a 2,310 square foot apartment, and
have been pitched to match similar housing prices on other large
infrastructure developments such as in West Kowloon.
In 2012, Thomas Chan (Director of the Public Policy Research
Institute) said that for Tung Chung to become the airport city
it is destined to be, the town will need to offer a business park
with additional buildings and hotels; while existing shopping
malls will need to expand
to accommodate increasing
“I hate to be one of those people who say they don’t
numbers of mainland visitors
like change but Tung Chung is getting much more
arriving via the Hong Kong–
Shenzhen Western Express crowded than when we first moved here. I worry it’s
going to become just like Kowloon and will not be a
railway line, which will link
Tung Chung, the airport and
relaxing place to live.”
cities in Southern China.
Paul Tay, a Tung Chung resident of seven years, says “I hate to
be one of those people who say they don’t like change but Tung
Chung is getting much more crowded than when we first moved
here. I worry it’s going to become just like Kowloon and will not be
a relaxing place to live.”
Another low-rise phase
(equally boutique-looking) and
the much-talked-about steep
“inclined lift” to take residents
directly to the North Plaza are
also nearing completion.
“There has been a lot of
negative talk of the changes around here and while it’s true there
are more tourists, they don’t seem to be using the restaurants or
shops. Yes, it is a little busier but it’s no trouble and really, I think
it’s a good thing,” says Emily Bhat, a Discovery Bay resident of
three years.
This perhaps brings us to Mui Wo, which with just under 6,000
Yet, for many of Lantau’s more southerly residents, what happens
residents is billed as the “busy” gateway to southern Lantau.
in Tung Chung has been of little concern. One of the appeals of
Although developers have been
life on Lantau is that each
moving in fast on Lantau ever
community has existed largely
independent of the others. “There has been a lot of negative talk of the changes since the opening of the airport,
around here and while it’s true there are more
Mui Wo seems to have held onto
Tung Chung has an extremely
different way of life to the tourists, they don’t seem to be using the restaurants its country-loving, bicycle-riding
roots. It’s here where the local
private, gated community of
or shops. Yes, it is a little busier but it’s no trouble
cheap eateries based around
Discovery Bay, which in turn is
and really, I think it’s a good thing.”
the day’s catch remain, the
unrelated to goings-on over at
buffalo still roam free, and the
rural and free-spirited Mui Wo.
Silvermine Hotel seems to
belong to a different era compared to the Auberge.
That may be set to change. Chan called to reduce the isolation not
only between the ongoing key infrastructure developments but
Still, if developments proceed at the pace seen in
also to increase synergy between neighbouring towns. Improbable
the north of the island, Mui Wo’s community may
though that may at first seem, signs of development moving down
see an influx of new residents moving in:
the island are certainly already visible.
the former’s residents escaping the
sleek and marketable chaos of
Discovery Bay’s population of almost 18,000 has been speculating
north Lantau.
as to what changes may come following the opening of Auberge
Discovery Bay, DB’s first hotel, earlier this year.
Already the DB community is used seeing the green Auberge
shuttle buses running visitors between the two plazas and to the
airport on the previously golf buggy-only roads. To date, visitors
at the hotel seem to be largely Hong Kong locals stopping over
for a romantic night, the occasional wedding party, and mainland
families wanting to stay close to Disneyland. However, the hotel
also offers Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions
(MICE) facilities, hoping to tap into the close proximity to AsiaWorld
Expo and the airport. Should demand for these facilities take off,
Just because summer’s gone by, it doesn’t
mean you can stop exercising! The HIT
Room’s five-class package can be used
to attend any of their programs and has
no expiry date. The HIT Room focuses on
functional training and putting intensity
back into your workouts – whether it be
the world fitness phenomenon Les Mills
Bodypump, GRIT Strength and so much
more. Email us with “The Hit Room” in
the subject line for your chance to win!
Need a night away? For your chance to win a relaxing one
night stay in an Ocean Front room for two persons inclusive
of breakfast buffet, email us with “Auberge” in the subject
For your chance to win, just email
Feel like a good laugh and an uplifting story? Then this
is for you! To win one of five Phu Pee Massage books
simply email us with “Massage Book” in subject line.
Henna tattoo, eyebrow, upper and lower lip threading can
be yours! All you need to do is email us with “Henna” in the
subject line.
[email protected]
Entries close 12 Nov 2013. All winners will be notified via email and names will be
published in our December/January issue. Limit of one prize per person and the final
decision is made by Danasha Media Ltd. GOOD LUCK!
Congratulations to our lucky winners from Issue 14:
Rachelle Nicholls, Samuel Kynaston, Kelly Crawford, Vidya Bhardwaj, Marie Fauvin,
Willy Lorenz, K. Sheetal
Wing Shing Interior Design and Decoration Ltd.
StĂrt Ă conversĂƟon
with us!
/ŶŝƟĂů discussion
Interested to
know more!
Project CompůeƟon!
InspecƟon by cůient
PhysicĂů works
Concept design
ConĮrm quotĂƟon
& signĐŽŶƚƌĂĐƚ
Project Implementation Flowchart
DetĂiů design
The flowchart here
summarises our working
procedures. Through a
comprehensive project
management system, the
project can be monitored
closely to ensure the quality
of works.
During the daily discussion
with our clients, we will also
contribute value management
ideas in order to achieve
From the above, we trust that
you will have confidence to
our works.
Our designers will take care the needs of our clients, we would
also provide the below services:
Local Materials Tour
Regular Progress Report and Construction Schedule
Special Offer in Materials Procurement
Special Offer in Air Conditioner, Kitchen Appliance,
Sanitary Appliance of selected brand
Enquiry /Quotation :
Rocky Ng
(+852) 5403 0363
[email protected]
Shop 236, 1/F TBG Mall Tak Bo Garden,
3 Ngau Tau Kok Road, Kowloon,
Hong Kong
(Kln Bay MTR Exit B)
Mui Wo to DB
By Martin Lerigo
A favourite of seasoned walkers in Hong Kong, the Mui Wo
to Discovery Bay trail is a beautiful way to spend two or
three hours on a lazy afternoon.
For those who want to burn some calories, the
Mui Wo-DB trail can be done in less than two
hours and makes a practical workout with good
transport links at both ends.
It can be tackled in either direction, and
whether Mui Wo or Discovery Bay is your finish
point, both offer great options for food and drink
and the chance of a swim at the end of your
We started from Mui Wo, which involves a
fairly steep ascent at the start of the walk, but
is within reach of anyone who has average
fitness. From the Mui Wo ferry pier, follow the
beachfront (going east) past the cooked food
market and head towards the Silvermine Beach
Resort Hotel.
Keep heading along the beachfront promenade
past beach-volleyball courts, barbecue pits and
the China Beach Club café.
Keep going until you reach the end of the
beach and here you will find the beginning
of your ascent towards Discovery Bay, well
signposted on a sturdily constructed concrete
path. After five minutes or so you will see a
yellow signpost with Discovery Bay and Nim
Shue Wan signposted to the left. Take this turn,
which marks the start of a steep ascent up the
hill with Mui Wo directly behind you. Take in the
beautiful flora and fauna of this hillside: many
wildflowers will remain in bloom for the next
few months and these hills also boast sightings
of barking deer – although you will be lucky
to see one before dusk. Make sure you turn
around and look at the beautiful view of Mui Wo
The steep ascent continues for half an hour
or so before reaching a short plateau, offering
some respite before the ascent continues.
Keep following the same concrete path – which
has green railings for most of the ascent –
and eventually you will arrive at the top of the
hillside to be greeted by a small red pagoda.
From here you have commanding views across
the channel to Central, Lamma, Cheung Chau
and beyond.
Just ten yards further on the path takes a left
turn and starts its descent, marked for Cheung
Sha Lan and Discovery Bay. After the steep
ascent, take time to enjoy this section of the
walk as it meanders through bamboo groves
and past fast-flowing streams until you arrive at
a Trappist monastery and the Lady of Joy Abbey.
The Trappist monastery is closed to visitors,
although special tours can be arranged by
appointment. Next to the monastery is the Lady
of Joy Abbey, with a chapel that visitors may visit
with the strict observance of quiet. Take a few
minutes to enjoy the tranquillity of this special
place, including the garden next to the chapel.
This place used to have its own dairy – and you
can still buy Trappist Dairy milk in Hong Kong –
but these days the production site and the herd
of cows have been moved to other locations.
Continue the descent along a well-made
concrete road until reaching a left turn marked
for Discovery Bay via Nim Shue Wan. Several
hundred metres along this path you descend
through village shacks before reaching
a seafront path which you follow back to
Discovery Bay. Along the way you will pass
Grandpa’s farm, where they grow a range of
organic vegetables and herbs for sale. If you
fancy cultivating your own, they will even rent
you a plot for you to have a go yourself.
In the final stretch before reaching Discovery
Bay you will see the Bounty, a European tall
ship, which has its home mooring in Discovery
Bay. From this point head left; the Central Plaza
and ferry piers are well marked.
All in all, a beautiful hike that can be
accomplished in an afternoon; but always
remember to take plenty of water and
This information is provided for reference only. Hiking
trails vary in levels of difficulty. It is essential to bring
suitable equipment and ensure you are in adequate
physical condition to undertake any hike. Life on Lantau
assumes no responsibility for injury as a result of the use
of the information in this article.
The South Lantau Buffaloes Mini Rugby Club was established
in 2009. As the Club outgrew the original pitch in Tong Fuk, it
relocated in 2012 to a fantastic new all-grass pitch in Tai O. The
Club welcomes girls and boys for age groups from 4 years old to
12 years old, and last year added a Colts team for 14 year olds.
This Halloween, Hong Kong Disneyland introduces the “ScreamNo-More Challenge” at Disney’s Haunted Halloween. Every
Thursday to Sunday from 4 to 31 October, the Park will extend
its opening hours till 11 pm, allowing guests to explore the seven
themed areas from day till night. Disney’s Haunted Halloween
has specially prepared “Scream-No-More Challenge”
checkpoints and various haunted surprises to test guests’ ability
to resist screaming.
Club training takes place on Sunday mornings with all age
groups at the same time. Start time is 9.30 am, which is perfect
for the ferry between Tung Chung and Tai O. South Lantau
Buffaloes membership fee is $400 per player, which includes
the full player kit.
If you are interested please contact [email protected]; call
Michael Pratt on 9092 8481 or Mel Potgieter on 6078 4846; or
just come and have a look one Sunday.
Guests can opt to purchase 1-day tickets to explore the Park
from day till night, or buy Night Tickets at $299 to indulge in the
frightful fun from 6 pm to 11 pm. In addition, from 19 September,
Night Passes at $300 will be available at all Circle K outlets in
Hong Kong; pass holders can visit the Park on the four Thursday
nights during Disney’s Haunted Halloween period.
For more info visit
Unlike surfing, skimboarding
usually begins on the wet sand
or shallow water on the beach.
Palm Beach is launching
its fourth competition this
Autumn and the goals of the
event are to build up an active
skimboarding community
through Hong Kong and Asia
as well as promoting South
Lantau as an international landmark of watersport.
When: 5–6 October
Where: Palm Beach, Cheung Sha, Lantau Island
Cost: Contestant entry fee $250, family and guest entry fee $300.
Both include a gift pack, BBQ meals and campus accommodation.
More info visit,
contact [email protected],
or call 2980 4822.
Novotel Citygate Hong Kong proudly introduces ‘A Taste of
Germany’ to the dinner buffet at Essence for the month of
October. The culinary team at Essence have created a specialty
menu of various dishes commonly found in the Germanic region,
including Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Date: 2 October to 2 November 2013
Time: Lunch Buffet: 12.30–2.30 pm
Dinner Buffet: 6.30–9.30 pm
Mon–Fri: Lunch Buffet: adult $158, child $118
Dinner Buffet: adult $218, child $168
Sat/ Sun/PH: Lunch Buffet: adult $168, child $128
Dinner Buffet: adult $228, child $178
Reservations: 3602 8808
Address: Lobby Level, Novotel Citygate Hong Kong,
51 Man Tung Road, Tung Chung, Hong Kong (MTR Exit C)
* Prices are subject to 10% service change
Kids are welcome to join this newly established rugby club in
Tung Chung. Ages 2–3 years, 4–6 years, 7+ years.
To register go to Facebook Tung Chung Rugby Club or turn up on
one of these training days below.
When: Every Sunday in October and November*
Where: Man Tung Road Park, Tung Chung
Don’t forget to bring your water bottle, hat, sunscreen and
mosquito repellent!
* Please note: Venue to be confirmed for training on October 20
and 27. Please check Tung Chung Rugby Club’s Facebook page
for updated venue information for these dates.
Who’s joining The Naked Islands Team on South Lantau for a
coastal cleanup?
Saturday 26 October, Pui O Beach, 3.30 pm
Team up with your family, friends, or even your pets and join
in the charity walk to raise funds and promote breast health
awareness. Funds collected will support the Hong Kong Breast
Cancer Foundation’s work on breast health education, patient
support services and breast cancer research and advocacy.
When: Sunday 20 October 2013
Where: The Peak
For enquiries call 3143 7313 / 3143 7311
or visit
Lantau Base Camp is pleased to announce the authentic Lantau
Trail race, the Salomon LT 70. The race offers both relay and
solo options. The race takes place over extremely varied terrain
and covers the whole 70 km (3300 D+) of the Lantau Trail. The
Lantau Trail race LT70 will begin on Saturday 9 November 2013
at 9 am, in Mui Wo.
In the solo race, individual runners will run the whole 12 sections
(4 legs), a 70 km trail loop from Mui Wo back to Mui Wo. In the
relay race, runners will form teams of two or four people and
run one half or one quarter of the race respectively.
Registration from 1 October to 1 November
will cost $800 per team/soloist.
For more information, see
Date: 11–13 October
11 Oct: 7.30 pm to 10 pm
12 Oct: 3 pm to 10 pm
13 Oct: 2.30 pm to 9.30 pm
Silvermine Bay Beach, Mui Wo
Admission: free!
Thanks to its organisers, this small-scale festival has been
attracting an increasing number of visitors and performers
since it began in 2006. This year’s line-up of famous performers
include Jun Kung, Ellen Lo, Dear Jane, Supper Moment, Kolor,
ToNick, Dirty Loops.
Organised by: Hong Kong Outlying Islands Women’s Association,
Islands Youth Association and Mui Wo Rural Committee.
For more information:
For tickets,
call Hong Kong Ticketing
on 31 288 288 or
Eco Expo Asia –
International Trade Fair
on Environmental Protection
Public Day – 31 October 2013
(Free admission to all visitors. Part of exhibits will be for sale)
Recognised as the leading trade fair for green business in Asia,
Eco Expo Asia showcases innovative green-tech products and
solutions from some 250 exhibitors around the globe. Areas of
specialty covered at the fair include Air and Water Quality, Ecofriendly Products, Energy Efficiency and Energy, Green Building
as well as Waste Management and Recycling.
HKTDC Sports Source Asia
Public Day – 31 October 2013
(Free admission to all visitors. Part of exhibits will be for sale)
Features a variety of sporting goods, functional fabrics and
materials covering sportswear, sports shoes and equipment.
HKTDC Sports Source Asia will introduce a new zone this year
(Golf Equipment and Supplies) in addition to the Water Sports,
Outdoor Sports, Premium and Fitness and Gymnastic Training
Equipment zones. Visitors can enjoy the prestige of getting firstrelease information and previews of new products.
1) Natural Plus
Sri Lanka Vegetarian Food and Raw Food Diet
Location: Right next to Turkish Restaurant Bahce.
Finally a totally different concept to bring variety to South
Lantau’s palate: healthy take away! On offer are fresh detox
juices and homemade yoghurt with healthy toppings or turned
into yummy lassis and smoothies. The food menu includes
chapatti wraps, curries and Idiyappam (banana flower) and dried
fruit snacks. Notable is that the small shop looks particularly
clean and fresh, just like their smoothies make you feel.
Live in Hong Kong 2013
8 November 2013
AsiaWorld-Expo, Hall 8
2) K’s
British food
Location: The middle of Cooked Food Market, Mui Wo
O n e o f t h e m o st p ro m i s i n g
Japanese rock bands, ONE OK
ROCK will perform for the very first
time in Hong Kong at AsiaWorldExpo. Fans shouldn’t miss this
long-awaited chance to see this
talented group performing live!
Fish’n’chips, homemade pies, mash, roast chickens, quiches,
mushy peas and all the delights of English home cooking are
now available in the Mui Wo Cooked Food Market! K’s opened its
doors for the first time on Saturday 27 August 2013.
Opening hours:
Tue: 12–3 pm, 6–10 pm, Wed: 12–10 pm, Thu: 12–3pm, 6–10 pm
Fri–Sun: 12–10 pm. Closed on Mondays
2013 Girls’ Generation World Tour – Girls & Peace –
In Hong Kong
9 November 2013
AsiaWorld-Expo, Arena
Having conquered the
stage of AsiaWorldExpo in 2012, the
9 - m e m b e r K o re a n
girl group and pop
s e n s a t i o n G i r l s’
Generation is coming back again! Their catchy hits and
grooving dances have earned them immense popularity across
the region. Don’t miss the chance to see their charming
performance live.
3) Lantau Taste
Local Chinese
Location: former Casa Brazil
Serving “Hong Kong food” the restaurant has a window with
roasted pork, duck, and chicken on display, like so many places
all over Hong Kong but a first on South Lantau. From day one the
place was crowded with locals eating the popular dishes with
rice, veggies and a choice of roasted meat or curry.
Xytorok is the first online grocery store designed to provide the
Eastern European community in Hong Kong with food products
they miss since moving over to Asia. They supply a wide selection
of products from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Baltic States, Poland,
Hungary and Romania. Today, Grocery Xytorok delivers groceries
to the doors of 2,500 registered customers around Hong Kong.
Along with the online grocery, Xytorok Catering was born out of
love for cooking and entertaining for friends and family.
We are flexible with each client’s individual needs and help them
to accomplish the goals of their event. In addition to great food,
we provide party planning expertise and coordination of outside
services such as decorations, flowers and music.
We can design a menu specifically for your event and budget.
Xytorok’s Catering services all types of events, including
corporate events, reunions, anniversaries, birthdays and
cocktail parties.
Please contact us for further details at [email protected]
Weekly baby clinic NEST (Nurture, Education, Support and Treatment)
is now available in Tung Chung.
Run by four paediatric and holistic practitioners specialising in
Pilates, Baby Physio and Childbirth Education, NEST offers support
for breastfeeding, developmental concerns and post-natal recovery,
particularly for English-speaking parents.
If you have any questions, would like your baby weighed, or just need
a chat and a cup of tea with other parents in the same shoes as you
– you’ll love NEST!
NEST operates on a not-for-profit basis and an $100 donation is
asked to cover the cost of the venue, tea and home-baked cookies!
When? Every Friday from 10 am to 12 noon. Starts on 11 October 2013.
Where? 360 under the cable car in Tung Chung; opposite the bus terminal.
How much? $100 including tea, bikkies and baby-weighing. Additional
$80 for a one-to-one consultation with one of our specialists.
Can I bring my stroller? Yes, there is a large courtyard. Your stroller will
be perfectly safe there.
If you’ve got any questions about the sessions, please email [email protected] or telephone Liz on 9769 2701.
As well as new parents, parents-to-be are also welcome!
Please visit our website:
Fitness centre 9 Dragons will be welcoming the community in
and around Tung Chung in mid-October. With over 100 classes
on offer every week, there will be something to suit every fitness
enthusiast. The primary focus at 9 Dragons is not only to provide
its members with a premier training facility and top coaching,
but also to focus on building community and encouraging fitness
as a family activity. This will be a very unique facility that is not
found anywhere else in Hong Kong, offering classes such as:
CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates, Aerial Arts Silk, TRX, Bootcamp, Stability
Ball, Zumba, and Muay Thai.
Tel: 9494 7178
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: 9dragonsfitness
Seaview Plaza Retail, 8 Tung Chung Waterfront Road
Tung Chung, Lantau Island
Also known as Double 9th Festival, this festival has its roots in
the Han dynasty. Entire families visit the cemeteries to worship
their ancestors on this day. It is also popular to hike to the city’s
high points on this day, as it’s believed this will bring good luck.
Lantau Island will have its share of visitors going for a hike and
a picnic, so if you are planning a hike on the same day, it’s best
to head out early and be prepared for very busy public transport.
The zigzag beach tote is the perfect bag for trips
to the beach, a rugby game or a picnic. These
roomy bags feature an inside lining for water
resistance and simple cleaning, and have extralong handles for easy carrying. With one inside
zip pocket, it is the only bag you’ll need for that
fun-filled day trip. Available in three colours:
caramel, sunset and rainbow.
A musical production filled with singing, dancing and a
few life lessons on being brave.
11–14 October
Star Hall, Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition
Centre (KITEC)
Tickets start from $150
Mad about the boy
Bridget returns with a set of new
challenges: the drunken night texts,
skinny jeans, too many buttons on the
remote control and her lack of Twitter
followers. This will keep you laughing
from beginning to end.
By Helen Fielding
Sound Book
Growl along with the Gruffalo’s Child
as she tiptoes through the snow on a
wild, windy and noisy night!
By Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler
Ultimate Home Cooking
Delicious and simple recipes for
breakfast, lunch and dinner
By Gordon Ramsay
Ticket hotline 3128 8288, or go to
After the successful 74th Annual Hunger Games win,
Katniss and Peeta embark on a Victory Tour of the
districts only to be faced with a new competition that
could change them forever.
In cinemas 21 November.
Sprinkles the Magic Cupcake Pony
Join Princess Evie as she is whisked
away on a magical adventure on the
back of Sprinkles the Magic Cupcake
By Sarah Kilbride and Sophie Tilley
Don, known as a ladies’ man, becomes bored with his
lifestyle and embarks on a journey where he ends up
seeing the bigger picture and learning more about life
and love.
In cinemas October 2013.
Available at Dymocks.
THOR: THE DARK WORLD 3D (Action-Adventure)
When Jane Forster is targeted by the denizens of the dark
world of Svartalfheim, Thor sets out on a quest to protect
her at all costs.
In cinemas 7 November.
Ticketing hotline 2317 6666 or go to
After a long flight, who wouldn’t want some relief
and pampering? For a blissful 145 minutes you
can enjoy a Thai Herbal Oil Bath, Guava Seed
Body Scrub, Reflexology Foot Massage, Swedish
or Energy Re-balancing Massage. To make your
booking call OM Spa on 2286 6266.
$1,580 nett
From yoga to marathons, Australia’s leading highperformance athletic apparel brand 2XU is bringing a
vibrant injection of colour to its bestselling compression
tights, shorts, and tops. The sleek and supremely
comfortable sportswear line is a must-have for any fitness
Men’s compression pants $950
Women’s long-sleeve compression top $750
As a financial consultant predominantly for expats, I often
get asked about multi-currency loans. When your home or
investment property is located in your home country, you have
the option of holding the mortgage in the home currency or a
currency of your choice (e.g. the currency of the country you now
reside in).
The main reason for you to consider holding a loan in a foreign
currency to what your property is valued in, is the interest rate
differential. Given the choice of a loan with 2% pa interest rate
and a loan with 4% pa interest rate, everything else being equal,
which would you choose? The answer is obvious. Especially if the
lower interest rate loan is in the currency your salary is paid in,
e.g. Hong Kong Dollars.
So why aren’t we all rushing out to the bank to switch our AUD
or GBP loans to HKD? Because just as interest rates change over
time, so too do currency exchange rates; often quickly and with
a bigger range.
When the exchange rate moves, so will the balance of your
foreign currency loan, therein lies the risk. Fluctuations in
exchange rates translate into change in Loan to Valuation Ratio
(LVR). One day you might owe 60% of the property value to the
bank; a month later you might owe 70% if the currency of your
property should depreciate. Unfortunately this was a frequent
occurrence during the global financial crisis when most major
currencies depreciated very quickly against USD, which HKD is
pegged to. In the worst-case scenario, the property owner faced
a margin call and needed to either add additional funds into the
loan, or be forced to sell the property.
Of course if the property currency (e.g. AUD, GBP) appreciates
against the loan currency (e.g. HKD) then you will automatically
shave off a portion of your debt, provided that you switch the
loan back to the property currency at the right time to lock in
the gains.
As with all financial decisions, you need to weigh up the potential
benefits and risks of switching to a multi-currency loan, and
more importantly whether the worst possible outcome is within
your financial tolerance (we know good outcomes are easily
This article is contributed by Lucy Zheng. Please note this is
general advice only which has not taken into consideration a
person’s full circumstances, needs and objectives. Do not act
on any information in this article without seeking professional
Dental Health
For The Whole Family
Life on Lantau speaks with Stella Phillips
As parents we all understand the importance of taking care
of our children’s teeth and teaching them to do the same. But
with statistics from the developed world (Hong Kong included)
showing alarmingly high numbers of children aged under five
with milk teeth that require dental work, it becomes even more
imperative that we understand just exactly what constitutes good
dental hygiene and how we can encourage it at home.
the dentist for their first check up, it is important that their
first visit is a positive one. Before booking your child in for their
own appointment, let your toddler accompany you to your own
dental check-up so that they can see firsthand what they might
experience. Keep the visit positive and calm. Maybe share with
your child story books about trips to the dentist. Children should
visit the dentist every 6 months.
For Stella Phillips, a UK-qualified Dental Health Educator, it is all
about prevention. She believes that if children and parents are
educated about good dental hygiene and know how to take care
of their teeth, then visits to the dentist should be about preventing
any potential dental problems rather than treating them.
Preventative dental hygiene also involves attempting to limit the
damage that can be done to their teeth by what our children eat
and drink.
Learning Good Habits
This preventive care should start as soon as your child’s first
teeth come through. If your baby will tolerate you brushing their
new teeth with a soft brush then this is a good start. For babies
who aren’t keen on a toothbrush, use a soft, wet muslin square
to brush their teeth or a brush that fits on your finger. Not only
does this get babies into the routine of brushing their teeth every
day, it also removes any plaque that builds up.
Making brushing their teeth a natural part of your child’s daily
routine is a great way to prevent your child from turning into a
reluctant tooth brusher as they grow older. It is important to let
your children see you brushing your teeth so that they can learn
by example. Children love to copy adults and what better activity
to encourage this with than taking care of our teeth?
Fluoride toothpaste should only be used on the toothbrushes
of children who are able to spit it out by themselves and even
then only in pea size amounts. Special children’s toothpastes
are available for younger children who cannot yet spit out alone.
Children should be encouraged to brush their teeth twice a day.
Visits to the Dentist
Preventive dental care also involves regular trips to visit the
dentist. Regardless of what age you first take your toddler to
Limiting the Damage
We all know that sugar is bad for our children’s teeth, and that it
can be found in many different forms – sweets, chocolate, juices
and soft drinks. Sugar is fine in moderation but the damage it
can potentially do to our children’s teeth depends on the form in
which it is enjoyed and the way in which it is consumed.
Lollipops are one of the worst offenders because a child can have
one in their mouth for hours at a time. Exposing a child’s teeth to
sugar over a long period of time can cause the greatest damage
to their teeth. Let your children eat all their sweets at once
rather than saving them to graze throughout the day because by
grazing they are constantly bombarding their teeth with sugar.
Let your children choose chocolate over hard sweets or candies
so that the sugar is consumed in one go and the amount of time
during which the teeth are exposed to sugar is minimised.
This is also why children should not be drinking juice from
sports or baby bottles. If your child enjoys a glass of juice, Stella
recommends a glass before breakfast. But at the same time she
recommends brushing your child’s teeth before their breakfast
and not straight after eating or drinking juice. The acidity in juice
distorts the enamel on our teeth and brushing straight after this
means that we are brushing the enamel right off our teeth. Water
is always the best choice when it comes to great dental hygiene.
Stella is a Dental Health Educator at Bayside Dental Practice in
Discovery Bay.
Reprinted with permission from - Keeping Kids Busy
Name: ____________________________________________________________ Age:_______
Address: _______________________________________________________________________
Phone: ______________________________ Mobile: _________________________________
(Age categories: 3–4 years old, 5–6 years old, 7–8 years old)
Shop 10 Ground Floor, Coastal Skyline Circle, Tung Chung. Deadline 31/10/2013
Includes colour pencil set, lead pencil set, crayons and eraser. Value $120
Halloween Cryptograms
Can you solve these fiendishly difficult cryptograms?
The answers are some spooky jokes for Halloween
11 3
W H __
__ I __
__ __ A __ __ __ A
__ I __ I
15 11 18
23 12
25 26
T H __
__ O __ T O __ ?
__ __ __ A __ __ __
H __
23 14
24 17
11 17
11 17
14 12
W A __
__ O __ __ I __ !
14 21 21
W __ A __
I __
I __
__ I
K __
12 24
K I __ __ __ __
__ __
18 15
17 17 24
I __
I __
__ A I __
__ __
__ __
18 24
__ A __ __ I __ __ ?
I __
20 14
26 24
__ __ __
__ __ C K !
25 24 11 12
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competition Winner
< Erik Salas
Age 4
Charlene Chen >
Age 6
Yoon Seo >
Age 7
Why not try these fun and healthy bite-size snacks,
perfect for birthday parties, playdates or just after school!
Pen Holder
Simply slice the fruit and cut out the shapes using your
favorite cookie cutter shapes.
Place on the end of a skewer.
Crafty Keira shows us how to make this
simple and fun craft.
Water crackers
Red and yellow
cherry tomatoes
Cheese slices
Base: Cut out thin circles of cheese slightly smaller than
the biscuit and place on top.
Body: Cut a cherry tomato in half and place one above the
other starting from the bottom edge of biscuit.
Wings: Cut a slice of cucumber in half and place with the
cut ends facing down opposite each other above the top
cherry tomato.
Head: Cut a yellow cherry tomato in half and place at the top.
Feelers: Snap a pretzel in half and place in the yellow
An empty potato chip
Black paint and a
Glitter or other fun
After eating all
the chips (!!), paint
the outside of the
container with black
Wait for the paint
to dry, then glue on
some colourful beads
or other decorations.
Decorate with glitter and/
or stickers, or paint some
colourful patterns.
Once dry, fill it up with
your favourite pens and
pencils, and you’ll always
know where they are
when you need them!
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[email protected]
Hong Kong
Music and Learning
By Patricia Hamlin
“Music has an infinite capacity to
affect brain and body. It can act as
a unifying force and a vehicle by
which other skills can be developed,
enjoyed and understood. As such,
music can be a powerful
means of learning.”
Sally Goddard Blythe
The sensory integration of body and mind is crucial for learning, and
Mathematics requires spatial reasoning and sequencing information,
music is an ideal integrative activity. Learning songs involves children
and setting times tables to music can really aid understanding.
working out where the sounds within each word have to be processed
to fit the rhythm of the music (a skill needed for both reading and
All children seem to have a natural affinity for music from a very early
spelling); dancing requires children to remember the sequence of
age. There is some evidence from research that prenatal hearing can
the dance (sequential learning is very important in both reading
help infants perceive the sound of speech. Many parents believe that
and writing where a beginning, middle and end are developed); and
playing music to babies before birth can affect their later development.
learning to play an instrument involves sound, rhythm and pattern
After birth, babies will often react to music by changes in motor
definition as well as linking a visual cue (reading the music) to a
activity and later will imitate speech by cooing with intonation.
motor response (transforming this into a sound on the instrument).
Why is music instrumental to learning?
Music is processed in both the right and left hemispheres of the brain.
The right hemisphere
Music is received primarily in the right hemisphere, which recognises
melody, comprehends language rhythm and spatial orientation, and
recognises visual stimuli. All these skills are used in the early years
of teaching a child to read and are vital to mathematics.
The left hemisphere
Musical activities also activate the left side of the brain such as sound
discrimination, timing, numeric skills and expressive language.
These skills are all vital for developing short-term memory and for
understanding phonics.
What are the benefits of music
for learning?
“Music is one of life’s earliest natural teachers.”
Sally Goddard Blythe
Relaxes and reduces stress
Crosses cultural barriers
Increases alpha waves in the brain, which increase creativity and
imaginative thinking
Aids retention of facts if jingles are used
Energises the brain and recharges it
Aids encoding in long-term memory
Raises self-esteem
Music with 60/70 beats per minute is particularly effective,
linking to bio-rhythms in the human body
Both language and musical learning are linked as both involve
input of information through the auditory, visual and kinaesthetic
channels (hear, see and do!)
Both musical notes and Chinese characters together with the
English alphabet use sounds to communicate
Automaticity progresses when processing symbol-to-sound
Directional and spatial awareness is developed
Listening skills and concentration become more acute
Social skills increase when working with others (e.g.
participating in an orchestra, singing in a choir, singing a solo
part or providing musical interludes in a drama production)
Music therapy can be beneficial to children who have learning
“Children with learning difficulties who study music
Suggestions for music to aid learning
Background music
(for raising intelligence levels/reducing background noise)
• Mozart, Sonata for Two Pianos in D Major K448
• JS Bach, Air on a G String
• Pachelbel, Canon in D Major
• Beethoven, Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D Major op.61
• Brahms, Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D Major op.77
Guided visualization music
(for stimulating alpha waves and unconscious learning)
• Enya, Memory of Trees
• Beethoven, Symphony No. 6
• Mendelssohn, Violin Concerto 1
• Handel, Water Music
• Smetana, The River Vltava
Break states music (energising music)
• Los Lobos, La Bamba, Can Can
• Rossini, William Tell Overture
• Beethoven, Ode to Joy
Goal setting music (motivation)
• Vangelis, Chariots of Fire
• Handel, Hallelujah Chorus
• Tina Turner, Simply the Best
• Queen, We are the Champions
Relaxation music (stress relief, change of state)
• L’Esprit, Far Island
• Handel, Concerto for Harp in F Major
• Enya, atmospheric tracks from many albums
Reviewing material for retention music
(music played softly while facts reviewed)
• Mozart, Concerto No 21 in C Major
• JS Bach, Fantasy in C Minor
• Vivaldi, Four Seasons
• Beethoven, Symphony No 6
This list of suggestions is by no means exhaustive. Much of the new
age music can be very effective.
Other useful resources
Bingo Lingo: Supporting Language Development Through Songs and
Rhymes by Helen MacGregor.
Useful songs using the alphabet.
Publisher A&C Black. ISBN 0–7136–5075–3
have shown improvement in cognitive and emotional
Tapping Teddies (younger age group, 3–5 years)
Publisher A&C Black. ISBN 0–7136–5118–0
development which has a direct impact on language,
Goddard Blythe, S. (2004) The Well Balanced Child, Hawthorn Press.
concentration, attention and memory.” Kate Overy
Overy, K. (1998) University of Edinburgh, Institute for Music in Human
and Social Development.
Patricia Hamlin is a specialist dyslexia and dyscalculia (difficulties with maths) teacher. She has many years of
classroom experience, having taught children aged 5 to 14. She was trained in the UK and has recently arrived
back in Hong Kong, having lived and worked here for 15 years previously until 1994. She was a specialist teacher
in a preparatory school in Sussex, UK until last summer and had her own practice in Sussex. She now has her
own practice in Hong Kong, assessing and teaching children who have specific learning difficulties with spelling,
reading, writing, study skills and maths. For further information contact [email protected] or 6775 9735.
Yoga in Pregnancy,
Birth and Beyond
By Sarah Jordan
There is no doubt that yoga, with its series of postures and breathing
exercises designed to promote strength and general wellbeing, has
grown in popularity in recent years. In fact, over the last ten years
the number of yoga studios in Hong Kong has increased more than
So how can this ancient practice help women, specifically during
pregnancy, birth and beyond?
The answer is – in many ways. The benefits of yoga are vast: from
strengthening the body for labour, repairing internal muscles that
have suffered during pregnancy, to reducing baby colic or reflux.
For Mum . . .
We all know that exercise is good for us, and that includes during
pregnancy. Yoga helps expectant mothers as their bodies change. It
allows them to find strength, relief, and a new sense of balance while
their worlds are slowly changing around them.
The most recognised benefits of prenatal yoga are the physical ones.
A strong body is essential for coping with the physical demands of
pregnancy, delivery and birth. Yoga offers a safe and gentle way to help
to strengthen the body, which is why a lot of mums-to-be are turning
to yoga during this important stage of their lives.
South Lantau resident Liz Purnell-Webb is the founder of A Mother’s
Touch pregnancy and childbirth specialists. Liz explains that “the
specific postures included in a prenatal yoga class are designed
to strengthen the body, create flexibility and elasticity in the pelvic
region, and prepare the body to handle the dramatic event of labour.”
Many yoga poses can be used as coping tools during labour, with
regular yoga practice helping to encourage baby into an optimal
position for birth. Some experts even claim that prenatal yoga practice
can help to hasten labour and delivery.
Specially designed prenatal yoga postures can also alleviate many of
the common physical discomforts of pregnancy. The vast majority of
mothers who practice yoga in their pregnancies see a decrease in
their physical discomfort. Back pain, hip pain, sciatica, leg cramps,
and insomnia are just some of the symptoms which may be helped
through yoga practice.
In addition to the physical benefits, Liz believes that the meditation
element of yoga can help expectant mums feel more connected
to their pregnant self and baby. Class members create an instant
network of other mothers sharing similar emotions, questions, and
experiences. She concludes, “Prenatal yoga offers expectant mothers
a safe space to totally immerse in the experience of pregnancy and let
go of the distractions of the outside world.”
Yogalates is the
latest option
for expectant
mums in Hong
Kong. Pilates
instructor and Lantau
resident Jill Marshall explains that this fusion of yoga and Pilates
offers a very effective form of exercise for pregnant women. “The yoga
element of Yogalates opens up your body and mind, whilst the Pilates
exercises work the core muscles, which are essential for carrying
your baby during pregnancy and for creating a fit pelvis and uterus
for labour.”
And once baby has arrived, postnatal yoga classes allow new mums
to exercise gently and start to get back in shape. A great way to
strengthen the body and calm the mind, yoga can help mums regain
their posture, tone the abdominal muscles, repair stretched muscles,
and strengthen the pelvic floor after the birth of their baby.
For baby . . .
The benefits of yoga for babies are also wide ranging. During early
childhood children learn with their bodies before they learn with their
minds. Physical activity and experiences help to develop posture,
balance and even the ability to control eye movement. “Through a
combination of stretching and relaxing sequences set to fun songs
and rhymes” explains Liz, “baby yoga can help to contribute to the
development of the baby’s brain and nervous system.”
In addition, the physical benefits of yoga poses and stretches for
infants include better digestion, less constipation, and relief from
wind and colic. Yoga has been shown to calm babies, promoting
deeper sleep and a more regular sleep pattern. Parents can learn
simple soothing techniques to help babies calm themselves at home.
On a spiritual level, baby yoga helps parents and babies to get to know
each other, enhancing communication and the natural bond between
them. Through the attention a baby receives from their parents, he or
she learns to interact with others and play actively.
But above all, yoga is fun for babies! They are natural yogis. Yoga
encourages strength and flexibility in their developing bodies, so they
grow strong and maintain the flexibility they are born with.
A Mother’s Touch offers a whole range of pregnancy and childbirth
services under the umbrella of Bump, Birth & Beyond. They run a
selection of weekly yoga classes, including Prenatal Yoga, Yoga4Baby
and Yogalates.
For more information visit
Flavours of the
By Mel Topp
A traditional rich and creamy dessert
This month we visited the kitchen of Tung Chung resident Marimel Villanueva. She is from
Laguna in the Philippines and has been living in Hong Kong for the last six years. Marimel
loves cooking and the dish she is sharing with us in this month’s magazine is one her mother
used to make for her family on special occasions. Leche flan is Marimel’s favourite dessert. It
has only a few ingredients and is easy to make. For the purpose of this recipe we have used
ramekins but traditionally the mould used in the Philippines is an oval-shaped metal baking
pan called llanera.
Leche Flan (caramel custard)
This recipe makes approximately four servings.
For the caramel
• 1 cup of sugar
• ¾ cup water
For the custard
• 10 egg yolks
• 1 can condensed milk
• 1 can carnation milk
• 1 tsp vanilla essence
1. Heat the sugar and water in a
saucepan until caramelised.
2. Pour the caramel into greased ramekin moulds, making sure to
cover the bottom of each mould. Set aside to cool.
3. In a separate bowl, whisk egg yolks, condensed milk, evaporated
milk and vanilla essence until combined.
4. Strain and pour mixture into each ramekin.
5. Place ramekins in a steamer over a low heat for approximately 20
to 30 minutes. Alternatively, a water bath in the oven could also
be used.
6. Use a skewer or toothpick to test if it is cooked through. If the
toothpick comes out clean, it is ready. Let cool before placing in
the fridge.
7. Serve cold. Run a knife around each ramekin before turning
upside down on a serving plate.
Note: If you would like to try some more
dishes from the Philippines there are many
options at the following website for you to try.
If you would like us to visit your kitchen or
share one of your favourite recipes with
readers of Life on Lantau, please email me at
[email protected] with your
name and contact details.
Photos by Jodi Naksavath
Get out, get busy
By Jamie McGregor
Happy Autumn, team. Hope you had a
wonderful and safe summer. With
the weather cooling off a bit, being
outdoors becomes a lot less sweaty and
a lot more pleasant. It can be so easy
to think of health and fitness as just
sticking to a regular fitness plan and
hitting the gym relentlessly, but one
of the best ways to stay motivated is to
make things enjoyable.
It is often easy to think of endurance events as marathons,
triathlons, long road cycles and so on, but really they can be
considered as anything that trains the aerobic system. Although
all of our energy systems are working in some form or another,
one is always dominating. When you are sprinting up a set of
stairs as fast as possible, you are using your ATP-CP system,
also known as your phosphogen system. You can enjoy that for
anywhere between 10 and 30 seconds before it runs out and
The aerobic system will dominate for any activity that is longer
needs to recover. This is the shortest-term energy supply.
than two minutes or so and can keep us going for as long as we
have fuel for it. Once the race with the bus has been lost, the
The next one is our mid-term energy supply, the anaerobic
long jog to the taxi stand or train station begins and the aerobic
system. This will dominate for maximal activities that range
system starts doing its thing.
between 30 to 120 seconds. This humble writer puts this system
into practice most mornings when he sees the bus whizzing past
This month we are going to look at some fun outdoor activities
and starts the race to the next stop.
that can give you a great workout for an hour or two.
Hiking/Hill Running
For the cost of a decent backpack, a packed lunch and some
This gives a fantastic challenge for mind and muscle. You get
water, this is a great low-cost way to get into serious shape. Hong
thrown a map and a compass and have to navigate to checkpoints
Kong offers some fantastic trails that are accessible, challenging
at speed. Hong Kong offers some superb terrain for this and you
and fun. Try hiking your trail first, then a mixture of hike and run
can enjoy the challenge of a night race! Events are held regularly
(run up hill, hike downhill), then all-out run (if you are feeling
around HK.
brave). Don’t forget to take in the great views!
Good for: all your running muscles, quads, glutes etc. as well
Good for: quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves, lower back and
as map-reading and navigation skills –very cool!
Mountain Biking
Hash House Harriers
With tracks all around the SAR, mountain biking is becoming
For those who are into social group running, there are a handful
very popular here. For good reason – it’s awesome! Speed, skill
of “hashers” groups in Hong Kong that meet regularly. With the
and a pumping workout, it will get the adrenaline flying around
focus more on the fun side of exercise, groups usually cap off
the body. Trail biking will give you the thrills of hurtling down a
the run with more than just a water or two. A great way to make
bumpy track at top speed as well as the thigh-burning challenge
fitness fun.
of your next ascent. Lantau has some exceptionally good trails,
Good for: quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves.
especially out of Discovery Bay. Always check that trails are
bike-friendly before setting off.
Good for: quads, hamstring, forearms.
What a fantastic way to cruise around the seas. Sai Kung is a
particularly great place to go exploring due to all the accessible
With Hong Kong’s diverse terrain and great country parks,
beaches and inlets. Be careful though, the lifeguards don’t like
getting outdoors away from city life is not only therapeutic but
intruders so leave your kayak outside the roped areas before
it can provide body and mind with some new challenges. Lantau
mounting your beach assault.
especially is its own world full of adventure with the hills and
Good for: lats, traps, rear deltoid, lower back, abs, hip flexors.
beaches never too far away.
Stand Up Paddle Boarding
For us to keep on top of our fitness goals, routines should be
Another great way to roam the seas! Paddle boarding is great
varied to keep the body guessing. That may be to change the
fun and offers a challenge for the whole body. If balance and
reps, change the rest, do a new exercise, change the weight or
co-ordination is a bit of an issue (like it is for certain fitness
whatever. But sometimes it is good to challenge our body and
column writers!) it certainly pays to get a lesson to get you
our minds with something completely new; something that uses
started. If you want to go for it, then start paddling on your knees
movement patterns that we are not used to and challenges us
before you stand to get used to balancing the board. You can rent
to learn a new set of skills. You never know, it could end up with
boards at Cheung Sha, Sai Kung and Stanley.
you taking up a new sport . . .
Good for: balance!!! Also lats, traps, pecs, triceps, lower back,
abs, hip flexors.
Happy exercising!
Rock Climbing
Jamie McGregor is a personal trainer with Perun Fitness (www.
Under the watchful eye of your certified instructor, rock climbing, ph: 6443 6597).
gives you a huge thrill, a massive challenge and a great workout.
With plenty of sites outdoors around the SAR and indoor walls in
Tai Kok Tsui, Kwun Tong and Jordan to get you started, it makes
for a fun and adventurous day trip for the whole family.
Good for: every muscle in your whole body.
The buffalo herd, quietly enjoying their Saturday afternoon wallow, looked on curiously as the brightly coloured group of humans plodded
through their home in the Pui O paddies. Quite a sight, the fifty or so ‘hounds’ that came past, calling, shrieking and laughing with eyes
keenly looking for any signs of the trail that had been laid by the ‘hares’.
Little did they know that this was the inaugural trail set by the newly formed South Lantau Hash House Harriers (SLH3). Hashing, which
is said to have been started in Malaysia in 1939, is now a worldwide tradition and is loosely based on a 19th century children’s game
called ‘hares and hounds’. It is similar to a paper chase except that flour and chalk markings are used to ensure that the rain and wind
remove all signs of the trail.
SLH3 is a ‘family’ hash and the trails are a taste of nature in the countryside, although this trail was not for the faint-hearted! Knee-deep
mud, thorny creepers, woodland spiders and numerous false trails, had the young and old floundering around Pui O for a couple of hours
on a fairly warm afternoon, ending with a river crossing at Ham Tin and a run in along the beach. No doubt the children and adults enjoyed
a swim or shower at the finish, which was both refreshing and essential, but not nearly as much as the cold liquids to come!
The traditional Hash Circle was formed where the ‘down-downs’ for rule infringements were administered by the hares: ice-cold beers
for the big hashers and ginger beers for the little ones.
If you weren’t there, you missed a treat, but you can follow SLH3 on Facebook or simply come along next month.
On on!
YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College (YHKCC) has announced the appointment
of their new principal, Mr Dion Chen.
Mr Chen has considerable experience in education in Hong Kong. As a member
of the Leadership Team in YHKCC since 2009, Mr Chen worked closely with the
Leadership Team members to introduce various progressive initiatives that
have made YHKCC one of the most sought-after DSS secondary schools in
Hong Kong.
Prior to joining YHKCC in 2004, Mr Chen worked in a special school. This
brought him an extensive understanding about teaching and learning,
especially in areas of setting lesson progress and activities to accommodate
students’ different learning needs.
To build a school with international-style education, Mr Chen believes that a school’s most significant asset is its people – students,
staff and parents. He is passionate in nurturing the young people and developing their talents with international mindedness, as well as
fostering the pursuit of emotional and academic wellbeing of the whole person, excellence, community service and responsibility.
Phu Pee Massage – A book by Lantau’s own
Lindsey Coen-Fernandez
Champagne and canapés flowed at Auberge Hotel, Discovery Bay
to celebrate the book launch of Phu Pee Massage – Real Stories
for My Friend by Lindsey Coen-Fernandez. The evening festivities
included relaxing hand massages by Spa Botanica, and Lindsey
read one of the many humorous sections from her book. Massage
therapists featured in the book mingled with guests and were
included in a visionary video. This book will make you laugh, cry
and everything in between!
Books are available for purchase at Pailin Massage (Mui Wo),
Sportsworld, My Pet Shop and all Bookazine locations in Hong
Kong. A percentage of all sales in the month of October will go
to PAWS (Hong Kong Paws Foundation) and PALS (Protection of
Animals Lantau South).
Happy Birthday
to The Village Bakery, Mui Wo
On Sunday 15 September, The
Village Bakery celebrated its One
Year Birthday Party with special
activities and food and beverages
for all!
During the last year The Village
Bakery upped their game by
enhancing their bread, pastry,
and deli offerings and achieving
a consistent quality. For some time now they have served hot
beverages and made-to-order sandwiches, and they have now
extended their selection of olives, cheeses and made-to-order
cakes. As always, get three for price of two after 6.00 pm.
The DB Girls’ Rugby Tournament took place on Saturday 14
September with 34 teams participating (around 320 players).
Despite the heat, and the dust, some fantastic rugby was played
by the five girls’ age grades represented on DB Beach for the 3rd
All Girls’ Beach Festival – probably the most unique all girls’ rugby
event in the world.
With grateful thanks to event sponsor Hair by THD, water supplier
Life Solutions and beach sponsor HKRI, Discovery Bay Pirates
RFC can breathe a sigh of relief that this year’s event went by
with no serious injuries or ambulance call-outs! (Well, there was
the “fainting Grandma” – who we all hope has made a complete
A scratch squad of referees managed the morning’s games,
witnessing the Under 10s and Under 12s competing strongly,
with the mighty Sandy Bay sweeping up the top awards. The
HK Society of Referees’ team steered the afternoon’s youth
games, ensuring great flowing rugby and an excellent player and
spectator experience – a wonderful effort on a hot day and with a
lot of running on the heavy sand. HKSRFUR team, we salute you!
Under 10
Under 12
Under 14
Under 16
Under 19
Freedom Care Project
By Keven Tate
Freedom Care Project is a home for seven children in Kathmandu. We have
deinstitutionalised these delightful children. Protection, education, love and
support are our founding principles. As part of our ongoing efforts to support
the children, I will be running a marathon on 27 October 2013 on Rottnest Island
– a small island off the coast of Perth in Western Australia, where I spent a lot
of time during my youth. I thought it would be a great place to run a marathon
for the Freedom Care Project, and give something back to a place that has given
me so many great memories.
There is something that personal endurance and charity have in
common, and that’s pain. Every day, millions of children endure
pain from causes such as hunger; abuse; having no family; poor
or non-existent education; and lack of support. This human
tragedy is my reason for running, and it’s something that I can
relate to as my body begins its protests against what I’m making
it endure.
Ultra-marathons and marathons seem like the same thing,
but they are far from it. I’ve run two 250 km ultra-marathons
with Race The Planet, one in the Sahara in Egypt and one in the
Atacama Desert in Chile. Training for an Ultra is not as intense
as training for a marathon – it’s the speed that is different. The
four-month training schedule for this October marathon is
hectic. Trysport, an online coach from Perth, has drawn up my
schedule which involves yoga, weights, core workouts, interval
training, trail and road running, biking and massages (my
For this 42 km event, I aim to run under 3 h 30 min. The more
support I get, the harder I will run. It’s this foundation of support
that seems to swell up and overwhelm you during a run,
disconnecting you from the heat and pain; it seems to connect
you instead to rhythm, breathing and a positive forward attitude.
I hope you can join me in the spirit of this event for the children
that Freedom Care support, by donating generously for not just
a great cause , but also for the benefits of a defined sense of
[email protected]
If N o b el Pea c e Pr i ze re c i p i ent
Mohammad Yunus met Nympha, Girly,
Del i a an d G i g i , h e w oul d surely
b e i m p resse d . T h at Ban g la d es h i
economist who founded the Grameen
Bank so m e years a g o to p ro v i d e
small loans to impoverished women
in his country should meet these
four enterprising Filipinas who have
shops in Mui Wo on Lantau.
The four ladies first came to Hong Kong to work as domestics.
Today they’re running their own shops, catering not just to
their compatriots but also to local Hongkongers and foreign
residents. Their stores carry native Philippine foodstuffs and a
variety of tinned goods, breakfast cereals, snacks, ice cream,
By Isabel Taylor Escoda
and a PC available for rental by the hour. With goods stacked
higgledy-piggledy almost up to the ceiling, she runs a thriving
business not far from the Mui Wo ferry pier.
Girly is from Isabela province in northern Luzon and first
arrived in Hong Kong 14 years ago to work for a Chinese
family. Some years later she met a Pakistani underwriter
who became her husband and they now have two boys. Her
“Island Store” is located on the ground floor of the Chan
Shi Sau Memorial Social Centre by the Mui Wo children’s
park. Besides selling Philippine items, she offers Pakistani
foodstuffs, fabrics and trinkets. Cardboard “balikbayan”
(return to the country) boxes are available in her shop, as in
Nympha’s, for use by domestic helpers to send Hong Kong
goods to the folks at home. Freight companies based in World
Wide House, which offer “door-to-door” service, forward the
soft drinks and gift items.
Nympha, who hails from the province of Nueva Ecija in central
The “Eurasia Trading” store, right behind the China Bear
Luzon, opened her shop in 2007 and called it “RY Pilipino
restaurant that overlooks the bay, is run by Delia who hails
Store” (the initials stand for her daughter’s name, Roxanne
from the resort city of Baguio. She started out selling the
Yaneza). Filipinos around Lantau know Nympha’s place as
usual native products but has lately diversified – she now
the premier “sari-sari” (Tagalog for miscellany) where one
offers wood carvings, bags and trinkets from her province
finds not just native foodstuffs but also beauty products,
woven mats, hats and brooms. Besides offering cooked food
in her shop, Nympha has a monitor that shows Filipino films
to attract both local folks and foreign tourists. She came to
Hong Kong in 1990 to do domestic work and met her Scottish
husband a few years later.
The newest entrepreneur is Gigi, whose “Mega Asian Products”
is right behind the Mui Wo market. She arrived in Hong Kong in
1995 from Pangasinan province to do domestic work and later
married a Briton, now retired. With her children all grown and
working at various professions, she decided to set up her shop
which sells the same things as those of her three competitors.
Her compatriots flock to her place to savour special native
dishes like braised banana hearts and stewed fresh hearts of
In 2012, Filipino migrant workers remitted close to US$24 billion
All four women set up their small businesses by investing their
savings. But in today’s economic climate, they share the common
problem of spiraling rents. Breaking even is a constant struggle,
with the threat of arbitrary rent increases hanging over their
heads. With no MBAs to their names, the women have learned
what it’s like to maintain a small business.
labour importation is a “regressive one, with a corrosive effect on
Historically, Filipino women were the first to arrive in Hong Kong
in the late 1970s to work as domestic helpers, back when the
territory was still a British colony. The fact that they know English
(the Philippines having once been a US colony) resulted in their
becoming the largest expatriate community in the territory. In
the late 1990s, Indonesian women began catching up with the
Filipinas – their main advantage being a knowledge of Cantonese
since their government puts them through intensive language
classes before shipping them out. The Jakarta government
apparently took a leaf from the Manila authorities’ experience
of propping up the Philippine economy through their migrant
workers’ remittances.
to the home country. Though economists contend that countries
which export their citizens do not provide the ideal solution to
the problem of unemployment at home, the migrating waves
The matter of Hong Kong’s exploitation of its domestic helper
population was recently spelled out by South China Morning
Post columnist Alex Lo, who wrote that the territory’s practice of
local parenting, family and society.” He pointed out that keeping
over 300,000 migrant women as a “permanent underclass”
benefits no-one, labelling such exploitation a “zero-sum game”
and adding: “We may think we get a good deal exploiting other
people’s cheap labour. But in the end, everyone pays for such
a regressive and slavish system.” And he rightly castigates the
Philippine and Indonesian governments for “not getting their
acts together so their economies would provide more rewarding
jobs for their women.”
Indeed, until better conditions prevail in their home country, the
Filipinas who venture abroad will continue to bear the burden
of helping their families survive. But a few of them may be as
lucky as Nympha, Girly, Delia and Gigi who have graduated from
domestic work to become their own bosses.
for Halloween
Life on Lantau
By JoElle Scott
the faces of our community
Halloween originated as a yearly Celtic celebration where the
spirits of the dead were said to be able to possess the bodies of
the living on the day of October 31st. To thwart these spirits from
possessing them, the living dressed up as ghosts or demons in
order to confuse the spirits and keep them away.
Irish and Scottish settlers brought these traditions with them
to North America and over centuries Halloween has evolved
into a night of dress up, jack-o-lanterns and trick or treating for
candy. It is not about terrorising any more. It is an opportunity
to use your imagination, be creative and have fun. Halloween is
a favourite for people of all ages. Entire neighbourhoods can be
involved in the spirit of this playful evening with many houses
handing out candy and giving coin donations to charity boxes.
Relatively new to this part of the world,
Hong Kong typically takes a more
traditional approach with ghouls and
gore. If you are looking for a fright or a
little adrenalin rush, you might like to
head to Ocean Park for a good scare.
If you are looking to stay on Lantau,
Disneyland celebrates Halloween with
a more toned-down experience where
it might be easier to protect your
little ones from nightmares. There
are Halloween celebrations in the
Discovery Bay plaza and Trick or Treating on Headland Drive;
but again beware of spooky decorations and prepare yourself
for horrifyingly large crowds. There are also parties at most of
the resident clubhouses in Tung Chung with lots of decorations
and the opportunity to put on your costume of choice. Here is
the best news – it doesn’t have to be scary!
Trick or Treating is really what it is all
about and it is finding its way into more
and more streets and communities
in Hong Kong. You might be lucky
enough to find keen North Americans
who organise Trick or Treating in your
neighbourhood. Keep your ears open
to find out what’s happening near you.
There is, however, nothing holding you
back from arranging your own Trick or
Treating with a group of friends. All you
need are a few addresses with someone
to open the door and distribute candy to those who have made
the effort to dress up.
Boo! Have a Happy Halloween.
Share your view
Lantau Taxi Shortage
Take Care on SLR
Getting out of the airport and hoping to get home within a decent
South Lantau Road has become one of the most dangerous
time is becoming a nightmare. Caribbean Coast may be only ten
roads in Hong Kong. A myriad of hazards await the hapless road
minutes away by car but others leaving the airport can reach
places as far away as North Point by the time I get home. There
are hardly any blue taxis available, and the wait takes forever. In
fact, there is even a sign that asks you to call them to get a cab.
Even that doesn’t guarantee you one.
And then there is another signboard with tick marks that says
user whether you are driving a car or a motorcycle, or if you
are a cyclist or a pedestrian; and recent accidents foretell many
more to come unless suitable action is taken.
The most obvious hazard are the feral cows meandering
down the middle of the road, but the real dangers lie with the
buses thundering around blind bends; local van drivers with a
cigarette in one hand and a mobile phone in the other, sticking
the red taxis can take you to Tung Chung and Disneyland. The
like glue to your rear bumper; the Toyota speed merchants
attendant confirms you can go, and guess what happens when
who have no regard for speed limits or other road users; and
you get in line? The answer is a no, and he tells you to take the
the weekend bikers (or more accurately the local drivers who
blue taxi. I had a serious argument with a cabbie who refused to
overtake the cyclists on blind bends). In recent months we have
go, saying he can’t speak English. I was actually talking to him
experienced the sad death of an expat motorcyclist, injuries
in Cantonese.
to child pedestrians, and of course the death of a small herd
This has been an inherent problem in Lantau, especially for
personally have experienced several.
of cows. To say nothing of numerous close shaves, of which I
those living in Tung Chung. The rationale for living near the
airport for ease of travel doesn’t hold up anymore. Better to stay
somewhere near an airport express station for a better airport
connection. Limited blue taxi licenses for Lantau may have
worked five years ago, but is surely not the case now. And not
enforcing the red taxis to make sure they can take passengers
to Tung Chung is not making things any easier.
At the very least we need speed bumps in all the villages, lower
speed limits on winding sections of road, speed cameras on
obvious straight stretches of road (Cheung Sha to Tong Kuk?)
and most of all, a public relations blitz to remind people that we
all have the right to stay alive and driving dangerously is simply
not acceptable.
Will the police and the relevant government department take
It’s a genuine concern which I hope can be brought to light.
note and do something about it? They have done very little so
far, which is why I write this letter.
Sudesh T
Caribbean Coast, Tung Chung
Andrew Ferguson
Cheung Sha
First B&B in Tai O
By Veronica Chan
Never say never! It was unlikely that I would ever manage a
business because mathematics has never been my cup of tea.
I didn’t believe that it was in my genes either. My courageous
grandfather settled in Tai O and started his business here. For
some years, he even left for a faraway Caribbean island named
Cuba and ran his extended business there. Unfortunately, political
instability put an end to his trade. Some seventy years later, thanks
to him, the property he left behind became the essential piece of
hardware for my start-up business.
The primary goal is
to provide travellers
with a home away
from home and city
dwellers with a
place to wind down.
This experiment injects a dose of thrills high
enough to pull me through the tough times. Friends in the hospitality
industry have generously given me crash course on the subject and
continue to lend a hand whenever I encounter any problems.
In Hong Kong, B&B (bed and breakfast) is regarded as
unconventional accommodation. With zero experience in
commerce, all I had was dumb courage and the blessing of my
family. I embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Being a host
in a guest house is well suited to my character. Nevertheless, this
is an evolving project in my mind. Educated as a theatre designer, I
intend to make good out of a long-neglected heritage.
Through repeated trial and error, Espace Elastique is gradually
growing. Various multi-talented staff members have joined the
team and help set the standards of our service. In order to provide
quality alternative accommodation to visitors, we infuse the house
with a unique scent. Once stepping into Espace Elastique, a guest
is surrounded with coziness, simplicity and detailed care.
In fact, Tai O doesn’t shut down after dark and buses run till
midnight. On occasion, guests who realise this extend their
schedule and chat with me over some small luxuries provided by
my fully licensed café, like freshly brewed coffee, fine wines, craft
beers and homemade cake. I cherish these moments to discover
other people’s adventures and consider that as a remedy for
lacking the time to have my own escape.
My other joy being a host here is the involvement in preparing for
and being a witness to cheerful moments like anniversaries and
even marriage proposals. Espace Elastique will therefore stay
forever in someone’s happy memory!
Breaking News: It’s OK to be human
Chances are the things you struggle with are the same things those around you struggle with. We humans are much the
same, but we often keep quiet about our challenges for fear of being judged or looking bad. Life on Lantau is kicking off
an exciting new column that we hope will help you breathe a sigh of relief and realise it’s OK to be human. The column will
be called ‘Behind Closed Doors’ and our goal is to share real-life stories that demystify common issues that are seldom
discussed publically. Names and details can be changed, but most of all we’d love to share real-life stories and offer
practical strategies that have helped make a difference for you.
If you would like to help us get the ball rolling and feel you might have something to offer toward the following topics, please
send an email with your contact details to [email protected] Your details will not be shared and you will always get
to check the draft before it is published.
Possible topics:
• I’m a success at work but often worry I’m failing as a parent
• Why are we struggling when we earn so much?
• Holding a relationship together in a strange land.
Professional piano teacher
who has been teaching piano
for twenty years in HK, lesson
mode is one on one student.
Piano Lesson
If interest, please call
Miss Chui @9467 4633 (Lesson
Venue: Caribbean Coast)
Local Packing and Moving
Service. Provide Boxes and
Packing Materials. Long/
Short Term Storage. Small
Deliveries & Single Item Move.
Best Move - Best Rate.
Tel: 2421 8088
• Designing
• Digital, Offset & Screen Printing
• E-Marketing Solutions
• Website design & hosting
• Marketing Materials
• Consultancy
• Eco-friendly solutions
Furniture repairing, polishing,
indoor/outdoor specialist solid
wood, hanging pictures.
Call Peter 96747531,
email: [email protected]
Tailoring for ladies and children,
can copy your favorite clothes,
also alterations.
Call Farnaz 96371620,
email: [email protected]
HK Certified beautician
practicing for 20 yrs.
Specialized in full body waxing
and Brazilian bikini at very
reasonable rates in
Tung Chung.
For appointment please call
Ms.Sharma at 53747133
Monday-Sunday: 8am-8pm
Your Marketing, Printing, Design & Website Partner
We take you from...
Sonthra Handyman
& Tailoring services
Quick Turnarounds
Huge Savings
Top Quality
CALL US NOW! for a no obligation quote
T: 852-2333-4421
E: [email protected]
(cut or
cell phone)
Buy 1 get 1 FREE!
Share classroom
We are looking for a teacher to
share a classroom,
with cheap rent.
This shop is suitable for a
teacher who wants to start her
education career in the Tung
Chung area.
Call us on 53600991 for more
FB: Tung Chung Rugby Club.
Emergency – Fire/Police/Ambulance – 999
Tung Chung Fire Station –
3 Shun Tung Road, Tung Chung.
Tung Chung Police Station –
1 Shun Tung Road.
Tung Chung Ambulance Depot –
2 Shun Tung Road.
Chris Coelho Photography 9258 0971
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Tap Tap Spanish Bar - Pui O
The Gallery – Tong Fuk
The Kitchen
The Stoep – Cheung Sha
Treasure Island – Pui O
Village Bakery
Wellcome Supermarket
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Q. : Is there a community church
in Tung Chung?
A. Tung Chung Church meets at 10 am at the
YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College, 2 Chung
Yat Street, Tung Chung. There’s a courtesy bus
from the library to pick up and drop off. Visit
for more information.
Coast - Soho
Oolaa – Soho
Pepperoni’s - Central
Proway Relocation & Real Estate
Wagyu – Central
Wagyu Lounge - Central
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Discovery Bay
Afflatus Hair Workshop
Apple Travel
Auberge Discovery Bay
Island Health
Juice Bar
Les Petits Lascars School
Little Whale Toy Shop
Jaspas Restaurant
Sopranos Restaurant
Uncle Russ Coffee
Wellcome Supermarket
Zaks Restaurant
Q. My kids want to visit a skate park without
travelling away from Lantau, any ideas?
A. There’s a skate park located on
Man Tung Road next to the soccer grounds and
playground opposite Caribbean Coast.
Q.Is there a towing service for South Lantau?
A. Towing from Tung Chung to Mui Wo costs
between $400 to $600. Call Jason at Tai Kwong
Motors Group Ltd: 2984 7389 or 9021 9769.