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Come celebrate Valentine’s Day with someone special. Eric’s high octane delta blues will have everybody in a
good mood. Special Guest opening the show is Shannon & the Rhythm Kings. Showtime 9pm
Eric's signature brand of Delta
dynamite has been a long time in
the making. At the incredible
early age of six, he already had
his fingers on the fret board.
Though born a lefty, he naturally
gravitated towards playing the
guitar as a right-hander. Admittedly, this could be considered a
difficult approach, but it never
slowed Sardinas down. In fact, it's
actually been a major contributing
factor in the formation of his
unique style and specialized technique.
Also helping to shape his artistic
direction were the soulful grounds
in which he planted his earliest
musical roots. Sardinas recalls
that it was exposure to the likes
of gospel, Motwon and R&B that
eventually caused him to seek out
the emotionally charged acoustics
sounds of the Deep South.
Elmore James, Howlin' Wolf,
Muddy Waters, Otis Rush and Albert King could then be considered responsible for setting Sardinas on a collision course with
what would ultimately become the
final contributor to his developing
style, - this - of - course - being
rock 'n roll. Guitar fire-starters
from the 1950s, along with
harder-edged players from the
turbulent 60s and 70s only further expanded and intensified the
Sardinas sound.
Eric Sardinas
An electrifying performer who
puts on an incredible show.
You’ve just got to see this guy
to believe how good he is.
Michael Burks
Friday February 13th
with special guest
Shannon & the Rhythm Kings
Michael “Iron Man” Burks
stands tall as a major contemporary blues figure. With a
nickname earned by his
hours-long, intensely physical
performances, fearsome guitar attack, tough, smoky vocals and the thousands of
miles logged behind the
wheel of his touring van,
Burks is a modern blues hero.
Nobody in today’s blues world
successfully bridges searing
electric guitar blues with unbridled rock and roll energy
like Burks. The Chicago SunTimes recently said Burks is
“poised on the brink of major
Boasting remarkable natural
talent and a blue-collar work
ethic, Michael Burks is a musician with deep roots in the
blues tradition. He performs
every song he plays with intensity, conviction and soul.
Even though he has been
playing music since he was a
child, it was the release of
Make It Rain, his Alligator Records debut in 2001, that
brought Burks well-deserved
national recognition and
made him one of the blues
world’s fastest-rising stars.
His 2003 follow-up, I Smell
Smoke, continued his upward
trajectory, as his fan base increased as quickly as his
bookings. With inspiration
from Albert King, Freddie King
and Albert Collins, Burks’
sound and style are all his
own. Blues Revue says,
“Burks delivers blazing, explosive solos and outrageous
tone…part rock, part soul and
filled with plenty of blues sensibility.” According to GuitarOne, “Burks is a legend in
JJ’s Blues Band
Thursday Feb 5th
Local Heroes JJ’s Blues
Band are going to be rocking
the house on a Thursday night
for you. With only a $5 cover
charge and lots of good music,
it’s a good chance to come
support one of our hometown
bands. Showtime 7:30
Wednesday’s 5:30 to 7:00pm
Come enjoy classic retro movies
and great food and drink specials.
No Cover charge
Gospel Lounge with Reverend Carl Butler and friends. Featuring gospel music at it’s best it’s
good for your soul. Every
Wednesday night in the retro
lounge No Cover Charge.
Jim Suhler
& Monkey Beat
Friday February 6th
Blasting out Texas blues/
he's recorded, toured and written songs for over nine years.
Suhler has often been included
in many of the "Top Ten Guitarists" lists featured in several
music publications.
rock for over seventeen years,
Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat an-
The Waybacks
nounce the February 17, 2009,
Thursday February 12th
release of the bands new cd,
with special guests the Hillbenders
'TIJUANA BIBLE', which will be
They draw freely from the old
school and the old world, but The
Waybacks are no throwback.
They've been erroneously pigeonholed as a bluegrass band and
celebrated as purveyors of
"acoustic mayhem." They are as
uninhibited and unpredictable as
the eclectic San Francisco Bay
area that claims them, and for
nearly a decade, their experiments have always proven sharpwitted and musically dazzling.
released in the U.S. on Underworld Records, distributed nationally by Burnside Distribution. Produced by Jim Suhler
and Tom Hambridge, 'TIJUANA
BIBLE is powered by thirteen
original songs
Frank Plas & the Silvertones
Saturday February 7th
Along with Suhler on guitar
and lead vocals, the band includes bassist Carton Powell,
keyboardist Shawn Phares and
drummer Jimmy Morgan. Together, they've ben terrorizing
clubs, theaters and festivals
alike with their flamethrower
brand of blues/rock. with a
major side order of the Texas
border mythology added to
keep it spicy.
The same take-no-prisoners
attitude has prevailed in Jim
Suhler's playing as a guitarist
with George Thorogood and
the Destroyers, with whom
Kansas City to Lawrence, working on new recordings with his
schedule filling up fast. On
January 13, 2007, they were inducted into the Kansas Music
Hall of Fame.
Inspired by traditional blues artists including T Bone Walker,
Otis Rush, Freddie King, Buddy
Guy and many more, Frank developed his own unique style at
the age of 15. Frank is widely
regarded as one of the finest
guitar players in the business. If
you type his name into Google,
you'll find testimonials from
many major players regarding
Frank. It is not uncommon to
see him referred to as inspirational, the best, and even
legendary. Today, Frank is busy
reinventing the Silver Tones.
Since the Soc Hop Reunion on
August 31, 2006, he's been featured on several local radio
shows and played venues from
They're living proof that in music
anyway, evolution and intelligent
design are entirely compatible.
"The whole spirit of improvisation
– that's always been the cornerstone of this band for me," says
founding singer, songwriter and
guitarist James Nash. "Through all
the stylistic changes and regardless of the instruments we're
playing, to me the fun of this
band has always been that in
some ways I can do whatever I
feel like doing at any moment."
cess of Aaron Watson are something
else. With an uncanny knack for mixing great songs and unforgettable performances with good, old-fashioned
business savvy, Watson has grown –
night-by-night, fan-by-fan, album-byalbum, one honky-tonk stage at a time
– into an unstoppable force in Texas
Music with his sights firmly set on the
national stage.
With two albums and a few years of
hard touring under his belt, Watson
released his third album, Shut Up &
Dance. After a slow start, the debut
single from the album, "Off the Record," took off at Texas radio. Watson
and band soon moved from cramped
record live on one mike, capvan to roomy tour bus and started
turing the energy and closeplaying for sellout crowds all over the
Wednesday February 18th
ness that concert audiences
with special guest Miss Majors &
rave about. The band- Mike
For his next release, 2004's The Honky
Barber on bass, Clayton
Minor Mood Swings
Tonk Kid, Watson hooked up with vetCampbell on fiddle, and Rick
From the front porch of the farm
eran producer and Asleep at the
Hayes on mandolin- is tighter
house they grew up in outside the
Wheel leader Ray Benson. That album
town of Ellenburg Depot, New York, than ever, complementing the
spawned another hit single, "ReckEric and Leigh Gibson could see a brothers’ harmonies with adept
less," and Watson followed up quickly
place called Lyon Mountain. It was instrumental performances.
with the 2005 concert recording, Live
famous for two things: iron ore minbeen
ing and town baseball. It was from
at the Texas Hall of Fame. His next
these elements, and their geosince encouraged in their
release, San Angelo, also produced by
graphical source, that The Gibson
youth by a minister in the bor- Benson, debuted at No. 60 on the BillBrothers drew the inspiration for
derlands of upstate New York,
board chart and continued Watson's
their music. On April 8, 2008,
where they still reside. They
career momentum and impressive alSugar Hill Records released
received a Best Emerging Artbum sales.
their fourth album with blue-
The Gibson Brothers
grass stalwarts The Gibson
Brothers. Iron & Diamonds
showcases the brothers’
trademark harmonies as well
as song writing that is among
the best in the genre. Interspersed with original songs like
the title track- a snapshot of
the miners’ baseball team in
their upstate-NY home- are
carefully chosen covers like
Tom Petty’s “Cabin Down Below” and others.
Iron & Diamonds boasts the
brothers’ best vocal mix to
date thanks to being able to
ist nod from the IBMA in 1998
and went on to record three
albums for Sugar Hill RecordsBona Fide, Long Way Back
Home, and Red Letter Day.
Aaron Watson
Thursday Feb. 19th special
guest Outlaw
Jim & Whiskey Benders
It's no secret that Texas has always
had its own kind of music and its
own kind of music business to go
along with it. But even by the wideopen standards of the Lone Star
State, the ongoing career and suc-
gether this dynamic duo has recorded 7 albums for Bullseye
Blues & Jazz Records, the newest
Saturday Feb 21
being the 2000 "BITE ME." So
Kubek, with his staggering
buckle up and get ready for a onearsenal of instruments, effects
and technique, delivers a frenzied, two punch, thrill-a-minute ride of
high-octane Texas blues.
flame-throwing guitar display
Koolaid & Exact Change Band
that is tempered by the remarkCD Release Party 6pm Feb 21st
able accompaniment of Bnois
The coolest cat in KC brings his sweet
King's jazz influenced guitar.
blues sound to the stage to promote his
Kubek, coming from the blazing new CD and get the party started for the
Smokin’ Joe Kubek show later on. this
Texas blues/rock background,
promises to be a great show for blues lovfound in Bnois King's smooth
ers. Come down and support your local
jazz guitar stylings a finesse and blues band.
fat chord sound that was a perfect
complement to his technique. The
combination just clicked with a
seamless mesh of styles. King
lays down a bed of smooth supporting jazz chords on his hollow
bodied Gibson that allows Kubek
to take center stage and play with
almost reckless abandon. To-
Smokin Joe Kubek
& B’Nois King
The Nace Brothers
Friday Feb 20th
The Nace Brothers Band
first played together on
December 31, 1981.
Twenty-eight years
later, they're still going strong with three
original members -David Nace, Jimmy Nace
and Tim Williams -- and
their newest member,
T.J. Erhardt. The band
is now musically unstoppable, touring 220 dates
over 50,000 miles a
year. For the Nace
Brothers Band, music has
been and always will be
a way of life. But what sets The Nace
Brothers apart from so
many other bands on the
road today? It's the
soulful, aggressive vocal style of leader
David Nace. Brother
Jimmy also shares the
spotlight, with a guitar that flows with the
same soulful emotion.
For these reasons and
others, the band has
found themselves catapulted into national
status -- all the way
from theirWarrensburg,
Anthony Gomes
& the New Soul Cowboys
Sunday Feb 22nd 8pm
Rock and Roll for your
cowboy soul. Saddle up
with Anthony Gomes as the
award winning acclaimed
tough rockin’ soulful singerguitarist and his rough and
tumble Nashville based
outfit , are ready to take on
the world. Drawing on the
Myra Taylor’s
92nd Birthday Party
musical core that links blues,
rock, soul, and country, he’s
with an open jam hosted by
Sunday Feb 22nd
KC Blues & Jazz Fest Reunion
No Cover Charge
The Queen is back and better than ever. Miss Mira Taylor,
a true living legend of Kansas
City bues and Jazz will be celebrating her birthday with all her
friends. As usual, expect some
joined by bassist David
Karns, drummer Peter Lang,
and guitarist Bill Franco.
“First and foremost we are
Southern Rock” Gomes says.
Be prepared to be amazed
“We mine rock, blues, coun- by some of the best "unknown"
try, gospel in our soul sonic
The Hillbenders
surprise guests, who come to
pay tribute to Mira. Also come Thursday Feb 26th with
special guest Free State Revival
for our 4th Annual Chili Cook
The HillBenders are a seaOff. Prizes will be awarded for
1st and 2nd place. It’s the best soned group of talented bluegrass
thing since sliced bread.
versity of influences creating a
sound unlike any you've heard before. Not only do all four members
write and arrange their own music,
they all sing incredibly well. Most
songs boast 3 and or 4-part harmonies and the lead vocal role is
shared among the group.
musicians hailing from all over the
country. With interests and influences as far-reaching as their
hometowns, the sound they produce is unique and captivating.
Drawn together by a mutual desire
to write and perform original music, the HillBenders combine the
traditions of bluegrass with a di-
voices in Bluegrass music today!
The same can be said of the instrumental prowess of the band.
Led by banjo prodigy Mark Cassidy, the intricate instrumental parts
in their music leave the crowd in
awe. With tight arrangements and
solo's as well as commanding vocals and harmonies there is little
left to be desired after watching the
HillBenders in concert.
songwriting ability, as well
as her bluesy, sexy singing
voice. In fact, her music has
often been described as
"blues with an accordion."
The BelAirs
Saturday Feb 28th
Fronted by brothers Dick
and Dave Pruitt on bass
and electric guitars, with
Michael Cherry on drums,
the BelAirs play a danceable mix with an authentic
but eclectic bluesycountry-soul-and-rock-nroll sound
influenced bythe likes of Wilson
Picket, Slim Harpo, Howlin'
“ The Zyedeco Sweetheart”
Wolf and Johnny
Cash.Performing together
Friday Feb 27th
for more than 20 years, the Pruitt
Fat Friday Mardi Gras Party
brothers' harmony vocal style
with KC Blues Society
sets them apart in the contempoZydeco Music is most identified
rary music scene leading one reby the accordionists who lead the
viewer to refer to them as the
band. Chenier. Chavis. Delafose. A
"Everly Brothers of Blues".
Rosie Ledet
David's "big guitar"
and Dick's howling vocals over
soulful, right-on rhythm playing
make this trio a powerhouse
& SUNDAY 2-6pm
Musicians bring your friends
down and strut your stuff on our
stage with some others in the
best collaborative jams in KC.
With a good turnout every
week, come early and sign up
to play with other people who
want to play together. Great for
students to help improve their
confidence and stage presence
and fun to watch. With no
cover charge and a great bunch
of players, it’s the best kept secret around. Tell your friends!
male-dominated music, but over
the last 12 years, a sultry, sexy female voice has risen through the
ranks and established herself as
one of the leading voices in Zydeco.
Rosie Ledet wouldn't be denied.
Rosie has carved out a unique spot
in the Zydeco pantheon, a spot that
is defined more by her special style
than that she is one of a handful of
female accordionists.
Singing in both Creole French and
English, Rosie is known for her
and in 2005 he was featured the
Covers of "Frets" and "Acoustic
Guitar" magazines. Countless
articles have been written about
Monte describing him "The Evel
Knievel of Guitar", "Six Strings
Attached To Dynamite", "The
Answer To The Fermi Paradox"
and "The Acoustic Shred Master" just to name a few. Monte's
fretwork has become the benchmark for acoustic guitar players.
"An American Original", there is
no doubt Monte Montgomery
is destined to become An American Legend.
Monte Montgomery
Sunday March 1st
Monte Montgomery has taken
the acoustic guitar beyond anyone's expectations. With his
amazing fretwork, unique combination finger and pick style
playing through trailblazing
"chordal" thoroughfares often
baffling even the most accomplished players. While Monte
remains a huge enigma in the
guitar universe, his legendary
reputation has spread like wildfire since he appeared on Austin
City Limits. In 2004 Monte was
named on Guitar Player Magazine's list of "Top 50 Greatest
Guitarists Of All Time"
Zen Blues
featuring Mike
formed with:
Jimi Hendrix, Etta James, Peter
Frampton, Rod Stewart, Ringo
Starr, Phantom Blues Band
and Taj Mahal, Dave Mason, Joe
Cocker, Bonnie Rait, Crosby
Stills and Nash...),
Tim Scott - Bass and lead
vocals Jack Mack, Tower of
Power, Robben Ford, Stevie
Les Falconer - Drums (Keb
John March - guitars, producer and mixer.
“Come See Me Rock The House”
Historic Performance
3 Nights/5 Shows
Comprised of some of the
best session musicians in the
world. This is, and was, a project about real musicians playing real music. No tricks of
technology, but human beings
playing at their best. Simple
as that!
Mike Finnigan -
B3 and Vocals, (Grammy award
winner and Platinum Artist, per-
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