3WGAAFC RI 3-15 - 3 Wing Australian Air Force Cadets

Lidcombe MUD, Gormley Street, Lidcombe, NSW 2141
3WG RI 03/15
Pursuant to HQAAFC RI 3/13 and delegated authority, the following personnel have been
appointed to the positions as shown. AUTH: OC3WG
FLTLT(AAFC) Rachelle Warner, 8497509, Temporary Staff Officer Operations
(T/SOOPS) for the period 14 Apr 15 to 1 May 15, vice SQNLDR(AAFC) Peter O’Neill on
Pursuant to AAFC Manual of Management, Volume 2, Part 1 (Personnel) Chapter 4,
paragraph 7 and delegated authority, the following personnel have been registered as Civilian
Instructors. AUTH: OC 3WG
CIV Ross Vonhoff, AC30394, 301FLT, WEF 02 Apr 15
CIV Phillip Chadwick, AC30391, 312SQN, WEF 02 Apr 15
CIV Russell Hill, AC30392, 331SQN, WEF 02 Apr 15
CIV Peter Singleton, AC30393, 331SQN, WEF 02 Apr 15
CIV Terance Moore, AC30395, 301FLT, WEF 03 Apr 15
CIV Adam Sneddon, AC30397, 318SQN, WEF 14 Apr 15
CIV Brooke Anderson, AC30396, 312SQN, WEF 14 Apr 15
Errata from the RI 2/15:
CIV Joshua Charles Klingberg, AC30388, 304SQN, WEF 15 Mar 15
Pursuant to AAFC Standing Instructions Personnel Part 7 Chapter 1, the following
members have been granted leave for the periods as shown. AUTH: OC 3WG
SQNLDR(AAFC) Peter O’Neill, 8031273, 3WGHQ, 14 Apr 15 to 1 May 15.
FLTLT(AAFC) Bob Sheehan, 8021692, 301FLT, 14-30 Apr 15. All enquiries during this
period of leave are to be directed to the Deputy Flight Commander,
SGT(AAFC) Rachel Turnell, [email protected]
ANZAC Day Approvals
It has been noticed that a number of Anzac Day Activities have not been submitted for
approval in C1. This may have been due to the uncertainty surrounding carriage of weapons.
SQNs are advised that OA86s for Anzac Day must be submitted no later than 1600 h on
Fri 17 Apr 15. Activities submitted after this time and date will not be actioned.
3WG RI 03/15
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Email Addresses for SOOPS, BM and FINACCTO
Members are requested to address all email for Staff Officer Operations (SOOPS), the WG
Business Manager (BM) or the WG Financial Accounting Officer (FINACCTO) to the relevant
appointment email and not to the incumbent’s personal or private email address:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
3WG Senior Officer and WGWOFF appointments
Thank you to all members that submitted an expression of interest and participated in the
interviews for the Executive Officer, Staff Officer and Wing WOFF positions advertised in 3WG
RI 2/15.
Congratulations to the following members who were successful in their applications. Their
appointments will be promulgated in the National AAFC POR 2/15, with their appointments to
take effect from 01 May 15:
Executive Officer – FLTLT(AAFC) Peter Thompson, HQ3WG,
Executive Officer (South) – SQNLDR(AAFC) Darren Banfield, HQ3WG,
Executive Officer (North) – FLTLT(AAFC) Grant Mayler, 335SQN,
Executive Officer (West) – SQNLDR(AAFC) Michael White, HQ3WG,
Staff Officer Operations – FLTLT(AAFC) Rachelle Warner, 334SQN,
Staff Officer Management Services, FLTLT(AAFC) Merridy Thompson, 322SQN, and
Wing Warrant Officer – FLTLT(AAFC) Derek Kenyon 321SQN.
The WG extends its thanks and gratitude to the outgoing members who will be leaving
those positions as of 30 April 15. Their dedication and the valuable contribution to the
management and welfare of the WG, in what are demanding roles, is greatly appreciated:
SQNLDR(AAFC) Jim Klumpp, XO(N),
WOFF(AAFC) Rob McFadden, WGWOFF, and
WOFF(AAFC) Paul Dunsford, T/WGWOFF.
ANZAC Day 2015 – City of Sydney March
ANZAC day is fast approaching and as per previous years, 3WG will play a significant
part in the City of Sydney March. An activity for this march has been created on C1 Activity
No. 28475. SQNs will be required to endorse cadet nominations to ensure an accurate nominal
roll can be completed for the activity.
3WG RI 03/15
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10. A JI is already available for download from C1 and will also be circulated by email. All
metro SQN members are encouraged to attend the City of Sydney March. Dress will be Service
Dress 4B Long Sleeve Shirt, Tie and Medals.
11. Let’s aim for 200 Cadets in attendance on what will be one of the most public and
televised events of the year.
Individual Proficiency Badge recording on CadetOne
12. The WLOGO has noticed inaccuracies in the dates recorded in C1 for the IPB
13. Whilst SI(OPS)4-1 states that IPB requests in C-LOG are to be endorsed by a member’s
CO or equivalent, it is the responsibility of the WLOGO to ensure requests are valid and
appropriately approved to ensure the integrity of the IPB is maintained IAW the intent of the SI.
14. The WLOGO checks the records of each member requesting the IPB. Recent checks have
revealed that some qualification records have incorrect expiry dates. The SI states as per below
(emphasis added):
“OOC, IOC and Cadets are to conduct an individual proficiency assessment at least once
every 12 months. An OOC, IOC or a cadet may raise an individual proficiency assessment
at any time after they have addressed all of the relevant individual proficiency
requirements. A successful assessment is valid for 12 months from the date the
assessor validates the individual proficiency assessment form, and Individual
proficiency is to be recorded on CadetOne as a qualification with a validity of 12
15. Members charged with approving and recording IPB in C1 are advised to take note of this
information and ensure that the expiry date for an IPB qualification is one year minus one day
from the date of the qualification. Such that a qualification issued on 15 Apr 15 will expire on 14
Apr 16.
Generic HQ email address – [email protected]
16. HQ has established a generic email address for all official correspondence. The email
address is [email protected]
17. Email correspondence should still be directed to the HQ staff member responsible. The
HQ Gmail address is to be used as a carbon copy (cc) address in all business email
correspondence to HQ staff. It has been set up to assist in retention of official correspondence
between members of the WG and HQ. It will also assist in ensuring that emails are responded to
in a timely manner.
The HQ Gmail address will only be accessible by the following members:
As delegated by the OC from time to time.
3WG RI 03/15
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19. All members assigned access to the HQ Gmail address are experienced in dealing with
sensitive and confidential issues and will treat emails sent to the HQ Gmail address
Addressees in emails to HQ
20. Members should keep in mind the following guidelines when including addressees in
business emails to HQ:
Address emails in the “To:” field to the people who need the information or need to take
Add addressees in the ‘carbon copy’, “Cc:”, field where you believe the person needs to
know that the information has been sent but does not need to take any action or respond to
the email.
Always Cc the HQ Gmail address when addressing an email to a member of HQ. These
emails will be automatically archived within Gmail and will only be reviewed to check that
they have been responded to appropriately. All replies to the original and subsequent
emails are to include the HQ Gmail address as a Cc.
If you don’t know who at HQ to address an email to, address the email (in the “To:” field)
to the HQ Gmail address. These emails will be viewed by the ADMINO and forwarded to
the appropriate HQ member. All replies to the original and subsequent emails are to
include the HQ Gmail address as a Cc.
21. Members are encouraged to download the latest Defence Writing Manual, located in the
Cadetnet OIP Portal, https://members.cadetnet.gov.au/aafc/OIP, and make themselves familiar
with the email guidelines in chap 9. Refer to para 9.46 to 9.57 for style and presentation
Wings over the Illawarra
22. The annual Wings Over Illawarra Airshow will be held on 3 May 15. The final JI is not
ready to release yet as we are awaiting advice on the availability of any RAAF Aircraft to fly
cadets and staff to the airshow. Movement schedules are being prepared and will be published
as soon as available. Issues relating to funding are being resolved.
23. All personnel are encouraged to attend and nominate on C1 via Activity no 30015. If you
have any questions on the activity please contact the planning coordinator PLTOFF(AAFC) Kent
Hungerford on Email: [email protected]
Closing date for nominations is 8 May 15.
2/15 Promotion Courses – RAAF Base Wagga
25. The 3WG promotion courses for CWOFF, CSNCO and CJNCO candidates will take place
over the period 27 Jun - 11 Jul 15. All interested cadets are reminded that the closing date for
nominations is 12 May 15.
3WG RI 03/15
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3WG Competition and Annual Ball
26. The 3WG competition will take place over the long weekend of 5 - 8 Jun 15. This is a
great opportunity for all SQNs from around the Wing to come together,to compete and share
new experiences. This years competitions and activities will be a trial run for the 75th
Anniversary activities to be held over the June long weekend 2016. The C1 Activity no is
28472. The competitions will take place on Saturday 6 Jun 15 and will include;
Drill and Ceremonial competitions similar to previous years,
Aircraft Recognition competition,
Service Knowledge competition,
Fieldcraft competition, and
Aeromodelling competition,
On Sunday 7 Jun 15, there will be a major regional sports competition involving numerous
sporting events and encouraging participation from all. Closing date for nominations for the
3WG Competition and sporting events is 8 May 15.
27. This weekend will also include the 3WG Ball where the theme for this year is ‘a night at
the Oscars’. This is a must attend event for all Cadets and Staff and an opportunity to dress to
impress. The C1 Activity no is 28969.
Closing date for nominations for the 3WG Ball is 24 Apr 15.
2015 3WG Management Conference Action Items
29. Action Item 18 Driver Training Requirements. CO’s are required to notify their
Regional XO of requests for staff to undergo driver training no later than 4 May 15.
Information should include
name of the staff member,
the class of licence sought,
the class of licence currently held,
how that category of licence will assist the SQN on activities and the types of activities,
how the category of licence will assist the WG and the types of courses/activities the
member has attended in the past/agrees to attend in the future.
31. Action Item 24 Sharing of SQN Training Resources. As outlined in RI 2/15 para 19-20,
SQNs are reminded to provide their Regional XO copies of training notes and resources
(preferably in electronic form) nlt 4 May 15 to enable them to be shared with SQNs throughout
the WG. Nil returns are not acceptable.
32. Action Item 33 Annual Staff Performance Appraisal Reporting. In accordance with
Volume 2, Part 1, Chapter 1 of the AAFC Manual of Management (MoM), performance
appraisal reports are an annual reporting requirement.
This reporting system will review an OOC or IOC in the following three areas:
an indication of the member’s suitability for continued service with the AAFC;
an indication of the member’s suitability for promotion to the next rank; and
any areas of performance which are strengths and any area of performance which could be
3WG RI 03/15
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34. To assist with this reporting, an Officer/Instructor Performance Appraisal Report (OIPAR)
is available for download via the 3WG resource centre.
35. Each adult member is to undergo a performance appraisal at least, once each calendar year
with respect to the members Squadron/Flight training requirements. Another appraisal can be
made with respect to the member’s performance for periods of continuous training on Wing
camps or courses.
36. Performance reports are an integral part of promotion deliberations. They provide the
opportunity for OOC or IOCs to articulate and discuss their own desired career path and
Continual Professional Development (CPD). Additionally, these appraisals provide
opportunities for an OOC or IOC to improve their current performance as well as potential for
future promotion. Any performance report about an OOC or IOC is to be sighted and signed by
the member
37. Once completed, all OIPARs should be forwarded to SOMS NLT the end of March of the
following year. The OIPARs should be accompanied by a cover minute, address to SOMs
marked ‘Staff In-Confidence’. An OIPAR cover minute is available for download via the 3WG
resource centre.
38. A copy should remain on the members file at the respective SQN, FLT or HQ element.
The reviewed OIPAR will be placed on the members file at 3WG HQ. Members who have been
assessed on Wing camp or courses should retain a copy to place on their SQN, FLT personal file.
39. In accordance with Volume 2, Part 1, Chapter 1 of the AAFC MoM, promotion to the next
rank is dependent upon the members current OIPAR(s). For example to be considered for
promotion to FLTLT(AAFC), one of the criteria is three (3) favourable consecutive OIPARs.
These revised guidelines and the requirement for OIPARs to be completed for all OOC and IOCs
will apply to all promotions with effect from 1 May 15.
40. Further guidance and information on any issues arising, can be referred to SOMS or the
respective XO.
41. Action Item 39 Wearing of uniforms for cadets – on ranges, public places &
transport. As set out in RI 1/15 para 14, AAFC members are reminded not to wear uniforms on
public transport. A specific exemption has been provided for ANZAC Day provided cadets are
travelling in groups and not isolated. This will allow cadets to take advantage of free public
transport on ANZAC Day. Uniforms can be worn in private transport and at on- and off-base
activities provided a suitable Security Risk Assessment (SRA) has been conducted.
Commanding Officers and activity co-ordinators should exercise caution in planning activities
and whether cadets should attend or travel in uniform or neat casual attire.
3WG RI 03/15
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Expression of thanks from Mrs Mary Rice
The following note was received by the OC for broadcast to the WG.
Your expressions of sympathy and support conveyed to us in many ways were of
great comfort during our sorrow. Thank you so much to those who attended Larry's
funeral and formed the Guard of Honour. I will keep the memory of such a
wonderful tribute forever in my heart and I know Larry would have been
overwhelmed by the respect given to him by his many AAFC colleagues and friends.
It was wonderful to meet so many of you and put faces to the names of those Larry
spoke of so fondly. Please accept this as a personal thanks.
Sincerely and in Appreciation
Mary Rice
Wing Commander (AAFC)
Officer Commanding
15 Apr 15
Wing Management Conference Minutes.
Historical Reflections 3/15 - Traditions of ANZAC Day.
3WG RI 03/15
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7 – 8 MAR 15
Minutes of Conference
FLTLT Bob Sheehan FLTCDR 301FLT, FLTLT Neil Rogers CO 311SQN (Sunday only), PLTOFF Michael
Bros CO 323SQN (Sunday only), FLTLT Dan Schubert (Sunday only), WOFF Neil Gamble CO
330SQN, FLGOFF Melissa Jones CO 334SQN, PLTOFF Tony Baxter-Tompkins CO 339SQN
FLTLT Yan De Horta opened the conference.
Cinema, safety, Base and behavioural briefings by FLTLT De Horta & SQNLDR O’Neill
FLTLT De Horta introduces Officer Commanding
Presentation by Officer Commanding 3WG, WGCDR Paul Hughes focussing on
 2020 Plan & Commander’s Intent: Good to Great. Increase cadet numbers, Increase
worth to community & enhance relevance of training and tangible benefits to training. A
modern powered and gliding fleet with Australia’s leading aviation training system.
 Enhancing the Cadet Experience
 Enhancing the Staff Experience
 Role of HQ: Customer focus, supportive, outcome driven, professional & courteous,
 We Listen, We Learn, We get results – underpinned by communication
 Support to Staff: Skills training and Leadership development
 Expectations of Command: Develop junior staff, Youth Development Philosophy,
courteous, professional & respectful, collegiate support & if you need help then ask.
Accountability: Attention to detail, timely & effective communication, governance is
 Recognition & fun
 10 year certificates
 5 year certificates
 ACFSM and clasps
 Certificates of appointment of Command
 Officer Commanding Commendations: FLTLT Grahame Fisher & FLGOFF Julie Crumpton
Interactive session – All conference attendees (Not just COs) broken into working groups.
Commander’s Vision
Officer Commanding’s Vision
Presentation of Awards
Interactive Session – Define the
Presentation to
Wing website
Video of ‘OC
Promise’ to
Facebook &
CadetOne to be
Summary of
Cadet Experience
Define the Staff Experience
Interactive Session – The top 5
issues facing 3 Wing and Possible
 What is the Cadet Experience? What should the Cadet Experience be? How do we
deliver it?
 What is the Staff Experience? What should the Staff Experience be? How do we deliver
Groups presented their collective thoughts. Collated and summarised. The summary will be
published on 3WG Website. Document will be used by Wing Executive in planning discussions.
Interactive session – All conference attendees (Not just COs) broken into working groups.
Groups presented their collective thoughts. Overall Top 5 later extended Top 8 collated for later
discussion in conference. The top 8 issues identified by members present;
Staff applications and personnel administration generally
Access for firearms training for cadets with first 12 months
Sharing of information/Cadet Training Packages. (Collegiate Support)
Facility upgrades to support 2020 Plan and achieve cadet number increases
More cadets accessing GST courses
Broadcast information for Wing Activities & Sharing of information
Staff Training – specific to needs
ADF Support funding
member defined
Cadet & Staff
published to
assist Wing
AI = Action Item
AI 23
AI 22
AI 24
AI 27
AI 25
AI 20 & 21
AI 26
AI 27
OC – Initial response to the issues OC informed staff that of the problems facing the Wing some are easy to fix and within his
facing 3 Wing.
control – others need higher level intervention or approval.
Initial action taken since 1 Jan 15 to address perceived issues;
AI 23
 Staff applications – processes improved 2nd half of last year – backlog down. Looking at
implementation of KPIs and timelines, look at streamlining current processes including
scanning of documents. National are investigating new online process.
 Relaxation of enrolment of ex-cadets – requiring 12 month separation. Consider shorter
period – current published policy restriction is only 3 months. Merit assessment – case
by case – not just local need, but individual maturity will factor significantly.
 Consideration of primary and secondary roles. Opportunity for members with time and
energy. Balance required for organisation and individual. Possibility of increase in CFA –
but requires elevation to another level – and not the priority.
 Re-introduction of 3WG – 18 month planning calendar. (See item 6 above). Allows SQNs AI 20
to plan around standard dates. Wing to ‘lock in’ standard activities. Wing Calendar to be
published by Dec of each year and forecast 18 month period. To be readily available and
displayed on Wing website or portal.
Review of OIC activity levels – requires change at Directorate level. Designed to take
workload of COs and share amongst experienced staff.
 Carriage of Firearms – ANZAC services. As OC, and recent CO, well aware of need to
support local communities and RSLs. Will take on the issue to ensure every measure is
taken to inform policy makers about importance of cadets involved in catafalque parties.
Emphasised that threats are real and not imagined. It is a different world. COs to
prepare detailed risk assessments and plan for carriage. Include liaison with local police
and emphasise if they will be present at activity. Be aware the policy may be changed
with late notice. The policy must be strictly adhered to – whatever it ultimately is.
 New look 3WG website will be up soon to assist with communication
 A vacancy portal – staff positions, staff required for particular activities whether at Wing
or Squadron level (eg you need a female staff member for a bivouac). Also buy/swap/sell
portal for equipment which can be shared/loaned/exchanged.
 Reasonable time frames to respond to HQ staff will be established and published.
Limited control over National, CB-AF and CRESD requests. Proper and timely planning
will minimise short turn around requests.
 Staff Paper: Request to DT for a more efficient pathway for ex CUO/CWOFFs to complete
SIP in one weekend.
 Staff Paper: Review of .22LR training in first year of cadets. Emphasis on impact on
retention and ‘enhancing the cadet experience”
 Minutes to be published for this conference. Outcomes and deadlines stated.
 Visibility of contact details on CadetOne for all 3WG HQ Key personnel/DETCDRs/COs.
Implement a short term solution.
 Expression of Interest for all executive positions. Transparency in process.
Dates set: Interviews on 28 Mar 15.
Applications close on 21 Mar 15.
Applications announced on 14 Mar 15
 Activity approvals – Communicate in person before cancelling activities. More attention
to detail by authors and approving/recommending authorities. Greater observance of
minimum timings to submissions.
Staff of 320FLT gave presentation of activities conducted by 320FLT. A copy of the presentation
will be made available on the 3WG Website. The presentation focussed on;
 Structure and staff currently posted to 320FLT
 Abseiling and caving courses, ability to deliver training to units outside of 320FLT courses
AI 28
320FLT presentation
AI 8
AI 46
AI 22
AI 1
AI 16, 37 & 47
Instruction 2/15
AI 8
presentation to
Wing website
3 Wing Band Course proposal
Conference Split – Staff Officer &
non COs
Aeromodelling basic courses – Balsa & Radio Control (Apr & Sep/Oct)and Plastic
modelling (Jul)
 Aeromodelling advanced courses – Plastic modelling & Radio control
 Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Australia – Resource guides issued
 Plan to re-vitalise DoEA to make 3WG the foremost operator in NSW
 Fieldcraft – Focus on developing staff training
 320FLT have equipment that can be loaned to SQNs to assist in their activities.
 Firearms training – Monthly shoots at Sydney International Shooting Centre (SISC)
 First Aid – 4 courses per year at Lidcombe
 Model Rocketry – Jun & Dec – Conducted out of RAAF Base Williamtown
 Please promote the activities at your SQNs
Proposal to re-commence a Wing Band. Looking at more than drum corps – concert & military
band. In principal approval from OC 3WG in Feb 15
2 Musicians courses per year. Targeting cadets that already have instruments and musical ability.
Focus is upon ‘banding skills’ Courses likely to be conducted in Apr & Sep/Oct each year.
Culminate in public performances
Cookies International Café (35 personnel present)
 Discussion commenced around the limited number of cadets getting access to GSTs
SQNLDR O’Neill spoke about the lack of policy (MoGT) defining a GST.
General consensus was that the focus should be on learning basic skills – uniform maintenance,
living skills, basic cadet skills. General consensus on running larger GSTs at locations that have
accommodation for those cadets. Need for CDTNCOs to provide supervision and structure –
allows them to develop their skills. PLTOFF Lansom indicated that they were running “Boot
Camp at BATAC” which was performing a similar role. Discussion around use of Singleton.
AIRCDRE Green indicated that it was important to investigate what other Wings were doing to
achieve GST attendance – eg 5WG travelling to East Sale. 1& 5WG have tracked 95% retention
over 12 months for cadets who attend GST. CAF motto for cadets “Smell and breathe the
AVTUR”. PLTOFF Kent Hungerford added that 5WG have a 3 tiered approach – based on number
of GSTs you have attended.
FLTLT(PAF) John Klompenhouer indicated that AAFC was close to securing 120 man block at
Richmond which AFLOs office will control use and bookings over.
 Discussion around staff applications and proposal being considered by DCDR for online
electronic lodgement
 Recognition of AAFC training and mapping to AQTF so that staff receive recognition for
the work they do. AIRCDRE Green indicated that RAAF is an RTO and is waiting for an
presentation to
Wing website
AI 25
AI 26
approach from AAFC to endorse their training.
OCs open forum (including questions from COs)
 One management team in place – HQ & AFLO team – co-ordinated and filter requests
from National – OC to publish rules for communication from HQ. Information –
especially policy to be published more consistently and not ‘drip fed’ in isolated emails.
 OC indicated need to enforce compliance on cadet attendance. Remove cadets that
have terminated from CadetOne as soon as possible.
 Discussion around OIPAR. OIPAR template and users guide to be issued. MoM requires
positive OIPARs for promotion to certain ranks. Review and expectations of promotion
to be advised. Review and propose suitable requirements for promotion of staff,
especially to key ranks.
 Review requirement, practices and procedures for chaperoning cadets during Wing
courses and activities.
 Update and re-issue emergency response cards
 Publish full list of HQ structure and responsibilities
 Issue contact details of all 3WG Executive & COs Phone numbers to CO group and
 OA-86 checklist & USR detail to be distributed to SQNs
 Need to clarify wearing of uniform for cadets;
o On firearms ranges
o Public places
o Public transport
Conference split – Staff Officers &
 SOOPS: Question raised about consideration of regional promotion courses
CO forum
 SOOPS/SOGT: Attendance needs to be recorded for flying activities and other wing
activities. Analysis required at the process of Wing activities and how to improve and
communicate the process.
 SOGT: Medical alert condition on cadet ID cards. Investigation required on whether this
can be achieved.
 SOMS: Clarify process for the printing and issue of ID cards.
 SOOPS: Promotion course: proposed acceptance spreadsheet to be sent out in advance
of CadetOne acceptance.
Close of Business – Saturday 7 March 2015
Opening of Conference – Sunday 8 March 2015
Confirmation of Minutes
No minutes available 2014 conference
OC Initial Brief
Transport: ADF transport expenditure in the last 12 months has been captured by FLGOFF (PAF)
Conference split – OC & CO
AI 48
AI 8
AI 31
AI 32 & 33
AI 36
AI 35
AI 16, 37 & 47
AI 16, 37 & 47
AI 7
AI 39
AI 40
AI 11 &
AI 42
AI 49
AI 44
AI 45
AFLO Office presentation
Melody Catling (DAFLO). Equates to $210,000. Significant expense that Wing would have to bear
if we done manage it properly and show respect.
Fieldcraft/320FLT: Standard of fieldcraft displayed by cadets needs improvement. Especially
basic skills – map and compass work.
320FLT Stores will get a list on Wing portal/website with items available to be loaned to SQNs for AI 2 complete
fieldcraft activities.
First Aid: Attempts to draw reports of first aid expiry 12 months in advance from CadetOne has
been met with frustration. The plan was to be able to have 320FLT deliver the training and to
target members as their first aid comes up for renewal.
Image: We set the example – as a corps of officers – Commanding Officers and senior staff –
perception is reality – set the example for cadets.
Sharing ideas: two quick ones. Barcode scanner – first used by CO302SQN. Scanner itself and
AI 3, 4 & 5
printer to print labels total about $250. When cadets arrive, they scan the label on their blue
book/card and it immediately records their attendance.
CLOG program – produced by FSGT Rodney Manton – converts clothing and allows quick and
efficient processing into CadetOne of orders.
Accommodation: Availability of 30 beds at 314SQN facility – currently shared with 338SQN and
Navy cadets – is available. Contact CO314SQN.
ADF support: The USR requirements published by DG provide the basic timelines for support.
There are currently no 4 x 4 available out of Richmond and Glenbrook.
AFLO team demonstrated their visibility in CadetOne
AFLO office has the ability to return to draft – saves you from having to re-input data.
Thales now requires 2 months for ammunition forecasts.
OC indicated if you are seeking support – ask for it. You won’t get it if you don’t ask for it.
SQNLDR Michael White indicated that there was lots of valuable information – asked if it could
AI 7
be reduced to a single source document.
Vehicles – Information required includes;
 Driver details
 Where it is being picked up from/returned to, times and dates,
 Number of people in vehicles
RMS at RIC, WLM and GBK are still run by RAAF, other centres are run by contractors. Enquiry as
to whether vehicles can be obtained from Orchard Hills. Currently being investigated by AFLOs
Request from COs for list of locations where vehicles can be obtained and current vehicles
Budget: Each year 3WG budget is roughly the same. However as we lose access to things
AI 6
AI 17 & 18
AI 19
Squadron Agenda Items
through the system and have to account for them in our budget, we lose money in real terms.
Eg. Portaloos are now paid for out of 3WG budget.
First Aid kits on courses: Do not empty the consumables in the first aid kits to replenish your
own SQN stocks. Usage should be consistent with first aid log on camp. Over-usage of
consumables may restrict AAFC access to defence supplied first aid kits. If you need to replenish
SQN consumables, contact AFLO team.
The majority of these items were taken from Metro workshop and submissions from 326SQN.
 Unrealistic deadlines for SQNs to respond to HQ requests – already an action item
 Carriage of rifle approvals for ANZAC services – already covered and an action item
 FTE training on .22LR for cadets within first 12 months – already an action item
 Recording of attendances for Wing activities – already an action item
o Issue raised of historical attendance at activities older than 6 months. These will
not display on cadets record of service. Investigate if there is any means to
backcapture these attendances.
 Social media training sign off on CadetOne – temporary workaround – Action item
 All Commanding Officer appointments should be SQNLDRs. Opposed robustly by WOFF
Michael Barr. No one spoke in support. (He is a hard act to follow) No further action.
 Individual Proficiency Badge – Discussion regarding inability to produce reports at SQN
level for cadets as to expiry dates of IPB. SQNLDR Lowther indicated the manner in
which the dates are inserted is critical to the ability to produce report. SQNLDR Lowther
to prepare information sheet.
 CFA (Cadet Forces Allowance) –Investigate the possibility of providing additional CFA for
staff who dedicate significant periods of time to Wing activities on a case by case merit
 Flying days – visibility of flying days into 2nd half of calendar year. Addressed at CO
 Routine Instruction – There will be no further National Routine Instructions after 1 Mar
15. Information will be released in Information Circulars on CadetNet. Appointments,
promotions, terminations will be promulgated in Personnel Occurrence Reports (PORs)
which will still be issued on the 1st of the month.
 No action taken on local issues reported to Headquarters. This will be dealt with in
regards to expectations surrounding communication, including following up on matters.
This will be further assisted by the introduction of a HQ gmail account, similar to the one
operated by PERSO, where multiple people will be able to access the email, if there is no
timely response from the designated addressee. The HQ 3WG gmail address is
AI 8
AI 22
AI 9, 10 & 11
AI 12
AI 50
OC to consider –
see earlier
AI 8
AI 14
AI 17
NSWAIRTC Association
Incorporated AGM
Conference wrap up
[email protected]
Relaxation on policy to bring back ex cadets – already covered – Action item
Investigate if possible, to lock cadet photos in Cadetone, once cadets upload their first
photo. Any updates can be done by SQN staff. There have been numerous incidents
where cadets are uploading inappropriate photos (cartoon characters, random images).
This is especially important with the printing of cadet ID cards.
Conference adjourned to allow ordinary members to attend the Annual General Meeting.
Annex C – Staff applications. There is now a requirement that COs comment upon all of the
criteria in Annex C that are commented upon by the applicant in Annex B. A new form will be
distributed shortly that is fit for purpose.
Action Items: Discussed and finalised in general terms. Dates set to allow monitoring and
75th Anniversary: Outline of activities provided by OC. Inter-regional sports events. Ball. Staff
only dinner with an invite to CDF. Drill, service knowledge and other wing competitions. This
year the activities on June long weekend will be a practice for next years activities.
Future conferences
FLTLT Les Nastevski indicated that the ‘old and bold’ are asking if there will be any events that
they are invited to for the 75th Anniversary. Will there be a street march through Sydney?
Conference dates 2016
20-21 Feb 16
This date avoids Canberra long weekend. There is no Avalon Air show.
Conference dates 2017
18-19 Feb 17
Preference will be to routinely set down for 3rd weekend in February. This provides consistency.
Is before the commencement of majority of SQN training. Avoids Avalon Air Show and Canberra
Long weekend. CDR-AAFC will be informed of 3WGs commitment to those dates.
Conference Closed
Minutes prepared by FLTLT Peter Thompson
Attached to
these minutes
Notes: All ranks are (AAFC) unless indicated. AI = Action Item
Traditions of ANZAC Day
On the 1st of January 1901, six Self-Governing Colonies joined together at Federation to become
the States of the Commonwealth of Australia. At the outbreak of World War I, (WW1 - the War
to end all Wars), the fledgling country of Australia was still a teenager, barely 13 years old. At
the time, the population of Australia was less than 5 million (about the same as Sydney is today).
During the course of WWI over 416,000 men joined to serve, some to protect Mother England,
some for a sense of Adventure, many to be with their mates but all to represent Australia.
The first men to enlist in the Army from August 1914 onwards were sent to Cairo, Egypt for
training. They formed the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC). Under British
Command, the Anzacs formed a part of the Dardanelles campaign – their task was to capture the
Gallipoli peninsula. When the Anzacs landed at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915, they struggled to
combat resistance from the Ottoman Turkish defenders. High death tolls in the initial landings
were soon replaced by a stalemate, with the campaign dragging on for eight months. By the time
Anzac troops were evacuated at the end of 1915, over 8,000 Australian soldiers had been killed.
News of the landings at Gallipoli and the events that followed had a profound impact on
Australians at home. Dr Charles Bean, the Official Historian of WWI described it as our Nations
“baptism of fire”. The 25th of April became the day on which Australians commemorated the
sacrifice of those who died at Gallipoli specifically and in war generally.
Anzac Day remembrance takes two forms. Commemorative services are held at dawn – the time
of the original landing in Gallipoli – across the Nation. Later in the day, ex-servicemen and
women meet to take part in marches through the major cities and many regional centres.
Rosemary grew wild all around the Gallipoli peninsula. Since ancient times, this sweet smelling
herb was believed to improve memory, making rosemary an emblem of both fidelity and
remembrance in literature and popular tradition. As an act of remembrance of the events of
1915, a sprig of Rosemary is worn by Australians on Anzac Day. Whilst the Flanders Red
Poppy is becoming more popular on Anzac Day, its history is associated with Remembrance
Day, also known as Armistice Day, on the 11th of November, and we will deal with that in a later
The Ode
In most ceremonies of remembrance around the World, a suitable poem is read. In Australian
ceremonies, The Ode is recited. The Ode is taken from the fourth stanza of the poem ‘For the
fallen’ by Laurence Binyon a former curator at the British Museum. His poem was first
published in 1914 and read at the unveiling of the London Cenotaph at the end of the WW1 in
1919. The most well-known lines are;
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.
The Last Post, Silence and Reveille
In military tradition, the Last Post is the bugle call that signifies the end of the day’s activities. It
is also played at military funerals to indicate a soldier may now rest in peace. The Last Post has
its origins from a Duty Officer doing the rounds of his unit. Checking sentries were in their
posts and rounding up the off duty personnel and sending them to bed. As he started his rounds
the ‘first post’ was played and as he went from post to post a drum was played, until the final
bugle call at the ‘last post’. The Last Post signified that the night sentries were alert at their
posts and was the final warning to other soldiers.
Silence in Anzac Day ceremonies is a sign of respect and a time for reflection. On 6th November
1919, King George V sent a decree to all Commonwealth countries for a “complete suspension
of all our normal activities be observed for two minutes at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day
of the eleventh month” so that “in perfect stillness the thoughts of everyone may be concentrated
on reverent remembrance of the Glorious Dead”. This Remembrance Day tradition over the
years has been incorporated into Anzac Day ceremonies.
The Reveille is a bright, cheerful call to rouse soldiers from their slumber and to be ready for
duty. At funeral and commemorative services it symbolises an awakening to a better world and
rouses the living back to duty, now their respects have been paid to the memory of their
Flying the Australian Flag at Half Mast
Flags are flown at half-mast as a sign of mourning or a sign of remembrance on ceremonial
occasions. On Anzac day flags are flown at half mast until noon, then they return to their normal
The half-mast position will depend on the size of the flag and the length of the flagpole. The
flag must be lowered to a position recognisably half-mast to avoid the appearance of a flag
which has accidentally fallen away from the top of the flagpole. An acceptable position would
be when the top of the flag is a third of the distance down from the top of the flagpole.
The flag should be raised briskly and lowered ceremoniously. During Anzac Day Services, the
Australian National Flag carried on parade or flags on poles incorporated into the Service are
lowered during the playing of the last post. They remain lowered during the period of silence
and are then raised during the Reveille.
Reversed Arms
The tradition of reversing and resting on arms – that is, leaning on a weapon held upside down –
has been a mark of respect or mourning for centuries, said to have originated with the ancient
Greeks. Descriptions of sixteenth-century military funerals provide the earliest documented
instances of carrying arms reversed in more recent times. One of the proudest moments for many
Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC) is to participate in a guard on an Anzac Day service. Most
AAFC guards are formed around a cenotaph or memorial. A Cenotaph is an empty tomb or
monument erected in honour of a person or group of people whose remains are elsewhere. (It
comes from the Greek words for empty and tomb.) A Catafalque is a raised box or platform
used to support a casket, coffin or body of a deceased. (It comes from the Italian word for
Further Reading: