Songs Amigos Para Siempre Speak Softly Love

Amigos Para Siempre or Friends for Life is a song written
for the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona.
Composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Speak Softly Love or Love Theme from The Godfather is a
song written for The Godfather (1972), the first film in the
Godfather trilogy.
Shaking the Classics
Composed by Nino Rota; arranged by Faridah Jamal
Reflection is a song on the soundtrack of the 1998 ani-
mated film Mulan. Christina Aguilera’s cover of this song is
being used for the performance.
Composed by Matthew Wilder and David Zippel
Naik Delman is a traditional song from Indonesia, show-
ing a child’s experience going to town by a rickshaw (delman).
A part of this song imitates the sound of a horse’s steps pulling the delman.
Composed by Ibu Sud; arranged by Very A.M
Kopi Dangdut (Moliendo Café) is an Indonesian
version of a song by Venezuelan composer Hugo Blanco.
Dangdut itself is a genre of Indonesian popular music that is
partly derived from Malay, Arabic and Hindustani music.
Composed by Hugo Blanco; arranged by Budi Supardiman & Faridah Jamal
First Love depicts a story of a girl falling in love for the
first time and wished she could express it to the one she loved.
Popularized by Nikka Costa; arranged by Djoko Nugroho
Run Devil Run is a popular song featuring girls getting
NUS Angklung Ensemble is a vibrant cultural club
for NUS students centred around angklung: an instrument emphasising harmony between performers. Learning the basics is very easy; playing them
with friends is fulfilling; and it sounds great!
Throughout the year, we perform at various venues
outside and inside campus. Registration is open at
the beginning of academic year.
annoyed by bad boys.
Popularized by So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD); arranged by William Suryadiputra Goi
Super Mario Bros. Theme is a theme originally found in
the first stage of the Nintendo video game Super Mario Bros,
where Mario seek to rescue Princess Toadstool. The theme
features the action-oriented and fun gameplay.
Composed by Koji Kondo; arranged by William Suryadiputra Goi
Don’t Stop Believin’ is originally a song by rock band
Journey, but later popularized by the teen TV series Glee. It
is described as an anthem for the young who wanted to feel
free and unrestricted.
Composed by Jonathan Cain, Steve Perry, Neal Schon; arranged by Very A.M
A mini-concert by
NUSAE is a subclub of NUS Cultural Activities
NUS Angklung Ensemble
Friday, 28 January 2010, 8pm
Prince George’s Park Residence, Function Room 5
NUS Angklung Ensemble
Executive Committee
It is with great pleasure that we bring to you the inaugural
mini-concert of NUS Angklung Ensemble, Shaking the
Classics: Cinderella.
Timotius Ricky Purnomo as Cinderella
Christopher Tjiongan as Prince Charming
Leontius Adhika Pradhana as President
Blessed with a strong executive committee, competent student conductors, and enthusiastic members, we decided to
embark on a journey previously unheard of in the history of
NUS Angklung Ensemble. Magnificent scores were written;
intense practices were assumed; jokes were assembled; large
and small hurdles were shunned. No sponsors, just us.
Albert Millardo Tjindradinata as Stepsister
Tammy Fransli as Vice President
Andy Christian Prasetio as Stepmother
Sebastian Joseph Widodo as Treasurer
Natasa as Fairy godmother
Kevin Eka Putra as Welfare Manager
Ploy Thampipattanakul as Beautiful Cinderella
Suryanto Adeputra as Publicity Director
We believe that our original mix of traditional and popular songs as well as humour — presented with the curiously
exquisite instrument — will make you deeply satisfied and
entertained. Enjoy the show!
Leontius Adhika Pradhana
NUS Angklung Ensemble President, 2010/2011
In this great occasion we would like to sincerely thank the
following parties for helping us making the concert a reality:
William Suryadiputra Goi as Student Conductor
Elisabeth Angelina in Reflection
Angklung Players
Adinda Mutiara Sabila in Reflection
Teh Zhi Li in First Love
Adinda Mutiara Sabila
Leontius Adhika Pradhana
Ploy Thampipattanakul in First Love
Albert Millardo Tjindradinata
Linniar Tan
Andy Christian Prasetio
Nicholas Sebastian
Anindya Pradipta
Noviabella Lam
Christabella Adine
Payoga Siddharta
Christopher Tjiongan
Dhani Pannacasey
Sally Elena Lemuel Nugraha
Sebastian Joseph Widodo as Gendang player
Ms. Faridah Jamal and Mr. Very Agung Madrianto, being our faithful instructor and advisor, not to mention
arranging several of the songs;
Kevin Gunawan Albindo as Kulintang player
Ms. Lyana Wang, Office of Student Affairs, who guided
us in the execution of the concert and making sure that
we do not step on anyone’s toes in the process;
Sally Elena Lemuel Nugraha as Angklung Chords
Ferdiano Pradipta
Fernaldo Richtia Winnerdy
Suriani Alberta
William Suryadiputra Goi as Angklung Chords
Fransisca Taniasuri
Suryanto Adeputra
Gilbert Handoco Tjung
Theo Fanuela Prabowo
Hartono Gunawan
Timotius Ricky Purnomo
Indriani Wijaya
Vivi Sanjaya
Elisabeth Angelina
Jane Lilis Andriyani
Winson Tanputraman
William Suryadiputra Goi
Jessica Gunawan Albindo
Lee Wen Qin, NUS CAC President and Tan Da Yang,
NUS CAC Interim President for semester 1, as well as
NUS CAC executive committee, who helped us with
numerous publicity, administrative, and moral support;
Bagus Wicaksono, for lending us an indispensable bass;
The performers, NUSAE executive committee, and ushers, of whom sweat, laughter and joy during the various
practices filled each one of us with everlasting memories;
Elisabeth Angelina as Student Conductor
And last but certainly not least, each one of you that
makes the concert actually meaningful and stand the test
of time.
Revata as Bass player
Tammy Fransli
Jessica Maria Teguh
Jonathan Yaohari
Kevin Eka Putra
Kevin Gunawan Albindo