Asset Management Professional Practice Seminar

Asset Management Professional
Practice Seminar
15 June 2015
Level 7 | 30 Collins Street |
Ideas and innovation to manage housing portfolios
A professional practice seminar providing senior housing professionals
with an interest in asset management the opportunity to exchange
ideas and innovative practice methods to manage housing portfolios
for sustainable stakeholder outcomes.
Asset Management Professional Practice Seminar
15 June 2015, Melbourne
Seminar Program
Monday 15th June 2015
Welcome and Opening
Chris Chaplin | AHI Director, Victoria
Donella Roberts | Manager, Training and Events | Australasian Housing Institute
Asset Management in Victorian Public Housing
Fiona Williams| Director Property and Asset Services Branch | Social Housing and NDIS Reform |
Department of Health and Human Services
Fiona will present an overview of the asset management approach by DHS, including some of the
challenges they face and initiatives they are working on.
Networking Break
Thinking long term - moving from a reactive to planned approach
Steve Lyons | CEO and Managing Director | SPM Assets
If houses should last forever, then what do we need to do. Simply fixing or repairing components that
wear out and break is one way. However, is this sustainable considering the growing demand and
changing expectations of communities and families. Thinking longer term and moving to more of a
planned approach means a change of mindset for many housing organisations. Some view a planned
approach as being too costly where others see a planned approach as being the only sustainable way to
manage the housing portfolio.
This presentation will provide an overview of a process that is being used by a number of housing
organisations in Australia and New Zealand. It will also provide a few case studies of how some
organisations have defined their asset standards and policies, and what this could mean for future works
Compass Housing Services Asset Management Framework – Immediate benefits
from long term planning
Donald Proctor | National Manager Strategic Assets | Compass Housing Services
Compass Housing Services is a growing Tier 1 Community Housing Provider, operating in Regional NSW
and Queensland.
Throughout 2013 and 2014 Compass developed a new approach to Strategic Asset Management
Planning with the adoption of its “Asset Management Framework” consisting of a 10 year Asset
Management Strategy and numerous supporting plans and documents. As well as having an easy to
read document available for asset and non-asset people alike to better understand the rationale for
Compass’ asset management approach, Compass has received a number of immediate benefits from
going through the process.
This presentation outlines the Asset Management Framework development process, highlights the
immediate benefits obtained by Compass and explores the challenges that it raises for the future.
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Asset Management Professional Practice Seminar
15 June 2015, Melbourne
Networking Lunch
Managing Transferred Assets and Planning to Meet Strategic Business Directions
James Henry | General Manager, Property Development and Asset Management | Housing Choices
Housing Choices Australia is in the process of updating our Asset Management Strategy to meet the
strategic directions of the business and plan for the future.
Having recently taken over management of 1,174 public housing properties in the north west of
Tasmania, we are facing new challenges in asset management. This presentation will share our
experience thus far in relation to meeting the demands of the portfolio and discuss management versus
title transfer and how this impacts our strategy.
More broadly, the strategic business directions have a direct effect on how we manage our assets.
James will discuss how this affects the structure and implementation of the Asset Management Strategy
when planning for the long-term.
From blank page to asset management plan
Su Groome | General Manager, Property Assets | Access Housing
Many housing managers are yet to develop an integrated asset management planning document and
there are few resources available if you are faced with this task. This presentation uses my journey to
develop a plan for Access Housing to provide some assistance to people preparing or updating asset
management plans.
Networking Break
Measuring Housing Assets for Management and Maintenance
Jonathon Eutropius | Executive Director (Business and Product Development) | Hi-Tech Inspect This presentation introduces the concept of measuring and observing the condition of an asset portfolio
for asset management/maintenance and explains why such measuring is important. It reveals
observations made in the course of measuring and inspecting a number of different residential building
types and explains why and how those observations can lead to important insights through the use of
powerful new technologies.
Working Group Discussion: Benchmarking Asset Management performance
Working groups discuss and share good practice related to:
How and what do you report regarding asset management KPIs, and to whom?
What else should be reported and why isn’t it?
What would make it better and easier?
Insights & Conclusion
Chris Chaplin | AHI Director, Victoria
Networking Drinks & Canapés
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