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Say good-bye to ugly safety latches. Rhoost’s childproof fittings
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of plastic that’s free of BPA, a compound linked to obesity and
cancers as well as reproductive and neurobehavioral problems.
/”Edge” table corner protector and “Sling” cabinet lock. rhoost.
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Bon Appétit invites readers to roll up their sleeves and cook; and then to join us at a great table,
one that might be set anywhere from Boston to Bangkok. Both inspiring and practical, Bon Appétit
delivers the just-right mix of sophistication and accessibility, indulgence and simplicity and, always,
quality without pretense.
Circulation: 1.6M | Total audience: 7.8M | Median salary: $95K | Male/Female ratio: 25%/75%
giggle isn’t just a baby store: it’s a new parent store. When stocking a nursery, there’s a lot to take into
account, and the choices can be overwhelming. Our goal is to make your job a whole lot easier -- not by
offering everything out there, but by offering the best of everything out there. Each product is carefully
evaluated using the following criteria and must meet at least three of them to be considered:
Baby Basics | Good Value | Healthy | Multi-Stage | Innovative | Easy/Simple |Portable | Spacesaving | Responsible | Tested
www.giggle.com and 14 retail locations throughout USA
At Magic Beans, we handpick selection of toys for all ages, from a wide range of manufacturers.
We believe that good toys come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Our customers represent a wide
spectrum of parenting philosophies, and so do our products. We love that imagination doesn’t run
on batteries, but we also know that sometimes a couple of batteries can elevate a toy to a whole
new level of fun. When we are evaluating toys, we look for things that inspire creative interactions between kids and the toy, between kids and kids, between kids and adults. Or all of the above. We
also sell baby gear and modern nursery furniture. Our selection in this part of the store reflects both
on our experiences as parents as well as on experiences interacting with parents. Every time we
work with an expectant family, we learn as much as we teach. There’s no combination of products
that works perfectly for every family, so our goal is to get to know our customers, and help our
customers to understand their best options.
www.mbeans.com and 5 Retail locations in Massachusetts
People.com (Moms & Babies) is the ultimate online celebrity news destination. Breaking News: The
accuracy and credibility of the people brand, updated in real time minute by minute. Photos: The ultimate
photos experience, newly enhanced with larger images. Editorial notes and celebrity details coming soon.
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college: 81% Median Age: 36
Huggies (Kimberly Clark) Kimberly-Clark is leading the world in essentials for a better life. Headquartered
in Dallas, Texas, with nearly 56,000 employees worldwide and operations in 35 countries, Kimberly-Clark
posted sales of $19.1 billion in 2009. Kimberly-Clark’s global brands are sold in more than 150 countries.
Every day, 1.3 billion people trust Kimberly-Clark products and the solutions they provide to make their lives
With well-known family care and personal care brands such as Kleenex, Scott, Andrex, Huggies, Pull-Ups,
Kotex, Poise, and Depend, we hold the No. 1 or No. 2 share position globally in more than 80 countries.
StrollerTraffic is a free weekly email and website for city moms with kids under 3. Launched in March 2009 by
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PopSugar Media is the online leader in original content and social media for
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This is a site for people who care about good design, but happen to have
children. In fact, kids are cute, but their stuff is often just plain ugly and it often
seems as if good design and kids’ furnishings are contradictory terms. We’re
here to help make the transition easier and more fun. Creating this home doesn’t
require large amounts of money or space. It requires inspiration, connection to
resources and motivation to do something about it. The basic elements of good
home design can be learned and achieved by all. Simplicity and luxury are not
mutually exclusive: Unique visitors per month: 4.3M • Page view per month:
30M • 50% of readers own their own home • 29% of readers are between 18-34;
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Time Magazine declared that “Cool Mom Picks has a knack for finding kicky togs
for tots” and indeed, tens of thousands of parents, editors and opinion leaders
across North America agree, coming here first for what’s hot in gifts, gear,
services and websites. The cheeky shopping blog has gained a loyal fan base
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they hit the mainstream. Editors Kristen Chase and Liz Gumbinner have been
seen doling out shopping wisdom in newspapers across the country, on Martha
Stewart Radio, and in their own series of on-demand shows on the national Alpha
Mom cable network. UVPM: 320,000 • Audience: 99% Female • 82% 18 - 39 •
59% HHI above 75k. www.coolmompicks.com