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The Holcad
Westminster’s Student Newspaper - Since 1884
volume CXXX
Friday, September 13, 2013
12 pages
College welcomes new faculty
By: Troy Abbott
Staff Writer
This semester, campus welcomes three new
faculty members: Jane
Wood, the new Dean of
the College, Grady Jones,
the new Vice President
of Institutional Advancements and David Rhodes,
the new Vice President of
Admissions and Financial Aid. The new faculty
members all have years
of experience under their
belts and are looking forward to improving the
campus and community.
“For one thing, the
weather is way better,”
Wood said.
She was previously
the Dean of Park University in Missouri; a Presbyterian affiliated private
liberal arts college that was
largely online based.
“The transition to
Westminster in many ways
has been positive because
I so enjoy seeing such a
large number of residential students,” Wood said.
“It’s nice to look out my
windows and see students
walking on the quad or
going to class.”
Wood is impressed
by how welcoming everyone has been since first
coming here.
have gone out of their way
to offer advice and [help
me] to find certain things
on campus,” Wood said.
Puruczky/The Holcad
Grady Jones, VP of Institutional Advancement
As Dean, Wood must
work closely with many of
the faculty and staff and
hopes to create a bond so
that together they can accomplish great things.
“As an institution, I
think that we need to tell
our story better,” Wood
said. “I hope to work with
the other Vice Presidents
and the President to help
us tell our academic story,
so we need to get some of
the students’ success stories from different departments and make those as
prominent as we possibly
She hopes that these
stories will better highlight
current academic programs.
Wood, who has a
passion for English, had
Pusateri/The Holcad
Crawford/The Holcad
Jane Wood, Vice President for Academic David Rhodes, Vice President for
Affairs, Dean of the College
Admissions and Financial Aid
known she wanted to be an
English major since the age
of nine. She looks forward
to teaching a 100-level
English class next semester focusing on Holocaust
Jones, who has also
had a great experience
coming to campus, previously worked in the Midwest. Jones refers to himself as a “Midwesterner”
because he has spent most
of his education and work
experience in that area.
He received his Master
degree from Indiana University and worked as the
Director of Development
for Biological Sciences at
Purdue University.
“Coming to Westminster College has been
great,” Jones said. “I inher-
Syrian confict ignites
By: Pano Constatine
Staff Writer
the authoritarian Assad
regime and rebel freedom fighters has left over
100,000 people dead with
several million refugees.
The conflict started in
April 2011 when the government responded to
peaceful protestors with
tanks and armored vehicles.
The situation began
with the Syrian military
firing on peaceful citizens
who were marching in the
streets protesting for social
reform. Initially, protestors
continued to protest in a
peaceful manner, but after
several months of violent
military action many citizens took up arms against
their oppressors.
Dr. Michael Aleprete,
professor of political science summed everything
up quite succinctly.
“It’s a bad situation,”
Aleprete said.
Syria’s current governmental system is a militaristic dictatorship under
Bashar al-Assad, who has
been in power since 1971.
The regime first came to
power through a coup led
by Assad’s father, Hafez al-
In this
Campus changes
Johnny Manziel
Mumford & Sons and
John Mayer Concerts
Demonstrators burn a banner that resemble US flags during
a protest against a possible military attack by the United
States on Syria
Assad, who passed away in
the early 2000’s.
The situation continued to escalate to the point
where there are now millions of civilians displaced
both within the country
and out of it. There have
been nearly 2 million refugees who have taken refuge in neighboring countries like Turkey, Lebanon,
Jordan, and Iraq. The
death toll broke 100,000
this past July.
The problems continued to compound when
an estimated 329-1,429 civilians were found to have
been killed by sarin gas.
Sarin gas is a vapor that
paralyzes the brains neu-
rotransmitters causing its
victims’ lungs to collapse
and suffocate. It was first
used in WWII and was later banned during the 1993
UN Chemical Weapons
The United States began to get involved after
these victims were found.
While most politicians
agree that it would be a
pointless waste of money
and lives to deploy troops
in the midst of this bloodbath, President Obama
made a statement saying
that the use of chemical
weapons crosses an international “redline” in regards to human rights and
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ited a great staff of people
who are willing and anxious to do a good job.”
He raved about the
reputation our campus upholds.
“I was at a Pirate
game and had a Westminster hat on,” Jones said.
“The guy in front of me
turns around and asks me
how I was associated with
the college. I told him
my position and he told
me that his two kids went
there. It’s amazing that
wherever you are in the
Pittsburgh area, you always find people who have
connections to Westminster.”
Jones looks forward
to working with the other
new faculty members.
“It should be fun to
Fraternity house closed for semester
By: Kendall Williams
Staff Writer
The Sigma Nu fraternity house is closed and will
remain uninhabited for the
Vice President of Student Affairs and on-campus
fraternity advisor, Neal Edman, was able to shed light
on this situation. According to Edman, while there
are numerous rumors as to
why the Sigma Nu house
was shut down, the decision to do so was made by
the Housing Corporation,
Kappa Phi Lambda, which
is comprised of former and
current brothers of the fraternity.
“They [the brothers of
Sigma Nu] continue to be a
recognized student organization; there have been no
sanctions handed down to
them,” Edman said.
The Housing Corporation serves as the landlords for the fraternity. It
was its decision to shut
down the house for a number of reasons that violated
their national guidelines
and policies, including, but
not limited to, financial
concerns. Despite being
unable to live in their house
at this time, the brothers of
Sigma Nu still actively partake in nearly every other
Men: 124
Women: 192
aspect of Greek life, such as
social and rush events.
President of the fraternity, senior Aaron Vannatter, explained that none
of the brothers wanted to
close the house, but they
decided together that it was
the best thing to do in the
current situation.
“Our role may be
limited in the ‘social life’
here at Westminster because our house is temporarily closed,” Vannatter
said. “However, it will not
change how we approach
others, and it shouldn’t affect their perception of us.”
Sigma Nu is still able
to participate in spring pick
up when recruiting new
brothers as well. They plan
to continue their recruitment procedures per usual.
“It is a common misconception among students
across the U.S. that you can
only get to know people
through partying or ‘socializing,” Vannatter said.
“There are plenty of other
opportunities to talk to
brothers, potential brothers, other fraternity/sorority members, and independents.”
Also, the college has
accommodated their brotherhood with on-campus
housing and areas where
they may hold fraternity
meetings. In other words,
the brothers of Sigma Nu
are permitted to do what all
other fraternities are able to
do, minus the comfort and
security of their house.
Continued on A-3
Dougherty/The Holcad
First Year Class Profile:
Class Size: 316
Partly Cloudy
be here at a time with three
new faculty members,”
Jones said. “The experiences we bring from other
places will help create a
change for the better.”
As Vice President
of Institutional Advancements, Jones primarily works with fundraising
and the alumni association. He also works on
marketing and communications. He hopes to accomplish a lot in the near
future including building a
stronger connection with
our current alumni base,
as well as upgrading our
presence on social media.
He also looks forward to
upcoming updates to the
Hoyt Science building.
Like his colleagues,
the faculty and students
have impressed Rhodes.
“What happens in
the classroom here is top
shelf,” Rhodes said. “There
are so many opportunities on campus and it is
impressive to see how the
students take advantage of
As the Vice President
of Admissions and Financial Aid, Rhodes mainly
deals with the quality
and quantity of incoming
freshmen. He sees an opportunity for our institution to increase in number
and is currently working
to make that happen. He
has a particular interest
in diversity with future
classes. Having traveled
to China, Rhodes finds
it very beneficial to have
an internationally diverse
student body and hopes to
begin work on that soon.
“Having a diverse
class helps to broaden the
mind,” Rhodes said. “I find
that this geographic reach
with be very good for the
Having graduated
with a Bachelor of Arts in
business from Thiel College, Rhodes is excited to
be working close to home.
All three faculty
members are working
hard to make our campus
a better place and look forward to working with the
student body.
Minority Breakdown:
African American
Top 5 Majors:
Ed. Early Child
Business Admin.
of the
Enrollment by State:
New York
New Hamps.
New Jersey
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Page A2
Friday, September 13, 2013
The Holcad - Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA
First Year Envy Faces and Places
A column of one's own
Melissa Dubrawka
I have been contemplating the content
of my very first column
as Editor-in-Chief of this
fine paper for months now.
mean everything; either
you’ll love me, hate me,
or not really care about
what I have to say. It’s really out of my control.
Hopefully you'll get
to know me and like me
through The Holcad this year.
I’ve decided to focus on the people of
the hour: the first years.
First of all, welcome.
First years, I am experiencing a range of emotions
as a senior in college. These
include, but are not limited
to, frustration, excitement,
depression, anxiety, and
even nausea, and they typically all occur within the
same day. Just know you’ll
have that to look forward
to in the next four years.
But when I think of
you guys, I only experi-
ence one emotion: envy.
No, I don’t want to
live in Shaw Hall again or
retake Wellness or Inquiry, but what I want is to
have that feeling again—
the one I’m sure you
are all feeling right now.
You know what I mean.
Everything is new
and exciting. You can be
anything you want to be.
You’re young, and you’re
naïve. You have ridiculous
and unrealistic ideas about
life, and it’s wonderful.
Don’t take this feeling or anything that is happening to you right now
for granted. Embrace it.
The other seniors
and I are facing a similar
feeling of life beginning,
but it’s much scarier. With
it comes a heavy dose of
reality. I would do anything not to worry about
my future right now.
So the one piece of
advice I would give as an
old, wise senior to first years
is not to spend all your time
here worrying. Enjoy Westminster and everything it
brings you (which I promise will be nothing short
of wonderful) Just live,
and take life as it comes.
Back to the notion
of first impressions (I hope
mine is going okay)—
make good ones and make
sure they are accurate of
your character. If you’re
never yourself, you will
find out the hard way that
it won’t make you happy.
You never know where
your journey at Westminster will take you. You can
end up in some truly amazing and unexpected places.
Three years ago, I
was a scared timid first
year. I often didn’t know if
I belonged and felt out of
place a lot of the time, but
there was one thing I truly
got enjoyment out of each
week: reading The Holcad.
I would look forward
to every Friday morning
where I could read the paper to pass the time during
my work study job. I remember how I admired the
staff members and hoped
someday I could have an
impact on someone someday like they did for me.
Now here I am—Editor-in-Chief of The Holcad. I could not be more
honored to be in this position. I hope I can make
you all proud of this paper and make your Friday
mornings a little brighter.
never know where you’ll
end up. None of us do. I
sure didn’t. Trust me, getting there will make the end
result all the more worth it.
Have a great four years!
Melissa is a senior
English major with a minor in public relations.
She is hoping that this
first edition will go off
without a hitch on Friday
the 13th (fingers crossed!).
Letter to the Editor:
Dear Editor,
Real Talk
Alexandra Pasquarelli
Photography Editor
I’ve always loved
exploring, going places,
traveling. It’s a personality trait completely different from my introverted
self who can be completely
happy reading books and
watching movies alone.
But, recently, I discovered
the most beautiful way to
tie the two pieces of my life
A few weeks ago, I
was on a train going from
Pennsylvania to New York
City, a place I have been
many times before. But
this time, something incredible happened. As I
rode the train, I read The
Catcher in the Rye, and I
came to the part where
Holden Caulfield decides
to leave Pencey Prep because he’s completely fed
up with the phonies surrounding him. To escape,
he gets on a train, going
from Pennsylvania to New
York City, arriving at Penn
Station…. That’s exactly
where I was going. As I
read, I was literally in the
same situation as Holden
Caulfield. We were both
on a train, we both went to
the café car to get snacks,
and we both read magazines, and soon I would be
arriving at Penn Station,
just like he did.
This association put
traveling and stories into a
whole new perspective for
me; I felt a new connection
to them both. So I got to
thinking, how great would
it be if I could appreciate
other arts that I loved in
the place they were conceived? I would actually
be appreciating something
I love in a new way with a
higher understanding.
So, I compiled a list
of some of my favorite
things that happen to be
associated with a specific
place. I encourage you to
take the time to appreciate something you love in
a new environment--- it
will take on a new, incredible sense of worth. Here
are some things that give
me serious feelings, only
to be heightened when experienced in their place of
The Smiths (England)- Morrissey came up
with some of the best lyrics that speak for a generation of dissatisfied youths
because of his childhood
in Manchester. If you listen closely, the European
culture and history of his
town deeply influenced
the feelings he wrote
about. Think of him as the
James Joyce of songwriting… It’s not all about the
story, there’s some serious
politics in those tunes.
Woody Allen (New
York City)- Truly, every Woody Allen film is
a masterpiece, but if you
want to get the real feel
of New York, go with Annie Hall or Manhattan.
Woody is known for creating the ‘New York Movie.’
He revolutionized storytelling avoiding any cliché
and creating screenplays
that are completely original and refreshing while
including situations that
are highly appropriate and
common for the New York
The Perks of Being a
Wallflower (Pittsburgh)Set in my hometown, a
pivotal part of this novel
occurs when the characters ride through the Fort
Pitt Tunnel with their favorite song on the radio
and feel ‘infinite.’ With the
city being such an inspiration and safe heaven for
such troubled characters,
this novel shows us that,
even with the burden of
being a teen, there are still
outlets, like the magic of
the city, that show us that
things will be okay.
(Rome)- Any film from
the mind of this Italian
genius will be artful and
original. Dominating 20th
century foreign films, Fellini showed America that
both pleasing athletics and
a good story were possible
for a single film. With the
culture of Italy infused
throughout his stories,
being abroad to witness
his films would truly be a
‘dolce’ treat.
Woodstock (upstate
New York)- Yes, upstate
New York is known as a
very boring place. But the
1969 music festival, Woodstock, took this place from
the middle of nowhere to a
hot spot on the map. Listening to Hendrix or the
Who on the open roads
of the New York freeway
in the heat of summer just
screams freedom and total peace, love, and music.
Alex is a junior English major with a minor
in public relations. If
you like The Smiths, she
wants to be your friend.
The College owns a large tract of land between the President's house and Hillside
dormitory. It gets mowed several times a year, and is consequently treeless.
That land could become and orchard or a forest. Campus volunteers could do
the work. Clarence Harms could give technical support. What an idea for a senior
class gift!
Let's quit mowing and start planting.
Bill Murray, '72
Want to write a letter
to the editor?
Here are the rules.
Letters to the editor are published weekly, as space permits. All
letters must be submitted by email to The Holcad by 12 p.m.
Monday to make the Friday edition. All letters must be limited
to 400 words, typed, and include the author’s name and phone
number for confirmation.
Letters must be free of offensive language, personal attacks and
libelous or potentially libelous statements. The Holcad reserves the
right to reject any letter. No letter will be edited when factually
incorrect or in need of contextual clarification. Rather, an editor’s
note will be included. Grammar and spelling errors will also not be
corrected. Opinions expressed are those of the author.
The Holcad will not print anonymous letters.
E-mail letter to: [email protected]
357 McKelvey Campus Center
Box 157, New Wilmington, Pa., 16172
general: (814) 758-1666 ads: (724) 714-2027
[email protected] fax: (724) 946-6223
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Page A3
Friday, September 13, 2013
The Holcad - Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA
Campus News
College embraces changes
Media Arts program revamped Students react to renovations
By: Karen Evans
Staff Writer
Schich/ The Holcad
The hallway between the TUB and Thompson Clark, where media art done
by students will be display, is just one of the many components of the department redesign.
By: Emily Williams
Staff Writer
This summer started
the reconstruction of the
media arts and design department and the redesign
of the curriculum.
In the old curriculum, they teamed up with
the Pittsburgh Art Institutes to advance and enhance the students’ education.
“The past media arts
program was two years
here, then one year at the
Art Institutes, and then
they come back to do their
capstone,” Assistant Professor Kurt Roscoe said.
“There was a noticeable
disconnect between that
program and ours.”
Prior to the changes,
there were only three or
four courses offered at one
time. According to Roscoe, the modifications to
the department are President Dorman’s attempt to
keep media arts students
on campus.
Students seemed to
respond well to the year in
Pittsburgh, though.
“I don’t think I would
know half of what I do
know without going to the
Institutes,” senior Deanna
Moose said. “There’s so
much talent there.”
As of right now,
there are only two professors within the program:
Andrew Schwanbeck and
Kurt Roscoe. Professor
Schwanbeck is a visiting
professor for this year. His
specialties are digital photography and design.
Previous to the
changes, there were only
two options for the media
arts major: graphic design
and photography.
“Everything is brand
new and state-of-the-art,”
Roscoe said.
The innovative and
enhanced department now
offers a brand new Mac
lab, drawing tablets, and
standard and 3D printers.
There are also fourteen
new courses, and a reconstructed curriculum that
started last spring. Parts
of the new concentrations
are: advertising, graphic
design, digital photography, digital video and film
and 3D animation. Design
is the foundation and main
focus of the new program.
“The face has been
completely changed; not
only the major, but department as well,” Roscoe said.
The students are
thrilled with the makeover
as well.
“I’m very excited; I’m
in love with the new Mac
lab,” Moose said. “The
new classes are very helpful now, too. It’s a well balanced diet of public relations and media arts. I am
sad that this is all happening my senior year, but I
have faith that I’ll grow. I
have very high hopes for
the program.”
She also promotes
the major everywhere she
“I enjoy the major
so much; I want it to keep
growing,” Moose said.
“You’ll understand why
the things around you are
designed the way that they
are, and that’s really cool.”
Professor Roscoe is
excited to show off the new
department to prospective
“It shows them how
we are progressing as a
school,” Roscoe said. “We
also have something to
show them, even if they
are coming here for another major.”
The changes aren’t
just for the benefit of the
media arts and design department, but they also
share it with the broadcast
communication department, and hope to share
with theatre, art, and
countless others.
“We are looking for
opportunities to integrate
other disciplines,” Roscoe
said. “The main focus here
is the students; whether
they’re in our department
or not.”
The anticipated finish date for construction
between Thompson-Clark
and McKelvey is Oct. 5,
ment without Assad’s consent. There are even claims
that Assad attempted to
prevent the use of the
weapons. Regardless of all
the claims that have been
made, there is no conclusive proof.
Obama, along with
congressmen John Kerry
and John McCain has
called for military action
in Syria, specifically missile strikes against the Syrian government. The purpose, according to Obama,
would be to punish Syria
for its use of chemical
Obama said that
when heinous acts are committed against innocent
people the world becomes
more dangerous for those
people who are subjected
to these horrible crimesand
to all of humanity.
Dr. Edward Cohen,
professor of political science disagreed with the
idea of using military action against the Syrians.
“I don’t see how a
missile strike can do anything,” Cohen said.
Many congressmen
feel the same way. While
Obama’s push for a military strike was passed by a
panel, it is not expected to
pass in the House of Representatives according to a
Gallup poll.
However, there is a
chance that no violence is
needed. Kerry said crisis
could be avoided if Assad
turned in his arsenal.
Nations on the world
stage, including Syria have
begun to work together to
have the chemical arsenal
turned in and destroyed.
Even Russia has voiced
support in drafting a resolution in which Syria turns
over its weapons.
While political issues
concerning the chemical
weapons drag on, death
and chaos continue to ensue throughout Syria.
“It’s hard to see the
end,” Aleprete said. “The
violence has been so bad
that there is no end in
With no clear path in
sight, the fighting between
the rebels and Assad’s military continues to destroy
the nation from the inside
those PB&J wraps went?
Did you see the new Panini grills? Well, the menu
was not the only thing to
change around campus
this summer. However, the
TUB was probably one of
the most noticeable renovations that occurred. Additionally, new lights have
been installed, the look has
been changed and updated,
and the menu has changed
as well.
“It just seemed so
dark last year in the food
court area. We just wanted
to brighten that up,” Jeff
Creveling, General Manager of Sodexo, said.
Some of the favorite
specials have become permanent items on the new
menu, while items such as
the meatball sub and PB&J
wraps have been removed.
“It [PB&J wraps]
definitely will be coming
back as a special, and it may
end up back on the regular
menu again,” Creveling
Dining services also
decided to change around
the seating in WOW to
allow more room for activities, such as corn hole,
open mic nights and trivia
“One of the thoughts
behind the Titan Club was
to build Westminster spirit
. . . One of the things that
prevented it was the way
that it was set up,” Creveling said.
There will be a variety
of events throughout the
semester, which will also be
posted on their Facebook
and Twitter. There will
also be discounts for any
students who bring a faculty or staff member to the
The physical plant has
also been working on some
exciting new projects such
as the media arts department. The project started
A1: Syria
weapons crosses an
international “redline” in
regards to human rights
and would not be tolerated. In this context, Obama
simply means that there
is an unwritten boundary
and using chemical weapons crosses it.
This puts Obama in a
situation where he can either do something to back
up his statement, or not do
something and, through silence, condone the actions
of tyrannical beings.
The part of this situation that gets strange is that
nobody knows with 100
percent certainty which
side actually used the
chemical weapons on the
Syrian civilians. Around
30 nations (including the
US and Britain) all definitively say that the Syrian
government was responsible for the attack, Syria’s
biggest allies, the Russian
Federation and Iran both
To complicate things
even further, German intelligence claims to have
recently discovered that
the chemical weapons were
used by the Syrian govern-
Schich/ The Holcad
Changes to the TUB and the online academic network
are just a few campus changes that students encountered upon their return.
sometime last year and con- views depending on the size
tinued over the summer.
of your screen. There is also
“There is a renova- differnces between the vertion to areas of what was sion for the computer and
formally Freeman hall and for a tablet. The computer
converting it to classrooms version has the various links
. . . classrooms are being on the side of the page while
built along with labs, office the tablet version has a drop
space, and a new control down box for the links.
room,” Physical Plant Di“When your screen
rector Owen Wagner said. size gets down so far, you
This summer, they can only display so much
also put in new equipment information. We kind of
for the athletics department have to move some things
for pole vaulting practice around and condense,”
and took a wall down out- Web Services Coordinator
side of Orr by the music Jonathan Smith said. “Andepartment. Other than other thing to keep in mind
that, many of the changes is that we are switching over
are subtle summer mainte- to some new hardware . . .
nance such as painting and speed and that sort of thing
cleaning out the lake.
should improve over the
My.Westminster has next couple weeks as we get
slowly been undergoing everything moved over to
some changes as well. The the new hardware.”
Tech Department has been
More things will
trying to update its look slowly be moving to
and make it a little more My.Westminster as time
user friendly. The kinks are progresses. They are evenstill being worked out, of tually planning to transfer
course, but the change has links from the Westminbeen relatively easy. The ster homepage to the new
new site now has various My.Westminster website.
Another upgrade that they
are looking into adding to
the site is a newsfeed feature that allows students to
see updates almost immediately from their professors.
Lots of changes are
being made to campus and
more are sure to come. Not
only do we have the changes that are being made to
My.Westminster, but soon
there will be the renovaSchich/ The Holcad
tions to Hoyt.
A1: Sigma Nu
At this point in time,
that is the only thing that
they are unable to do. This
is an ongoing issue that affects Greek organizations
and the entire campus.
The future of the fraternity and their house may
be unknown at this time,
but the present situations
of both are certain: one is
temporarily out of commission and the other is still in
existence, just simply relocated.
One could say with
certainty that this is a time
of hardship for the brotherhood. That being said,
the factor that will show
the backbone of Sigma Nu
is how they rebound from
this situation.
The fraternity is
waiting on word from
their national headquarters in Lexington, Virginia
as to whether the house
will be open in the spring
Classic Joke
of the week!
What's a frog's favorite soda?
*Courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres
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Friday, September 13, 2013
The Holcad - Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA
Meet NCAA football's newest bad boy Are Sundays a day for the NFL or
Fantasy Football?
By: Frank Maira
Sports Editor
By: Damon Bodnar
Sports Writer
Johnny Manziel exploded onto the college
football scene last year as a
redshirt freshman at Texas
A&M University, where he
became the first freshman
to win the Heisman Trophy
in NCAA history.
Since his transcendence, the Aggie quarterback has lived under the
microscope of the media.
Manziel’s “bad boy” swagger and his tremendous athletic ability seem to be the
discussion of every college
football conversation today,
causing everyone to form
his or her own opinion,
both negative and positive.
Several instances reported by the media including Manziel’s presence
at a University of Texas frat
party, his early departure
from the Manning Passing Academy where he was
suspected of being “hungover”, and most recently
his alleged involvement in
selling autographed memorabilia for cash, have made
many people believe that
Johnny Manziel, the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy in NCAA football history, performs his signiture touchdown dance.
Manziel is a burden to both
the game as well as his team.
However, supporters of the
Heisman winner contest
that Manziel is put under
too much pressure and has
been the victim of unfair
scrutiny from the media.
His supporters also argue
that Manziel is no different
than any other 20-year-old
college student and should
not be held to a different
With Manziel’s offfield actions being so highly
publicized, what seemingly
goes unnoticed is what the
quarterback does on the
gridiron each weekend. Regardless of personal opinion, thre is no denying that
each time Manziel takes the
field he leaves his fans in
awe. “Johnny Football” is
without a doubt one of the
best players in college football and shows that every
Saturday, against top teams
like Alabama and Oklahoma.
This season Manziel
will look to follow up his
Heisman earning performance with the same play
that left fans breathless.
With big games against
Alabama, South Carolina,
and Georgia this season,
Manziel will need to maintain that consistent play to
lead his team to a National
Championship. As the season progresses, Manziel will
continue to attract the attention of the media with
both his electrifying play as
well as his off-field actions.
For Manziel, his future
could be dependent upon
his ability to handle the
pressure and scrutiny that
comes with being in the
limelight at such a young
Whether or not Manziel’s character is called into
question, his performance
week in and week out is the
only fair way to assess him
as a football player who’s
play-making skills command the respect of college
football fans.
Believe it or not, Fantasy Football was actually
developed in 1963 at New
York City’s Milford Plaza
Hotel by members of Oakland Raiders organization,
Wilfred Winkenbach and
Bill Tunnell, along with
former reporter Scotty Stirling. Essentially, the idea
behind the game was that
users competed against each
other as general managers of
their own virtual teams using players from the NFL.
Regular season play usually
lasts until Week 15 of the
NFL season, with a round
of playoffs in Week 16; the
championship matchup ensues in Week 17.
For years the popularity of Fantasy football grew
at a very slow rate; people
rarely knew about it until,
the growth of our modern day Internet. It wasn’t
until the first, free publically available beta version was released by CBS
in 1997 that people really
got hooked on this phenomenon. As time went
on, more and more people began playing Fantasy
Football, and free leagues
on ESPN, Yahoo, CBS,
and the NFL itself began
to use software that kept
track of statistics online.
This system eliminated a lot
of work and responsibility
of checking box scores in
the newspaper and marking down the points given
by the elected commissioner, based on the player’s
performance. It estimated
that today over 20 million
people partake in this game
during football season with
some of the wildest and interesting team names. The
vast majority participating
in head-to-head leagues in
which different opponents
are matched up each week.
As with any sport, the
teams with the best record
advance to the playoffs.
A lot of strategy goes
into Fantasy football; weeks
before the start of the regular season, a fantasy-style
draft occurs in which participants may draft any
player from the 32 NFL
teams. A typical roster is
constructed with a quarterback, two running backs,
two wide receivers, a flex
(either a running back or
receiver), a tight end, a
team’s entire defense and a
kicker. Also, five spots are
typically reserved for backups on the team’s bench.
Scoring each week is usually
done in a point system that
is either standard from the
website in which a league
uses, or it’s custom made by
the commissioner. A team
is scored by the amount of
points its players gain in the
starting lineup, and it earns
a win by outscoring its opponent.
I recommend drafting the highest rated skill
position on the board. I
predict the same type of
production from secondtier quarterbacks like Russell Wilson, Robert Griffin III, and Andrew Luck
that guys drafted in the
1st round, like Tom Brady,
Aaron Rodgers and Peyton
Manning would do. A last
bit of advice: always keep
checking the waiver wire
each week; you never know
who the next breakout NFL
star is. This is where Fantasy
Football championships are
won and lost. For every
Rob Gronkowski, there is a
Julius Thomas, who no one
heard of at the beginning
of the season. Finally, don’t
worry about defenses; they
can be swapped numerous times throughout the
year as you’re able to play
matchups in your favor.
Thank goodness Fantasy
Football exists, as it keeps
me glued to the couch every Sunday, so I can watch
every game, instead of just
my Buffalo Bills.
Frank is a senior
Broadcast Communications major with a minor
in Communications. He is
also a proud memeber of
Titan Football Team.
Titan football looking to rebound after disappointing 2012 season
By: Zach Nedley
Sports Writer
The Titan Football
team came into the 2013
season ranked seventh in
the Presidents Athletic
Coach Jeff Hand
who is entering his ninth
season as the team’s head
coach leads the Titans. Last
year, the Titans finished
eighth in the PAC with an
overall record of 3-6, with
wins over Hiram, Bethany,
and Saint Vincent. Four of
the Titans' six losses were
by one-possession deficits.
Kyle Allen, Geno Pasquinelli, Sean Christofferson,
Marco Canelo, and Derrick
Orloski were all named to
the all-PAC team.
Veterans and newcomers of the 2013 Titan
football team reported for
camp on Aug. 14. This
season, the Titans are once
again ranked seventh in the
Presidents Athletic Conference. The Titans return 15
starters this season, 13 of
which are seniors. Recently
picked captains of the Titans include Seniors Dak
Brit, Sean Christofferson,
David Wright, and Collin
The Titans enter the
season with high expectations, which began at Hiram College last Saturday,
Sept. 7. The team faced a
very well improved Hiram
Terrier football team.
The Terriers were the
first to get on the scoreboard leading Westminster
7-0 with 6:31 left in the
first quarter. In the second,
The Titans forced the Terriers to punt after a 3 and
out by the Titan defense.
Westminster then drove 65
yards down the field on 10
plays, but the drive ended
after a Terrier interception
on the 12 yard-line. Hiram
then put up 10 more points
to end the half with a 16-0
lead over Westminster.
The Titans stormed
down the field in the beginning of the second half scoring within the first minute.
Dak Brit converted to David Wright for a 58-yard
touchdown. After a failed
two-point conversion by
the Titans, Hiram led 166. The Titans were down
23-13 with close to eight
minutes left in the game.
Westminster drove the ball
down to the 37 yard-line
when the drive ended with
a Hiram interception.
With less than three
minutes left in the game
the Titans capitalized on a
12 play, 69-yard drive that
ended with an 11-yard pass
from Brit to senior receiver
Collin Wallace. Hiram
quickly ended Westminster’s chance of a comeback
by recovering the Titans
onside kick.
Puruczky/The Holcad
Titan linebacker Justin Shaw covers a Hiram reciever in the 1st Quarter of the team's 23-19 loss.
The Hiram Terriers
defeated the Westminster
Titans by a final score of
23-19. Senior captain David Wright had a carrier
high 127 receiving yards on
6 receptions and a touchdown.
“In the past, Hiram
has been a weak team,”
Wright said. “Nobody expected that to be the final
score, which is why this loss
hurts so badly. We’re a resilient group of guys and we’re
going to use this embarrassment and disappointment
we felt as fuel these next
two weeks as we prepare to
beat Thomas More.”
The Titans have much
to improve as they look to
become contenders in the
2013 PAC championship.
Hiram was a non-conference game so the loss didn’t
affect their chances.
“We need to throw
the ball more effectively on
third downs and we need to
get off the field defensively
on third down,” coach
Hand said. “We need to be
more consistent with two
things this year in order to
be successful.”
The Titans have a
bye week before they play
Thomas More on Sept. 21.
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Friday, September 13, 2013
The Holcad - Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA
Westminster volleyball goes for gold this season
Contributed Photo
By: Jarred Treshok
Sports Writer
The Women’s Volleyball team has turned
heads before the season
has even began by being
picked fourth in the President’s Athletic Conference
and earning two first-place
“I am pleased with
this year’s start,” head coach
Coach Tammy Swearingen pumps her girls up for the first of many important matches this season
Tammy Swearingen said.
“We raised our expectations
in practice in the off-season
and that has carried over to
a very strong start.”
The squad started
the season 7-1, but Coach
Swearingen is not pleased.
“I am pleased with the
start, but I am not satisfied
with it,” Swearingen said.
“We’ve had some hiccups
throughout some matches
and one major breakdown.
We have to address that
before the section play gets
into full swing.”
The team also returns
several key players and starters, but Swearingen was
quick to point out it’s not
about individual efforts.
“Volleyball is a team
sport; each individual has
to produce their best effort
for the team to go,” Swearingen said. “That is what
makes the sport of volleyball so beautiful.”
The players themselves are just as excited this
season as Swearingen. They
realize they have something
“We have very solid
group of girls this year,”
senior Katie Palkovic said.
“We are gelling really well
together and we will definitely be PAC contenders.
It helps that everyone on
the team has a pretty positive outlook and has the
same goal: winning the
PAC Title.”
The team faced their
first big obstacle this past
weekend at John Carroll
where they lost the match
3-0. That was the first and
only loss for the Lady Titans. The team starts section play on Sept. 14, when
they travel to Thomas More
and battle the Lady Saints.
Lady Titan soccer team sets its sights on the PAC title
By: Corey Benedict
Sports Writer
Contributed Photo
The 2013 women’s
soccer season began with
a split record when the Titan’s went 1-1 in their recent tournament.
Last weekend, the
women participated in the
Purple and Gold Tournament, held at Defiance College. The team played two
games, beating Marietta 3-1
on the first day and losing
to Defiance 2-0 on the final
day of the tournament.
Head Coach Girish
Thakar said he was very
pleased with his team’s
performance in the first
matchup against a talented
Marietta team, even though
his team entered the game
“We went into the
tournament with a lot of
banged up players,” Thakar
said. “It gave us a chance to
play some players that maybe we weren’t thinking of.”
However, in the second contest, Thakar said
that things could’ve been
“We ended up playing pretty poorly in the first
half,” Thakar said. “Maybe
we thought that it was going to be an easier game,
but we weren’t prepared.
We totally outplayed them
in the second half, but we
just couldn’t capitalize on
the chances we had.”
Thakar also mentioned that one of the major focus areas this season
will be offense.
“I think the key for
this season will be initially
to find someone who will
score goals for us,” Thakar
said. “We struggled with
that last year.”
After the tournament
at Defiance, the women’s
soccer team has eight contests before they head into
PAC play. They will face
Washington and Jefferson
for their first PAC contest
on Oct. 5.
Last year, Westmin-
ster finished the PAC season with a 2-4-3 record;
however, Thakar believes
that the PAC will be up for
“I think there are
probably six or seven teams
in our conference that can
all bid for a playoff spot,”
Thakar said. “Anyone can
win on a given day in our
conference. All games are
must-wins in our conference.”
While the future of
the women’s soccer team
cannot be predicted, Thakar and the team hope to
earn a sixth PAC championship at the close of the
The Holcad's Terrific Three are awarded to the top three most outstanding athletic performances of the week.
Claire Ferrando
Volleyball, Senior
Ferrando was
named to the AllTournament team
over the weekend,
while setting a
career-high mark
of 40 digs, at the
15th Annual Marcia
French Memorial
Caitie Hosler
Tennis, Senior
Hosler went
2-0 at no. 1
singles and
2-0 at no. 1
doubles last
week as the
Titans went
2-0 overall.
Jordan Steele
Soccer, Senior
Steele scored her
first collegiate
goal on Saturday
in a double overtime 1-0 Titan
victory over
Division II Salem
Mens soccer starts off season on the right foot
By: Anthony Thomas
Sports Writer
The Men’s Soccer
team began its season with
4 nonconference matchups,
resulting in a 2-2 record.
Junior defender Dan
Bishop is optimistic about
the team’s performance in
the opening games of the
“The new guys are
still getting acquainted
with college level intensity.
Our first couple of games
have been a mixed bag of
opponents, some skilled
and some less skilled teams.
Allowing the freshmen to
get a taste of all kinds of
college,” Bishop said. “ We
have a few new guys that
will come into the game
and really make a difference.
They are fast, skilled and
able to finish.”
The Titans were selected to finish fifth in the
PAC preseason polls. The
team will begin PAC on the
road Oct. 5 at Washington
and Jefferson College.
Returning junior forward Steve McDaniel will
play a huge roll in the Titans success this season. He
believes that the success of
the team will begin with his
“I feel directly respon-
sible in how we play. The
position I play requires you
to be on the top of your
game at all times in order
for your team to succeed,”
McDaniel said.
With five returning
seniors and the core group
of scorers back from the
previous season, McDaniel
thinks the team has the potential to beat anyone.
“We have the skill
and ability to play with any
team in the country, but we
all have to be on the same
page,” McDaniel said.
Thomas More college
was selected as preseason
favorites receiving five first-
place votes. The Titans were
eliminated by the Saints in
the first round of 2012 PAC
Bishop believes that
the team can compete and
with Thomas More for the
PAC crown this season.
“Last year Thomas
more ended our season and
it was tough, but we return
a lot of players who remember that loss and use it as
fuel to be ready for them
this year,” Bishop said.
The teams will square
off Oct. 30. The Titans return back to action Sept. 11
when they square off against
Penn State Altoona at home.
Contributed Photo
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Friday, September 13, 2013
The Holcad - Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA
Welcome Class of 2017!
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Friday, September 13, 2013
The Holcad - Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA
Concert Review
Mumford & Sons Brings a Folk Revival
to Pittsburgh's First Niagara Pavilion
By: Marissa Cozza
A&E Editor
Set List:
1. Lovers' Eyes
2. Whispers in the Dark
3. Little Lion Man
4. White Blank Page
5. I Will Wait
6. Lover of the Light
7. Winter Winds
8. Holland
9. Thistle & Weeds
10. Roll Away Your Stone
11. Ghosts That We Knew
12. Hopeless Wanderer
13. Awake My Soul
14. Dust Bowl Dance
15. Babel
16. The Cave
17. With a Little Help
from My Friends (The
Beatles cover)
A few weeks ago, I
crammed with more than
20,000 others into the First
Niagara Pavilion on Thursday, Aug. 29 to see Mumford & Sons perform live
in Pittsburgh for the first
The British indiefolk quartet played songs
from their 2009 debut album, Sigh No More and
their 2012 sophomore,
chart-topping album, Babel, which also won the Album of the Year Grammy
and has sold more than 2
million copies in the U.S.
Despite the Aug. 29
performance being their
first time headlining in
Pittsburgh, Mumford managed to attract a large, diverse crowd of all ages and
ethnicities. Audience members, burning with energy,
sang along to every song
and kept quite when it was
and his three “Sons” -- keyboardist Ben Lovett, banjo
player Winston Marshall,
and bassist Ted Dwane -transformed the First Niagara Pavilion into a folk rock
revival. After they took
stage, the band was joined
by a three-piece horn section, violin and cello.
The indie-folksters
opened with the song,
“Lovers' Eyes.” While the
stage was completely dark,
Marcus Mumford’s gravelly
voice accompanied by the
droning sound of his guitar
filled the large space. The
other band members harmonized with him in the
dark until the Mumford
gave a loud shout, signaling
the lighting of the stage.
The band’s set included popular hits like “Little
Lion Man” and “Holland
Road.” The set ranged from
hard core banjo stomps like
“Hopeless Wanderer” to
quieter, emotional ballads
such as "Reminder."
When the band
played their current hit, “I
Will Wait,” the audience
erupted and broke out into
radical hoedown that could
have easily filled a venue as
large as Heinz Field.
If you can imagine,
Mumford’s voice sounds
even better live than it does
on both of Mumford &
Sons' albums. If that's not
impressive enough, during
the show, Mumford exchanged his acoustic guitar
for a drumset and demonstrated his rhythmic talents.
The band as a whole
deeply connect with the
large Pittsburgh crowd unlike any other band I’ve
seen. Their passion and
presence is so electrifying;
their live performance is
simply unmatched.
I had to smile as I
watched a girl poke her
boyfriend and in an attempt to yell over the crowd
and say, “Listen to the lyrics! Are you listening?”
During his years at the
University of Edinburgh,
Mumford wrote most of the
material for Sigh No More.
During the show, some of
the lyrics brought people to
tears, like the climax in “I
Will Wait”: Raise my hands.
Paint my spirit gold. And
bow my head. Keep my heart
And I could see how
others could have had a
spiritual resurgence during
the show with the lyrics in
“Roll Away Your Stone”:
It seems that all my bridges
have been burnt. But you say
‘that’s exactly how this grace
thing works.’ It’s not the long
walk home that will change
this heart, but the welcome I
receive with a restart.
these words so passionately,
when the show ended, I
was concinved I was going
to get some of his verses tattooed on my body.
Two other UK bands,
Bear’s Den and The Vaccines, opened for Mumford. Both were quite good
and offered similar indie
sounds, neither as folksy as
I cannot pick what I
love most about Mumford.
Whether it is their poignant
lyrics chockfull of biblical
allusions, Mumford’s gruff
voice, the band's hair-raising harmonies, the variety
of instruments, or the folk
foot stomping, I would definitely recommend virtually
anyone seeing Mumford
live. Mumford & Sons was
hands down the best concert I have ever seen.
If you would like
to sample a taste of what
Mumford & Sons sounds
like live before you rush
out to buy your ticket to
their next gig, their live album, The Road To Red Rocks
(Live), is available for listening on Spotify.
Marissa is a senior
English major with a concentration in religion. She
loves puppies, and she
likes to express her inner
anguish through the majesty of song.
John Mayer's Peak in Paradise Valley
By: Hillary Leslie
A&E Writer
After a serious throat
condition caused John
Mayer to cancel his anticipated spring 2012 "Born
and Raised" tour, the unexpected downtime allowed
him to produce his latest
album Paradise Valley, released on Aug. 20. Some
would say the mysterious throat condition was a
work of karma after Mayer
spent too much time saying
all of the wrong things to
the media, but now Mayer's
mellowed demeanor and respectful attitude speak not
only through interviews,
but even louder in Paradise
Named after a major
river valley of the Yellow-
stone River, it is no mystery
that Mayer's new home in
Montana has inspired a musical "Wildfire." In regards
to Mayer's previous albums,
Paradise Valley compliments
his summer 2012 release
Born and Raised, continuing to showcase his new stylistic flow. Mayer has managed to maintain a core fan
base throughout his years of
dabbling in pop rock, R&B
and folk rock beats. While
Continuum may still be regarded as Mayer's breakthrough album showcasing
his finesse on the guitar as
well as his lyrical genius,
Mayer has finally found his
musical calling with Paradise Valley.
As a Mayer fan since
his single "Daughters"
brought happiness to my
Hillary Leslie/Holcad
teenage, puppy love heart, I
have witnessed Mayer find
his voice and his place in
the music world. Paradise
Valley confirms that Mayer
has found his musical peak
after stumbling up a mountain of personal, emotional
and physical roadblocks.
In an interview with
Jian Ghomeshi of Studio Q
on Sep. 2, Mayer reflected
on his musical progression.
Ghomeshi asked Mayer if a
tension exists between "the
guy that gets the radio hits
and the guy who doesn't
care about that kind of polish" and Mayer responded
saying "[I] think there's a
good sort of compromise. .
.I think now I sort of have
unity with it; I'm always
going to be tempering the
stuff I love listening to with
the artist that I want to be."
Realized in his music,
Mayer continues to strive
to become a changed man,
and in that process has
learned to accept his mistakes, whether musically or
Mayer's newest single
"Paper Doll," floats with
simple, picked chord progressions and sweet harmonies that echo previous singles such as "Speak For Me"
from "Born and Raised"
and "The Heart of Life"
from Continuum. Other
hits off the album include
Photo Credit:
the sing-a-long-ready road
trip anthem "Wildfire" and
the groovy, blues-laden single "Who You Love" featuring Mayer's current flame
Katy Perry. Mayer also
features Frank Ocean on a
reprise of "Wildfire" and
covers JJ Cale's "Call Me
the Breeze."
Mayer re-created his
"Born and Raised" tour
for the summer of 2013,
presenting himself with the
perfect opportunity to promote the release of Paradise
After personally
having seen Mayer in concert six times, his set-list on
Aug. 25 at First Niagara Pavilion in Burgettstown, Pa.
was better than ever.
The skies were "painted colors of a cowboy's
cliché" for the duration of
the evening concert, packed
from the front of the stage
to the edge of the lawn.
Mayer played new singles
from Paradise Valley along
with fan favorites from
"Born and Raised," "Heartbreak Warfare" and "Continuum." He also covered
Tom Petty and the Heartbreaker's classic "Free Fallin' " as well as Bob Marley
& The Wailer's reggae hit
"Waiting In Vain."
As twilight set in,
crowd members shouted
lyrics to their favorite songs
and grooved to Mayer's
smooth guitar riffs and
solos. The mellowed atmosphere complimented
Mayer's new attitude while
managing to maintain the
old feel from his Continuum days; it was a reminder
that moving on does not
always mean forgetting the
"You can look at life
two ways: one of them is
that you know, once you
find it you have to keep
minding it and the other
one is that once you find it
you keep a small part and
you put it in your stashed
bag and it's a small piece of
moving on and you can say,
'Yeah I did that'" (Mayer,
Studio Q interview).
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Friday, September 13, 2013
The Holcad - Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA
Arts & Entertainment
The Truth About the “Sharpie on Ceramic” Crafts
By: Laura Chambers
A&E Writer
We’ve seen pins all
over our Pinterest feeds
with comments claiming,
“Try this cheap and easy
craft! Turn dollar store
mugs to personalized pieces
of art just with a Sharpie
and an oven!” It sounds
perfect. Everyone loves a
one of a kind ceramic plate,
mug, or bowl. With only
a Sharpie as your tool, this
craft is budget friendly,
fun, and could definitely be
done in an oven in a dorm
kitchen. I found this tutorial for a monogrammed
mug with sharpie, and I
knew that this was exactly
what I wanted to create.
I took a trip to the
dollar store in search for a
white ceramic mug, and
did not find one! I settled
for a cute little ceramic teacup I found at Goodwill for
$0.97. It wasn’t a bad deal,
especially for a pin test! The
pin also required an oven,
Sharpies (any color), and
a letter sticker, which was
only necessary for design
After washing and
drying the ceramic teacup thoroughly, I took an
“L” sticker and placed it
directly on the mug. I created a design around the
mug with different colored sharpies, making sure
to cover the outline of the
sticker with sharpie, like a
reverse stencil. I used dots
that created an ombre effect
spatially and with color,
then removed the sticker to
expose the white space that
I created. It was perfect. I
even drew a little design on
the inside, so that when I
finished my drink it said,
“Yum!” I loved it.
The directions said
to put the mug in the oven
for 30 minutes at 350°. I
let it cool in the oven once
I turned it off. After it was
cool, I decided to test it and
wash it.
I was horrified when I
saw that just one sweep with
a soapy sponge smudged
my handiwork. With a
few more swipes across the
cup's surface, the design
had erased completely. I
was very disappointed. If
this cute design couldn’t
last with light hand washing, I knew that this craft
had no chance against the
extreme heat and water
pressure of a dishwasher.
Perhaps I needed to
keep the oven at a higher
temperature. Maybe the
mug needed to be in the
oven for longer than the
directions stated. It might
also be that colored sharpies
don’t possess the pigments
and chemicals necessary
to adhere to the ceramic.
There are many factors that
could have been tweaked
to make this pin-fail a success.
When I did some
more research into the craft,
I found that the oven temperature and exposed time
in the oven was standard.
Luckily, I’ve come up
with a solution that will ensure that these personalized
treasures you make will last
longer than one handwashing. I don’t truly believe
that these mugs will ever
be as permanent as a traditional kiln glaze design, but
with another coat of Sharpie paired with a strong coating of acrylic sealing spray,
your mugs will last for a
while without damage to
the design.
The acrylic spray
costs about $6 at any craft
store, and two or three coats
of the spray will ensure that
your mug stays bright and
smudge-free. Make sure
that you spray your item
outside under newspaper,
because the chemicals in
the sealer are strong smelling. You also need to give
the mug ample time to
dry between layers so that
they are effective. You can
use this spray with regular Sharpies or oil-based
Sharpies because they both
provide similar results.
I might attempt this
craft again in the future on
a ceramic item that I know
won’t get as much use as
an everyday mug. Besides
doodling on dishware, you
could create custom coasters with ceramic tile, one of
a kind salt and peppershakers, or even a unique monogrammed ceramic soap dispenser.
Don’t let this Pinterest fail keep you from trying this project at home.
The secret to keeping the
design in tact is double or
triple coating the doodle
with Sharpie and multiple
sprays of acrylic sealer!
If you have any suggestions on how to improve
this craft, or if you have a
success story with this pin,
message the Holcad on our
The top picture is Laura's handcrafted mug before she
Facebook page.
washed it. The bottom picture is the same mug after she
tried to wash it.
Illustrator and Writer,
Matthew Guest Visits WC
By: Steve Totin
A&E Writer
Matthew Guest’s artwork is inspired by Mad
Magazine, Star Wars, Jaws,
Marvel, Wacky Packages
and many other magazines,
books and movies from the
sixties to the nineties.
Guest received his
Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Texas Christian
University and his Master
of Fine Art degree from
South Florida University.
He works as a professional
artist and instructor. Guest
combined his talents for illustration and creative writing to produce the work for
his latest show on campus.
“The Tyranny of Objects,” open from Aug. 21
to Sept. 20 in the Patterson
Art Gallery, consists of 30
zines and 30 illustrations
by Guest. A zine, unlike a
regular magazine, is an inexpensively produced, selfpublished magazine. Guest
titled this series of zines
“Apocalypth Pentagram.”
I had the opportunity
to listen to Guest discuss his
work and his inspirations at
his artist talk. Guest fills
each zine with original illustrations and stories. The
illustrations depict a vast
range of imagery from novels, movies and comics, to
Kendrick Lamar
featured in Big
Sean's "Control"
By: Jordan Locke
A&E Writer
Guest's "zines" are on display in the Foster Gallery located in Patterson Hall.
beautifully illustrated suburban landscapes, to caricatures and even shocking,
grotesque body parts.
Guest created the illustrations and short stories
in "The Tyranny of Objects" as one large project.
As he worked to create all
of them, he was not particularly concerned with how
the illustrations and the
narratives would fit together in the end. By avoiding
the use outline, the illustrations could fit perfectly
with the short stories. This
technique was not only applied to the individual zine
issues but also to the series
as a whole. The narratives
that accompany the illustrations are independent
from one another, allowing
for them to be ready in no
specific order.
Guest’s work is deeply
rooted in nostalgic mo-
ments and objects of American pop culture. He says
that, while his short stories are not directly autobiographical, they do draw
from events of his own life.
Virtually anyone can connect to the short stories,
due to their subject matter.
In the short stories,
the American consumer
culture seems to trap and/
or influence all of Guest's
characters. These characters
range in age from children,
to teens and adults. Each
story and illustration is
unique and has the potential to take the viewer back
to moments in his or her
Many of the zines
seem to be based on very
negative or hopeless events
and moments in a capitalist
Guest said that, as a
child, he grew up under the
Reagan administration and
was constantly surrounded
by media that focused on
nuclear war and the apocalypse. He was exposed to
both reality and fictional
life through books, television, and movies. This
conditioned Guest to believe that he would never
live long enough to be an
adult. This hopeless realization taught Guest to live in
the moment and to enjoy
what life had to offer him
as a kid. To young Guest,
taking full advantage of life
meant taking advantage of
objects and consumerism.
Guest's interest in
collecting items sparked
when he was a young child.
The things he collects help
inspire the work he makes.
The collected items he has
enjoyed over the years have
not only deeply affected
his work, but they have influenced him as a person.
Guest said that over the
years he has given so much
love and care for the items
he collects, but he soon
realized that these material possessions could never
reciprocate the same deep
emotions back to him.
It seems that the culture in which Guest was
raised has turned him into a
hopeless romantic for inanimate objects. While these
aspects of Guest’s life seem
devastating, he can channel
his lessons learned from his
experiences to create engaging and interesting works
of art that comment on our
society today.
In hip-hop, acclaim
is measured by a series of
moments: early beginnings,
the first signing to a major
label, and then comes the
moment that everybody
else finally notices you. For
Kendrick Lamar, that moment was late at night on
Aug. 12. Almost two weeks
ago, Kendrick Lamar finally got the attention he
deserves (or should I say
Hot on the heals of
Big Sean’s excellent sophomore album Hall of Fame,
was a seven minute outtake called “Control” that
featured the likes of Jay
Electronica and Kendrick
Lamar, an MC born and
raised in Compton just
outside of Los Angeles. The
track was premiered on
New York City Hot 97 by
the notorious DJ Funkmaster Flex and within hours,
effectively melted down
Twitter and the rest of
the Internet with talk and
praise of his now infamous
verse. To explain, Kendrick
Lamar apparently was not
happy with rap’s current
landscape and he wants everybody to know about it
by calling out every single
hot rapper in the game.
And the mad part is
that Kendrick says all this
on a Big Sean track with
Jay Electronica on the next
verse, talk about biting the
hand that feeds. The song’s
production, which features
an electric sample from
Kanye West production
veteran No I.D., the main
focus here is on Kendrick’s
jaw dropping verse, which
finds him angrier than
we’ve ever seen him before.
Kendrick uses a variety of techniques, the
metaphor, some Lil Wayne
wacky inflection and everybody’s favorite, the reference. In fact, Kendrick
goes hyper-referential, a
style that he’s not known
to use frequently. Saddam
Hussein, Louis Farrakhan,
Elvis Presley, an unnamed
Decepticon, a quick comparison to Paul McCartney,
Lindsay Lohan, Kurupt,
Sean Connery, Phil Jackson, and Bob Marley all
live within his lines and not
a single one should be left
out because K. Dot wants
his name to be put up in
bright lights right there
with them, even going a
step further by comparing
himself to the likes of Nas
and Jay-Z.
“I heard the barbershops be in great debates all
the time / Bout who's the
best MC? / Kendrick, Jigga
and Nas / Eminem, Andre
3000, the rest of y'all.”
unsurprisingly, some rappers didn’t
take too kindly to his calling call to arms, with Mac
AP Exchange
Miller tweeting, with a bit
of a light heart saying, “If I
can't do no more nouns or
verbs Ima start comin’ with
the wildest adjective bars
that anyone has ever heard.”
“Control” is pure
shock and awe, and a truly
great moment for hip-hop
this year and for Kendrick
Lamar’s promising career.
Even if his bloodthirstiness
for hip-hop domination is
completely out of nowhere,
with “Control” it starts to
make sense, because Kendrick proves that he has
something that everybody
can understand: prowess.
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Page B3
Friday, September 13, 2013
The Holcad - Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA
Weekly Break
Weekend Events
Friday, September 13
SGA - Pirate Game
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Sell Your Textbooks
11:40 AM - 12:10 PM
Open Door Reflection
(Chapel) - Tricia Johnston
(Tionesta, PA) Soc-Criminal Justice
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM VolAdmissions "Saturday Visit leyball @ Saint Vincent*
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Roman Catholic Mass
Football @ BYE
Men's Cross Country @
PSU Behrend (Erie, Pa.)
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM Movie
in Mueller -- Monsters
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Women's Cross Country
@ PSU Behrend (Erie, Pa.) 10:30 PM - 11:55 PM
Movie in Mueller -- Monsters University
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Sunday, September 15
6:30 PM - 7:30 PM Japanese Anime Club Meeting
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Volleyball @ Thomas More*
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM Auditions for Italian American
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM Movie
in Mueller -- Monsters
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM Movie
in Mueller -- Monsters
10:30 PM - 11:55 PM
Movie in Mueller -- Monsters University
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM Volleyball & Fellowship
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Open
Door Worship (Vespers)
9:00 PM - 10:30 PM
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM Movie
Movie in Mueller -- Monin Mueller -- Monsters
sters University
ARIES (March 21-April
19). Some say fear is an
invitation to be brave.
But when you open your
invitation, the inside
reads: Run! Maybe other
people received a different
invitation, but you should
respond to the one you
were given, not to theirs.
The lesson this week is in
heeding your own internal
warning system.
TAURUS (April 20-May
20). Receiving a very precious and valuable gift can
be amazing, but it also has
a downside. You're suddenly in charge of protecting
and maintaining this gift,
as well as being properly
grateful for it and using it
to the fullest. That can be a
lot of pressure. Just be careful in choosing and asking
for what you want.
GEMINI (May 21-June
21). There's much to accomplish, and you won't
be able to do it on your
own. Monday sees you assembling a kind of informal team. It will be most
productive to surround
yourself with people who
share your values, not your
strengths. The ideal team
is made up of people who
have complementary rather
than identical gifts.
CANCER (June 22-July
22). Deals come and go,
and some you'll win, some
you'll lose -- no regrets
either way. But your
personal life is different. If
you're grumpy and unloving, you'll definitely regret
it. This week you put a
good deal of energy into
doing whatever it takes to
put yourself in a generous,
happy mood, especially
around your loved ones.
LEO (July 23-Aug. 22).
There are those hardened
dealmakers who won't
correct the false assumptions of others if those
assumptions play to the
Saturday, September 14
dealmaker's advantage.
You're different. You want
the highest and best for
all involved. You won't be
happy unless everyone gets
what's fair, even if they
don't know enough to
fight for that.
22-Jan. 19). This week is
about exposure. You want
to show the world who
you are, and you want the
world to show you things,
too. In exposing yourself to
new ideas, people, lifestyles
and places, you also could
VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept.
expose yourself to ridicule
22). Someone who is afraid and rejection -- but you're
of making mistakes and
willing to take that risk.
being judged isn't going to And it will pay off for you.
act in a confident, effective
way. That's why you like
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.
to take the pressure off of
18). There are pirates in
people. You want them to your midst this week, but
be at their best around you. they won't be wearing eye
Because you strive to make patches. You'll know them
people feel comfortable
by their tendency to steal
and succeed at this, you
and then bury the treawill be promoted in some sure instead of investing
or spending it. Also, the
pirates have "yes" people
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct.
around them, people
23). The worst hurts are
who echo their ideas like
those that come from an
shoulder-perched parrots.
inner perception rather
than an outer reality. You'll PISCES (Feb. 19-March
focus on your inner world 20). The ability to feel
this week, examining the
and think deeply is an
thoughts that lead you to
asset, though some days it
make your best and worst doesn't feel like one. Don't
moves. Thursday brings a
be excessively concerned
social breakthrough. Mu- with your relationships this
tual attraction and love will week. Putting too much
make your heart full.
emphasis on serving the
needs of those around you
SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. will cause you to behave
21). There are different
in ways that suit the best
schools of thought and
interests of everyone but
numerous strategies for
playing this game called
life. You prefer not to think THIS WEEK'S BIRTHof it as a competitive sport DAYS: Your impact on
this week. You won't like
the lives of others will be
to win if it means the other profound as you make
team loses. In the days
courageous choices this
ahead, your game is more year. Being a bit selfish will
like a puzzle that everyone help others more than you
helps put together.
would have thought. October shows you in an excitSAGITTARIUS (Nov.
ing competition. You'll
22-Dec. 21). Being heard study hard in November.
will be more important to In 2014, you'll amass a
you than it usually is this
network of teachers, supweek. You'll take pains to
porters and customers.
put your unique stamp on Family life is sacred, and
things. Just be sensitive to a unique situation among
the feelings of others; care- your kin will be the source
fully read their reactions.
of personal growth. The
When you're in unfamiliar best financial opportunities
territory, you want to leave come in December, Februa mark, not a stain.
ary and June.
Full Moon of Imagination
The full moon in Pisces this week will be a testament to the power of imagination. If you are naturally imaginative and have a rich inner world, the Pisces full
moon will invite you to play in that world and flesh it out even more vividly. If you
don't think of yourself as a creative person, consider the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson: "Imagination is not a talent of some people, but is the health of every person."
Football's Lom
Elec. current
Publishing house
Ryan or Tatum
Less than better
Unguent source
From Fiddler on
the Roof
Russian river
On high
August babies
Not pro
From No, No,
Nautical com
American orator
Altar constella
Ship's post
Late summer
Kiowa relative
Plant fiber
From Les Mis
Italian actress
Bridge term
A singing Judd
From Gigi
Comedian Car
Throw forcefully
Some are bitter
Ring decisions,
for short
Hat material
Berlin negative
Bird cry
Foe of the el
Flightless avian
Easily carried
Star Wars abbre
Showy flower
Tickle me toy
Take life easy
Religious season
Olympic athlete
At hand
Like some walls
Kind of gun
Group of eight
Winter wear
Hillside shelter
African antelope
Scottish high
Temporary cessa
Actress Moore
Algerian seaport
Remain unsettled
Edison's middle
Left abruptly
Denver time let
One type of suit
Answers for the crossword and
Sudoku puzzles can be found on
page B5
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Page B4
Friday, September 13, 2013
The Holcad - Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA
Student Outlook
An ode to Anthony Bourdain
Wetzel Around the World
I'm not sure if you
know this, but I like Anthony Bourdain. No, I'm
serious. I really love this
man; I even refer to him as
Uncle Tony, respectfully.
Tony is a standoffish man; he is lewd, brash,
often drunk, opinionated,
skeptical, condescending,
hypocritical and dare I even
say, sarcastic? So, here I
make my case, there are
so many reasons why I am
writing this column in the
style of his show, No Reservations on the Travel Channel.
How do I love thee?
Let me count thy ways...
#1 Anthony is fearless. So picture a lucha
libre fighter flying through
the air toward Anthony
in a Mexican boxing ring.
Can you hear the churning
in his stomach? Or maybe that was the intestine
menudo he had for lunch.
The true lessons learned in
life are always found in the
cracks between consistency
and fear. Always challenge
yourself while travelling.
By: Rachael Wetzel
Cultural Columnist
Tony doesn't say no, and
you know why? He does it
for me... I mean, his loyal
#2 Anthony is artistic. When Tony is not
prepping for a scene, he
can often be found exploring more than they show on
TV. Anyone who has seen
this show knows Tony's extreme, no tourism policy.
This usually includes snapping photographs of every
street sign, shop edifice or
blinding the locals. Many
of the shots on his website
or his books or those that
are captured by his film
crew are taken by Bourdain
himself. He has an eye for
creativity and I really enjoy
seeing his perspective in a
visual way.
#3 Anthony is personal. One of the main
reasons this show was created was to promote a harmony that connects the
world that is based off of
the closeness that is a result
of food. Whether it is the
preparation, the actual eating or the conversations after the meal is over, food is
the gateway to learning, understanding, respecting and
sometimes falling in love
with a culture. Tony is big
on what I like to call "face
time" (I forgot to paten that
before apple stole it) with
the people who show him
around the country. He sits
down, takes part in their
life, their food and only
through that is he able to
project that harmony to his
audience. So turn off the
cell phone, lock eyes and
see what you can learn from
the next person you share a
meal with.
#4 Anthony is an
educator. I can attribute
about half of my knowledge
of history and geography
to No Reservations. Rather
than just soar through an
episode, trying to find what
makes "good" TV, Tony is
also focused on preserving
the reputation and integrity
of the place he is visiting.
That means being knowledgeable.
Being aware
of the language, taboos,
national dishes and most
importantly, the nation's
history. If you are able to
hold an intelligent conversation with the locals, you
develop an affinity and lose
the tourist label. Tony is
the master at this.
There is a good chance
my future articles are going
to be full of many references
to Anthony Bourdain, and
even some tales of my own
traveling adventures, but I
can promise that you will
learn about a new culture
or maybe even think about
life in a new way.
If you are a 20 something, travel. Go out and
explore, learn and live. If
you do that, I can guarantee you will be surrounded
by good food and drink and
great company.
Is someone watching you?
Tales of Interest
By: Haley Barger
Philosophical Columnist
It happens to the best
of us. Late at night, when
all is quiet and you’ve just
settled down with a really choice movie and some
pizza. You’re cozy and snuggled up, enjoying the time
to yourself, when suddenly,
you get a strange feeling
that wells up inside of you.
It is unmistakable; you get
the distinct notion that you
are being watched. Your attention to miniscule details
becomes heightened; every
minute sound sparks at best
a frightened sense of curiosity, and at worst, panic.
You investigate the perimeter and find a whole lot of
nothing in particular.
Why does this happen? For what purpose do
humans have a tendency to
become so easily startled
when there is little to be
startled about? After a particularly ridiculous experience last week that left me
scratching my head, I decided to investigate. In my
search, I located an article
on the subject of our seemingly rational, yet totally
irrational, fear that occurs
when we feel as though
we’re being watched.
Nick Collins at the
UK Telegraph writes that,
“the feeling that others are
watching us is an evolutionary mechanism designed to
keep us alert and ready for
interaction before it really
happens.” Another study
performed by Professor
Colin Clifford at the University of Australia, Sydney
campus, shows that our
brains “make us feel as if we
are being watched, to keep
us prepared for potential
When humans subconsciously perceive something as a threat, we tend
to “check the direction of
people's heads and position
of their eyes to see if they're
watching.” Humans do this
by neurologically engaging in a process called “gaze
perception”, which allows
our brains to cognitively
determine what another
life form is focusing in on.
These urges to protect ourselves, even if there is nothing to protect ourselves
from, stem from our “fight
What's going on in
this photo?
or flight” response, which
triggers a release of adrenaline, allowing us to either
stay and fight the threat, or
outrun it.
While it may not
seem useful in this day and
age, there was a time when
it saved humans from becoming extinct. Cave men
did not live in lush dormitories, but in drippy caves,
where they cowered in corners while trying to avoid
being eaten by creatures
great and small. Like tonsils and spleens, this preevolutionary neurological
process dates back to a time
when we were at the bottom of the food chain. Is
it a scientifically sound explanation? Yes. Will it make
you feel any less nuts the
next time you think you’re
being watched? I’m not
sure, but I will say that you
should tune in next time for
more, Tales of Interest!
High School Part II
Steph's Two Cents
By: Steph Oleyar
Comedic Columnist
has passed, and so another
year of school has returned.
Here we all are in the great
land of the Amish, attempting to get a college degree.
For the upper classmen,
welcome back! As for the
first-years, welcome to college and welcome back to
high school!
I know what you
little Titans are thinking,
“Did I read that right? High
school? I’m in college now!”
Yes, you are in college now,
and yes I said high school.
Now before everyone
gets their underwear in a
bunch, I am not putting
this college in a negative
light. I love Westminster.
I bleed navy and white. I
am extremely involved in
everything this campus has
to offer and I love it. But I
would not have any of these
opportunities if I went to a
huge state school, where I
was just a number.
Being a student here,
you have the chance to get
to know your professors,
join any, if not every, organization and know everyone. Literally, I mean everyone. The first-year class has
a little over 300 students in
it. The campus has 1500
undergraduates, which is
around the same number of students in a public
high school. That is why I
say “welcome back to high
When your four
years here come to an end,
I promise you will know
three quarters of your
peers. If you are lucky,
you’ll have a daily handwaving exchange with the
same Amish man you’ve
seen every morning on your
way to the field house. But
that’s only if you are lucky.
I’ve been a lucky one; I just
wish I knew his name…
Sorry, off topic.
In high school you
cliques, popular, jocks, hipsters, and gamers. We still
have a perceived idea of
people you come across in
college, and that will never
change. However, you are
to decide how you want
your peers and professors to
remember you.
If you haven’t already noticed the TUB is
separated by an un-written
seating chart. The football/
jock table is located by the
television. The Zetas sit at
the long table in front of
Jazzman’s and the Alpha Sig
boys claim the front round
table with the pole on the
left side. So you wonder
where you, a first-year, belong. I am not going to
disagree; it is scary to ask
an upper classmen, sorority
girl, or a 250 lb. linebacker
if you can eat your mashed
potato bowl with them. I’m
not telling you to do that.
It would be weird and awkward. But don’t be afraid to
sit at the other side of the
table and say hi to us, especially us seniors.
I know we are extremely terrifying with our
morning coffee, Capstone
breakdowns, and the fact
we can legally drink an
entire case of beer like its
water. The truth is, we just
want to hug you and tell
you to stay in college as
long as possible. We know
we’re the oldest kids on the
playground, and the days of
TUB creeping, all-nighters,
and campus crawls are ending. Being in a vulnerable
state, we will want to adopt
you as our own and make
sure you will carry on our
My point is, Westminster is now your home
and the people surrounding you are your family. I
can guarantee you will not
like everyone in this family and may have the occasional catfights, (mainly
during Greek Week). With
all that aside, get to know
the people in your classes,
say “Good Morning” to the
person you see when walking to your 7:40. Try something new and don’t be
afraid to fail, and I promise
you, these next four years
will be an amazing part of
your life.
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Submit your suggested captions to The Holcad email
([email protected])
or post on our Facebook
The winner and best caption
will be announced in the
next Holcad, along with a
new picture to caption!
Fresh Start
Late Night 2013
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Page B5
Friday, September 13, 2013
The Holcad - Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA
The First Year Experience A new adventure:
By: Rachel Shussett
Staff Writer
Every year, first years
are welcomed onto campus
with the long-standing tradition of Fresh Start, an orientation designed to help
former high school students transition into college
life. Fresh Start includes
four days of introductory
games so that students will
find common ground with
each other, seminars about
how life on campus works
and fun events such as
Late Night and the Reggae
A lot of planning must
go into the program each
year, and Gina Vance, coordinator of Fresh Start, spent
eight weeks planning for
this year. Her goals are to
find ways to help new students become acclimated to
living at college and to convey to them "what makes
Westminster, Westminster."
Vance spends a lot of
time doing detail planning,
designing staff training,
scheduling meals, communicating with physical plant
about how rooms will be
set up for new students and
coordinating with Paula
Ferguson to prepare Orr
Auditorium for the masses
that will be using it.
Once all details are
worked out, the Fresh Start
leaders come into the picture. The staff consisted of
57 students, all of whom
are current sophomores, juniors, and seniors that were
A recap of Fresh Start 2013 First Years share
first impressions of WC
By: Raychel Webster
Staff Wrtier
First years had the opportunity to get to know one another during Fresh Start.
selected carefully through
an interview process. Their
training included sessions
on drug and substance
abuse, Greek life, how to
help new students dealing with homesickness and
interaction with residence
life. The Fresh Start leaders
of the 2013-2014 school
year were able to have fun
with each other and with
the first years that they got
to work with; however, they
also took their jobs seriously.
Finally, the new students arrived. Once the
Fresh Start Staff helped
all of the students move
themselves into their residence halls, the first years
and their parents attended
Opening Convocation in
Orr before saying goodbye.
Then, it was time for Fresh
Start to finally begin. The
next four days were a bit of
a blur for the first years, but
they learned a lot and were
able to experience what life
on campus is like without
the stress of classes. The
students attended seminars about credit card debt,
how to get onto Cisco and
use the internet and what
makes this campus so special. Students also attended
recreational events such as
Late Night, a comedy show
put on by the Fresh Start
A very large aspect
of Fresh Start is getting to
know one’s peers within
each students respective
inquiry group. First years
spend the majority of
their time in the four days
prior to classes with their
inquiry groups, and then
go on to have Inquiry, the
actual course, with those
same people. According to
first year Dara Belohlavek,
it was like having instant
friends. She was happy to
get the opportunity to get
to know her inquiry group
before classes started because she then had people
to sit with at meals and was
able to connect with them
in other classes.
First year Charissa
Mikoski shared the same
sentiment; she said that it
was much easier to get acclimated to life in college once
she had developed a core
group of friends, thanks to
Fresh Start activities.
Fresh Start will certainly continue to be a key
tradition. Great job to all
those involved, and welcome to the Class of 2017.
College is a new chapter in life filled with many
adjustments. Though it is
an exciting transition, it is
also accompanied by many
different emotions.
“I’m excited to be
here,” first year Dan Pletz
said. “My classes are very
interesting, and it has been
really great getting to know
First year Katie Jones
said that she is more comfortable than she thought
she would be. Her roommate, Rachel Read, described the student body
as very welcoming both in
person and via social media. Jones noted a sense
of community within her
“We have a calendar
of each other’s events that
we all try to attend,” Jones
Residence Life staff is
a large driving force behind
the comfortable community aspect that the student
experience. According to
Director of Residence Life,
Stephanie Reed, RAs must
be willing to put themselves
out there and be a mentor.
Shaw RA Haley Gabor described working with first
years as a very rewarding
“RAs are some of the
first people on campus that
you meet and friendships
build from there,” said Gabor.
residence life model along
with Reed is Assistant Dean
Amanda Ries. Their aim is
to connect first years to different communities and to
provide resources to assist
with the adaptation process. Reis offers a piece of
advice to the class of 2017:
“Think about what
you did in high school and
do it here,” said Reis.
Reed also has a piece
of advice for the first years:
“It is a mutual relationship,” said Reed. “College gives many opportunities but it’s up to the
students to accept them.”
A few First Years take a break from the Reggae Dance
in Berlin Lounge.
Dear App-ey
The Class of 2017 gathers in Berlin for Wahoo Westminster.
If you would like The Holcad to feature your organization
in a specific issue, please contact us at
[email protected]
Submitted by
Audio Visual Services
In this week’s edition
of Dear App-ey, we have
CamScanner, an app that
turns your smart phone
into a scanner. This free app
allows you to create a
searchable PDF out of a
picture. PDF is a file format that preserves most aspects of a source document,
including graphics, color,
and formatting no matter
which application, platform, and hardware type
was originally used to
create it. In addition to
creating PDFs, CamScanner also allows you to send
faxes directly from the device. CamScanner revolutionizes image clarity
through smart cropping
and auto enhancing technology.
This app is perfect for
doing research. Instead of
carrying around a book,
you can take a picture of
pages you need to cite, and
then using the search function, find the content you
need to cite. The scanned
documents are also avail-
able online through an account, so you can access
them on your tablet or laptop at your convenience.
Make sure your use of
Copyright items falls undeFair Use, with the college’s
checklist at http://www.
av/forms/fair use_checklist.
Emily Moorhead, PR
Manager in AV Services,
says she uses this app for
“Sometimes, I lose class
handouts. With this app, I
can take the physical paper
and turn it into a searchable
PDF that I can’t misplace,”
said Moorhead. “It is also
environmentally friendly as
it virtually replaces a photocopier. I think every college
student needs this app!”
Do you have a task
that you need to accomplish or an app you would
like to have researched?
Contact AV at 724 9467188 or [email protected] with your recommendations.
rebuilt from Herald
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10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 95% 100%
Page B6
Friday, September 13, 2013
The Holcad - Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA
Betsy continues to haunt students
By: A'Lanna Wells
Staff Writer
early this year as students
continue talking about the
horrific ghost stories that
haunt campus. While there
are quite a few scary tales
to discuss, no tale is as infamous as Betsy the ghost’s.
Nearly every student
knows about Betsy, especially if they live in Hillside.
Though everyone sees her as
a ghostly figure, Betsy was
once a student who lived
in the dorm until her untimely demise. She supposedly died in her room on
the third floor of the annex,
and has haunted Hillside
ever since.
“Betsy’s story is definitely one of those stories
that everyone learns about
at Hillside,” senior, Sophia
Yargo said.
Though Yargo is now
an RA in Jeffers, she worked
and lived in Hillside for two
years and has heard many
rumors that surround the
mystery of Betsy.
“I heard that Betsy
committed suicide in her
own room and when it happened, her room got sealed
By: Emily Martin
Features Editor
Hillside Hall is known as Betsy's permanent home.
off,” Yargo said.
Many girls complained to Yargo about the
strange occurrences they
saw such as mirrors falling down or TV channels
changing on their own.
Many residents would
blame these disturbances
on Betsey.
“It’s not a common
complaint so I took notice,”
Yargo said.
Yargo was not the only
person to hear complaints.
Gina Vance, the Associate
Dean of Student Affairs, recalls residents claiming how
Betsy haunted them.
“Students swear they
hear the bathroom radios
turning on and off by Betsy
when no one else is there,”
Vance said.
Betsy the ghost’s presence was so well known
that the school’s College
Magazine gave a detailed
account of her many hauntings in the Vol. 29, Issue 3
collection. Many of these
occurrences date back to
the 1990s and include
such unexplained events as
doors slamming by themselves, lights switching on
and off and sightings of
Betsy herself.
“I don’t really believe
that half the stories about
Betsy are truthful,” Yargo
said. “But it’s a lot of fun
to hear students talk about
Whether you believe
in ghosts or not, you have to
admit that the strange happenings and the mystery of
Betsy the ghost is enough
to send shivers down your
spine. Since there is no sign
of these stories or hauntings
coming to a halt, it looks
like Betsy is here to stay.
Holcad Staff Bootcamp
The Holcad Staff kicked off the year with a staff "boot camp" at Pearson Park in New Castle. It was a beautiful afternoon with a great turn out. The 2013-2014 staff had a chance to get to know one another, talk about
plans for the coming year, and of course have a little fun. Everyone was very excited about the year to come.
Where are all the
squirrles? I miss them <3
What is this tomfoolery?
Contact Mike Annarella at
[email protected]
I need more men in
short shorts!
Shout out to the football team.
Looking good! Literally
It's week 2. It feels
like I've
been here for mon
Senior year
More interracial dating!
Dropping out & transferring to the University
of Phoenix #bye
Whats up with the
creepy statues
in the Berlin loun
ge? I feel like
I'm at an impressi
onist museum
I love how many A
are stationed on ca
Emily Martin is a
junior Communications
studies major with a Media Art + Desgin minor.
She loves photography
more than air itself and
is constatly finding some
way to have a fun time.
Westminster’s Student Newspaper - Since 1884
Skinny girls-go eat
a sandwhich
Go WC Twerk Team!
Tucked away in a
far corner of Michigan lives
Lake Superior State University. On the outside this
may seem like any other
normal university, but on
the inside, all the rules are
different. For the past 38
years, this small university
has released a list of 12 misused or overused phrases
and “banished” them from
the English language. The
universities PR director,
Tom Pink, claims to be in
the word business and wonders why some words are
welcomed into the English
language family and other
are treated as “one night
stand” words. With his list
of 12 words and phrases to
be banished, he is cleaning
up the English language
one university and phrase
at at time.
The first phrase is:
Pink says to save the
Yolo’s for Twitter because
carpe diem is the proper
phrase that is here to stay.
Phrase number two:
Fiscal cliff.
He claims to not like
the term cliff because it
puts to much pressure on
the situation. Cliffs can
easily appear dangerous, so
“crisis’’ would be a better
word choice.
Number three is:
Kick the can down the road
This phrase describes
the concept of substituting
a short-term fix in place of
a final decision.
Number four: Job
He claims that this
term was only created during the past election and
that’s where it should stay.
Word number five is:
People can claim to
be passionate about something, but they hardly ever
are. He thinks that this
word is “bloating” the emotional attachment people
have on their jobs or hobbies.
Six is: Superfood
There is no food that
is super. It may be healthy,
but that doesn’t make it
have super powers.
Number seven is:
boneless wings.
If it’s a boneless wing,
why can't it just be called a
piece of chicken?
Eight is: Trending
This word made the
list simple because Pink
does not think that it is
a complicated enough
phrase. He would rather
hear someone say, “this is a
little tendy”.
Nine is: Bucket list
After the movie “The
Bucket List” came out, everyone around started making bucket lists but would
never do anything off of
them. According to Pink,
the term has become pointless so it must go.
And to round out his
dozen banished words, he
lists spoiler alert, guru and
double down.
How many times
a day do we hear someone
on Westminster’s campus say what is “trending”
or the ever-loveable term
“YOLO”. Say goodbye to
your favorite phrases Westmisnter, because you never
know when they are going
to be banished!
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The Holcad
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A freshman stol
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