April 2015 - Hosanna Lutheran Church

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April 2015
The Newsletter of Hosanna Lutheran Church
“I am the resurrection and the life,”
says the Lord. “Those who believe in
me, even though they die, will live, and
everyone who lives and believes in me
will never die.” (John 11:25-26) Martin
Luther taught us that this resurrection
is not something we have to wait to
experience after we die…it can be
experienced here and now as well.
Luther said, we daily die and rise to
new life. The previous day is the past
with all its mistakes, and a new one
has begun through the grace of God
who renews us each day. If one can
believe that God raised Jesus from the
dead, then s/he can also believe that
God can raise her/him from the dead
as well…and if that, you certainly can
believe God can resurrect your life that
is dead though physically alive.
From the Pastor …
One of the things I like the most about
the church seasons of Lent and Easter
is that we may start out in winter, but
we end in spring. Consequently, as I
write this there are hints everywhere
that nature is ready to bud and be
reborn, and the occasional cold day is
not going to scare me from believing
this! How awesome is God’s plan for
his creation that even in nature his
Good News of rebirth is so vividly
played out before our eyes…we just
need to take the time to smell the
roses. (I couldn’t help myself by saying
that!) Furthermore, how fitting that
Jesus’ resurrection is celebrated in the
spring when we are surrounded by
nature being reborn around us.
Jesus died for us and God the father
raised him to new life, no matter what
we do we cannot change this. The
difference in our lives comes from our
faith and trust in that event and the
power of God to do such a thing. If you
don’t believe it, you will still live your life
as if you are a slave. Trust God’s
promise…We are FREE INDEED! For
Christ is Risen…HE IS RISEN INDEED
Louisa Tarkington said, “I wish there
was some wonderful place called the
Land of Beginning Again…where all
our mistakes and all our heartaches
and all of our poor, selfish grief could
be dropped like a shabby old coat at
the door and never put on again.”
Peace, Love, Joy, PBret
The Newsletter of Hosanna Lutheran Church
April 2015
Please keep these names near at
your times of prayer and hold them
before God who knows our every
need:, John Kohn, Rick Dodsworth,
Eloise Kagey, Sherry Ferrell, Molly
Nye, Pat Scarmack, Liberty Carey,
Harry Siebert, Joyce Klinger, Shawn
Garrett, John Keller, Ryan Varnum,
Jonathon Buzzard, Elaine Willey,
Sharon Bauerle, Wanda Quay, John
Stockdale, and all those who continue
to suffer from illness. For all those
who risk their lives for the sake of
freedom from oppression especially
men and women in uniform.
Adam Hamilton, in his book 24 Hours
That Changed The World, tells us that the
Last Supper is a transformation of the
Passover Seder. Whereas the Israelites
became a covenant people by the blood of
animals (a lamb), all of humanity was invited
by Jesus to become God’s covenant people.
God, walking in human flesh, suffered and
died for us. Both in the Seder and Holy
Communion, participants are reminded that
they started as slaves and then are freed.
Christians are delivered from the slavery of
sin and Death. Holy Communion is a
reminder of this. (See Pages 25-26).
The Last Supper occurred on the night
just before Jesus’ arrest. We call this
Maundy Thursday. At that evening service
we observe the stripping of the altar. Altar
Guild members and some of the youth
remove paraments and altar pieces that help
relate Christ as the centerpiece of Hosanna.
We are left with a symbolic picture of his
absence in our lives. Hosanna, Christ’s
bride, would face a pretty gloomy existence
without him.
Lucky for us we know the end of the
story and are blessed with direction through
scripture, such as Ephesians 2:8-10. For it is
by grace you have been saved through
faith…God has made us what we are, and in
our union with Christ Jesus he has created
us for a life of good deeds…(Good News)
Altar Guild’s next meeting is April 13th at
7pm in the church library. Please call Donna
Roberts at (740) 927-6857 or Pat Crawford
at (740) 927-6857 for more information..
If you are not presently part of Hosanna’s
prayer team and you would like to join this
ministry, please contact Sandy Bricker at
[email protected] or (740) 9277422. Every time a prayer request is
received, Sandy sends the request to you by
e-mail. You don’t have to contact anyone
else—just pray for the person in need. If
you don’t have access to e-mail, a list will
periodically be mailed to you. Presently there
are 83 of us on the team. We’d love to have
your help in this vital ministry.
The Newsletter Deadline is the third Sunday
of each month.
The “Hosanna Happenings” Sunday
Announcement Page Deadline is every
Wednesday by Noon.
Please email your articles to:
[email protected]
Our Shut-ins:
John Stockdale, Wanda Quay, Kenny King,
Eloise Kagey, and Virginia Leiter
The Newsletter of Hosanna Lutheran Church
April 2015
WELCA Bible Study will meet on April 8th at
10:00am in the Amber Park Family Dining
room. The theme of our study is Suffering
and Endurance based on the story of Job.
Please plan to join us followed by lunch (cost
of $6.00). Call Nancy Sander at (740) 7398381to receive a copy of the study and to
make lunch reservations business.
The topic in Sunday School centers on
prayer with help of Mark Batterson’s book,
The Circle Maker. He introduces us to a
Jewish legend about Honi, who prayed for
rain in a severe drought during the
generation before Jesus. The author offers
down-to-earth, bold perspectives on talking
with the Lord. Join us from 9:45-10:45
between services.
The Men’s Group resumes meeting on the
first and third Wednesday of the month at
7:00pm. Please call Fred Kaufman for more
information or with any questions. (740) 9271193
What: Games, Music, Bible, Science and
Who: Four years old to completed 2nd grade
Where: Hosanna Lutheran Church
When: July 20-24
Time: 9 to Noon
Director: Angie Kennedy
[email protected]
The new edition of the devotional, Christ in
Our Home, should be here soon. Look for a
free copy on the table in the narthex near the
Usher stand to get your copy.
The monthly scripture reading list that
appears in this Newsletter is a gift from one
of our members. Please let Pastor Bret,
Sandy Bricker, Fred Kaufman, Rhea
Mathias, or Charlotte Kurt know how you use
it and if you rely on it being available.
Online sign ups available soon please go to
www.hosanna-lutheran.org for more
information. We need volunteers and
donations, look for more information in
upcoming emails and newsletters.
To help Hosanna adults see what is
available in the libraries, Adult Ministry is
looking for a volunteer carpenter to build a
book cart for the Narthex. We would use it to
bring a sample of the library contents out to
the members of Hosanna. Please contact
one of the team members if you are
interested in helping with this project.
Lutheran Memorial
“Confirmation” Summer Camp
June 21st – 26th, 2015
Register online: www.lomocamps.org
Hosanna pays $200 for each camper
Camp is fun with Pastor Bret attending. You
receive many points for attendance.
The Newsletter of Hosanna Lutheran Church
April 2015
Chemo Care Bags:
Our focus January through May will be
collecting items for the “Chemo Care Kits.”
These were a huge success last year, and
we received many notes of thanks for this
project. There is a basket in the narthex to
collect items. Our goal is to make 24 kits.
Items needed are: travel size hand lotion,
travel size hand sanitizer, pocket size
tissues, lip balm, packages of pens or
pencils, small puzzle books (Sudoku,
Crossword, Wordfind, etc.), bottles of water,
boxes of herbal tea, lemon drop or other tart
hard candy, and Biotene dry mouth products.
We will again be asking congregation
members to take kits to deliver to anyone
who may need one. Kits will be available at
the Youth Sunday service in May. If you
would like to “reserve” a kit please contact
Traci Brandt (740) 927-7684.
A big thank you to all the student and adult
volunteers who helped with the Easter Egg
Hunt again this year. We are truly grateful
for all the prizes, candy, baked goods and
other donations from everyone at Hosanna.
It is a joy to see the community come to
Hosanna for this special event. THANKS to
all students in their Internship year who
have been stuffing the plastic eggs during
the six weeks prior to Easter, too. It takes
everyone to make this a wonderful day at
JoAnn Fettrow for the Youth Committee
“Welcome to the Table!”
Catechism/Promise Seekers/
Middle School
The following students participated in four
classes with Pastor Bret during the Sunday
School hour during February and March.
On March 20th, four of the students also
attended “Come to the Table” at Camp
Mowana for an overnight. All seven students
celebrated their 1st Communion on March
22nd at the second service. A reception was
held in the fellowship hall following the
Elizabeth Beach
Chloe Brown
October Buzzard
Abigail Downs
April 25th All Day Retreat
(Required for all Students)
Leaders: Pastor Bret, Jim Southard,
Cathy & Jeff Konkler
9:00 – 3:00 at Hosanna House
Breakfast and Lunch provided / THANKS to
Dale & Susan Pugh
David Martin
Emily Whitmer
Madeline Whitmer
3:00 – 5:00 at Rule 3 in Pickerington – all
expenses paid.
The Newsletter of Hosanna Lutheran Church
April 2015
Hosanna will be having a Rummage Sale on
June 11th, 12th and 13th, so throughout
Spring start looking through your homes for
items you no longer need. Once HLCC has
completed their classes at the end of May,
we will start collecting items in the
classrooms. Furniture, household items,
clothing, holiday items, books, DVDs, kids'
toys, etc. are all welcome. If you have a TV,
only flat-screen TVs! As the sale gets closer,
we'll need many volunteers to help set-up
and work the sale. All of the proceeds go
towards Day Camp.
Kids' Klub had a crazy winter with snowy
days, but we are off to a great start in
Spring. We heard the story of how Jesus
washed his disciples feet, and then JoAnn
and Pastor Bret had the kids wash each
other's feet. On Sunday, March 15th, the
kids were able to see one of the Kids' Klub
members, Chloe Brown, along with her
mother Rebecca and brother Gavin be
baptized! Our end-of-the-year family picnic
will be on Sunday, May 17th at 4:30 p.m. on
JoAnn Fettrow's house.
Mark your calendars for Youth Sunday May
3rd. There will be one combined service that
Sunday at 10:00am and we want to see you
there!!! Each of our youth groups at Hosanna
have been working very hard to create an
amazing service for the congregation to
enjoy. Plan on coming early to get a good
Counselors from LOMO (Lutheran Outdoor
Ministries of Ohio) will come to Hosanna
Lutheran Church in Pataskala to share the
love of Jesus through games, songs, crafts,
and other activities. This year's theme is "A
Love That Never Ends." Day Camp will
be July 27th - 31st from 9 a.m. to 4
p.m. The cost is only $25 per child. We
have reserved spots for 50 children. We
already have over 33 signed up! Please
contact Melissa Fettrow for more
information. 740-739-2257 or
[email protected]
Date Night/Lock-In:
Our next date night / lock-in is Friday, April
10th at 5:30 p.m. This is for ages 3 years old
through 5th grade. Children can be picked up
by 9:30 p.m. or stay the night until 10 a.m. on
Saturday. Contact Melissa Fettrow if you are
interested in participating or volunteering.
[email protected] or 740-7392257
The Newsletter of Hosanna Lutheran Church
April 2015
The next blood drive is scheduled for April
20th from 1-7 pm at the Hosanna House
Event Center. To donate,
please call 1-800-Red
Cross for an appointment
time. Volunteers for the
registration desk are also
needed. If you are
available to work the registration desk please
call Kathy Sims at 740-927-7145 or email her
at [email protected]
On Sunday, May 3rd Hosanna will be
serving their delicious meat loaf dinner at
Faith on 8th. Please start planning now to
sign up to make meat loafs or donate milk,
bread or cookies. The last time we did this
outreach, there was a shortage of sign ups to
make the meat loafs. The cost of the
ingredients continue to rise and necessitates
that it would help if more people would sign
up to make one. The sign-up sheets will be
in the narthex starting April 12th.
Thank you Hosanna for your generous
donations to the LEADS Food Pantry. Due
to inclement weather the end of January and
throughout February donations were difficult
to get to LEADS for stocking in a timely
manner - however, by the 12th of March we
had caught up on picking up; delivering;
and, stocking your generous donations.
Your donations from the, 17th of February
through March 10th, were picked up;
delivered; and stocked, Tuesday the
10th. Your
donations of
ravioli, spaghetti
o's, hamburger
helper, stuffing
mix, soup and
much more will
help feed the
hungry within our
community. Also
donations of dog and cat food will keep their
furry friends fed as well. The pantry is
currently low on the following: spaghetti
sauce, flour (which we breakdown into 2cup
bags), jelly, crackers, rice-a-roni (rice
mixes), pancake mix and syrup. We are not
asking for all the items to be supplied by our
Hosanna congregation!!! We are noting what
is needed at this time so if you are out
shopping and see some of the noted items
on sale or perhaps have coupons for same
you may have the funds at that time to help
stock the needed items. Your more than
generous weekly donations are such a
blessing to your community! Thank you ever
so much, your food pantry representatives.
COMMITTEE. There are currently two
openings in a couple of our outreach
projects. One position is for the SCHOOL
SUPPLIES COLLECTION. This requires you
to take the donated school supplies over to
the Leads Center. The collection starts in
July and ends the middle of August. The
COAT COLLECTION position requires you
to take the donated coats to the Leads
Center. This project runs the month of
September and October. Please consider
jumping on board the Care Express and
accept one of these positions. If you are
interested, please call Lillian Meade at 740927-8566.
Thanks for Caring and Sharing
The Newsletter of Hosanna Lutheran Church
April 2015
Three-Thirds in
Three Years
The Three-Thirds in Three Years Campaign is in
full swing now. All of your donations are greatly
appreciated. For the First-Third (this year-2015),
our target is to obtain $43,000.00 in donations for
one-third of the parking lot to be redone
(hopefully by the end of this year). As of March
16, 2015 the Parking Lot Fund has received
$6,903.00 in donations. For additional info,
please look for the insert in your newsletter or the
poster board located on the narthex table. Please
ensure any donations for the Parking Lot Fund
are clearly marked on your check, envelope,
etc. If anyone has ideas for a fundraiser for the
parking lot, please let me know. You can tell me
at Church, call me (927-5541) or leave a note in
my Stewardship mailbox at Church
Mary Seal
Stewardship Chair
We want to express our apologies for the delay
in delivery of your donations due to inclement
weather from late January through the 25th of
February. All donations which have been
collected over the past few weeks have been
delivered. The items were picked up in a timely
manner and were kept in a warm safe place until
weather permitted and/or our work schedules
allowed for us to get to Newark for the drop
off. We had 6 large garbage bags full of you
donations. THANK YOU! Among the donations
were personal items - coffee, 8 canisters,
towels, diapers, sun glasses, personal item
cases, and much more... A big thank you for
your donations and your patience with the
delivery. Your donations last week were picked
up and will be delivered with the March 24th
pick-up. We will continue to provide weekly
updates and keep items safe for monthly
deliveries. We want to keep the narthex as clear
as possible. Your donations for the week of
March 10th consisted of 3 large cans of coffee,
many individual personal item packets, along
with shampoos/conditioners, body wash and
other personal items. Thank you ever so
much! Also we will be delivering to NB many
hand-made activity bags for children thanks to
Sandy Bricker bringing them to our
attention. Your New Beginnings representatives
Mark Your Calendars. We will have a unity
service on April 26th followed by the
Congregational Meeting. Lunch will be served
by the youth going to the National Youth
Gathering. Please plan on attending!
Inside this Newsletter you will find a survey for
the Hosanna Lutheran Church Women’s Retreat.
We ask that all women fill this survey out and
place it in the box in the Narthex marked. You
may also give your completed survey to Tina
Blackburn or Charlotte Kurt. If you have
questions please let one of them know.
Additional surveys will be beside the box in case
you may need more than one. Thank you for
taking your time to fill out this survey. The
women of Hosanna and the team in charge
appreciate all your efforts to helping!
Hosanna House Event Center Update
The HHEC calendar is booking up nicely for
2015 and with that the committee would like you
to consider joining the team. You are invited to
the April 15th meeting at 6:00pm to help
brainstorm even more ways for the community to
be informed about this wonderful facility. Our
meetings are short and sweet, if you have
questions please call or text Carole McGonigal at
(740) 973-7803.
The Newsletter of Hosanna Lutheran Church
April 2015
is to see how long it takes us to take the post-it note with
our burdens and “post-it” to the cross.
If we took half of the time we use posting on
Facebook about how tough life is and use that time to “post”
or “tweet” at the cross do you know how much better people
might feel? How much happier would you feel? Consider it
this way. The Cross is a big FaithBook. It is looking for
your updates it is ready to see your newsfeed. You have a
burden upload it to that, you have a negative thought post it,
you have a praise, a worship, a song, a bible verse that you
keep saying in your head POST IT! Upload it. Share it on
your FaithBook. Tell God about all the wonderful things that
you appreciate and see from day to day! Use the time you
have here on Earth as a chance to help other
people. That’s what I do. I pray that the issues I am in the
middle of God solves, and I know deep down that HIS
solution and my solution probably aren’t the same but I have
faith that GOD will comment. God will post something even
better to my FaithBook than I could EVER imagine.
I know not everyone was brought up in a Christian
home, I know not everyone was brought up with an
unbelievable family like I was and I know that not everyone
has a rock solid Church family like I do to hold them up. So
yes I am a little special, Yes I am a blessed girl, but it is not
just all these things that make me the strong person I am
today. These are some of the “extra” positives that I
have. The point of the matter is that I have had a lot of
growing up to do. This Faith walk that I am taking now, it is
because I WANT to walk in his footsteps. I do not want to
walk off the path he made for me. I am ready to walk hand
and hand with my Lord and my King. My first Abba, and the
one who made me from a rib. I want to be a person that
people can look to and not only see, but also feel, the Holy
Spirit radiating off of. I want to be the person people come
to and say “will you pray with me?” I want to be the daughter
that my Lord and Savior want me to be. It gets my blood
pumping to feel him working in my life. Jesus is leading me
because I didn’t give up. I didn’t let the negative that are in
my past keep me down, I don’t let the negative things in my
present situations keep me down long before I get back up
and I WON’T let someone tear me down in the future
because I am the Lords daughter. Tattoos or not I will be
meeting my savior at the pearly gates with my grandparents
jumping up and down to see me! Until that time though, until
I am in front of him, I am going to do my best to do right by
him here on earth.
So my message to you…don’t give up. When you
feel like giving in, when you feel like throwing in the towel,
Log on to your FaithBook upload your status and wait and
see what the Lord does next. Have faith that he will
comment back and have faith that the comment he sends
back is going to propel you so far ahead you will look back
and say “This is the place I always wanted to be!” God loves
you and I hope you know that I love you all to. Be Kind to
one another my friends and remember I love you, God loves
you and everyone in between.
Some days are simply overwhelming and cause us to
want to give up. God desires us to be persistent in our good
work. Maybe you’re trying to mend a broken relationship
with a family member and some days are very
tough. Sometimes work can be hectic and unforgiving. And
sometimes it’s a dream of yours to work on something that
you’re passionate about and gifted in. There are peaks and
valleys for all of these journeys… there are good days and
there are some days that you do not even want to get out of
the bed that is your safe haven. The point is that GOD
never gives up. He never leaves and he never runs away
so why are we so focused on pushing him away? Why are
we so quick to say ‘He gave up on me?’ ‘He doesn’t care
otherwise he wouldn’t do this to me’ well the point isn’t that
he doesn’t care. The fact of the matter is that he is right
beside you WAITING for you to ask HIM for help!!
Many of you have different circumstances, you all
have different trials, you have different battles you are
fighting. Maybe you are fighting with an in-law, or with an
ex or with a best friend or maybe even a roommate. Maybe
it is over something silly like “Not picking up your part of the
dorm room” or maybe it’s because they don’t feel like family
or maybe it is something as big as a divorce I don’t know
the story. I don’t know the pain you have but I know the
pain I have. Let me give you a little insight… no matter how
or what you tell OTHER people GOD KNOWS! NO matter
how hard you put on the “tough guy” exterior God knows
your crumbling… he knew when I was. He knows that each
and every day it is a LITTLE easier to get out of bed but that
some days are tougher than others.
He knows your struggles,
He knows your problems,
HE knows the situation…
He KNOWS his children
Don’t Give Up on HIM!!
We each have struggles. It is going to happen it is
the way life is, it’s the way we learn, it’s the way we grow
but the important thing isn’t about counting how many times
you have fallen or how hard today is or how hard tomorrow
might be. The POINT of the matter is that God is always
there for you to turn to, for you to confide in and for you to
cry out for. God sees our struggles and it is not because he
likes to see our pain. God gives us trials to see how we
handle them to see if we truly believe. It isn’t a test about
how tough we are, or how strong we are, the TEST is to see
how FAITHFUL we are. The idea is to see if we try to take
on the world ourselves or if we go to him in prayer. The test
Much Love & Many Blessings,
Ali Priest
The Newsletter of Hosanna Lutheran Church
April 2015
Hosanna Monthly Financial Report
Total Budgeted Income
Actual Income Received
Below Budget(not good)
$22,376 $44,752
$16,964 $34,136
- $5,412 - $10,616
Total Budgeted Expenses
Actual Expenses Payed
Below Budget(good)
$24,100 $48,200
$23,610 $45,158
- $490 - $3,042
Income Received
Expenses Payed
Net Position(not good)
$16,964 $34,136
$23,610 $45,158
- $6,646 - $11,022
Altar Flowers
Fettrow’s in celebration of JoAnn &
Melissa’s Birthday’s
Steve & Diane Jones in
Celebration of their Wedding
Bob & Donna Wood in Celebration
of their Wedding Anniversary
Scarmack’s in Celebration of
Kathy’s Birthday
Butch & Kathy Sims
Bob & Donna Wood
Mike & Dianne Drozdowicz
Steve & Diane Jones
Erike & Rachel Bulderbergs
Jason & Becky Carr
Dick & Sandy Bricker
Jerry & Diane Brown
Art & Darlene Butler
Marissa Priest
Justin VerWeire
Larry Walker
Shane Abram
Carol Pierce
Wendy Storm
Melissa Fettrow
Ryan Mohler
Jeromy Stepp
JoAnn Fettrow
Kenny King
Tina Brown
Britain Hanna
Dale Pugh
Triston Rhoades
Halie Berona
Dianne Drozdowicz
Karen Burkey
Susan Downs
Andrew Haag
Nakotah Kaufman
Jan Powers
Fred Stowers
Mark Mauger
Bryan Newland
Averie Adams
Jared Brandt
Tony Starn
Samuel Kennedy
E. Wanda Quay
Kathy Scarmack
Katie Vance
Kellen Yates
There are many dates open for flower donations
throughout the year. Stop by the bulletin board in the
Narthex and sign up today. You will need to make
arrangements with a florist of your choice to order and
have your flowers delivered.
The Newsletter of Hosanna Lutheran Church
April 2015
Ponder This
Scarred – For Eternity
If God raised Jesus from the dead, why
didn’t God fix him up? Why Scars? Why the
print of nails that you could feel with your
fingers? Can it be that the gospel .. is saying
to us in our waiting: “You will not see Jesus
Christ unless you see the wounds?’
Sopmehow we must understand that the
resurrected Christ is forever the wounded
Christ. Living, but never fixed up. Not bound
by death, yet scarred for eternity.
“Little Seeds” by MaryAnn Sundby
Raindrops tumble to the ground
‘cause God directs them to come down.
Little seeds sprout from the ground
‘cause God directs them up, not down.
Tender roots sink in the ground
‘cause God directs them to go down.
Pretty flowers will be found
Where raindrops tumbled to the ground.
The deaf have a sign for jesus. Quickly they
make this sign many times during their
worship: the middle finger of each hand is
placed into the palm of the other. Jesus, the
one with wounded hands. And when thy
touch the place they remember. They hear
the name in their own flesh.
“Easter’s Promise” by L.B. Cowman
‘Twas by a path of sorrows drear
Christ entered into rest;
And shall I look for roses here,
Or think that earth is blessed?
Heaven’s whitest lilies blow
From earth’s sharp crown of woe:
Who here his cross can meekly bear,
Shall wear the kingly purple there.
-John Vannorsdall
The Real Meaning of the Cross
“at the cross we understand what God
means when he talks of loving us, begin to
take it in that there is nothing that he will not
do, nosacrifice he will not make, no suffering
that he will shirk, if only he can help us. ‘He
loved me,’ said Paul, standing upon Calvary
and gazing in a stunned way at the cross, ‘I
who was a persecutor, and a blasphemer,
and injurious, and yet he loved me and he
gave himself for me.’ And with that Paul’s
heart broke, and the old life was gone.”
“Spring Cleaning” by Peggy Ferrell
Sweep over me, Lord
And brush out my sin!
Replace it with faith,
And live here within.
“Beyond the Door” by Peggy Ferrell
To better love God and Christ, our friend,
We pass through death’s door; but it’s not
the end.
It’s only the birth of something more—
The eternal joy earth’s prepared us for!
-Scottish Preacher Arthur John Gossip
A Word of Wisdom
You cannot stay where you are and go with
God. You cannot continue doing things your
way and accomplish God’s purpose in his
ways. Your thinking cannot come close to
God’s thoughts. For you to do the will of
God, you must adjust your life to him, his
purposes and his ways.
“Out Like a Lamb” by Unknown
The March wind roars like a lion in the sky.
And makes us shiver as he passes by.
When winds are soft, and the days are warm
and clear,
Just like a gentle lamb, the spring is here.
-Henry Blackaby
The Newsletter of Hosanna Lutheran Church
April 2015
The Newsletter of Hosanna Lutheran Church
April 2015
Office hours are 9:00 am-3:00pm Monday-Friday
Pastor Bret is out of the office on Friday’s.
If you are calling after hours and need to get in touch with him
Please call (330) 559-1846