May 2015 - Hope Lutheran Christian

Active in Love, Growing in Christ
May, 2015 Vol. 15, No. 5
the Times of Hope
Hope’s 60th Anniversary
The 60th Anniversary of Hope
Lutheran Church is just
around the corner. The day
set aside for the Anniversary
celebration is Sunday, May
17, and it will look like this:
10:00 – (**ONLY ONE) morning
(preacher: Pastor Andrew Craig)
12:00 – (chili) Lunch and fellowship at the church
(for any and all)
1:00 – Church and School Open House, with displays, photos, tours, etc.
3:00 – afternoon Anniversary service (preacher:
Pastor Harry Ruf)
4:30 – Anniversary cake and fellowship
The committee decided to designate the offering at
the afternoon service to youth ministry at Hope, especially going toward subsidizing youth for upcoming Youth Gatherings.
Invitation cards are now available. Please inform
and invite friends and former members to join us in
“Giving God Glory” for 60 years of His blessing on
Hope Lutheran Church.
If you have any questions, or if you would like to
volunteer in some way for the Anniversary weekend
(or preparations), please contact one of the committee members: Taura Berg, Jean Gettle, Pastor
Laverne Hautz, Brenda Horton, Francis Loughton,
Linda Schiefke, Vince Todd, Bernice Ulmer.
Faith In Life Award
Each year the Concordia Lutheran Seminary
(Edmonton) faculty and Board of Regents confer
the “Faith in Life Award,” which acknowledges
“individuals -- either pastors or laypersons -- who in
everyday life and in their vocations reflect, to an exceptional degree, their faith in Christ.”
Congratulations to Deanna Hautz, who is receiving
this award for championing the role of ministry
wives in the life of the Church. This recognition will
be conferred at the 2015 Concordia Lutheran Seminary Sacred Convocation on Friday, May 29,
2015 at Concordia University College of Alberta
Sunday Worship Schedule
9:00 Traditional Worship
Hope Lutheran Church
and Christian School
3151 York Street, Port Coquitlam BC, V3B 4A7
Phone: 604-942-5322 - Fax: 604-942-5311
10:05 Bible Study
11:00 Contemporary Worship and Sunday
District Convention / Nominations
The Convention of the Alberta – British Columbia
District will take place in Calgary May 22 – 24.
Hope’s voting delegates are Brenda Horton and
Pastor Laverne Hautz. In light of the insolvency of
the Church Extension Fund, the business of this
Convention will be both unusual and uncertain.
There are overtures being submitted which propose
significant changes to the District’s structure and
staffing. Your continued prayers for the District, its
leadership and the Convention are desired.
Pastor Laverne announced on Sunday, April 26 that
he had received the most nominations for the position of Circuit Counselor, and that he was willing to
serve in that position. He also indicated that he had
let his name stand for the position of District President.
On the Sunday of the Convention – May 24 – Pastor Jorma Tuomisto will be our guest preacher here
at Hope, perhaps for the last time, as he and Mary
are moving to Thunder Bay, Ontario, in the summer.
News From Hope
Many thanks to all who contributed so generously to
the We Care Kits delivered to Union Gospel Mission
this past week and to Deanna Hautz for seeing that
all the donations were transported into Vancouver. Your help in fulfilling this mission project was
most appreciated.
On April 18th, six members attended the Spring Renewal hosted by Trinity Lutheran in Abbotsford. We
were privileged to take part in a Bible Study led by
Pastor Roggow. It was a very interesting and informative day.
We have two mission projects planned for May:
 Baby Bottle Drive for the Pregnancy Centre
 Baling Days for CLWR in Abbotsford
After our soup and buns dinner/business meeting
on May 4th, we will be viewing a video called
“A Veil of Tears.” All ladies in the congregation are
invited to attend.
There is an updated list of mission grants posted on
the LWML bulletin board.
May Day Parade
On Saturday, May 9,
Hope Lutheran Church
will be participating in the
Rotary May Day Parade
here in Port Coquitlam.
We are looking for 20 – 40 participants from the
church to march along with the children and parents
and staff from the school as they carry a school
banner. We will led by Richie Ulmer driving his 1931
Model A Ford. Marcus Todd is developing some
decorations for the car. We will be tossing candy
out to the observers on the sides of the streets. (If
you can donate some individually-wrapped hard
candies to toss out, we’re looking for around 3,000
pieces. Please deliver them to the church by May
8.) We also want to hand out an invitation to join us
for our 60th Anniversary the next weekend, with a
coupon for a “FREE Ice Cream!”
If you would like to join in the parade, please sign
up on the sheet on the rolling easel in the entrance
area, or e-mail the church to get your name on that
sheet. Hope paraders will be assembling on Central
Ave. West – just west of Shaughnessy – at about
10:00 A.M. The parade is expected to be finished
around 12:30 just a couple of blocks east at Tyner
and Hawthorne. All in all, it should be a fun time!
Come join us!!
School News
Please keep the Grade 8
and 9 class and their supervisors in prayer as they bus
down to Oregon to serve the
communities of Portland and
Cornelius. From May 4-8,
the staff and students will be
connecting and serving Seattle Lutheran High School,
Portland Lutheran High School, and Forest Hills Lutheran Christian School.
As you may have read in the recent bulletins, the
elementary Spring Musical presentation of Annie will be held on May 13 and 14 at 1:00 & 7:00
pm. Tickets are free but required. Please contact
the school/church office to reserve. An option to
provide a freewill donation will be available at the
doors. Hope to see you there!
Partnering in
School Ministry
It was a day of celebration and rejoicing when
a teacher burst into my
office exclaiming that a
child in her classroom
who had been introduced to Jesus at our
school, offered a prayer during morning devotions.
A story of a budding faith is a reminder to us of the
real rewards of serving at Hope Lutheran Christian
School. And it's the support of the congregation that
has made this ministry a vibrant reality.
Ladies Book Club
The Ladies’ Book Club will meet
May 25th 7-8:30 PM at Bernice
Ulmer’s #10-19044-118B Ave,
Pitt Meadows and newcomers are always welcome!
We will discuss Captive in Iran by Maryam Rostampour and Marziyeh Amirizadeh. “This is a remarkable, true story of hope and triumph amid the horror
of Tehran's brutal Evin Prison.”
Voters’ Meeting
How can you take an active role in the school ministry? The number of ways of partnering in the school
ministry is only limited by one's imagination. Lifting
up the students, staff, and the school board in prayer is the most powerful way of supporting the ministry.
There will be a voters’
meeting on Sunday, May
31 following the second
service. Lunch will be provided. Stay tuned for what
will be on the agenda.
As for other matters, brothers and sisters, pray for
us that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly
and be honored, just as it was with you. 2
We trust that God hears and answers our prayers in
accordance with his will.
It is also encouraging
when congregational members partner with their
presence by attending special functions or volunteer
for various activities at the school. As well, the financial partnership that members of Hope have
pledged to the school through gifts of money or ongoing support to individual families that are in need
of tuition assistance has impacted children and their
families for eternity. We thank God for those members who have faithfully given gifts that have allowed children the opportunity to experience the
love and care of Jesus each day at Hope. It is an
exciting time at Hope where we experience a time of
tremendous blessings through our growing school
ministry! Thank you for the steadfast faithfulness of
following God's call to reach out to our community
with the Gospel. If you would like to discuss how
you can personally partner in school ministry please
contact me and I would be happy to share a variety
of opportunities available.
In Him,
Susan Eisner
Spring Clean-up
Watch for notices on the bulletin board
for a Saturday Spring Cleanup of the
Church and grounds near the end of
May or beginning of June.
Ministry Wives Retreat April 24-26
The BC retreat was wonderful! 12 of
us, including Pastor Harry Haberstock, traveled in pouring rain, hail,
and snow, some getting lost with their GPS's, but
we finally all arrived at beautiful Camp Hope in
Hope, BC.
In attendance were 7 women whose husbands are
currently in a parish, 2 women whose husbands are
retired, and 2 women who are widows. We were
blessed by the wisdom and humor of our more
"mature" ministry wives!
We delved into God's Word to study three topics:
resting in God's peace; being encouragers to each
other as was Barnabas; and taking a leap of
(continued on page 4)
(Ministry Wives Retreat continued from page 3)
faith. There was laughter, there were tears,
and there was a great amount of support and
care. We had ample free time to enjoy the quiet
beauty, to play games, to rest, or to visit and share
stories. We were blessed!
Thank you to all the disciples of Jesus at Hope who
have supported the ministry wives retreat financially
(at the FaithLife Bazaar), with prayer, and with
words of encouragement.
Submitted by Deanna Hautz
Church Worker Input Session Results
I want to thank all who participated in the Church
Worker Input Sessions as we had about 80 people
give us their thoughts and opinions. These are the
results of how you saw the responsibilities and ministries of a new Church Worker. The top three (3) for
the main headings are Church Ministry, Worship
Ministries, and Evangelism/Outreach. The top ten
(10) for the subcategories are Youth Ministry, Music
Leadership, Bible Teaching, Family Ministry, Confirmation Teaching, Evangelism, Outreach to School
Families, Community Outreach, Children’s Ministry,
and Worship Planning.
We are now exploring what ministry position we will
call or hire. However, this may change as we wait
the outcome of the A-BC District President vote,
considering Pastor Hautz has let his name stand for
the nomination for that position.
If you have any more questions or thoughts on
these results, please take the opportunity to talk
with myself or one the Elders.
In Christ,
Bruce Forrieter
Director of Elders
Thank you from the
School Board
Thank you to everyone who
participated in the School
Board information sessions on
Sunday and Monday. We had
an estimated 80 people represented between the
three meeting times. If you have feedback on the
information presented in the sessions please contact one of the School Board members or you can
send feedback to the School Board via our school
website by following this link
school/school-board-feedback/ which is located under the Contact tab.
If you weren’t able to attend one of the info sessions, the presentation material will be e-mailed to
everyone on the church distribution list. If you aren’t
on the distribution list or should happen not to receive
([email protected], 604-552-2785) and I would be
happy to provide you with the material.
Doug Niblock
Chair, Hope Lutheran Christian School Board
Hope Lutheran Governance
In 2014 the Voters assembly elected 8 members to
serve on the bylaw and governance committee. The
committee’s mandate was to review how Hope Lutheran church and school are currently governed
and whether our constitution and bylaws still met
our needs as a congregation. It was acknowledged
that we have several Boards reporting to the Voters;
there is some confusion as to who is responsible for
what activities and there is a lot of redundancy,
overlap and outdated material in our bylaws.
Three of the original 8 members have since left the
committee and are being replaced by “guest” members until such time as we can present them to the
voters for election to the committee.
The committee is using research based on a book
entitled “Winning on Purpose” as a model for a
new and improved governance process for Hope.
We have reached a point where we have a framework for a new model which we expect to have
ready for presentation to the voters at either the
June or September meeting.
In the meantime we would like to invite others, especially females, who may have an interest to serve
on this committee to review the model and provide
input. Currently the majority of our committee are
males with only one female member as two of the
three resignations were female. So if you have an
interest in participating as a “guest member” please
contact Roger Fast at [email protected] or 604941-2540.
Sunday School News
The congregation enjoyed two
performances from the Sunday School children this Easter season. The ‘Hopeful Kids’
prepared “Ho-ho-ho-hosanna”
for Palm Sunday, which they
sang after they waved their
palm branches throughout the sanctuary. Then on
Easter Sunday they sang “I Will Call Upon the Lord”.
It is such a joy to see these children singing praises
to the Lord and we hope to have more of it in our
worship service. It is also an opportunity for members to see the next generation at Hope Lutheran
and possibly get to know someone new.
Hope Lutheran is blessed with enthusiastic teachers, helpers and leaders to serve for our Sunday
School this year. However, this ministry thrives
when parents are involved and encourage their child
(ren) to attend and actively participate. We are seeing a decline in attendance and are considering
making some changes to build a stronger program
for those who utilize this ministry.
Children who attend Hope Lutheran Christian
School have their Christian education needs met
almost everyday, but for those who do not (or cannot) attend the school at Hope, Sunday School may
be the only source of a child’s Christian education.
So, if it is a small group, let it be small but mighty!
Many members have children who need this program and we continually pray that God will guide us
in the right directions. We ask you to pray for our
Sunday School and for it’s leaders, that they may
make good decisions to meet the spiritual needs of
our children.
Mandy Gervais
Sunday School Musical Leader
May 3: Lesson 10: The Two Sons: Psalm 61:1-5,8,
Matt 21: 28-32/ Communion
May 10: No Sunday School (Mother’s Day)
May 17: Lesson 11: Clever Bridesmaids: Psalm
90:4-12, Matt 25:1-13 / Communion
May 24: Lesson 14: Buried Treasure: Psalm
119:9,11,105, Matt 25:14-30, Baptismal Recognition
May 31: Sunday School Wrap up: Movie, Games,
Mission Gift selection
June 7: No Sunday School / Communion / Confirmation Day (start of one service)
Food Bank Fund
“For I was hungry and you gave me
something to eat.” Matt.25:35
As planned, we were again able to
deliver 2 loads of potatoes during
April, on the 13th and the 27th. A big thank you to
all of you who participated in the Easter Breakfast,
particularly to the cooks, servers and other helpers
and of course all you guests. Your efforts yielded a
net contribution to the Food Bank Fund of $319.80.
What a welcome boost, at a time when our balance
was diminishing rapidly. The current balance in our
Fund stands at $960 as per April 27th, compared to
$1,496.50 at this time last year. Delivery dates for
May are scheduled for May 11th and May 25th.
Here are the figures for the past 3 months:
(to April 27)
$ 40
$ 390
$ 600
Total deliveries for this year (to April 27th) amount
to 12,800 lbs. of potatoes plus 97 lbs. of nonperishable food items from the Narthex.
“Jesus said, ‘the King will reply, I tell you the truth,
whatever you did for the least of these brothers of
mine, you did for me.’” Matt.25:40.
Yours gratefully,
Claus Schultz
Elsie Mepham
Wayne Mepham
Kathy Boraas
Steven Brown
Charlene Lyall
Carl Schmidt
Barb Davis
Mary MacDonald
Vicki Pescott
Desmond Gervais
Juliana Besler
John Diack
Dennis Lyall
Chelsea Todd
Christopher Burke
Breanna Dahlby
Trevor Watson
Adriano Botelho
David Doberstein
Adrian Jackson
Joan Lynn
Mackenzie Edgar
Calvin Kaytor
Karen Plaetner
Maureen Diack
Jordie Edgar
Brett Ginac
Kira Ginac
Lisa Olding
Bruce Forrieter
Robynlee Nydokus
Taura Berg
Carolyn Harmston
Derek Pfeifer
Renee Prasad
Leah Wilson
Christopher Coulthard
Lauren Bosley
Sophia Bosley
Gary Stephens
Sabrina Augustine
Erin Rioux
Benjamin Siska
Doris Waidelich
Kaaren Griffioen
Craig Neill
Joyce Gillespie
Thomas Votik
Ron Berg
Jayden Burke
Lindsay Charron
Michael McIntosh
Fred Scavington
Terri-Lyn Sudom
Mark Forseille
Scott Harcus
Kevin Kwok
Lauren Rieu
Olivia Schiemann
Karen Horne
Zoe Koutsouropoulos
Brianne Ulmer
Doreen Dotzler
Dylan Harmston
Lisa Sudom
Robyn Woo
Alexis Brown
Karen Dyke
Lisa and Robert Catto
Clinton and Carolyn Harmston
Sarah & Harry Koutsouropoulos
Christopher and Cathy Fahlke
Chantel and Sean Hennessy
David and Lise Goertz
Christopher and Karen Horne
James and Richelle Hume
Lyndsey and Dan Johnson
Marcus and Chelsea Todd
Jennifer and Simon Watson
Steven and Shelley Frick
Laverne and Deanna Hautz
Nepal Earthquake Relief
CLWR and LCC are calling for financial donations to
help earthquake survivors in Nepal. The donations
will support the work of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF), whose Kathmandu-based emergency
team launched an immediate large-scale emergency
LWF staff members distributed tarpaulins, hygiene
kits and ready-made food to about 400 families in
Kathmandu over the weekend of the earthquake.
Along with assessing the situation in remote communities, LWF priorities are now to provide water,
sanitation and hygiene materials, as well as emergency shelter to people who lost their homes or who
are staying outside for fear of aftershocks.
A Prayer:
Gracious God, you draw us together and your Spirit
nourishes us along the way.
Help us to bear fruit in the world that leads to the
mending of creation, where all receive what they
Work through us. Abide in us. Amen
Alberta-British Columbia District Convention
The Alberta-British Columbia District of Lutheran–
Church Canada will be held May 22—24, 2015 in
Calgary, Alberta.
CLWR sent out an update yesterday regarding government funding. The Canadian government has
announced it will match all donations given between April 25 and May 25.
Our delegates are Pastor Hautz and Brenda Horton.
Please pray to our gracious Lord that He will bless
the work that we will do when we, as a District, formally convene at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church .
If you haven't already, please consider making a donation today. Any amount helps.
Pray for the Harvest
To donate, you may:
1. Donate online
2. Make a designated offering donation through any
Lutheran congregation in Canada.
3. Call CLWR at 1.800.661.2597 (204.694.5602 in
Winnipeg) to donate by credit card.
4. Send a cheque made payable to CLWR - address
it to CLWR, 600-177 Lombard Avenue, Winnipeg,
MB R3B 0W5. Please indicate that you wish to contribute to “Nepal earthquake relief.”
Your gifts will help our partners at Lutheran World
Federation Nepal provide water, sanitation, hygiene
materials, and emergency shelter to people who lost
their homes or who are staying outside for fear of
aftershocks. Another one of their urgent priorities is
accessing and addressing the needs of people in
remote communities devastated by the earthquake.
LWF staff members began delivering aid immediately, distributing tarpaulins, hygiene kits and readymade food to about 400 families in Kathmandu, despite some staff being displaced from their homes
This is a joint appeal with the Evangelical Lutheran
Church in Canada and Lutheran Church-Canada.
Our Convention theme for the next triennium is
“Pray for the Harvest” based on Luke 10:2 where
Jesus says to His disciples, “The harvest is plentiful,
but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to
the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his
If ever there was a time for all of us to be on our
knees in prayer, it is now. We need to pray for one
another. We need to pray that God, by His grace
and mercy and for the sake of His Son, would bring
healing and restoration to His church. We need to
pray that He would give us the eyes to see the harvest that is in the world and the heart to reach out to
the lost. We need to reengage in the understanding
that we are a sent people who are called to “…
declare the praises of him who called you out of
darkness into his wonderful light.” (1 Peter 2:9) We
need to pray for the harvest.
From President Don Schiemann’s report in the convention workbook.
Hope Lutheran Church and School
Ministry Staff
Rev. Laverne Hautz
Marcus Todd
Susan Eisner
Luke Adam
Janice Klassen
Gail Hind
Clare Wood
Director of Youth and Worship
Elementary School Principal
High School Principal
School Office Manager/Registrar
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Parish Planning Council
Roger Fast
Rob Brett
Roger Fast
Suzanne Playdon
Interim Executive Director
Assistant Executive Director
604 941 2540
604 941 8486
604 941 2540
778 387 5525
Ed Olsen
Shirley Fast
Joyce Gillespie
Emily Reilly
Kaitlyn Horton
Brenda Horton
Martin Pedersen
Mai Pedersen
Director, Church Properties
Director, Evangelism
Director, Parish Fellowship
Director, Parish Fellowship
Director, Christian Education
Director, Youth
Director, Youth
Director, Public Relations
Director, Stewardship
Director, Lay Ministry
604 944 4979
Doug Niblock
Bruce Forrieter
Interim Chairperson, School Board
Chairperson, Elders
604 552 2785
604 589 1543
Richard Gettle
Ron Berg
George Intile
Bruce Forrieter
Mike Yee
Dennis Friesen
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604 941 3506
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604 936 0333
School Board
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604 945 9777
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604 945 7315
Paula Purdon
Jean Gettle
Fred Malmberg
Doug Niblock
Tina Pettie
Mike Eisner
Murdoch Coe
Joan Fulton
Vicki Brett
Mike Goetz
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