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October, 2011
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Brandywine High School
Homecoming is here! For high
schools, October is a really busy
month because there is spirit week,
the parade, the football game, and
the dance! Not only are there many
events taking place this month, but
each event takes a lot of planning
and hard work.
held through October 10 to October 14. Monday was Pajama Day,
Tuesday was Hat Day, Wednesday
Day, and last but not least, Friday
was Spirit Day!
or every homecoming
there are plenty of events leading
up to the dance like the schoolwide voting for king and queen!
Maggie Bowers, Meredith Bonney,
Taylor Hopkins, Molly McPheeters,
Kaiema Mond, Jasmine Weddington, Ben Alford, Jamal Davis,
Daquan Money, Josh Showalter,
Brandon Vecere, and Alex White.
queen was announced during halftime at the football game. Congratulations to Taylor Hopkins and Alex
White for getting the titles of King
and Queen. Before the game was
held there was a parade featuring
the marching band, cheerleaders,
color guard, the homecoming court
(cont. on page 2)
“Homecoming” (Cont.)
of the World.’ Ninth Grade had New York City, Tenth grade
had Paris, Eleventh grade had London, and Twelfth grade had
BHS freshman, Tori Otamas, was asked what her
opinions were on this year’s homecoming. She said she is very
excited for homecoming! She expects to have a fun time. She
got her dress at Body Central which is found in the Concord
Mall. Her preference of dress is something black, cheetah, or
Senior, Jennie Mussar, was asked how she feels about this
being her last year to attend homecoming, she responded
by saying, “I feel extremely sad that it’s my last homecoming because it reminds me of having to say goodbye to all my
friends!” “I’m going to miss all the teachers shining flashlights
at people who are dancing inappropriately!”
In conclusion, there has been a lot of planning and
doing leading up to the Homecoming Dance. We can all ad-
American Hikers Freed
from Iran
For almost two years,
Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal
were held in an Iranian prison
for alleged espionage. Along
with Bauers fiancée Sarah
Shroud, the three were held in
Iran and put on trial. Shroud
was released a year ago on
$500,000 bail, while in late September Bauer and Fattal were
released on bail for $500,000
each. Before going any further,
one must ask how three Americans ended up in an Iranian jail
to begin with.
On July 31st, 2009,
Shroud, Bauer, and Fattal were
hiking in Iraq, searching for a
waterfall along the Iran-Iraq
border in the Kurdish region.
The trio (cont. on page 3)
mit, we had a good time! Even though this homecoming was great, there are many more to come!
Also, the bonfire has been cancelled and will not
be rescheduled until spring. ~ Kayla Delahanty
New Principal Leads the Pack
With the many changes at
Brandywine High School there is
one in particular that stands out to
students and staff. It’s the fact that
we have a new principal named
Mr. Gliniak. He came to the school
eager to help create a change for
the better which can be represented
by his slogan, “Bring Brandywine
Back!” His presence in our hallways
has done more than lighten people’s
mood it also eases the minds of
many staff members who felt as
though we were long overdue for a
change in administration.
At the start of the school year, many
students were already well aware
of the name ‘Gliniak’ and already
knew what he was about because
Mr. Gliniak was recently the principal at Springer Middle School,
Page 2
which is a school that many students
from Brandywine have attended
in their younger days. When asked
how the transition was from being a
principal at a middle school to, now,
being a principal at a high school,
Mr. Gliniak said, “It was actually a
relatively easy transition in that I
knew a lot of the students already
since they came through Springer,
and we had already developed a
relationship. This made it easier for
them to jump on board because they
already knew of my expectations.”
As soon as principal Gliniak
walked through the high school
building, he was prepared with
necessary changes that he was sure
would be exactly what Brandywine
needed in order to make sure the
students flourish. (cont. on page 3)
Page 3
“Iran” (Cont.)
unknowingly ventured over an unmarked border into
Iran where they were detained by Iranian authorities.
The three went on trial for espionage and illegally entering Iran. Bauer and Fattal were sentenced to eight years
in jail. Shroud was released from jail before the trial on
While in prison, Bauer proposed to Shroud and
the two became engaged. Both
men and Sarah Shroud have said
that they were mistreated in prison
because they were “American”. The
duration of the phone calls to their
families only totaled up to fifteen
minutes in two years. They had
to go on hunger strikes just to be
able to receive letters from home.
To keep in shape the two men lifted water bottles, using
them as weights. They tore fabric from their clothes to
put around their feet so that they could run around for
exercise. They also discussed books and current events
that they read from their letters from home.
Being released was a “total surprise” to them.
“Principal” (Cont.)
A few specific changes include: locking the side doors
in the morning, forcing students to walk in through the
front entrance, the use of classroom hall passes, and the
enforcement of the already existing dress code. “Those
rules were created to help create a more structured environment and to keep kids from booking out of school
through the breezeway. Those changes were also made
for safety reasons so that we are accountable for who
comes in and out of the building,” says Mr. Gliniak.
He goes on to talk about his plans of putting in a new
entrance for the school because of the safety issues and
concerns, and to enclose the breezeway so that students
who are late to gym, can still get in without having to
disrupt a staff member’s time.
One way to win a high school over is through the
seniors! Something that principal (cont. on page 4)
Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had stated
that the two hikers could be released within days, but
it took days just for the Iranian defense attorney to get
the necessary judicial approval for Bauer and Fattal to
be released. Bauer and Fattal found out they were leaving the prison by the guards, who put them in civilian clothes after their morning exercise and met with
an official from Oman who said,
“Let’s go home.” Bauer and Fattal
were then flown to Oman and reunited with their families and Sarah
Once back in the U.S., Fattal and
Bauer held a press conference. They
said that even though they “applaud
Iranian authorities for finally making the right decision” they are disappointed in being
jailed and charged in the first place. Shane Bauer had
stated that it was ironic that they were even arrested in
the first place because, “Sarah, Josh, and I oppose U.S.
policies towards Iran.” The families are still unsure of
who paid their one million dollar bail.
Now that they are home, Shane Bauer, Josh
Fattal, and Sarah Shroud are able to continue on with
their lives, leaving this nightmare behind. Despite being released, the situation left a bad taste resulting in
tensions between the U.S. and Iran. ~ Kelsey Latta
The Amanda Knox Trial
When Amanda Knox flew to Perugia Italy, she didn’t
think that she would be spending the next four years
in an Italian prison. On November 1st, 2007, Amanda’s
flat mate Meredith Kercher, was found dead in their
flat with multiple stab wounds and evidence that
suggested she was sexually assaulted. Knox and her
then boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, were arrested and
charged with murder and sexual assault along with
Rudy Guede, whose DNA was found at the scene of the
Knox and Sollecito went on trial on January
16th, 2009. After months in the court room, a jury
found Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito guilty of
murder and sexual assault. Knox (cont. on page 4)
“Principal” (Cont.)
Gliniak must have been
sure of when coming to
Brandywine, because one
of the changes he made
was one that affected the
seniors directly, which
is the revival of senior
privileges! Mr. Gliniak
welcomed the senior class
of 2012 with special privileges that previous seniors
haven’t had in a while. The
Privileges include having
the option to come in late
or leave school early if you
have a study hall first or
last period of the day and
being able to order out at
the end of the week if you
have shown good behavior
and have not been tardy.
Usually when asking a
large group of people about
their opinions on a topic,
you will get multiple answers; but when asking the
students and staff at Brandywine High School about
whether or not they like
and appreciate Mr. Gliniak
becoming the principal,
you will get different ways
of stating the answer, “We
love him”. Everyone seems
to appreciate the new
type of energy that comes
with Principal Gliniak
and doesn’t want to ever
want to let him go. With
his high spirits and excellent leadership, he is very
much appreciated and has
the whole school looking
forward to having him lead
the pack! ~ Jasmine Hall
Page 4
“Knox” (Cont.)
received a sentence of twenty-six years mumba who she claimed also was there
in prison while Sollecito received 25. the night Meredith Kercher was killed.
Rudy Guede, who was charged and
Knox was also sentenced to a three
tried in a separate trial, was convicted year sentence for the same defamation
to only sixteen years in prison, a recharge, but having spent four years in
duced sentence compared to Konx and prison already, the sentence did not afSollecitos.
fect her release.
In November of 2010, an ap- Following her release, Amanda
peals trial for Amanda Knox and Raf- Knox spent some time with Sollecito,
faele Sollecito began. Rudy Guede was fueling rumors that they were getting
called as a witness, and claimed that back together. She then flew back to
he believed that Amanda Knox was
Seattle Washington, her hometown and
the one who killed Meredith Kercher. held a press conference thanking her
The Italian Prosecution alleges that
supporters for giving her hope durthe knife that was found at the crime ing the four years she spent in Italy.
scene was used to kill Kercher and had “Thanks to everyone who believed in
both Knox’s and Kerchers DNA on it, me, who has defended me, who supdespite the fact that it was a miniscule ported me,” She said.
amount of DNA that was found. The There is still doubt over whethjudges on the appeal trial threw out the er or not Knox and Sollecito were
knife, stating that there wasn’t enough involved in Meredith Kerchers murder.
evidence because the amount of DNA Following the convictions being overwas so little that it couldn’t prove that turned, citizens of Perugia Italy outside
Amanda Knox was there.
the courtroom shouted “Shame!” as
On October 3rd 2011, Amanda Amanda Knox and Rafaelle Sollecito
Knox and Raffaele Sollecito had their made their way back to prison to colmurder convictions overturned and
lect their belongings. Because of all the
were then freed from their Italian Jail. doubt, we may never know what hapKnox, however, had to pay a fine of
pened that fateful night in Italy.
22,000 euros ($29,000 in USD) for
~ Kelsey Latta
defamation of character to Patrick Lu-
Forests Dying due to Warmer Climate
For the last 10 years Global Warming
has been taunting our planet. With
the warmer weather the polar ice
caps are melting along with the sea
level of the world’s oceans. But what
most people wouldn’t expect would
be different forests, from around the
world are dying off. How could this
be prevented? Some scientist may
even have the answer.
All across the country, many of the forests
are starting to wither to nothing due to
this incline of warmer weather. In western
Montana, the big evergreen trees are falling
victim to beetles that thrive in this colder
atmosphere. But with this warmer weather
occurring, the control of the beetles wouldn’t
be as intense. In the Northern Central Rockies, millions and millions of acres of the
pines trees are starting to (cont. on page 5)
Page 5
“Forests” (Cont.)
decrease. Especially in Colorado,
where up to 15% of the states aspen
forests are declining due to the lack
of water in the area. This
isn’t the case in the state
of Texas, with their heat
at a record high, many
wildfires didn’t just burn
a record of 476 homes,
but over a million acres of
trees were parched.
This concern isn’t just
in the United States; but
around the globe as well.
In Southern Africa, the
great Euphorbia trees have caved in with the
heat exposure and water stress. This is also
occurring in countries such as Algeria and
Australia. Not to mention, this hot and dry
weather is creating more and more fires, killing a large amount of the Siberian forests.
In addition to the current concerns, the Amazon Jungle has recently suffered two “once
in a lifetime” droughts. This happened about
5 years apart from each other, killing many
trees. Some scientist are already worried
that as the warmer weather progresses, most
of the trees in the world could be climate
change victims.
~ Lauryn Richards
The Brandywine Line
Rick Shea
Editor-in-Chief - Andrew Gross Associative Editor - Jasmine Hall
News Editor - Kelsey Latta
A&E Editor - Heather Gries
Sports Editor - Adam Browne
Xenia Davis
Kayla Delahanty
Joel Hurtt
Morgan Montisano
Val Dunleavy
Lauryn Richards
Seth Hackett
Olympia Kledaras
Arts and Entertainment
“Spooks” (Cont.)
Do you love college? Asher Roth
sure loves it but what about applying to college? How prepared are
you? These questions are just some
of the many that cloud the brains of
seniors. Along with the excitement
of their last year in high school,
seniors have to deal with the pressure of college. College is no easy
task for high school seniors. Deadlines have to be met, essays have
to be written, and colleges must be
According to collegeboard.
com, seniors should start their
applications for colleges in the
summer prior to their senior year.
Did you do that? Many seniors are
scrambling this time of year trying
to start their applications to apply
to their top choices. Whether your
top choice is a large university or
a local community college, it’s still
fairly difficult to apply. For example,
the University of Delaware is on the
Common Application. This application process sounds simple, but
taken Ms. Littleton’s sculpture and
photography classes, and the form
of Art is a pleasure to explore.
Ms. Littleton helps the Art
Club host the haunted house. The
they also require at least one letter
of recommendation and a list of
extracurricular activities.
Despite the pressure of college, there are ways to make it easier.
Here are some tips for applying to
college: stay focused on work, keep
working hard in school, and avoid
senioritis. For example, don’t sign
up for classes that will look bad on
your transcript. Try to keep a good
blend of strong level classes so you
can keep your grades up. The most
important tip that can be given is to
try to avoid senioritis. Senioritis affects many students every year and
can be quite difficult to shake. The
only way to beat senioritis is to get
focused and be ready for the school
work you face during the year.
With all of these stresses, we
must keep in mind it’s senior year!
Stay focused and apply to your colleges, but most importantly, have
fun. Don’t let the pressure of college
get to you. Manage your time so you
can do the things you want to do to
Haunted house took place October
21st and 22nd from 6-9 p.m. The cost
of entry was the small fee of five dollars! Believe me you got your money’s
worth. When you entered the school
Arts and Entertainment
Page 6
make your senior year the
best year ever!
~ Adam Browne
Spooks in
Brandywine Halls
A grand tradition for Brandywine High Schools Art Club is
demonstrating their creative
ability through the Haunted
House. Every year Art Club
begins and first on the agenda… What can we bring to the
Around school you
can see in the display cases
pieces of art such as sculpture, sketches, painting, and
interesting photography. Ms.
Littleton and Ms. Dillon are
our Art teachers here at Brandywine. At the end of the year
hosted in our schools lobby is
an Art Show with work done
by Art students throughout the
school year. I personally have
you were greeted by your haunted
guides and could choose three levels
of scare. There were flashlights,
almost brave, and full on scary. Of
course I went (cont. on page 7) all
out and experienced the
scare. The house was divided into rooms including
the murder prom, a splatter room, exorcism taken
place, an insane asylum,
and much more. I’m an
to scare,
I know
coming from my mouth.
Overall it took about 7
minutes to walk through.
When you finished activities continued with a magic
show done by our very own
Mr. Rulon.His show consisted of a science lab environment where he turned
a penny into gold, made a
jelly fish with neon chemicals and had the audience
help him find “Ghost Eyes”.
In the cafeteria more fun
continued as it was filled
with Halloween decorations and activities such
as face painting, puzzles,
games and even making your own mask. The
after activities were sure
to pertain to the young at
heart. Overall
the Art Club
delivered a
that was
creative, and
The club
really displayed the
diversity of
talent within
the school. What’s next
for Art Club? The beginning of ginger bread house
building with a contest to
follow. It’s not too late to
join if you feel your creative urges rising. If you’re
out wandering the halls
take the time to stop at the
display cases and notice the
schools show cased talent.
The haunted house was a
huge success. To the Art
Club we thank you for the
time and care put in.
~ Heather Gries
Don’t Take Life for Granted
My father always tells me We all want to live that
“Even we are in the world, “high life”; fancy cars, big
do not be of the world”.
house, millions of dollars,
That statement could mean and just live life without
various things, but I want any concerns. Basically we
to focus on a certain topic. all want to be successful.
Page 7
Homecoming Wrap-up
Homecoming for Brandywine High School on
October 15, 2011 was a
huge hit, literally. The
day started with the
presentation of the class
floats and the football
game. The floats were
excellent this year with
the theme being cities of
the world. The Class of
2012 was announced the
winners of the homecoming float parade for
a second straight year.
The next part of
the day was the football
game and introduction of the homecoming court. The football
game was a big event
with numerous spectators and lots of noise.
The Bulldogs won their
homecoming game
against conference foe
Christiana, 32-6. Touchdowns were scores by
Kyle Bacher with a 29
yard run, Garrison Jackson with a 6 yard run,
and Dwight Anderson
with a 7 and 16 yard run.
The bulldogs played a
great game to win their
first homecoming game
in the past four years.
During halftime,
Brandywine introduced
their homecoming court
for 2011. The court consisted of Josh Showalter,
Ben Alford, Jamal Davis,
Alex White, and Brandon
Vecere for the men and
Taylor Hopkins, Maggie
Bowers, Jasmine Weddington, Kaiemah Mond, Molly
McPheeters, and Meredith
Bonney for the women.
Alex White was crowned
king and Taylor Hopkins
was crowned queen with
Josh Showalter and Maggie
Bowers being the runnersup.
Last, and perhaps
the most important event
of homecoming, was the
dance. The event started
at 8 p.m. and included a
DJ, free food, and tons of
dance music. The night was
filled with endless music
and dancing. There were
a lot of people enjoying a
fun night and big homecoming win at the dance.
Needless to say, Brandywine’s homecoming was
electric. The big football
win, the crowning of king
and queen, and the dance
all marked a great day for
Brandywine High School.
~ Adam Browne
Arts and Entertainment
Page 8
Taylor Swift
On April 3, 2011 Taylor
Swift won the “Entertainer of the Year” award
at the Academy of Country Music Awards. Let’s
take a look back and see
the start of the country
Taylor Alison
Swift, born December
13, 1989 in Wymossing,
PA, is a country star born
with a gift. She wrote 8
albums including: Fearless,
Speak Now, and Sounds of
the Season. She also wrote
a total of 57 songs!
Her grandmother,
who was an opera singer,
inspired her to sing. She
started singing at local
festivals, fairs, and karaoke contests when she
was only ten years old.
She started writing songs
when (cont. on page 9)
Make it cool to get all A’s on your report card. Get
certificates awarding you of your accomplishments? Be
a cool guy by going to college and getting a well-paying
job. The problem is that we think cute girls or handsome fellas won’t be attracted to us because we don’t
get like the popular kids. This think is incorrect. A
decent man or women wants someone who is different
has goals in life. Personally, I don’t want a girl living off
of me for the rest of her life. No decent man wants a
woman who is a bum. That goes for us men too because we are the with the higher unemployment rate.
Us men need to take pride in providing for our households and having something of our own. Stop getting
confused thinking it’s good to use females in high
school for their cars and money. Make a difference and
stop taking life for granted.
The big question is how do you want to live your life
and how are you going to make sure you can grasp the
lifestyle that you desire? The only way you are going
to do this is by receiving an education. That is the key
of that exuberant lifestyle you so crave. Don’t worry
about that group of kids that say it’s not cool to be a
nerd. When they say that tell them it’s not cool to be a
follower because that is basically what they are doing. They are just following the trend, trying to fit in.
Get an education , go to college, go into business for
yourself, and I’m sure that you will appreciate how you
rose above the world and made a difference all while
not taking life for granted. Don’t be a statistic because
when you are older and your friends are living life it’s
going to be about what you did and what you achieved
to get to where you are now. ~ Joel Hurtt
Spicy Words
There is an estimated 6.3
billion people living on
this planet, and we all can’t
be the same. Our make
includes a shape and size,
DNA, and personality. In
different cultures there are
expectations needed to
be met, and one way we
cohabitate is through the
Page 9
The Transition to ‘Biotecture’:
“Life for Granted” (Cont.)
Some people don’t understand that it’s not going to be
handed to us on a silver platter. We have to earn it.
Now a days everyone thinks they can be the next Nino
Brown. Think they can live the life of a hustler and
own luxurious, materialistic items and not get caught
or killed. Nino Brown thought the same thing but
look where he (cont. on page 8)
ended up; dead
and no one to blame but himself. We have to face the
fact that those streets have an expiration date. We as a
people, especially African Americans, have to wake up
and get an education because if spend you entire youth
hood fooling around, you will regret it in 20 years.
Stop skipping school, stop talking all the time in class
and pay attention, stop focusing on the opposite sex.
STOP TAKING LIFE FOR GRANTED. Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights activist fought for
our equality so that we could have a better chance of
making something out of ourselves. They jeopardized
their lives for us and some of us walk around here like
we are Don Corleone. Some kids today have a habit
of following the popular trend or conferring to the
general population. We want to do what the world is
doing simply because we want to be cool; we want to
be accepted as cool guys. Don’t be of the world. Make a
Arts and Entertainment
sharing of spoken language.
6,700 languages
are recognized today.
However in schools it
gets no more complex
than Spanish, French,
and possibly Italian. In
more private schools they
may offer languages such
How One Man’s Vision Has turned into a Growing Trend
Sustainable architects who
were once bounded by the cultural
confines of pre-2000 are now using
their creative adroitness openly
and often to re-shape our
thoughts of living due to
the recent ‘green revolution’ currently in effect to
this day. But there is one
green architect in particular who has taken full
advantage of this wave of
environmental awareness,
Michael Reynolds.
Initiating in the 1970s,
Reynolds and the team of co-workers from his self-owned, and founded, company Earthship Biotecture
began to pursue their goals of creating a residential homestead fully
reliant on itself to supply the neces-
sary public utilities needed to run a
modern home, these utilities being
electricity, running water, and waste
management. Although this architectural style
seems to
be the
of sustainable living,
one has
to wonder how
a small
company can go about accomplishing such difficult feats.
“It’s actually, I have to say, fun
to learn all of this. We had to learn
how to build out of garbage; we had
to learn how to harvest energy. There
were no books when we first started
“Swift” (Cont.)
Tennessee very often. She
she was 12, and that was
about the same time she
tried hard to land a congot her guitar. She learned tract when finally one day,
how to play guitar from
she sang at the Bluebird
a man who came to fix
Café in Nashville which
her computer. He saw her got her a contract with
Scott Borchetta from Big
guitar and asked if she
could play. She said no so Machine Records. Then,
he taught her some chords, in 2006 she released her
and with those chords she very first single, “Tim Mcwrote her first song, “Lucky Graw”. Some other songs
You”. Plus, she sang the Star that followed were “Our
Spangles Banner at a 76ers Song”, “Teardrops on my
Guitar”, “Picture to Burn”,
Once her famand “Should’ve Said No”,
ily started to realize that
all of which are included
Taylor had good talent they in her album, Taylor Swift
started visiting Nashville, (2006). (cont. on page 10)
doing it,” says Reynolds. After
nearly thirty years, Earthship Biotecture has finally created a winning
formula for creating their highlyesteemed Earthships. As mentioned
previously, Earthships use a variety
of techniques and renewable energy
systems in order to achieve “off the
grid” status; or in other words, to
not be reliant on natural monopolies
that offer the basic public utilities
most of us utilize on a daily basis.
Earthships collect the water from its
environment and channel it through
a special filtration system to ultimately flow into a cistern. In this
cistern holds a special water purifying module that rids the water of
bacteria, thus making it safe to consume. “Greywater”, or water that has
already been in (cont. on page 10)
“Words” (Cont.)
as German or Chinese. In at Spanish and he knew
many cultures writing and he found something he
reading is a form of expres- could be passionate about,
sion. Whether it’s your
especially since Mr. Chasfeelings or what pleases
tain had a Spanish teacher
you. This creativity is an art who inspired him and
(cont. on page 9) form.
reached out to him. He is
I sat down with
from South Texas where he
loved Spanish teacher
needed to speak Spanish
Mr. Gary Chastain. Mr. on a daily basis.
Chastain has been teach- I took the assumping Spanish for 21 years. I tion that Mr. Chastain
asked him how someone was fluent in Spanish in
could enjoy work like this, which he corrected me. He
considering most students is fluent, but the term is
dread needing to learn a thrown around a lot…”You
foreign language. In high can know the language,
school he was very good but not (cont. on page 10)
Arts and Entertainment
“Swift” (Cont.)
In 2008 she was
with her boyfriend Taylor
nominated for many
Lautner. Later that year she
awards and won the ACM released her 8th album,
award “Best Female Vocal- “Speak Now”. One million
ist”, the AMA award for
copies were sold on the first
“Favorite Female Country week. So far, she doesn’t
Artist”, AMA “Horizon” have anything new out since
award. Around the time her “Speak Now” album, we
she won the “Horizon”
all know we’ll see something
award, she released her
soon. Taylor Swift is a very
new album Fearless. She good singer and touches the
was the highest selling art- hearts of many girls going
ist in 2008. Then in 2009, through the same problems
because of her Fearless
as she is. Her songs also proalbum, she won “Video
vide added benefits. Other
of the Year” and “Female than gaining so many fans
Video of the Year” because over really good songs, she
of her song “Love Story”. gets revenge by mentioning
She also won the VMA
all of her heart-breakers!
award “Best Female Video” Taylor Swift is a gifted singer
in 2009. She was the first and actress. She says, that
country star to win a VMA.once she’s done her career
In 2010 she was featured in she wants people to look
the movie Valentine’s Day back and say, “Wow.”
~ Kayla Delahanty
“Biotecture” (Cont.)
use and deemed undrink- engines or by integrating
able, may be used to water with a local city’s power
the vegetable-growing
grid. These forms of generplants or flush the toilets. ating electricity would only
Along with the col- be utilized if there were ablection of water, an Earth- solutely no ways in which
ship must also be able to the environment could
harvest its own electricity. harness enough electricity
The majority of Earthship’s to run the appliances in the
electricity is harvest from Earthship.
the sun, or in other words, The most interestsolar power, and wind.
ing aspect of the EarthAlthough it is considered ship is how it maintains a
confortable climate every
a non-kosher practice,
Earthships are also capable season of the year without
of obtaining their electric- using an air-conditioner
ity from gasoline-powered or heater. The walls of an
Page 10
“Words” (Cont.)
knowing the culture will
leave you clueless.” Lucky
for Chastain he knows
about the culture. A lot
of his learning took place
during his vacations in
which he traveled to Spanish speaking countries
such as Spain, Mexico, and
Cuba. Mr. Chastain has a
4 year bachelor’s degree in
teaching with focus courses
completed in methods of
foreign language. In high
school, teachers instill
Universal Spanish in their
Spanish classes. Sure Spanish countries speak all
Spanish, but their pronunciation is different. Mr.
Chastain thinks English
language however is more
complex. “All romance languages come from Latin,
but there are considerable
When asked about
the benefits of learning
the foreign language, Mr.
Chastain said that the
foreign people appreciate
it and are willing to give
you their respect and better
treatment for being kind
enough to connect on their
level. Unfortunately one
of our favorite teachers
at Brandywine plans to
retire after this year. He
doesn’t plan to stop learning after he retires however, “I hope to continue
learning after retiring,
learn another language,
maybe Italian”. This year
a new Italian teacher was
welcomed named Mrs.
Mary D’Orazio.
As far as a creative perspective standpoint, He
feels it’s critical to learning and can be a personal
enrichment to learn to
read, write, and speak
in any foreign language.
Maybe you’re like Senor
Chastain, and you have
a passion for other languages, you can teach or
become an interpreter.
You could work for law
enforcement, court, and
in medical fields. Even
challenge yourself to
follow two passions be a
specialist and take yourself farther with focus
on communicating with
others from around the
Challenge yourself, and
enrich those and the
worlds around you!
~ Heather Gries
Earthship are composed of
steel-belted tires along with
earth to fill in the crevasses.
This odd structure serves
two purposes: to, obviously,
hold the roof, and secondly,
to provide a dense thermal mass that both absorbs heat during the day
and radiates heat during
the night.
The (cont. on page 11)
Arts and Entertainment/Sports
“Biotecture” (Cont.)
concept of a completely
man [Reynolds] has created
self-sustaining structure something so beautiful and
without the loss of any
rational that I question all
common utilities seems
conventional inhabitants,
revolutionary and sounds builders and architectures
like the next mainstream alike who choose to create
form of residential hous- or live in homes unlike those
ing, but will there enough built like the Earthship team
brave catalysts willing
as irrational.”
to take the chance? One Could this form of
person wrote in on Eart- architecture be the next step
ship’s website saying, “This in residential living? If our
mode of housing has made willingness to create a global
an impression on me like environment in which pollunothing else, as a student tion-ensued practices are
of IR and politics and one modified to suit the needs of
that is in conflict with the our atmosphere continues
injustices and moral inca- and strengthens, there may
pacity of my own country well be a demand for selfand the world, I was truly sustaining buildings like the
touched by Michael Reyn- Earthship.
old's lecture,” and, “This
~ Andrew Gross
Twi-Hearts VS. PotterHeads:
Twilight and Harry Potter.
Which one is better?
(Survey on P. 12)
According to this survey,
people enjoy the Harry
Potter series way more
than Twilight Saga. But
what do the critics have to
say about each film series?
On the day of the
premiere of Twilight, the
film grossed more than
$35 million dollars and
$69 million on the first
weekend. Also, 7 million DVDs were sold on
the first day they were on
sale. Although the fans
loved it, it received poor
reviews. Twilight grossed
$192,769,480 overall and
got 3 1/2 stars. New Moon
grossed $296,639,747
and got 3 stars. Eclipse
grossed $300,531,751 and
got 3 1/2 stars. On the all
time domestic gross list,
New Moon is number 39,
Eclipse is number 38, and
Twilight is number 122.
Harry Potter on the
other hand has recieved
very good reviews. The
first year it came out it was
number (cont. on page 12)
Page 11
Brandywine Football
if they win the game,
The Brandywine Bulldog’s
Bhs students and staff
football team is raising the
ranks after beating Christiana would really be happy
for them. The Bulldogs
High school 32-6. This past
celebrated their vicSaturday the bulldogs won
their first homecoming game tory by going out to eat
in 3 years. Dwight Anderson as one big family. This
had 2
touchevent is
good for
the team’s
for a total of 101 yards, also
Garrison Jackson carried for a Since the bulldogs are
total of 38 yards with 1 touch- 3-3 they still have a
great shot of reaching
Since the Bulldogs won their the playoffs, with one
more lost they can kiss
homecoming game against
Christiana they are now 3-3 their chances goodbye
and face Mount Pleasant next. and prepare for next
season. Practice this
“This is a good thing going
forward for this team, Ander- week for the bulldogs
son said. “The crowd energy should be very interestmainly influenced us as a team ing because with one
to do well, Chris Hawkins said. more loss and their
season might end.
Coming into this game the
~ Seth Hackett
bulldogs already knew that
1 in box office ratings in
year 2001. Its last movie,
which is Harry Potter and
the Deathly Hallows Part
1, was number 1 in box
office ratings year 2011.
Harry Potter and the Half
Blood Prince grossed
$301,959,197 and got 4
1/2 stars. Harry Potter and
the Deathly Hallows Part
1 grossed $295,001,070
and got 4 1/2 stars. Then
the last movie, Harry
Potter and the Deathly
Hallows Part 2 grossed
$371,844,889 and was giv-
en 5 stars. On the all time
domestic gross list, Harry
Potter and the Deathly
Hallows Part 2 is number
14. Deathly Hallows part 1
is number 40. And the Half
Blood Prince is number 37.
The average gross
for the last three Twilight
movies is $263,313,659.33,
but the last three Harry
Potter movies’ average
is $322,935,052. That’s a
$59,621,392.67 difference.
Looking at the numbers,
it becomes obvious that
people like the Harry Pot-
Arts and Entertainment
Page 12
“Twi-Hearts” (Cont.)
ter series more than the Twilight Saga. But who knows? There are still two more
movies left in the Twilight saga. So Twihards, if you want your franchise to come
on top, make sure you support it!
Although I believe both series are enjoyable, they both have their flaws.
For example, Twilight is too dramatic, and the story line of Harry Potter can get
confusing at times. Overall, my favorite would have to be Harry Potter. It’s very
interesting because there’s a lot of suspense and you’re always on edge waiting for
the next part. Twilight isn’t as interesting due to its lack of originality regarding
the characters. It’s getting old. You don’t really see wizards much like you do in
Harry Potter, and that’s why I like it better than Twilight.
~ Kayla Delahanty