St. Thomas Times Open Hands, Open Hearts, Open Minds

Open Hands, Open Hearts, Open Minds
St. Thomas
St. Thomas Times
Volume 8, Issue 4
May 2014
Ministry Message— Rev. Victoria Andrews-Fillier
Spring is here! Or is it a second or third winter?! Here we are at the beginning of May, we have gone through Lent and
Easter, we have celebrated with family and friends, we have hunted for chocolate eggs and maybe even decorated a
few, we have started talking about spring plans, and Spring cleaning because all things new come with Easter and a
time of resurrection and renewal! Spring is exciting! The budding of trees, the awaited spring brings of the long anticipated summer just around the corner and we get snow! We get icy cold wind! And we begin to wonder, even in light
of Easter, even in spite of it technically being spring, is winter (groan) ever going to end!
The Emmaus Road story in scripture (Luke 24:13-35) has two people walking along the road lamenting the lost hope
that was experienced in the Crucifixion of Jesus. Jesus had been a beacon of light and a teacher of living differently
even amidst the pressure of Roman occupancy and rule. When Jesus died, his followers felt that all that he had taught
them had come to an end, that all was lost. They lost sight of what they were shown by Jesus, they lost sight of the fact
that Jesus taught them and enabled them to live as God’s people and that just because he was not physically present he was still with them, if they were willing to open their eyes to see him around them.
Losing sight of the hope around us can feel like an endless winter. An endless winter can make it difficult to get excited
about the signs of new life before our very eyes and can work to limit us in recognizing the possibilities and getting excited about the opportunities before us. We can all too easily, alone or gathered with others, perpetuate circumstances, get stuck in a moment or caught up in the regular daily routines and societal pulls on our lives like those that were
walking along the road talking about things as though the story was over. We forget to notice who is new in our midst,
the budding trees, the longer days, the opportunities for new ideas to come forth and be tried and fail and tried again
with a new twist, the new person to befriend and include in a different way, the possibilities for us to connect with one another and continue to grow as a Christian com- Inside this Issue:
munity because we are Christ’s disciples in the here and now. We are the carriers of
the story and The Way, and we are the ones who live in a way where we are recognized as God’s own, as Followers of the Way Jesus taught us because of our love for Ministry Message
STUC @ Worship
one another, our communities, and our world.
As we look ahead this spring to an end of winter anticipating all the possibilities that
lie ahead of us, may we be open to Easter moments of resurrection within our own
lives where we stop to recognize the beauty around us, don't take for granted those
whom we love and care about, and see everyone and every moment as a opportunity
for Christ’s light to burst forth transforming our lives and all those whom we meet
along the journey.
Victoria Andrews-Fillier
Pastoral Care
Children & Family Ministry 5
Youth Group News
Mission & Outreach
A Place for You
What’s Happening
Ask Me
Faith Formation
8, 9
Updates from Executive Council 9
St. Thomas Times
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100 Hawkwood Blvd NW
Calgary, AB, T3G 2S9
Phone: 403 241-0366
Email: [email protected]
Rev. Victoria Andrews-Fillier
[email protected]
Rev. Bob Andrews-Fillier
(on leave)
Youth Leaders:
Brittney Whittaker
Matthew Taylor-Kerr
Marika Wagner
Office Manager:
Sandra Dusoswa
Music Team:
Pam Bazinet ~ Adult Choir
Kloria Wen & Barb Robertson ~
Youth Choir
Erin MacLean-Berko ~
Children’s Choir
Dick Worton ~ Orchestra
Kari Orosz ~ Organist
STUC @ Worship
May 4
THEME: Wounded Hands
10:00am Orchestra
May 18th
THEME: Living in Community
10am Adult Choir
The Message Rev Victoria
The Message Rev Victoria
May 25
May 11
Mother’s Day
THEME: Companions on the Road
10am Adult Choir
The Message TBA
10am Adult Choir
The Message Rev Victoria
Financial Update: Local Operating Fund
Year-to-Date Results to March 31, 2014
10:00 am
Office Notes
Mon - Thurs 8:30am - 3:30pm
8:30am - 12:30pm
The St. Thomas Times is published
monthly September thru June. Submissions are due by the 15th of the
preceding month. Send submissions to [email protected]
Program/Event Registration - To
register for any programs or events
here at St. Thomas, please sign up
on the Communication form found
in your bulletin at Sunday Services
or online, or contact the church
Upper Room – Look for the current
issue in the Narthex. Suggested
donation is $2 each.
Baptism - if you are interested in
baptism, please contact the church
Our Local Operating Fund’s year-to-date revenues through to March 31st trail St.
Thomas’ operating costs by $400.
Total donations to our Local Operating Fund year-to-date to March 31st are about the
same as total donations for the corresponding period last year.
Donations to the Building & Mortgage Fund year-to-date to March 31st total $7,700,
or about $500 less than the corresponding period last year.
Donations to the Mission & Service Fund year-to-date to March 31st total $12,500, or
about $400 less than the corresponding period last year.
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Volume 8, Issue 4
Pastoral Care Ministry
Marjorie Aucoin
When the Ship Has No Stabilizers Adolescents & Mental Illness
Please join us on May 8th, at Southwood United Church, where Fran and
Andy Porter from Red Deer Lake UC
will share their experience parenting
an adolescent with mental illness, an
illness that sabotaged their daughter’s
life long before actually claiming it.
Fran will read excerpts from her recently published book When the Ship
Has no Stabilizers and talk about new
and promising research and therapies.
Darlene Petrie from McMan Youth,
Family and Community Services will
join the Porters to speak about that
organization’s work with at-risk
youth. All proceeds from the sale of
the book will go to McMan’s programmes for mentally-ill adolescents.
Everyone is welcome. This is a free
event; we would appreciate an RSVP
by May 6th so we can plan for snacks
and space. You can RSVP by emailing
Prayer Shawl Knitting Please join us on Tuesdays
at 1 p.m. in the Lounge
(upstairs). Bring what
you’re working on or
choose some yarn that we
have on hand. This has
been made possible from
[email protected] or by phone (403)
From Pastoral Care:
Thank you to all who prepare, arrange, and serve at funeral receptions.
The teamwork, contributions, and
cleanup help are appreciated beyond
words. In this community environment we are so blessed to be able to
share our common destinies, hopes,
and fears. It is this experience of
amazing grace that somehow is never
shared the same way in any other
gathering. Thank you very much to our
incredible St. Thomas community.
From Stella, Karen, and Kevin Pickles
and families:
Thank you to the St. Thomas United
Church Family.
To Marj Aucoin & the Pastoral Care
team – thank you for the cards and
prayers, for the prayer shawl, soup
and for the reception after Ron’s service.
the money we
made at the
Christmas sale
and from donations.
Contact Charlotte Cormier
at (403)247-9909.
Pre-Medical Procedure/Surgery Stress? Guided imagery may significantly reduce stress and anxiety before and after surgery and medical procedures, and
decrease post-operative pain. There are 2 copies of
the St. Thomas United Church guided imagery CD
called “Guided Imagery Pre-Procedure/Surgery” in the
Church library.
To Harold Black for his hospital visits even though Ron may not have been
aware of his presence, the prayers
helped us.
To Loeta Black who sent a special care
package to the hospital for Stella.
To Bob – for his visits to the hospital
and to both Bob & Victoria for Ron’s
memorial service.
To Barb Tetzlaff for the music.
To the choir members who so graciously contributed to the service.
To Dennis Watson for his beautiful
solo. We are still in awe.
To Sandy for all the office work!
To Daryl Fenty who dedicated their
drumming that evening to Ron.
And thank you to all of you that sent
messages, cards, condolences, food –
and to all that attended Ron’s service.
We thank you from the bottom of our
hearts. May God bless you all.
month you have an opportunity to purchase a box of
fresh fruit and vegetables.
This program is sponsored by
the Community Kitchens of
Calgary. They buy in bulk and
offer it to the community at a
reduced rate. It is a great way
to get fresh produce.
S(20lbs)$20, M(30lbs)$25,
L(40lbs)$30. Cash payment
must accompany order. The
deadline for the next box is
May 27. Please come into the
office to order.
St. Thomas is an Affirming Ministry
within The United Church of Canada.
LGBT2S people are whole people and
full members in this community of
DRUMMING CIRCLES: The St. Thomas Drumming Circles
will continue to be held on the 2nd Tuesday evening of the
month: May 13, and June 10, from 7-9pm. Please register
for these drumming circles by the Monday prior to the
circle by emailing Daryl at: [email protected], phoning the
office at (403) 241-0366, or filling out a Communication
Card. We want to make sure we have enough drums for
everyone. Let us know if you need a drum or if you will
bring your own. Cost: $10 for adults, per circle, at the
door. Children up to 18 years of age can come for free.
Facilitator: Marsha Read, BEd, Teacher, Musician, Storyteller, Energy Medicine Practitioner/Instructor.
Benefits of Drumming: Calms, increases concentration and
focus, accelerates physical
healing, boosts the immune
system, is fun and exciting.
Looking forward to drumming
with you in 2014!
St. Thomas Times
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Elaine Taylor-Kerr
For detailed schedule information see
Upcoming events: STUC on Radio. There will be two shows: May 10, 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm – If you liked STUC on Broadway and STUC on Movies, you won’t want to miss it! Tickets $10 for adults and $5 for children. Tickets on sale after
Church services.
The season is beginning to wind down. Watch the September newsletter for fall start-up information.
Last Practice
Children’s Choir
Erin MacLean-Burko (403)710-0688
Youth Choir
May 7
Barb Robertson (403)241-1002
Adult Choir
June 11 or 18
Pam Bazinet (403)288-7475
May 5
Dick Worton (403)239-7807
July 2
Ron French (403)239-2136
May 8
Erin MacLean-Burko (403)710-0688
Elizabeth Griffiths (403)239-8118
Summer Music Camps
New this year! We are planning to offer some musical experiences during the month of August. They are open to
anyone who is interested so please pass this information
on to your friends and family. To register, sign up on the
communication card, call the Church office (403-241-1366)
or email the Church Office ([email protected]).
Ukulele Camp: August 11 – 15 10:00 – 12:00. Bring your
own ukulele and join Pam Bazinet to have some fun learning how to play this versatile little instrument. We will
learn basic chords, how to switch from one chord to another, how to strum chords in several styles, how to pick
out melodies, and we will enjoy lots of singing, too. Pam is
a retired elementary school music teacher who has taught
ukulele to many students both young and old over the
years. All ages from elementary school to senior citizen
are welcome. Cost: $10 to cover the booklet.
Choral Music Camps: August 25 – 27 10:00 – 3:00. Erin
Maclean-Berko and Kathryn Berko will be offering the following summer choral workshops:
For children aged 5 – 8, Kathryn will be offering a program that includes musical games, group activities, and lots of singing.
Children aged 3 & 4 are invited to join Kathryn and
the 5 – 8 year olds from 10:00 – 11:00 each day
for musical games, group activities, and some
For Children aged 8 – 12, Erin will be offering a Musical Theatre program.
The camp participants will put on a concert for their parents at 2:00 on August 27.
Cost for 3&4 year olds will be $30. Cost for older children
will be $150. For families with more than one child
attending, the cost for each additional child will be $100.
Kathryn Berko trained at the University of Calgary, where
she earned both her Bachelor of Music and Education,
with piano as her primary instrument. Kathryn taught for
three years as a music specialist for the Calgary Separate
School District and has assisted with the Calgary Children’s
Choir and the Mount Royal Children’s Choir. Kathryn currently runs an at-home private studio where she teaches
piano, voice, theory, and high school math. She also conducts the Calgary Boys’ Choir Young Singers North Choir.
A native of Saskatchewan, Erin MacLean-Berko attended
the University of Regina, studying Vocal Performance with
Lynn Channing. After relocating to Calgary, she completed
her Diploma in Vocal Performance at Mount Royal University, under the direction of Dawn Johnson. She completed
her Bachelor’s degree in Music History from the University
of Calgary with an emphasis on vocal music, theory, and
music and gender, and her Master of Arts in Musicology,
from the University of Regina under Dr. Pauline Minevich.
Ms. MacLean-Berko currently teaches Music Theory and
History at the MRU Conservatory and is the business manager for the Calgary Boys’ Choir Society. She continues to
participate in solo projects, vocal ensembles, conducts a
community children’s choir, and is a member of ARMTA
with her private, home-based voice studio. She contributes research to Calgary’s Military Museums, has assisted
and participated in conferences and symposiums on such
subjects as “Soundscapes” and “Queer Theory,” and was
the research assistant for the Canada Research Chair in
Interactive Media and Performance.
Volume 8, Issue 4
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Children & Family Ministry
Junior Youth Group: Grades 5 and 6 preteens, whether from St. Thomas, or friends of those who come, join for
fun and community once a month. Junior Youth Group is on Friday, May 9 at 7:00. Volunteer leaders are Heather Robertson, Andrew Taylor-Kerr, Taylor Thompson, and Matthew Worton. All youth attending are requested to fill out a registration and waiver form the first time they attend. Forms are available at or will be available at the meeting.
Camp Kasota West
Camp Kasota is a United Church facility on Sylvan Lake that offers summer camps for children in grades 1 – 11. Check
out their website at Registration for the summer of 2014 is now open.
Naramata Centre Summer Programs
Naramata Centre is a United Church retreat and education centre located on beautiful Lake Okanagan. Programs are
offered year round. Information regarding summer weeks is now available. Check out their website at http:// Registration is open for the summer of 2014.
Youth Group News
Brittney Whittaker
Last month flew by, but was very eventful for the youth of
St. Thomas. From volunteering with Inn from the Cold to
playing laser tag all night, we have remained busy. The
highlight of the month was probably Fear Factor night,
where the youth participated in activities ranging from
finding puzzle pieces in the dark to trying to eat Jello
through a straw. They also had to drink a milkshake containing a mixture of sardines, blue cheese, spam, and
cottage cheese. I am pleased to report that all of the
youth overcame their fears of disgusting food and tried
the milkshakes. They are now ready for university life. This
month holds even more new and exciting activities.
ly head back upstairs for a discussion. Friends
are always welcome to come to Friday activities as well as Sunday mornings.
An up-to-date schedule can be found on the church website but the tentative schedule for activities in May is as
Youth Group is for everyone who is of junior high and high
school age. We mainly meet on Friday evenings, with the
occasional exception. Brittney will send out an email every
Monday to let you know what activities will be taking
place on the upcoming Friday. Normally we meet at 6:30
on Friday and carpool to our activity if it is not at the
church. Sunday mornings are focused around faith discussion and learning more about various scriptures. This year
we will start upstairs in the Youth Room, come back down
to join the congregation for the message, and subsequent-
May 16th: Bring your favourite movie and snack as we enjoy a movie night at St. Thomas.
May 2-4th: Youth retreat
May 10th: STUC on Radio at St. Thomas. Come out for a
night of entertainment as those who are more musically
inclined put on a musical show that is sure to entertain.
May 23rd: Break out your neon and leg warmers as we
head to Lloyds for some rollerblading, followed by a treat
at Peters’ Drive-In.
May 30th: You’ll be SORRY if you miss youth group tonight.
Bring your favourite board game and game face as we partake in a board game night at St. Thomas.
The Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer 2014: I ride again. My story is on my page at
goto/DavidRobertson2014. There is link to my team, Team 4 All, on my page too. If you have any questions, or feel
the need to participate in the event, please contact me at [email protected] or (403)547-3123.
200+ km through the foothills of the Rockies!
Page 6
St. Thomas Times
Mission and Outreach Karen Kavanagh & Linda Dick
Habitat for Humanity 2014 Women's Build May 10th
Last year we raised $2,000 and sent four ladies from our congregation to participate in the annual Women's Build in
the southern community of Auburn Bay. The ladies had an incredible experience and thanks to your generous financial
support, two families are in their warm, clean, and safe homes this winter.
We are excited to announce that we are sponsoring four women from St. Thomas to participate in this
year's Women's Build on Saturday, May 10th. Ladies - if you would like to volunteer your time at the build site,
please let me know. Construction experience is not needed, just a great attitude! They supply everything from hammers to paintbrushes to hardhats and work boots, and it's truly a wonderful experience.
This year's build (happening the entire week of May 5-10) will be in the new community of Redstone, a seven duplex
build located in NE Calgary. Our volunteer spots are reserved for Saturday, May 10th.
We have committed fundraising efforts in order to secure these four volunteer places. If you would like to contribute to this mission, look for the Habitat for Humanity birdhouse located in the Narthex. Cheques can be made payable to "Habitat for Humanity". We thank everyone for their support in providing safe housing for local families!
Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta (HFHSA) helps low-income families break the cycle of poverty by partnering with
them to build decent, affordable homes through a no down-payment and interest-free mortgage. With the generous
support of donors and volunteers, Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta has served more than 230 families, building
more than 170 homes.
Melinda-Rae Lyse (403)926-2787
[email protected]
Exposure Tour: Would you like to help us organize a once in a lifetime trip to Africa? The Mission and Outreach Committee is seeking volunteers to help plan an Exposure Tour to Kabale, Uganda in July of 2016. We will be staying with
the KIHEFO organization and will be working with their Nutritional Clinics, HIV patient outreach clinics, and their rabbit
project. We will be visiting and learning about KIHEFO’s projects to farm fish, no grazing cattle, and community kitchen
gardens. We will be meeting with their indigenous population to compare them with our native communities. During
our trip we will also be doing a three day safari in Lake Mburo National Park. If you would like to help us organize and
fundraise, please contact Karen Kavanagh at [email protected] or (403)286-8073.
Wanda Veer
The April meeting was held on Monday, April 21. Our guest speaker was Janet Voth representing Samaritan's Purse
and Operation Christmas Child. Janet gave a fascinating account of HOW, WHEN, and WHERE the shoeboxes are distributed. She included photos and very touching stories with her presentation. Following the guest speaker, a business meeting was held. We voted to purchase new blinds for the lounge. Thank you to the committee who worked on
this project. Our next meeting will be Monday, May 19 at 7 p.m. in the lounge. Hope to see you there.
Volume 8, Issue 4
Page 7
COMMUNITY FORMATION: A Place for You - Sign Me Up
Bridge Club –
Monday, in the
Hall at 12:45pm. Call
Barb (403)282-5294 for
Open Art Studio
Our AM Fun & Fitness Group takes place in the
Wednesday - 1:00-3:00pm.
Mountainview Hall three times a week: Monday,
Call Linda at (587)362-1554
Wednesday, and Friday, from 9:30 a.m. until 10:30
or the church office.
a.m. Exercises include Cardio, Callenetics, Pilates, and Yoga. The fees this year will be $30.00 a month, or $4.00 a session for drop-ins. Everyone welcome. For further information,
please contact Ellen at (403)288-8317 or Liz at (403)288-2376. Primetimers: (monthly social gatherings mainly for the 50+ folks but we welcome any othQuilting for Others
ers who want to join us at these events)
The Quilting for Others Group meets on ThursIf you would be interested in coordinating the Primedays at 9:00am in the Mountainview Hall. This
timers group at St. Thomas beginning in September
year, in addition to our charitable quilts, the
2014, we invite you to contact Betty Thompson
group will be working on handmade items for
at (403)246-5373 or [email protected] to find
another Christmas Sale. We are a self-funded group and
out what's involved.
raised enough money through previous fundraising efforts to Primetimers– Friday May 16th at 10am. Coffee Party
make an $800 donation to the United Church of Canada flood in the Narthex hosted by Loeta & Harold Black.
relief efforts in July.
Wednesday Night Book Club - 2nd Wed. eve at 7 pm.
Why not give our group a try? We have lots of fun, and best
For further information contact the office
of all, no sewing machine is required! For more information
at (403)241-0366.
please contact: Janet Barker at (403)286-4051 or Lyn Tonkin
at (403)239-6700.
Volunteer Corner If anyone needs a helping hand, longor short-term, we can provide it. Contact the
office if you would like something in the newsletter or would like to offer help.
We are looking for all members of our congregation to
participate as candle lighters. This will include parents,
seniors, teens, and children. Please sign up on the sheet
in the Narthex.
Contact Diane French at (403)239-2136 if you have any
with Faith Formation:
Sunday School teachers are
needed for after Easter until
mid June. This is your chance
to help with our youth up to
age 12.
Nursery caregivers: We pay
caregivers $10/service. If you
can help out with either
please let the office or Rev
Victoria know.
Please remember to
bring food to contribute to the Veteran’s
Food Bank box in the
NURSERY We welcome children during worship
and have activity packages available when you
walk in. We also have a nursery available for little
ones (newborn to 3 yrs). The nursery works on a drop-in
basis, and you are welcome to bring your child at any time
during worship. The caregivers in the nursery are youth
who have their Red Cross Babysitting Certificates, and
adults. Caregivers are paid $10 per service. If there are no
children in the nursery they are still paid if they remain in
the nursery. If at any time your little one becomes unhappy in the nursery the caregiver will have someone let you
Bouquets - If you know someone we should recognize in this section, please contact the office. And to
all those we’ve missed, you know who you are, a very big
“Thank You.”
The Youth Group, Elvin Dorscher, John Robertson,
Barbara & Murray Lees, Lyn & Hal Tonkin,
Diane & Ron French, Carrie-Faye Wong,
Richard Pon, Marj Aucoin.
Page 8
St. Thomas Times
Hello, I'm Ryan Sanderson and welcome to your May "Ask
Me" host profile. My wife Lisa and I started attending St.
Thomas after the birth of our first daughter, Jillian, in
2003. Right from our first visit to St. Thomas we were
made to feel welcome. Our second daughter, Amelia, was
born in 2006 and was also baptized at St. Thomas. Both of
the girls are active in the Junior Choir and have been a part
of a number of the church's musical productions.
Over the past 10 years I have been involved in numerous
different volunteer roles at St. Thomas. On two occasions
I acted as a mentor for teens going through the preparation process for confirmation. Also working with the
church's younger members, I spent two years as a Junior
Youth Group leader. I spent a year on the Worship Committee and was a part of the last Joint Search Committee. I
am currently one of the coordinators for the Men of St.
Thomas men's group and this is my second year as part of
the Ask Me group.
ness Development
for a Calgary based
trucking company,
Griffin Logistics. I
enjoy spending time
with my family,
golfing, watching
hockey and football,
and travelling. We
are looking forward
to a family vacation
to Disneyland this
I have enjoyed my
time as an Ask Me
host. It has given me an opportunity to get to know some
of my fellow St. Thomas members better and I have had
the chance to meet a number of new visitors to the
church. We have a great community here at St. Thomas
I was born in Winnipeg and have called Calgary home since and I'm happy that our family is a part of it.
1996. I have worked in the transportation and logistics
industry for the last 22 years and currently work in Busi-
Faith Formation Tom Snowden
Faith Formation Upcoming Events:
Movie, Pop, & Popcorn: April 29 at 7:00 pm; Pay It Forward starring Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt, Jon Bon Jovi etc;
inspirational drama about a 11 year old boy who starts a
good will movement; good deeds received are not to be
paid back to the doer of the deed but to a needy person in
the future.PG- 13 (includes themes of alcoholism, homelessness, abusive relationships)
Movie, Pop, & Popcorn -June 3, at 7:00 pm ; Movie title
will be announced in weekly announcements.
Book Study on May 27 @7pm: Sea Sick by Alanna Mitchell;
this 2008 book explores the chemical changes to the global oceans and why it matters. Get the book, read it, and
come to the discussions.
Hellbound Documentary- Theories of Hell
In March the documentary Hellbound was shown and was
followed up by three discussion evenings. Hellbound is
available on Netflix if you want to watch it. The documentary and the followup discussions explored the various
theories of Hell and what the Biblical basis is for the differing concepts. The following is a brief summary of the theo-
ries and some of the biblical passages people use to support the theory ..
Isaiah 66:24
Daniel 12:2
Matthew 5: 29-30
Matthew 7:13
Matthew 10:28
Matthew 13: 38-42
Matthew 13: 49-50
Matthew 25: 31-46
Mark 9: 43-45
Luke 12: 40-46
Luke 16: 19-26
Summary: Everyone goes to Heaven when they
die. Jesus, Angels and God sort people based on how well
they have treated others. Some will stay in Heaven and
others will go to Hell with the devil, where they will burn
in pain for eternity.
Matthew 19: 29-30
Continued on page 9
Volume 8, Issue 4
Continued from page 8
Matthew 25: 46
John 3:16
John 3: 36
John 4: 14
John 5: 24
John 6: 40
John 6: 47
John 6: 54
John 6: 68
John 10: 28
Romans 5:18
Summary: Once you die, you ascend to Heaven if
Jesus judges that you have met the criteria, including: believing and obeying Jesus; taking communion (believing
that the wine Is Jesus’ blood and bread is his flesh); leaving
your family and home and helping the oppressed. Those
who don’t “pass”, stay dead in the ground
Page 9
John 12: 32
Acts 3:21
Romans 5:18
Romans 11: 32
Romans 15: 22-28
2 Corinthians 5:16-21
Philippians: 3:9-11
1 Timothy
Titus 2: 11
Hebrews 2: 9
2 Peter 3:9
1 John 2:2
Summary: Everyone goes to Heaven when they die
because Jesus died and rose from the dead. There is no
final judgement but grace prevails for all. Jesus enabled
substitutionary atonement.
Updates from Executive Council Jeff McLean
April has been a busy month with additional changes in regard to our ministerial staff and the initiation of plans to respond to those changes. I have listed below the key information, and will continue to update the congregation
through the weekly Sunday bulletins and the monthly newsletter. Should you have any questions or concerns, please
feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer them. Jeff McLean, Chair of Executive Council.
1) Effective April 1st, 2014 Reverend Bob Andrews-Fillier is taking a full time leave for restorative care. This is a nonlife threatening medical issue. Cards or email and prayers of support are welcome. As soon as there is a return to
work date we will let you know. In the meantime we are working with Victoria to ensure that things are covered and
she has agreed to take on the preaching duties for the next several Sundays.
2) The Congregational meeting on Saturday, April 5th nominated and appointed Dan MacDonald, Andrea Sonpal, Stu
Robbins, Elaine Taylor-Kerr, and Hope Cochran to serve on the Joint Needs Assessment Committee to review and recommend the required ministry support for St. Thomas as a result of Reverend Victoria Andrews-Fillier's resignation
(effective June 30th, 2014).
Many thanks to all of the members who came out on an early Saturday morning to make this happen and a special
thanks to our new JNAC members for volunteering their time and talent. Our request for the JNAC has been recognized by Presbytery and we are hoping to have Presbytery representatives assigned and the initiation of the JNAC in
the near future.
3) The Unified Board met on Saturday April 5th and came to decisions on the following:
a. Results of the survey "Do we move to one service on Sunday".
i. Responses were overwhelmingly in favour of moving to one service (129 voted 'yes' out of 140 responses). After a good discussion regarding different times and dates, it was decided to go to one service at the 10 am
time slot effective April 27th (one month earlier than our normal summer routine). This is an opportunity for both
9:15 and 11:00am families to come together, so we are going to have a 'family reunion' on April 27th with cake and
lots of energy. Of importance to note is that the Executive Council will solicit feedback over the next several months
and survey the congregation in January 2015 to ensure that we continue to make any required adjustments.
b. A short term committee was established to search for, and recommend, a candidate for a temporary contract position (3 to 13 months) that will ensure ministry support in the areas of pastoral care and faith formation at St. Thomas.
Thank you to the new committee members. They are Marj Aucoin, Roger Anderson, Kristin Raugust, and Andrew Taylor-Kerr. We are anticipating interviews of prospective candidates to begin during the week of April 21st and the successful candidate to be in place as soon as possible.
Volume 8, Issue 4
Page 10
May Programs and Events Calendar
1 Quilting 9am , Karate 4:15pm,
Children’s Choir 6pm, Strummers
6:15pm, Brownies/Sparks 6:30,
Swingettes 6:45pm, Adult Choir
AM Fitness
Youth Group Off
Site Youth
Retreat May 2-4
3 Karate 8:30am
STUC on Radio
sound 11am-8pm
10am service
STUC on Radio
sound 1:305:30pm
AM Fitness 9:30am, Bridge
12:45pm, Dance 6pm, Worship Comm. Meeting 6:15pm,
Orchestra 7pm , M&O
Meeting 7:30pm
Quilting 9am, Shawl
Knitting 1pm, Karate
4:15pm, Brownies
6:30pm, Choir Practice
AM Fitness 9:30am ,
Open Art Studio 1pm,
Good Food Box P/U 46pm,Youth Choir 7pm,
Yoga 7:45pm
Quilting 9am,Karate 4:15pm,
Children’s Choir 6pm, Strummers
6:15pm, Brownies/Sparks 6:30,
Adult Choir 7:15pm
9 AM Fitness
9:30am, Marathon Bridge
11:30 am, STUC
Group 6:30pm,
Jr. Youth Group
Karate 8:30am,
10 am service
AM Fitness 9:30am, Bridge
12:45pm, Dance 6pm,
Venturers 7pm, Orchestra
Quilting 9am, Shawl
Knitting 1pm, Karate
4:15pm, YAC Meeting
5:30pm, Brownies
AM Fitness 9:30am,
Open Art Studio 1pm,
Yoga 7:30pm
Quilting 9am , Karate 4:15pm,
Children’s Choir 6pm, Strummers
6:15pm, Brownies/Sparks 6:30,
Adult Choir 7:15pm
16 AM Fitness
9:30am, Primetimers 10am,
Youth Group
10am service
Victoria Day
Office Closed
Prayer Shawl Knitting
1pm , Karate 4:15pm,
Brownies 6:30pm
21 AM Fitness 9:30am,
Open Art Studio 1pm
Ex. Council Meeting
7pm,Yoga 7:30pm
Quilting 9am, Karate 4:15pm,
Children’s Choir 6pm, Strummers
6:15pm, Brownies/Sparks 6:30,
Adult Choir 7:15pm
AM Fitness
Youth Group
10am service
26 AM Fitness 9:30am,
Bridge 12:45pm, Dance 6pm,
Venturers 7pm, Orchestra
27 Prayer Shawl Knitting
1pm , Karate 4:15pm,
Brownies 6:30pm, Book
Study 7pm
28 AM Fitness 9:30am,
Open Art Studio 1pm,
Yoga 7:30pm
29 Quilting 9am, Karate 4:15pm,
Children’s Choir 6pm, Strummers
6:15pm, Brownies/Sparks 6:30,
Adult Choir 7:15pm
30 AM Fitness
9:30am, Youth
Group 6:30pm
31 Karate 8:30am
STUC on Radio
2pm & 7pm
Karate 8:30am
Karate 8:30am
June Programs and Events Calendar
Prayer Shawl Knitting
1pm,Karate 4:15pm,
Brownies 6:30pm
AM Fitness 9:30am, Open Art
Studio 1pm, Good Food Box P/
U 4-6pm,Scouts Registration
6pm, Yoga 7:30pm
Quilting 9am, Karate 4:15pm,
Strummers 6:15pm, Brownies/
Sparks 6:30, Adult Choir
AM Fitness
Youth Group
Karate 8:30am
10am Service,
Music Meeting
AM Fitness 9:30am, Bridge
12:45pm, Dance 6pm, Worship Comm. Meeting 6:15pm,
M&O Meeting 7:30pm
10am service
9 AM Fitness 9:30am, Bridge
12:45pm, Dance 6pm,
Orchestra 7pm, Venturers
Pastoral Care 10am,
Shawl Knitting 1pm,
Karate 4:15pm,
Brownies 6:30pm,
Drum Circle 7pm
11 AM Fitness 9:30am, Open
Art Studio 1pm, Yoga 7:30pm
12 Quilting 9am ,
Karate 4:15pm, Strummers
6:15pm, Brownies/Sparks 6:30,
Adult Choir 7:15pm
13 AM Fitness
Sale Set-up 28pm, Youth
Group 6:30pm
Jr. Youth Group
10am service
AM Fitness 9:30am,
Bridge 12:45pm,
Shawl Knitting 1pm,
Karate 4:15pm,
18 AM Fitness 9:30am
Open Art Studio 1pm
Ex. Council Meeting 7pm
Quilting 9am , Karate 4:15pm
20 AM Fitness
9:30am, Youth
Group 6:30pm
10am service
Karate 4:15pm
Karate 4:15pm
10am service
Karate 8:30am
Garage Sale 8:303pm, Yoga &
Guitar 4-6pm
Karate 8:30am