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HF MicroBrx™
Hollow Fiber R&D Tool
New to hollow fiber technology?
Testing many clones or media?
Pursuing R&D or feasibility projects?
Static culture product concentration low?
HF MicroBrx is our patented, micro-sized hollow fiber
bioreactor for your R&D projects.
HF MicroBrx is ideal for rapidly testing of numerous
variables at low-cost, unlike larger cell culture systems!
HF MicroBrx is simple to use — like T-Flasks — and only
needs a CO2 incubator.
Experience the advantages of hollow fiber cell culture:
Culture suspension or adherent cells
Cells naturally grow to tissue-density
Product concentrates as it’s secreted
Product is not diluted in the feed media
Collect usable product — even from low-secreting cell lines!
Biovest’s HF MicroBrx™: 0.2 mL culture volume, 0.003 m2
Biovest’s large-scale hollow fiber bioreactor: 155 mL culture volume, 2.1 m2 surface area
HF MicroBrx™
Hollow Fiber R&D Tool
EC Port
(non cell-side)
HF MicroBrx Design
One Bioreactor … Two Compartments
HF MicroBrx, like our large-scale hollow fiber bioreactor systems,
has two compartments that are separated from one another
IC Port
by the semi-permeable (<60 KDa MWCO) membrane (wall)
of the hollow fiber.
ExtraCapillary (EC) Space
Volume outside of the hollow fibers
Large volume, ~4.5 mL
Functions as reservoir of small nutrients
Cell-free (non cell-side of hollow fiber wall)
Cell culture medium in EC may or may not
contain growth supplements
IntraCapillary (IC) Space
Porous Hollow
Fiber Wall
Combined volume inside all of the hollow fibers
Small volume, ~0.2 mL
Contains cell culture (cell-side of hollow fiber wall)
Contains concentrated product
Cell culture medium in IC contains growth supplements
(unless protein-free adapted)
Rapid Experiments!
Day 0
Day 1
Fill & rinse with media, Place in CO2 incubator
Inoculate (low- or high-density condition)
• 0.2 mL cells (5x106/mL) to model growth phase
• 0.2 mL cells (5x107/mL) to model production phase
Day 2,3 Optionally
• change EC medium (high-density inoculum)
• assay metabolites, pH, DO
Day 4 Collect Data
• harvest & count cells
• assay metabolites, pH, DO
• assay and test product
Specifications & Requirements
Sold sterile in 3-pack with needed supplies
~1˝ (2.5 cm) diameter, ~9˝ (23 cm) long
CO2 cell culture incubator
Select Journal Citations
Low-Density Evaluation
• good growth is ~ 2 – 5x expansion in 3 days
High-Density Evaluation
• correlate production dynamics to cell number
Gramer, M.J., Britton, T.B. (2002) Antibody Production by
a Hybridoma Cell Line at High Density is Limited by Two
Independent Mechanisms. Biotech. Bioeng., 79, 277-283.
Gramer, M.J., Britton, T.B. (2000) Selection and isolation
of cells for optimal growth in hollow fiber bioreactors.
Hybridoma., 19, 407-412.
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