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Introduction: this Risk Assessment is designed to cover groups visiting the Holkham Estate which currently covers Holkham Park, Holkham Hall, the Walled
Garden and Holkham Beach (NNR at Wells and at Holkham). It does not cover transport of groups to site, residential accommodation or activities outside of
the Education Programme such as lake activities, cycling, consumption of food or drink and the use of golf buggies. It covers visits from Holkham’s stance
and it is expected that groups undertake their own Risk Assessment after attending a complimentary pre-visit. Copies of this Risk Assessment and any activity
specific ones e.g. Forest Schools are made available to visiting teachers for reference before their visit. We set out Roles & Responsibilities of visiting groups
and Holkham which we share with group leaders on their booking to highlight amongst other things, the expectations we have. For example, we expect
visiting group leaders to be away of any medical conditions or Special Educational Needs (SEN) of participants and have the appropriate medication and
permission to administer for the individuals concerned e.g. inhalers for asthma. SEN requirements are also requested on booking so activities can be tailored
to suit the needs of the individuals.
Notes on risk assessment and classification
This risk assessment has been prepared following a visit to the premises and from the information seen, requested and supplied. It has been set out in
“sections” that are easy to read and to follow. The risk has been classified as being either:
Very High
Risk is a calculation between the probability of an accident happening & the consequences of the accident occurring e.g. cutting ones finger whilst
opening an envelope is more likely to occur than say laceration from a chainsaw; however, the consequences of each accident are obviously different and
so result in the use of chainsaw having a higher risk classification.
Coke Estates Ltd - Group Visits
Risk assessment as required by the Management of Health & Safety Regulations 1999
Risk Level
Participating in
outdoor sessions
Extreme Weather,
Exposure, Exhaustion
All (students,
adults &
Participating in
outdoor sessions
Extreme heat,
Precautions already in place
All participants and staff to be suitably dressed
for weather conditions. Staff to ensure
clothing is adequate and suitable breaks to be
taken. First aid kit contains foil blanket if
All participants and staff to wear sun hats.
Supervising adults to make sure sun cream /
Further action required
or taken
Clothing monitored for
Risk Level
Woodland & lake
Diseases and irritation
from soil bacteria,
contact with deer
faeces, infections
through cuts and
wounds, water borne
diseases e.g. E Coli,
Legionnaires Disease &
Blue Green Algae
Walking around
Injury from vehicles
All and
coach driver
Walking around
Slips and trips
Precautions already in place
hats available for participants to use.
Supervising adults responsible for the
application of sun cream on participants
according to their guidelines. Shaded areas
will be used where possible and activities will
not be held underneath the direct midday
sun. Staff to ensure clothing is adequate, fluids
are consumed and suitable breaks to be
taken. Education Staff monitor activity
programme and weather conditions.
All participants to wash their hands
thoroughly before taking breaks, refreshments
and at end of sessions.
Site checked for hazards prior to use.
Pond dipping not undertaken if lake has
blooms of blue green algae. Staff first aid
trained and have access to first aid kits. Staff to
monitor and reinforce when required.
Landscape team responsible for displaying
relevant warning signs if blue green algae is
considered harmful.
All participants are supervised whilst on
Holkham Estate. Participants are briefed
regarding vehicle movements including golf
buggies when crossing the road and school
procedures followed. Coaches to drop off at
designated points only. Teachers to supervise
walking to woodland play area following the
route behind the car park fencing. Staff to
brief and supervise participants if they need to
walk on or cross over the road. Speed limit
enforced in park. Pedestrian footpath marked
on driveway to be used if ground is unsuitable
to be walked on. Participants disembark coach
at Wells in dedicated area when safe to do so.
All participants requested to walk around the
Further action required
or taken
park, NNR, Hall,
Walled Gardens &
Education Room
Falling over
Uneven terrain
Walking around
activities (inc NNR)
Injury by debris falling
from trees
Injury from low hanging
Risk Level
Precautions already in place
Hall & Walled Garden. Visitors warned of
uneven nature of floor when entering areas
e.g. kitchen.
Where possible rugs have been secured to
the floor. Wet floor signs put out to warn of
potential hazard in inclement conditions. The
Hall and Education Room are inspected for
hazards prior to opening daily. Steps with a
potential to be a hazard are highlighted to
participants & how to use them appropriately
instructed. Teachers encouraged to undertake
free pre-visit to site to conduct their own risk
assessments. Teachers to advise Education
Staff if individuals in group have SEN or limited
mobility. Group encouraged to wear sensible
footwear for relevant activity and encouraged
to look where they are walking e.g. young
children in the woods
Landscaping department responsible for
ensuring all relevant checks are made to
ensure safe use of site. Long term tree
management plan in place. No groups to be
present when remedial work such as tree
surgery is undertaken. Conservation Manager
aware of sites used on NNR & Landscape
Manager aware of sites used in Park - any
remedial work required is undertaken. Low
hanging braches/foliage removed prior to
using site. Holkham staff make participants
aware of potential hazard in safety briefing.
Education Officer to monitor weather
conditions and if winds deemed to high
alternative activities/sites will be used.
Participants instructed not to put anything in
their mouth during the session. Holkham staff
Further action required
or taken
Risk Level
Ingestion of or contact
with poisonous
Walking around
park/participating in
outdoor activities
Walking around
park/participating in
outdoor activities
(inc NNR)
Visiting Hall or
Education Room
Tick bites and associated
Stings from bees, wasps
and other insects and
associated allergic
Adder bite
Precautions already in place
aware of poisonous plants/fungi and in the
unlikely instance of ingestion a sample will be
made available to take to the hospital. High
supervision ratios and awareness of SEN
reduces the possibility of individuals picking
and ingesting harmful items. Wearing of long
sleeves and trousers reduces the possibility of
irritation on contact.
Participants to wear long trousers covering
their legs when walking in long grass. Where
possible trousers should be tucked into socks.
These are natural inhabitants of the Park &
Walled Garden and pose no risk unless
provoked. Teaching staff must be aware of
any children allergic to specific stings if stung.
All Holkham Education staff are first aid trained
and have access to first aid kit. Radio system or
mobile phone to be used to call an
ambulance if required. Pest control contract in
place covering whole site including internal
Holkham staff aware of adders and how to
identify them. Participants instructed not to
touch any reptile which is reinforced by
supervising adults.
Fire alarms, extinguishers, blankets and smoke
detectors in situ. Fire evacuation plan in place
and staff aware of their roles. Fire exits and
escape routes clearly labelled. Emergency
lighting throughout buildings. Visitors to be
made aware what to do if the fire alarm
sounds. All portable electrical items to be PAT
tested and fixed wiring tested by qualified
electricians. All indoor areas are strictly no
smoking. See Fire Action in Holkham’s Health
Further action required
or taken
Risk Level
Visiting Holkham
Missing persons
Participating on
Lake walk/pond
dipping/viewing at
Salts Hole &
Abraham’s Bosom,
Slips, trips and falls
Precautions already in place
& Safety Manual for further details. Electricity
sockets have child safety plugs and radiators
covered with guards.
Group leaders to stay with and supervise
group at all times. Participants made aware of
importance of staying with group and what
to do if they become separated from the
group. High adult to children ratios are
maintained. Group leader aware of Missing
Persons Procedure. Head counts undertaken
regularly throughout the visit especially when
moving room or location. Boundaries set in
specific areas using either landmarks e.g.
groynes on the beach or using flags tied onto
trees in woods. Holkham staff made aware of
any SEN which may increase the likelihood of
participants wanting to leave the group supervising adults utilised to prevent this from
All students must be supervised by
accompanying adults when using playground
equipment. Playground regularly inspected by
Participants to remain a minimum of 1 metre
from the lake edge. During pond dipping a
clear boundary or safe area is designated for
participants to remain in whilst they are not
on the dipping platform. Dipping/accessing
water only to be undertaken whilst supervised
at the dipping platform. Supervision ratios
dependent on age and ability of group.
Appropriate equipment used which is in good
condition. Participants aware of location of life
saving rings & throw line. Education staff
trained in first aid, have access to first aid kits
and carry mobile phone/radio for
Further action required
or taken
See Playground Risk
Assessment & Advisory
Guidance for further
Risk Level
Walking around park
Injury caused by
livestock, wild &
domestic animals
Beach activities
Beach activities
Cuts/grazes/weaver fish
Craft activities
Cuts, reaction to inks,
ingestion of materials
Date Assessed: January 2013
Assessor: Sue Penlington (Education Officer)
Precautions already in place
communications. Holkham Education staff to
undertake dynamic risk assessment before
activity takes place and discusses any concerns
with supervising adults.
Participants to remain on pre-approved
route/area and exercise caution if conflict with
livestock is imminent. Animal husbandry only
carried out when park is closed to group visits.
Only well behaved dogs on leads are allowed
on Holkham Estate and NNR. These animals
are only to be approached at the discretion of
the supervising adult & on permission of the
owner. Minimum disturbance as possible is
applied to nesting birds etc. Education Staff
liaise with Game Keeper when deer are in
rutting season and will communicate with
groups accordingly.
No individual is to enter the sea at any times.
Groups to stay at least 5 metres away from the
sea edge. Education team familiar with the
coastal environment and aware of tide times.
No groups to access mud flats or sand banks.
Safety briefing given at start of session.
Supervising adults to enforce throughout.
Note: RNLI lifeguards patrol the beach during
peak season.
All participants must wear footwear
throughout visit. Handling of shells
undertaken with care. No participant is to
climb on sea defences e.g. wooden groynes.
Participants supervised by adults at all times.
Safety scissors and non-toxic inks/paints used.
Date Reviewed: April 2015
Reviewer: Sue Penlington (Education Officer)
Date Of Next Review: January 2016
Further action required
or taken