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Natural Instincts
The 11 colors of Style PN014 texture-ombre
fabric released last fall (along with her Wind
In The Whiskers art quilt) were just the tip
of the iceberg when it comes to McKenna’s
breathtaking Natural Instincts collection.
Quilt Size 66” x 82”
See individual block projects on page 12.
This Spring brings the release of all the other
stunning fabrics that make up the group.
Keeping true to her nature-inspired artistry,
McKenna set forth with a rich color palette
and zeroed in on natural textures. The
resulting fabrics seem to capture Nature at
her unguarded moments.
Style PN046 for example, with its soft grain and its light and dark areas, suggests the view of a sun-dappled lake.
A scattering of leafy sprigs in Style PN047 gives the impression of standing under a forest canopy of tall pines. The
blurry stripes of Style PN045 suggest stands of young trees. For many in McKenna’s “quilters’ nation,” these fabrics
are like manna from heaven – miraculous designs that feed their creative souls.
With this new release of Natural Instincts fabrics comes a new, gorgeous art quilt designed by McKenna. True Nature
celebrates the pure beauty found in remote areas where moose, bear and bighorn sheep and mountain goats roam
freely, eagles build nests and trout fill rivers and streams.
Hoffman California Fabrics
PN048 176-Ice
PN049 34-Eggplant
PN014 176-Ice
PN043 176-Ice
PN046 367-Aspen
PN049 51-Chestnut
PN045 528-Cinnabar
PN049 528-Cinnabar
PN043 367-Aspen
See page 11 for selvageto-selvage images of all
PN014 ombres.
PN044 176-Ice
(Selvage-to-Selvage Design)
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PN014 80-Taupe
PN014 92-Slate
(Swatches Shown at 20%)
PN044 184-Willow
(Selvage-to-Selvage Design)
PN046 20-Natural
PN047 20-Natural
PN049 367-Aspen
PN014 260-Grizzly
PN045 21-Teal
PN049 31-Emerald
PN047 521-Mist
PN014 173-Smoke
Hoffman California Fabrics
(Swatches Shown at 20%)
PN014 62-Sand
PN014 31-Emerald
PN014 29-Jade
PN047 91-Amethyst
PN049 98-Moss
PN045 112-Dawn
PN014 34-Eggplant
PN046 501-Sanddollar
PN045 96-Olive
PN043 112-Dawn
PN048 173-Smoke
PN049 173-Smoke
PN047 173-Smoke
PN014 20-Natural
PN048 183-Glacier
PN045 20-Natural
PN043 173-Smoke
PN014 194-Robin’s Egg
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