Dual Registration Process – 2015

Dual Registration Process – 2015
Hockey Queensland are proposing the following changes to the administration of Dual Registrations in 2015:
A player will no longer be required to complete the HQ Dual Registration Form (Form 5) and submit to Hockey
Queensland with signatures of Primary and Secondary Clubs and Associations.
A player requesting to be considered for dual registration must still comply with both Primary and Secondary
Associations and Clubs’ processes for dual registration approval.
Players will be required to register online to both Primary and Secondary Clubs through Hockey Queensland’s
Registration Portal.
Players will only be required to pay the Hockey Queensland Registration Fee online ONCE
Players will complete the following to Dual Register in 2015:
Step 1 – Player registers online to their PRIMARY CLUB in first instance and pays the relevant HQ registration fee
as per below:
Step 2 – Player approaches Primary Club and requests permission to dual register with a Secondary Club within a
different Association for the current season. Player must obtain approval from the Primary Association and Club
as per the Primary Association’s requirements to dual register with the relevant Secondary Club. This approval
can be completed in any way stipulated by the Primary Association. Note the Hockey Queensland Dual
Registration Form (Form 5) may be used to obtain this approval if the Primary Association chooses however it
does not need to be forwarded to Hockey Queensland.
Step 3 – Once approval has been obtained from the player’s Primary Club, the player advises the Secondary Club
of their intention to dual register with them and provide the relevant approval documentation.
Step 4 – The Secondary Club has the responsibility to determine if the player is eligible for dual registration by
obtaining the appropriate approval from the Secondary Association. If dual registration is accepted by the
Secondary Club, the player must then register online to this club through the Hockey Queensland Registration
Portal by logging in to their existing player account (using email address and password) > selecting the
SECONDARY CLUB they are dual registering to and then selecting the ‘Secondary Club – DUAL REGISTRATION’
subscription option as per below:
When completing the online registration to the Secondary Club, the player will be prompted to accept the
Hockey Queensland Dual Registration Disclaimer
The disclaimer reads as follows:
Any player wishing to ‘dual register’ for the current season (2015), i.e. play for two clubs within two different associations, must have met
Hockey Queensland’s requirements for Dual Registration as follows: 1. Player has completed registration online to their Primary Club for
the current season (2015) and paid the relevant Hockey Queensland player registration fee at time of registration; 2. Player has requested
permission from their Primary Club and Association, and obtained approval from them to dual register with a Secondary Club within a
different Association for the current season (2015); 3. Player has advised the Secondary Club of their intention to dual register with them
for the current season (2015) and provided the required documentation from the Primary Association; 4. Final acceptance of dual
registration is at the discretion of the Secondary Club based on the appropriate approval processes being undertaken with the Secondary
In addition to the above requirements, a dual registered player agree that the Primary Association has the right of first of refusal for
selection in any representative teams, and subject to any agreement to the contrary, a dual registered player agrees that their first
priority will be with their Primary Association and Club.
The player will not be able to complete the online registration without accepting this disclaimer.
The player will also be asked to answer medical questions, accept the Hockey Queensland Privacy Disclaimer
and Use of Image Disclaimer, select their Primary Association and state their Primary Club as additional
questions when completing this registration form. These questions are all compulsory.
Final acceptance of a player’s Dual Registration is at the discretion of the Secondary Club. The Club will be able
to check whether a player that has registered to them using the ‘Secondary Club – DUAL REGISTRATION’
subscription type has completed the requirements of a Dual Registration by viewing the ‘Organisations’ tab
within the player’s record. This player should have an active registration with both their Primary Club as well as
the Secondary Club. And the final responsibility falls with the Secondary Club to ensure it has met the Secondary
Association’s requirements for dual registration.