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Himalaya Trekkers (HT) is organizing Rupin Pass trek in the month of May 2015. We will
start from Dehradun as following:
Fixed Departure Date:
23rd May ’15 (Day 1) to 30th May’15 (Day 8) – Dehradun to Sangla
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The Trek Highlights:
Length: 7days trekking from Dhaula to Sangla, around 60Km. Dehradun
to Sangla in 8days.
Access: Trains from New Delhi or Kolkata to Dehradun. From Dehradun,
drive to Dhaula around 200Km, via Jamuna Pool, Purola, Mori, Netwar.
From Sangla, 12hr bus ride to Shimla via Rampur.
Highest Point: Rupin Pass ~ 4685m/15370ft
Grade: Moderate, heavy snow in pre monsoon/summer
Season: Mid May/June and September/October
About Rupin Pass:
There are several passes which connect the Baspa valley of Kinnaur to the Garhwal
in south. Once these passes were used by shepherds and traders rather than using
the circuitous Hindustan-Tibet road in present days. The route offers wide range of
landscape, altitude and gradient. The trail passes through Pine, Oak and Fir forests,
interior villages in the river valleys at lower elevation while beautiful meadows
(referred as Thach in local language), alpine wild flowers, waterfalls, and steep ice
fields on higher altitude. From the snowbound pass there are spectacular views of
Kinnaur Kailash range and other peaks of Charang Ghati ridge.
Access to Dhaula (The Trek Base) and Return:
Depending upon the trek members we can arrange a pickup from Dehradun to
Dhaula and drop from Sangla to Shimla. This will be shared by the team members
on actual basis. Otherwise a trekker can reach Dhaula by public vehicle:
1) There are 2/3 privately operated buses from Dehradun (near DDN railway
station on Gandhi road) To Sankri. Get down at Netwar (may take up to 10
hrs) which is 190 Km away. Hire a private taxi to Dhaula. Dhaula is another
12 Km on bumpy road. The buses start at 5:30/6/7 am.
2) While returning from Sangla one can either take the overnight bus to Shimla
at 5 pm or board the bus next morning at 8 am. The 235 Km journey will take
10 to 12 hours. From Shimla there are frequent bus services for Chandigarh
and Delhi.
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The trip itinerary:
For detailed information on the route please visit the following link:
Day 1: Dehradun to Dhaula – 200Km by car – 9/10hours.
Day 2: Dhaula to Sewa/Aligarh – 10/12Km – 5hrs.
Day 3: Sewa/Aligarh to Jhaka – 10/12Km – 6hrs.
Day 4: Jhaka to Suruwas Thach – 7Km – 5hrs.
Day 5: Suruwas Thach to Dhanderas Thach(Lower Waterfall Camp) – 6Km – 4hrs.
Day 6: Dhanderas Thach to Rati Pheri (Upper Waterfall Camp) – 3Km – 2/3hrs.
Day 7: Rati Pheri – Rupin Pass to Ronti Gad/Sangla Kanda – 8/12Km – 8/10hrs.
Day 8: Ronti Gad/Sangla Kanda to Sangla – 8/4Km – 4/2hrs.
© 2015 Himalaya Trekkers
Cost & Services for Fixed Departure treks:
Cost: 13500
+ 3.09% Service Tax (Dhaula to Sangla)
The cost Rs 13,500/- essentially includes everything a trekker may need during the
trek. However the details are mentioned below:
 The trek fee.
 Excellent Mountain Guide, who will be a local to this particular area and has
profound knowledge of the trekking trail as well as vast experience in trekking on
 Specialised cook and helpers to prepare the food during the trek.
 Porter cost for carrying central logistics, provisions, utensils etc.
 Regular Indian style vegetarian Food during trek including breakfast, packed/hot
lunch (depending upon the time one reaches a campsite), snacks and dinner with
tea/coffee and choice of soups.
 Stay at rest house/forest hut/tent as required in the trek. Night stay at home stays in
Sewa and Jakha, depending on availability (Day 3 & Day 4) in sharing basis.
 Sleeping mattress and sleeping bag (We would prefer that one should carry his/her
own sleeping bag due to hygiene issues, if one has)
 Any equipment required (Ropes, Carabiners, and Ice Axe etc.)
 All the permit fees, forest department and camping charges.
 We would reduce the load of the trekkers by carrying the sleeping bag. We adjust the
load accordingly that a trekker has to carry around 7/8 Kg load comfortably
and can enjoy the beauty of nature at its best. However if any trekker needs a
porter to carry his/her personal rucksack then the same has to be informed us
at least a week before starting the trek. The arrangement of the same will be
done with an additional charge of Rs 2500/bag (Not weighing more than
10Kg) for the entire duration of the trek.
 It does not include any cost which belongs to personal in nature and not explicitly
mentioned above.
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