Minutes of the Moray and District Bridge

Minutes of the Moray and District Bridge Association 62nd A.G.M.
Held at Nairn community Centre Tuesday 5th May 2015.
Muriel Hamilton (President), Tim Wickens (Treasurer), Jan Holliday (Secretary), Bill Richardson
(League Secretary).
Alf Holliday, Shirley Jackson, Bob Roach, Ann Wickens, Seonaid McLaren, Ian Caithness, Paula
Wilson, John Wilson, Silvia Woodier, Allan Downie, Laura Ross, Angie McCalman, Margaret
Telford, Aileen Stone, Allan Whiteford, Hamish Cameron, Edna Cameron.
Dave Cotton, John Black, David Angus, Jean Armstrong, Ian Andrew.
Minutes of 2014 A.G.M
The Minutes of last year’s A.G.M. were read and approved there being no matters arising.
Financial Report
The Treasurer reported that he had been unable to purchase Master Points this year due to the
resignation of the SBU Master Points Secretary so the accounts for next year would show a double
points cost .Certain clubs have not paid their fees this year and would be contacted so to do.
Subscriptions were down as the number of teams competing in the League was down.
The meeting accepted the accounts (proposed by John Wilson, seconded by Paula Wilson).
Presidents Address
Welcome to the 62nd A.G.M. of the Moray and District Bridge Association. This year a working group
has produced a revised version of the original Constitution and I hope that you will accept this later. I
would like to thank the working group for all their hard work.
Although it was an enjoyable evening, the attendance at this year’s end of season tournament was
very poor. This may be partly due to the later date of the event this year. The bridge calendar is much
busier now in April than it was 30 years ago and there will be 2 Highland congresses in April next
year. There is also more scope to continue playing in bridge clubs in Elgin over the summer months
than there was 30 years ago when we had 3 sections in this tournament. We need to consider whether
we continue to run the tournament or whether we present the league trophies at the A.G.M. as
happens in some bridge clubs at the end of their winter season.
Congratulations to Inverness who won the 1st Division with 56 points, Dingwall B who won the 2nd
Division with 37 points and Grantown who won the 3rd Division with 36 points. Unfortunately the 2nd
Division trophy has gone missing. There was no member of the winning team present at the end of
season tournament last year to receive the trophy and no-one else can throw any light on where the
trophy might be. If anyone can help, please contact me.
Some of the matches were played in the afternoon when this suited all participants. 18 teams from 11
clubs played in the league this year compared to 20 teams from 12 clubs the previous year. Thanks to
the League secretary, Bill Richardson, and all the match secretaries for their work to ensure that the
league ran smoothly.
Ann Wickens continues to promote bridge in the area and I hope that you will support her wherever
you can.
I would like to thank Bill Richardson, Jan Holliday and Tim Wickens for their support.
Proposed Revised Constitution
Rule 1 under section League Competitions had a minor change of wording from “at the A.G.M.” to
“by the committee”.
Rule 3b under the same section was changed from “first/A team” to “Higher team” also in this rule
“not more than 2 players per match” was added.
Rule 3d was removed from the section League Competitions.
Rule 7 had a typing error removed.
After discussion on the constitution and the minor changes above, the revised constitution was
proposed by Allan Downie and seconded by Ann Wickens the meeting approved and adopted the new
Education Report
The schools programme will produce some good young players in the future. The present adult
classes are mainly older people not keen on competitive bridge.
A fuller version of this report is to be found in the Highland District A.G.M.
Proposal by Ann Wickens for the encouragement of adult class attendees to enter the third
division of the league.
After some discussion the meeting agreed to this proposal.
Proposal, by Ann Wickens that any new team wishing to enter the League where half the team
members were at master level or above should enter at the second division level.
It was felt by the meeting that this may cause difficulties with the structure of the league and
difficulties with promotion and relegation issues so it was decided that teams wishing to enter
Division 2 was to be at the discretion of the Committee and for a trial period.
End of Season Tournament
Continually falling numbers led to a very poor turnout for this year’s tournament and a discussion
followed on what to do next. Various formats were suggested and it was decided by the meeting that
the committee look into the event its format, venue, costs and moving it to earlier in the season
possibly sometime in March.
Election of Officers
Muriel Hamilton has agreed to stay on and was approved.
Jan Holliday has agreed to stay on and was approved.
Tim Wickens has agreed to stay on and was approved.
League Match Secretary.
Bill Richardson has indicated that he is resigning this post but has agreed to do 1 more year in place
this was approved.
Fees Review.
Fees are to stay the same as last year i.e. £2 per club and £4 per team.
Date and Place of next year’s A.G.M.
Thursday 5th May at the Nairn community centre to follow the Highland District A.G.M., subject to
the committee’s review on the end of season Tournament.
There being no other business to discuss the meeting closed at 9.25p.m.