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Scouts can craft their own fleur-de-lys woggle with
a few pieces of craft foam. This makes a great activity for the entire pack or troop, especially if
there's a special scouting occasion to celebrate.
What you'll need:
• Yellow craft foam fleur-de-lys shape
• Blue craft foam fleur-de-lys shape in smaller
• Hole punch
• Wire cutters
• Blue pipe cleaner rod
How to make it:
• Punch two holes in the yellow fleur-de-lys
Punch two holes to line up with the yellow shape on the blue fleur-de-lys.
Lay the blue shape on top of the yellow shape, matching holes up.
Insert the pipe cleaner through the holes and entwine to form a loop.
What you'll need:
Toy compass
10’’ cord or thin rope
Glue gun
Coloured beads [you may wish to choose the
colours of your group’s scarf]
• Plastic Woggle any colour or a small section of a
How to make it:
Glue the cord all around the compass as shown in
the picture
Leave both ends hanging from the compass.
Cut ends into a point to make stringing beads easier.
Slide both ends into one bead and push it all the
way to the compass.
String one bead onto each end. Tie knot to secure
them so they will not fall off.
Hot glue the plastic woggle or the small section of
pipe onto the back of compass.
Where does the Beaver
The Beaver lives in
woodland ponds and
lakes. In these lakes he
builds his house which
is called a Lodge.
What does the Beaver eat?
The Beaver eats the bark and leaves of the Aspen, Birch, Willow, Wild Cherry and
Poplar tree.
In what countries are Beavers found?
Beavers are found in Canada (North America) and
in Europe, some countries are – England, Scotland,
Norway, Russia and Romania.
The Beaver’s Body
What other Animals live in the Beaver’s Environment?
Other Animals you may find living in and around
the Beaver’s environment are:
Brown Bear
What You Will Need:
• Paper Lunch Bag
• Scissors
• Colours
• Glue Stick
How to Do It
• Print the beaver pieces that you will find in the
following page.
• Colour the pieces.
• Cut them out.
• Glue the head to the bottom flap of the lunch bag
as shown in photo.
• Glue the body and tail onto the side as show in
What You Will Need:
• Paper plate
• Brown, black, and yellow poster paint (or markers)
• Scraps of black and brown craft foam
• PVA glue [white glue]
• Transparent tape
• Brown pipe cleaner
• Paper or plastic foam drinking cup
• Scissors
How to Do It
• Inside the paper plate is a circular bottom. This is
the beaver’s mouth. Draw 2 top teeth and 2
bottom teeth as shown. Paint teeth yellow. Paint
the rest of the mouth black.
• Paint the plate rim brown.
• Cut out six small dots and a nose shape from
scraps of black craft foam. Glue shapes onto
brown rim as shown.
• Cut out two ear shapes from brown craft foam.
Tape them as shown.
• Use scissors to punch a small hole in plate rim
just under the beaver’s nose. Push the brown
pipe cleaner through the hole and twist the ends
together to make a hanging loop.
• Cut 2 paw shapes from brown craft foam. Glue
one paw on each side of cup.
• Glue cup to the bottom of the beaver’s mouth.
Cut out the Beaver.
Follow the directions and
build your own beaver.
Decorate as desired.
This busy little beaver is getting his paws into
everything around the forest. See if you can find all the
different spots where he's been popping up!!!
What you will need:
• Fir-Cone
• Piece of Cardboard 6cm x 11cm
• Modelling Clay
• Colouring Materials
• Glue
• Scissors
How to do it:
• Copy the shape of the base onto the cardboard and
colour it brown
• Cut out the base and stick the fir-cone to it using the
modelling clay.
• Draw the features on the face and stick onto the front of the cone.
What you will need:
• Sandwich
• Chocolate chips
• Marshmallows
• Pretzel sticks
• Chocolate covered biscuits
How to do it:
• Make any sandwich your heart desires and cut out the shape of the beaver.
• Put pretzel sticks on a plate and place the beaver on top.
• Use choc chips (raisins, nuts, olives) for his eyes and nose.
• Use peanut butter or something sticky to “glue” the eyes and nose on.
• Cut a mini marshmallow in half for the teeth.
• Break the top part off of a chocolate covered biscuit leaving the majority for the
What you will need:
Toilet paper roll
Large rectangular piece of paper
How to do it:
• Cut out the templates.
• Colour in the pieces.
• Glue the large rectangular piece
on first to cover the tube. Toilet
paper rolls come in different sizes,
so if you find the rectangle is a bit
too big, just trim it down. If you
find it's a bit too small, just cut out
another small piece to fill in the
• Glue on the head, arms and chest.
• Fold the feet tabs and glue to the
inside, bottom of the toilet paper
• Fold the tail tab and glue to the inside, bottom of the toilet paper roll.
(Tune: it’s a small world)
It’s a world of fun, it’s a world of joy
And a smile comes easy to every child
Things that we’ve learned today,
Lead along ok leaders’ way.
We are Beavers after all.
We are Beavers after all,
To all Beavers send the call
Show our leaders we stand all,
We are Beavers after all
When we seek our guest, we will do our best
On our leaders’ trail, we will never fail.
Without any doubts,
Without any doubts
We will be loyal Scouts
We are Beavers after all.
We are Beavers after all,
To all Beavers send the call
Show our leaders we stand all,
We are Beavers after all