Monthly Newsletter - Hickory Grove Baptist Church

The Vine
Worshiping, Serving, and Growing TOGETHER.
Someone has said, “Days go by so slowly, but years go by so fast”. I can attest that that is so
true. It doesn’t seem like it has been 40 years, almost to the month, that my pregnant wife and
I got settled into our seminary apartment. Little did we know that that move to Louisville,
Kentucky, began an amazing journey that would take us to 3 different states and back, serve
in 5 different churches, raise 4 wonderful children and make a multitude of lasting and loving
relationships along the way? I remember the first church position I had at South Jefferson
Baptist Church. I was Children’s Worship Director and made $10 a week and I thought to
myself, “Yes, I’m really in the ministry now”. That humble beginning set me and my family
on a path to some amazing God things in our life. Ministry has a way of leading you to places
and opportunities you never thought you would experience. Sherry and I have always relied
upon the prompting of the Holy Spirit in every move we’ve ever made. Some of those have
been hard moves, but all have been growing and rewarding ones, because God has been with
us every step of the way. From Florida to Kentucky to Georgia, to Florida and back to Kentucky
again God has allowed us to serve in some fantastic churches and has blessed in every
In 2001 the Lord led us to Hickory Grove Baptist Church and you have graciously allowed us to
serve this wonderful church. To say our ministry here has been wonderful is really an
understatement. So many sweet friendships forged, working with a fantastic, fun and wacky
staff, and doing something that I am passionate about can only begin to express how truly
blessed I am. It would be impossible to tell you, in this short article, all the highlights of our
ministry at The Grove, because they’ve all been highlights. To all those special people who
have come along side of me to help with the work, you have meant the world to me and words
can’t express how much I appreciate each one of you.
On the Calendar
For June
3rd Youth Parent/Camper Meeting
4th Senior Adult Lunch
8th VBS - all week
14th Youth Pool Party
21st Father’s Day
Don’t forget to celebrate Dad
on Sunday, June 21st
In the 14 years I have served on this staff (has it really been 14 years, I told you they go by so
fast) there have been some exciting changes that have taken place, not only in recreation
ministry, but in all aspects of the ministry at The Grove. I can only believe that even greater
things are in store for the future. God has replaced us old coggers (yes, Charley Steger I
include you) with some young, energetic, and godly folks who will take this church to greater
heights. The Grove is in capable hands.
I want to say a very special thank you (those words seem so inadequate) to someone who has
meant more to me in these many years of ministry than any other person. That person is my
wife Sherry. Whatever I have accomplished in ministry it is only because of a wife who has
stood beside me, encouraged me, prayed for me, got her hands dirty with me, and yes, even
kicked me in the butt a few times when I got down. Whatever difference has been made we’ve
done it together. So to you Sherry Lee Killen, I say thank you and love you very much.
Children’s camp balances are
due Sunday, June 28th.
One final thing, just because I’m retiring doesn’t mean you won’t see me. Just turn around in
church, I’ll be the guy sitting on the back row with the big smile on his face. I’ll be around,
besides ministry is in the blood and you really don’t retire from the arena of God’s service. So,
let’s continue the work together.
Love You All,
Bill Risher
On Sunday, June 21st, our
teenagers will be traveling to
J-Creek for a great week of
summer camp. Be in prayer for
their safety and spiritual growth
during this week.
Vacation Bible School
June 8th - 12th
9:00 a.m. - noon
Friday kids will stay till 1:00pm
For the end of the week
All children that are
4 yrs old though 5th grade
are invited to come and
bring a friend!!
Each Wednesday Night
In the Children’s Suite
Here are some great opportunities that we will be offering
this summer for all of the adults at The Grove. Join us at
6:30 p.m. each Wednesday to get a mid week refuel while
your children and teens have a great time in their summer
activities. Check out the schedule below, there is
something for everyone!
Multi Generational Bible Study– led by Mary
Hammons in the Chapel Room
Men’s Bible Study held each week on the top floor of
the FLC in the back classroom by the elevator.
“You Make Me Crazy” all new Bible Study about
different relationships in your life. Led by Bill Clark
and Kevin Naranjo in the Fellowship Hall
Celebration Choir - 7:30 p.m. in the Sanctuary
6:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Beginning Wednesday, June 3rd
Come join us!
Cincinnati Reds Faith Day
Sunday, August 2nd 1:10 p.m.
Tickets are $12 each, and there are only 50
reserved seats. After they are all sold, only
prepaid groups of 20 will be bought. Third Day will
be preforming after the ball game.
To purchase tickets contact; Stephanie Cox
843-602-5988 or
Hickory Grove Baptist Church
11969 Taylor Mill Road
Independence, KY 41051
Parent Camper meeting
June 28th in the Children’s
Suite following the second
Final payments will be due at this
Non-Profit Organization
U.S. Postage
Permit No. 7
Independence, KY 41051
Wednesday Nights
beginning June 3rd
6:30 p.m.
Worship/Snacks/Bible Study
Youth Pool Party
Sunday, June 14th 5:30 - 8:30 p.m
At the home of Greg Bridges
*** Pizza and drinks provided ***
Don’t know what to wear?
Remember modest
is hottest!!!
25 & 26