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Unit 9
Find the Geometric Probability of the shaded region.
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If two cards are drawn at random from a standard deck of cards without replacement, write an
expression that represents the probability of drawing two aces.
3. Briana has a desk drawer with twenty identical-size erasers in it. Eight erasers are pink, six are blue, four
are yellow, and two are beige. If Briana’s sister grabs two erasers out of the drawer at random, what is
the probability that BOTH erasers are yellow?
4. A coin and a number cube are tossed. What is the probability of getting a heads on the coin and a 4 on
the number cube?
Find the Geometric Probability of the shaded region.
6. What is the probability of the spinner landing on 3?
7. Five people are in a club and three are going to be in the planning committee. How many different ways
can the committee be formed?
8. In a class of 10 students, how many ways can a club of 4 students be arranged?
9. A school bought a special kind of lock for all student lockers. Every student had to create his or her own
pass code made up of 4 different numbers from 0-9. Students were told they could not repeat numbers
for their code. How many different possible codes could be created?
10. An encyclopedia has eight volumes. In how many ways can the eight volumes be replaced on the shelf?
11. A math teacher gave her class two tests. 25% of the class passed both tests and 42% of the class passed
the first test. What percent of those who passed the first test also passed the second test?
12. Two events, A and B, are such that P(A) = .35, and P(A and B) = .23. If A and B are independent, find P(B).
13. At Heritage High School, 40% of the boys play baseball and 14% of the boys play baseball and wrestle.
What percent of those that play baseball also wrestle?
14. Cameron owns a turtle shop. He has 5 different breeds of turtles, 4 different kinds of cages, and 6
different brands of food. If Grace was in the market to buy a turtle, a cage, and food, how many
different combinations would she have to choose from?
For #15 – 18 Use the container to the right. Find the following probabilities without replacement.
15. Probability of choosing B then R
16. Probability of choosing R then G
17. Probability of choosing B, then G, then G
18. Probability of choosing R then G then R.