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May 2015
Morsels from the Heritage Hunt Gourmet Coterie
May Meeting
FRI — May 15 — 10am
Elegant Place Settings
Joan Donnelly POC
Taste of Frederick
Walking Tour
May 29
Sue Waldron POC
June Meeting
FRI — June 19 — 10am
Taste of India Restaurant
Nancy Langley POC
July & August
Summer Break
No General Meetings
Dining Out TBD
Mary Gorodnick POC
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May Program
by James Brown, Program Committee
An elegant table setting is our feature for May. Since we feast first with our
eyes, a beautiful presentation is imperative for a lovely meal. Jim and Diana
Russell will be sharing their love of antique silver with personal stories and
knowledge of their accoutrements –where the pieces came from, ages of selected silver and the use of them as well.
Jim is an accomplished Civil War speaker and scholar. He likes to collect
English silver and antiques, especially pieces from the George III period in
England [c. 1760-1800]. He also has a passion for American coin silver - and
possesses two spoons belonging to the Russell family that were stolen by the
Union during the Civil War, yet were returned.
Diana has a great interest in antiques and silver. Another passion is Chinese
porcelain most especially Chinese Rose Medallion; one of her prized pieces is
a chop plate that dates back to approximately 1780. She also enjoys finding
treasures of “flow blue” china that was made in the early 1850s up until approximately 1880. Diana is enthusiastic in making creative tablescapes for all
dining events from using stuffed pheasants to oyster shells.
Join us for an informative and entertaining presentation.
Recap of April Meeting
by Kay Riley, Program Committee
A big thanks is extended to Andy Kujawa, Perishable Area Manager at
Lake Manassas Wegmans, for arranging the personnel, food and a gift
basket for the program on sushi given at the April Gourmet Coterie general meeting. Also, congratulations to Wegmans for ranking the number one
supermarket across the country as reported in the May 2015 issue of Consumer Reports magazine.
Kay Riley, Program Committee, introduced Sous Chef Jen Gulman who has
been with Wegmans for 14 years and Tommy Pendleton, Team Leader, a 2
½ year employee. The first half of the program
Tommy rolled the newest sushi roll, Kale-Elujah,
consisting of brown rice, quinoa, kale, green
beans and carrots while Sous Chef Jen explained
the process. The LSTV team, including Bill Baird,
provided the overhead camera experience so all
the members were able to view the rolling of the
sushi. After the rolling, Sous Chef Jen showed a
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TidBits—Page Two
This “Takes the Cake!”
by Dee Reise
CAKES GALORE is relatively new in GoCo and is
rapidly becoming very popular. Recently a coffee
klatch was held using Chiffon cakes as the highlighted type of cake. These cakes take a little bit of precision blending and are well worth the time. Eleven
members met at Wallis Kendig’s house, chatted, ate
and had a delightful relaxing time. What a pleasant
way to spend an early afternoon. Wallis baked a
scrumptious Maple Walnut chiffon cake and Dee Ellis
made a raspberry chiffon cake, using a recipe that
won a first prize in an “Eggland’s Best “ contest.
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PowerPoint presentation full of interesting facts
about the fish used to make the sushi. What
was especially informative was the part about
Super-Frozen Tuna (-76 degrees) and the use
of “color added” on fish packaging. Also, we
learned that the Tuna that is closer to the belly
is so tender that it will melt like butter when
eaten. It is also much more expensive than
other parts of the Tuna and cooking it is not
At the conclusion of the program Sous Chef Jen
and Tommy served samples of the Kale-Elujah
and Wild Sockeye Salmon Rolls. The door prize,
the large Wegmans gift basket full of their products, was won by Nadine Bishop.
Dining Out Review
by HJ Landsman
Known as a “less dear” rival of Ruth’s Chris, Morton’s and Capitol Grill, J Gilberts has been a main
stay steak house on Chain Bridge Road in Mclean for
many years. Although a few had been there before,
the majority of a group of 20 did not know what to
expect for brunch at $29. Pretty steep, some surmised! When it was over, 2 hours later, 100% questioned were quite satisfied.
It wasn’t just the quantity of buffet food offered,
which was continuous and constantly replaced, but
it was the taste and quality as well. Most started out
with a variety of omelets, eggs, bacon, sausages, waffles, breads and smoked fish, enough, so they could
indeed say they had a bountiful breakfast. If there
was room left in their bodies, they would be able to
devour succulent sliced prime rib, potatoes and onions, string beans, shrimp, chicken, dumplings, various pastas, fresh cut fruits, and pastries. These diners
would also have to make room for chocolate covered
strawberries and marshmallows. All juices, coffees,
and teas (unlimited) were also included in the price.
The attractive grill room, with well partitioned ambience, also helped in creating the right atmosphere.
Parting words from most….”….we will return….!”
Please send your
favorite recipes to
Marianne Smith
[email protected]
She is compiling & formatting
these recipes into a book.
Publishing date will be in time
for Christmas giving.
by Dave Leveton
The Restauranteers, now in its third year,
is designed to have members participate in
high-quality dining experiences and, at the same
time, develop new friendships.
Groups of six to eight are formed each year.
The groups go to assigned restaurants, or if they
prefer, can select different ones. Three outings are suggested, but the groups can do any
In 2015 we have four groups. The suggested
restaurants are:
Firebirds in Gainesville
Katerina’s in Manassas
Claire’s at the Depot in Warrenton for brunch
New groups, with different members, are
formed at the beginning of each year.
TidBits—Page Three
“Member Morsel”
is whaaat?
by Kristin Falcon
The catchy little names we use in the Gourmet Coterie may be confusing to some. As the
Chair of the Communications Committee, I often invite members at the General Meetings to
participate in our meetings by giving a “Member Morsel”. And then the question comes
“what is a Member Morsel”. Simply said, it is
just a short (5 minutes) presentation about anything related to food. Some examples are:
• Helpful kitchen hints
• Simple way to cook corn on the cob
• My Dehydrator and how it works
• My favorite kitchen gadget
• My surprise ingredient for vegetable broth
• Unique recipe books
• Salt: History and health
• Book review
• Experiencing Cooking schools on travel
So you get the picture. The meetings are
much more interesting when we have members
participate. Contact me at [email protected]
when you want to give yours.
Hint of June
If you are one of the many people
who think that Indian food consists
of many dishes that are
too spicy and all curry,
have we got a surprise for you at
our June 19th GoCo meeting.
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“Let food be thy medicine and
medicine be thy food.”
― Hippocrates
Taste of Frederick
Maryland Excursion
Food Tasting & Cultural Walking Tour
1.5 miles
Friday, May 29, 2015
11:30 am – 2:30 pm
Cost: $52 Per Person
(No refunds – Rain or Shine)
Contact Sue Waldron at
[email protected]
Check GoCo’s Website
for the April Minutes
TidBits—Page Four
May Dining-In Event
Ed and Roe Rozenblat entertained 22 members for the Run for the Roses at Churchill Downs. Watching the race on the huge screen at their home made the group feel like they were actually in Louisville.
There were a few winners who cheered like they had won the lottery. Food was abundant and topped
off with three Southern Pecan Pies and whipped cream. We had a blast!
Another 25 of us gathered for similar fun and games at Nadine Bishop’s, where a favorite -- on the
table -- was pulled pork barbecue with a variety of homemade BBQ sauces.