Unleash the Power of Excel

the presenter:
Dr. Isaac Gottlieb Microsoft
MVP 2014 and 2015, clinical
Professor at the Fox Business
School/Temple University,
Author "Next Generation
Excel, Modeling For Analysts
And MBAs" Wiley, 2013
M.S, M. Phil, Ph.D., Industrial and
Management Engineering, Columbia University
Current position:
Professor of Practice Temple
University Fox Business School
Academic Teaching:
Supply Chain and Operation Management,
Analytic Techniques for Decision making
(Management Science), Simulations, MIS and
Statistical Data Models. Received numerous
teaching awards
With over 25 years of industrial experience in
manufacturing and consulting, Dr. Gottlieb applies
all these techniques to a variety of applications.
This seminar covers
the presenter’s book
Next Generation Excel:
Modeling In Excel For Analysts
And MBAs (For MS Windows
And Mac OS) (Wiley Finance)
Isaac Gottlieb, March 2013
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• The price includes lectures, coffee breaks and lunch
Binding registration by 29.4.2015
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Anna-Kaisa Lehtinen +358 44 762 4455
Hotelli Scandic, Urheiluopistontie 400,
19120 Vierumäki
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the Power
of Excel
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Helsinki 126 km, Jyväskylä 146, Lahti 26
Gain new insights into the hidden analysis power
of your computer and learn how to harness incredible
modeling functions to excel in the new world of
Decision Making, Analysis, Marketing, Accounting
and Finance.
What Are the Benefits
of this Seminar?
Who Should Attend
of this Seminar?
Time Savings/Efficiency
You will become incredibly
efficient and proficient using Excel saving you valuable time.
If you...
spend more than 5 hours a week using
Excel you will be hundreds of hours a year using it Decision Making
Using the tools learned in this seminar
you will improve your decision making skills:
• are in a decision making position at any level –
it will improve you decision making ability • Modeling -- teaching basic tools of business
modeling which you can apply in an effective
decision making process. • doing any analysis in the area of accounting, finance, marketing & sales, HR or strategy – this will enable you to handle your analysis in a very efficient and creative way • Advanced techniques -- going in depth and exploring sophisticated tools such as sensitivity analysis • have to make any quantitative and graphical
presentations • Use financial functions for corporate or personal
decisions • an executive and you have to make complicated
decisions • Learn risk analysis tools Data Mining You will be able, using the amazing tools such as the Pivot Tables
capabilities, to search through large databases of
data and discover patterns that can help you greatly
with marketing and other research, with your custom-
ers, suppliers and any other data. Powerful Presenta-
You will be able to prepare extraordinary and
creative charts.
Techniques acquired will allow you to present your data and models in a most convincing way. Other Tools
Text manipulation and functions
Learn how to use V-lookup to search your data.
Work with three dimensional systems spread over
rows, columns and sheets. Discover how to use and
calculate statistics without being a statistician using
the Excel Add-ins
• an executive assistant you can support management with you skills • are planning to take the next seminar in the series:
Advanced Analytical Techniques for Decision Making • are dealing with accentuating, marketing/sales,
HR, finance or other business disciplines
PART 1 Introduction
• Excel Efficiency
• Renaming Cells and Ranges
• Simple & Quick Charts
• Creating a Chart Using the Wizard
• Advanced Charting techniques
PART 2 If functions Text & AutoFill
• IF Functions in Excel
• Nested if– Payroll Example
• Text manipulation
• Auto-fill
PART 3 Statistics for non- statisticians
• Descriptive statistics
• Frequency Distributions
• Data Analysis.
• Histogram
• Regressions Using Excel
PART 4 What IF Analysis & Sensitivity Analysis
• What-if Analysis
• Goal Seek
• Data Tables Sensitivity Analysis
• Two Way Table
• Using Scroll Bars for Sensitivity Analysis
• One More Example: Break-Even- Analysis
PART 5 3D and Lookup
• Going the 3rd Dimension
• A Payroll Example
• A Second Example Inventory
• Lookup Tables
• Approximate Match Lookup
• An Exact Match Lookup
PART 6 Data and Data-mining
• Sorting Data
• Auto Filter
• Data Forms
• Grouping and Outlining Data
• Subtotals
• Pivot Tables PivotTable Examples