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Captain Tryouts
The 2014-2015 Heritage High School Cheerleading Squad Leadership Body will be made up of
the following:
Varsity Squad Captain (Senior) or Co-Captains (Senior/Junior/Sophomore)
JV Squad Captain (Sophomore) or Co-Captains (Sophomore/Freshman)
Tryout Schedule
April 20th: Tryout Packet posted on website
April 28th: All candidates must e-mail coaches by 9pm to let them know they plan to try out for a
leadership position
April 29th: All tryout paperwork due to coaches at practice
May 6th: Captain Tryouts during practice
4:30-5:15: Candidates teach cheer to all squads
This is your opportunity to show the team what kind of leader you are. You are expected to
break down the cheer by words and motions, speak loudly and clearly, keep the team’s
attention and to be totally prepared.
5:15-5:50: Candidates perform original cheer and speeches for all squads
5:50-6:00: Voting
May 13th: Captain meeting with coaches after regular practice
Voting will be held at the end of the tryout practice. All cheerleaders will have two votes per squad.
Final decision on the number of captains will be determined by the coaches.
In order to be eligible to try out for Captain, a cheerleader must meet the following criteria:
Passing grades in all classes for all marking periods in the 2014-2015 school year
No demerits for the 2015-2016 cheer year
Must be in good standing with all teachers
Varsity Captain Only: must have previously been an HHS Varsity Cheerleader
Expectations & Requirements
If selected, the Captains are expected to commit to and serve in the position for the remainder of the
cheerleading season. The Varsity Captain(s) is also expected to attend the tryout clinic the following
year to assist the coaches as needed. HHS Cheerleaders are held to a higher standard than the rest of
the school and the Captains will be held to a higher standard still. Disciplinary action may be taken if
a Captain does not adhere to these conduct standards.
Because leaders are held to a higher standard, if a Captain accumulates 10 demerits then she will be
removed from her leadership position, in addition to the regular consequences incurred by any
cheerleader. In addition, if a captain becomes academically ineligible during the cheer year, then she
will be removed from her leadership position.
The duties and responsibilities of the Captains include, but are not limited to:
Perform all duties assigned to her as a leader of the HHS cheerleading squad.
Represent the organization at any function of the school or community.
Keep a detailed notebook and list of all duties performed. Items in notebook should include:
a team roster and contact information, FISD Code of Conduct, HHS demerit system, captain
duties and expectations, calendars, list of all cheers and chants, and any other handouts.
Lead the squad with the help of other captains and the coaches at public performances.
Be prepared to make on-the-spot decisions at practices, games, and times when the coaches
are not available.
Start on time and remain on task
Be early to practice and events.
Stay after each practice and event until dismissed by coaches.
Check for attendance/tardiness.
Lead practices under the supervision of the coaches.
Polish and perfect cheers, chants, stunts and jumps.
Know all cheers/chants perfectly.
Be constructive with your criticism to your teammates not destructive.
Warm-up the team.
Maintain discipline and seeing that your squad is in order at all times.
Foster, encourage, and uphold the team’s attitude and morale.
Provide individual help to all team members.
Be available to call your squad members.
Responsible for all team items to and from any game or event.
Support each other and your teammates.
Support the coaches even when you disagree with a decision.
Inform coaches of situations that they need to know about.
Bring suggestions to coaches on behalf of the team.
Always have a positive attitude.
By Wednesday, April 29th, each candidate must turn in:
1. a permission slip signed by both the cheerleader and one parent
2. a typed response to the leadership questions below
3. 5 teacher recommendation forms
4. For current 8th graders only: Printed copy of 2014-2015 Report Card (must include MP1MP5)
Prior to Wednesday, May 6th, each candidate must prepare:
1. an original cheer
2. a speech
The original cheer will be taught to all squads. All candidates will perform their original cheer in
front of all squads by themselves.
The speech should be 1-2 minutes long and will be given in front of all squads. Candidates should
use their typed responses to the leadership questions to help prepare their speech. The speech
should cover why the candidate thinks she would be a good leader for her squad.
Leadership Questions:
1. What assets would you bring to the organization if selected as Captain?
2. Do you feel that you can stand on your own judgment and make decisions as a leader that
may cause you to lose a few friends?
3. What is the key to earning the respect of your team? How do you keep it?
4. Define initiative. Do you have it? Explain.
5. a) What does leadership confidentiality mean?
b) Describe a situation concerning Captain confidentiality.
6. What are the biggest complaints of the cheerleaders on the squad and how would you help
solve these complaints, while still fulfilling your responsibilities as Captain?
7. How will you be able to handle the stress, both physical and mental, often involved with the
duties required of the Captain? Be specific.
8. Rate yourself in the following areas. Please explain and give examples of your talents
(example: 1 -5; 5 being the strongest)
a) Motivation
b) Organization Skills
c) Dedication
d) Reputation
e) Responsibility
f) Positive Attitude