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BALSAM WP2 – Work Plan
Regional Data Management for MSFD
Mark Dickey‐Collas
@DickeyCollas Monitoring data for Baltic MSFD
Improving data flows and data management
Improving data flows and data management
How to ensure that all monitoring data are reported to the COMBINE database & utilized?
• Map completeness & identify gaps of reporting • Reaffirm COMBINE data reporting on national level i.e. agreement on a specification of a ‘HOLAS II data call’
• Include missing data to regular reporting cycle
Improving data flows and data management
How to increase the amount of data available for regional indicators/products? • Accept data in ODV format to HELCOM database (ie SeaDataNet & EMODnet Chemistry)
Improving data flows and data management
How could data aggregation be automated? • Define data views for data extraction and processing for core indicator requirements • Catalogue the data products used in the indicators to ICES geoportal
Synergies fisheries & environmental monitoring
Technical workshop (HELCOM & ICES) to investigate & propose solutions for how fisheries surveys can provide environmental data needed for Baltic assessments.
Prepare for a possible high level cross‐ministry workshop, which could agree on funding approaches, responsibilities and potential partnerships.
Synergies fisheries & environmental monitoring
Study group to reconcile monitoring needs (pressure and status of the environment) with the spatial & temporal coverage of fisheries research surveys
Particular emphasis on northern Baltic Sea (risk based approach & assessing all fishable habitat).
Data needs for fish indicators
VMS data
ICES to be used by HELCOM for processing of VMS data to data products Large Fish Indicator, trawl data
Development of data products from trawl survey data by ICES to be used in HELCOM assessments.
ICES science for sustainable seas