Vice-President, Management of Terminals & Pipeline Saint-Laurent, Valero
o Awarded "Person of the Year" title in 2012 by the Pipeline Association of Quebec
for outstanding management and leadership of the Pipeline Saint-Laurent project.
The Pipeline Association of Quebec recognizes outstanding contributions of
individuals in the energy sector in Quebec since 1979.
o Board Member, IC2 Technologies
 Social
o Chairman, the Legér Foundation (l’Oeuvre Léger), Quebec section
o President of fundraising activities, Homeless Recourse (Recours des Sans-Abris)
Areas of Expertise:
Oil & Gas, Refinery & Pipeline management
Strategic Planning and Business Development
Project management
Vice-President, Management of Terminals & Pipeline Saint-Laurent, Valero, Montréal - since 2012
Vice-President, Business Development & Terminalling Operations, Ultramar, Montréal -2011 -2012
Senior Director, Business Development & Terminalling Operations, Ultramar, Montréal -2003 -2011
Director, Business Development, Ultramar, Montréal, QC
- 1996 - 2003
Manager, Business Development, Ultramar, St-Romuald, QC
- 1995 - 1996
Project Manager, Ultramar, St-Romuald, QC
- 1990 - 1995
Manager, Strategic research, Elf Aquitaine, France
- 1988 - 1990
Analyst, Quality & Yields, Ultramar, St-Romuald, QC
- 1987 - 1988
Production Planner, Ultramar, St-Romuald, QC
- 1985 - 1986
Process Engineer, Shell Canada Limited, Montreal, QC
- 1980 - 1985
Chemical Engineer (1980) & MBA (1992) from University of Laval, Quebec City, QC
Pipeline Saint-Laurent Project (2005-2012)
The Pipeline Saint-Laurent, with a total length of 250 km, provides a direct link between the Jean-Gaulin
Ultramar refinery and the Montreal East terminal. It runs along two lines of 735 kV Hydro Quebec
approximately 180 kilometers. The pipeline crosses the territory of eight regional county municipalities
(RCM) and 32 municipalities. This pipe, with a diameter of 16 inches, has replaced a large number of
train’s wagons and coastal vessels between Lévis and Montreal, eliminating 37,000 metric tons per year
of emissions of greenhouse gases. The project cost nearly $ 400 million and was completed in late 2012.
The Licensing Process took more than five years. Upon obtaining the necessary permits, it is in 2010 that
the Board of Directors of Valero gave the green light to the project team Pipeline Saint-Laurent for
construction. Deforestation is performed at the end of 2010 and construction of the pipe began in spring
2011. It took 18 months to build the pipeline, which took more than 1.6 million hours of work.
Numerous consultations and negotiations with municipalities, RCM, members of the government and the
various bodies have contributed to the acceptance of the project by the community. Indeed, the
construction of the pipeline required the agreement of the owners and the public in the sectors concerned.
Through these efforts, Ultramar managed to negotiate agreements for 99% of the approximately 690 cases
The completion of the Pipeline Saint-Laurent is a great achievement for Ultramar. The project has not
only met and often exceeded the technical objectives, but mostly it was done in harmony with the
surrounding communities. Owners and tenants along the route testify they supported the project because
they felt listened to and respected. This open, transparent and respectful approach was the guideline
adopted by the management of the project team Pipeline Saint-Laurent and probably was the main
success factor.
Valero Energy Corporation is a Fortune 500 international manufacturer and a marketer of
transportation fuels, other petrochemical products, and power. It is based in San Antonio, Texas, United
States. The company owns and operates 16 refineries throughout the United States, Canada, United
Kingdom, and the Caribbean with a combined throughput capacity of approximately 3 million barrels
(480,000 m3 ) per day, 10 ethanol plants with a combined production capacity of 1.2 billion US gallons
(4,500,000 m3 ) per year, and a 50 megawatt wind farm. Valero is also one of the United States' largest
retail operators with approximately 6,800 retail and branded wholesale outlets in the United States,
Canada, United Kingdom, and the Caribbean under the Valero, Diamond Shamrock, Shamrock,
Ultramar, Beacon, and Texaco brands.
Ultramar is an Eastern Canadian gas and home fuel retailer, with head office in Montreal. It was also a
Canadian oil refining and marketing company formerly known as Golden Eagle or Aigle d'or. It was a
subsidiary of Valero Energy Corporation, an American company that acquired Ultramar's former
parent company, Ultramar Diamond Shamrock in 2001. Since May 2013, Ultramar has been a trademark
of CST Brands Inc. after it was spun off from Valero. Today, Ultramar operates gas stations and home
fuel delivery in Ontario, Quebec, and Eastern Canada (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and
Newfoundland). It also operates ValuMax, a cashback program for fuel purchases.