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Verein Heart of Noise
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The Bug | Objekt | Valerio Tricoli | Actress | Dalhous | Perc
Alexander Marcus | Klara Lewis | Prurient | Shifted | Aiden Baker Trio
Caspar Brötzmann/FM Einheit | Innode | Jung An Tagen | Idklang
Angelica Castello w/ Billy Roisz | pq:f | Lee Fraser | Knrrrz | Fluktuation 8
Quiet Ensemble | Eric Arn | Panoram | Andi Stecher … and more tbc
1. Intro
For almost three thousand years, since the times of Plato and the dawn of european
cultures, philosophers, thinkers and cultural critics have been looking for the three things
that make human life human for humans – the true, the good and the beautiful. And then
sometimes in the late 20th century there comes disco and techno and all the endless
beauties and scares of computer technologies and the grand oceans of new sounds,
shapes and avantgardes and what are the philosophers, thinkers and cultural critics
doing, they are still searching...
In 2015 the Heart of Noise Festival once again turns its eyes to the oceanic roar of
contemporary cultures. We will look again at the noble twofold path of creation, which
leads us from the ontological search for the essence of sound and the borders of the
playable and the only almost playable to the good and the beautiful, to the children of
Hedon, the engineers of urban cultures soundtracks of the 21 st century. On this paths the
old and new genres will break, swim, dive, resurface, subside and food the temporary
autonomous zone.
In this strait between the underground and the ecstasy we will hear and see sound
researchers, electro lore bards, legends of bass and drum, industrial giants, pitchers,
lifeguards, captains and gold fsh, the beauty and the beats.
2. Heart of Noise – In the Heart of the World of Sound
The Heart of Noise Festival has been searching for aesthetic regions outside of
mainstream culture since 2011 and presents alternative genres and impulses of current
musical and cultural evolution. And yet Heart of Noise is not a festival solely for purely
concertante performances. From the accompanying public sound installation to the live
dubbing of movies and other visual material, to the fusion of media art, music and dance in
art performances, the access to current musical culture opens up a plethora of
possibilities and performance modes. The center of attention of a further conceptually
designed festival is on young art and young music culture, media culture and digital art,
VJ-art and DJ-culture, in other words the musical and artistic cosmos unfolding around
the newest and very latest relevant cultural tendencies.
In its premier year 2011, Heart of Noise dedicated itself to drone, which was the dominant
style at the height of the prevailing musical evolution. By 2013 the festival’s focus had
shifted from on the presentation of the variations of a genre to a historic direction that had
considerable efect on the development of electronic music in the past thirty years, true to
the motto: “Detroit, Berlin and Beyond”.
In the fourth edition, titled “See Breeze: Beauty is bearable for man.”, Heart of Noise 2014
put emphasis on the new forms of collaborations between audio and video, from avant
synth pop by Holly Herndon to the aesthetics of the technically sublime from the likes of
Ryoji Ikeda; “See Breeze” referred to the newest and most recently developed audiovisual
performance forms; a fresh breeze for tired eyes, that have lost sight of the essential
through the blinding noise of continuous advertisement, constant exposure to a stream of
sound, through the obtrusiveness of commercial videos, mainstream music and political
propaganda staging, the essential being art and music as something that is liked, that
changes and interrupts, as an interruption, an oasis in the desert of the deceptive world of
reality. “The truth is bearable for man” Ingeborg Bachmann once wrote for the cheated
people of the post-war generation. “Beauty is bearable for man”, has been demanded for
the seduced, the deluded and the bored of the 21 st century.
3. Heart of Noise 2015 – From Ontology to Hedonism with no Breaks
In 2015, the motto of the festival is “From Ontology to Hedonism with no Breaks” and
even the title strives against the division into sub-sub-sub-cultures, the pigeonholing and
the fragmentation of the most interesting tendencies in current music. Detroit Techno
listeners don’t listen to Chicago House, Doom metalheads don’t hang out with Black
metalheads, the lower middle-lower class is looking for diferent justifcations for their
consumption rationale as the middle upper-lower class, etc...
Cocooning is poverty. That’s why we set the prosperity and the versatility of the diferent
types of music, in which connectivity – well-made to ingenious and at-all-costs-also-listento-able – can occur, against it. At least we’ll try to, in best-humored severity.
This will lead Heart of Noise 2015 deeper and deeper in the more and more segregated
and meandering popular cultures. Genre bending is called for. From the, at frst glance not
exactly evident, as with the electro lore bard Alexander Marcus, to the popular cofounders
of entire subcultures such as Kevin Martin or (Justin Broadrick tbc), every afternoon and
every evening will take us from fundamental ontological experiments – for instance by our
beloved young talent Knrrrz or by machine destructor Valerio Tricoli – to the search for yet
unheard sound objects as from the acousmatic Lee Fraser or the masters of installation
Quiet Ensemble, further to a place where sound and rhythm arrive as skill with the beat
masters Object, Actress, Prurient, Perc and Shifted.
And by all sincerity, open-mindedness and consideration, we – as every year – shouldn’t
forget what the outcome of a live performance of the no-longer-boring; not just meditation,
or abstraction, or the approach, or concentration; but much more the experience, the
occasion, the intensity, the force of the unprecedented, the extravaganza, fashes, colors,
smoke and noise and sound: the Heart of Noise
4. Heart of Noise - Local, Regional, International & Heart of Noise Vinyl Edition
The festival Heart of Noise also pursues the goal of highlighting the presence of the local
and national scene in the currently relevant developments in art and music. Not only does
a festival like Heart of Noise give regional artists the opportunity to share the stage with
their idols, it also allows them to establish connections to the international market, to take
part in the development of scenes and to become more present for a constantly growing
national audience. It was ultimately the work of the local artists and art groups that lead us
to venture on the realization of our own festival in this form.
Synergies with, for example Klangspuren, Medien.Kunst.Tirol or columbosnext, helped lay
the foundation for a long-term broad-ranged integration of the Austrian music and art
scene in the presentation platform Heart of Noise. In 2013 the frst part of the planned
series of “Heart of Noise Vinyl Edition” was recorded and produced and dedicated to a
Tyrolean artist named Lissie Rettenwander. The cover of said album was designed by
Christoph Hinterhuber. In 2014 Christoph Fügenschuh followed with the second edition of
the “Heart and Noise Vinyl Edition” entitled “How to make Stuf out of Nothing” and a
long-awaited Tyrolean multi-instrumentalist, composer and artist was fnally released. In
2015 the third Album “austreiben / antreiben” was released by the Innsbruck-based artist
Andi Stecher. The album is a tonal examination of the pre-Christian alpine mask tradition
which is in wide-spread Europe. Stecher’s main interest however is not the direct
translation of the traditional fgures into sound, but much more putting the focus on certain
characteristics and subjects that these fgures represent and act out. Motives and
conditions like transformation, moments of transition and passage, the relationship
between man and nature – but also rawness and bestiality, roughness, death, and fertility
that Stecher addresses by translating them into sound.
5. Heart of Noise – Experimental Architecture in the Para Noise Garden
A meadow is not just a meadow is not just a meadow –
This year the architectural activists of columbosnext will once again erect an open-air
stage in the Para Noise Garden in front of the Stadtsaal as a strident city intervention for
more cultural areas, sound oases, and experimental architecture; the public space in our
cities is not just a parking lot, highway, catwalk or hamster wheel, public space is sound
space, free space, city space and it must be created and not be withheld. The “Satellite”,
built by columbosnext for these reasons, is a catalyst and city-feld-generator that sets
itself apart from other conventional stages through the emphasis on design, atmosphere
and communication with public space and the incorporated existence. The “Satellite” is a
cultural implant for urban space, a temporary core zone for lingering as antidote to the
omnipresent, ephemeral transitional zones, a place of spontaneously experienced city,
free of consumer stress, a sculpture that is free to use and open for spontaneous ideas! It
is on this stage that we will present to our interested audience acts such as Knrrrz,
Alexander Marcus, The Aidan Baker Trio, Eric Arn, Lee Fraser, Monomono andandand...
Festival & Ticket Infos:
Locations 2015: Stadtsaal Ibk | Para Noise Garden | Adlers Top Roof | Gotischer Keller
Contact: Chris Koubek | [email protected] | T: +43 650 93 25 331