Unit of Inquiry Learning and Growing Together Ac c eptanc e

Learn ing and Growing Toge th er
Celebration of
Learning Assembly:
Friday, 22nd May
2.30 – 3.30 pm
Thursday 7th May, 2015
Curriculum Day
(student free):
Friday, 15th May 2015
Year 5 Camp – 29th,
30th and 31st July
Daily reading (20 minutes a day) –read aloud and discuss texts
Practice weekly spelling
Rehearse mathematics skills previously taught
Unit of Inquiry
Students will ponder the
following statement:
“The ability to supply on our
unique planet is dependent on
our understanding of the ways
to protect and sustain life”
Over the next two weeks, they
will be exploring the way our
planet is able to support life
and the habitats that exist in
These are the concepts that are
being explored over the next few
• spelling focus over the next
two weeks will be words
that are topic related
• reading focus will be thinking critically about the
text and linking the text to
personal and world
• Students will be focusing on
the structure of Reports
when writing.
Students attend the ICT
Learning Centre for one hour a
week with their class teacher.
Tasks include using the Heany
Park Student Cloud and the
variety of interactive sites
within the Literacy, Numeracy
and Inquiry areas. Notebooks
are also being used in class to
support learning in these
curriculum areas. Sites can be
accessed at:
– Student cloud log in details
in student diaries.
These are the concepts that are
being explored over the next few
• the concepts of Volume,
Capacity and Mass through
a mathematics investigation
called “Down the Drain”
• some worded problems will
be investigated, requiring
students to apply their
mental Mathematics
strategies and thinking
• basic number facts will be
practiced regularly through
games and quizzes.
Acceptance - Respect - Life-long Learning - Integrity