Healthy Yancey brings you......

Page 16--Yancey Common Times Journal--March 25, 2015
Healthy Yancey brings you.........
a partnership of concerned citizens working together to improve the quality of health in Yancey County.
April Recognized as the Month of the Young Child
-Child Fest-A Celebration of Our Young ChildrenToday we know more
than ever about the importance of children’s earliest years in shaping their
future. If we work together
we can make sure every
child in our community has
the resources that he or she
needs to succeed. Week of
the Young Child gives us
the opportunity to pause
and celebrate our children.
This is an annual celebration
sponsored by the National
Association for the Education
of Young Children (NAEYC)
encouraging us to focus our
attention on the needs of
children and their families. In
Mitchell and Yancey counties
we have the opportunity to
celebrate our children with
fun-filled day at Child Fest.
Child Fest is an annual
event sponsored by the Mitchell-Yancey Partnership for
Children, Child Care Resource
and Referral, Mitchell County
United Way, and local health
and human services agencies.
Local vendors offer free childfriendly activities and information about their programs
and services. With a mixture of
arts, crafts, games, and other
fun activities your entire family will be entertained. Come
be amazed by the magic in the
air, create a spectacular hat,
treat your teddy’s bear’s booboos and let your imagination
run free through the inflatable
SAVE THE DATE: The Burnsville Fit Families 5K is scheduled for Saturday, May 9th
with a 10:00 AM start time. Link for registration is below. Join the event on Facebook
for updates, photos and fun:
Registration is now open at
The Burnsville Fit Families 5K has a special emphasis on engaging the youth and the
surrounding community to develop lifelong fitness. All youth under 18 run for
free! Start your training now, and please plan to join us for this fun event. Volunteers
are also needed. Contact us at [email protected] for volunteer positions.
This year Child Fest will be held on
April 25th, at
Mitchell High School.
Last year over 500 families came together for a funfilled day of free activities provided by 50 health and human services agencies. Over 700 volunteer hours went
into hosting the event. Child Fest continues to be wonderful celebration of our children and their families.
Mark your calendars because you
don’t want to miss the fun!
Volunteers are needed.
Contact us at
[email protected]
for volunteer positions.
Visit our website at for
great community information and resources.
Every 17 Seconds= 1 New Case of Diabetes!
Do you or a loved one need help for:
Mental illness?
Developmental disability?
Alcohol or drug addiction
• Are you… worried about how diabetes affects the body?
• Confused about medications?
• At a loss with counting carbs?
• Unsure how to read food labels?
• What to do for high or low blood sugar? or
• Do you have pre-diabetes?
Call 1-800-849-6127
Call toll-free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Hearing impaired, call N.C. Relay 711.
Smoky Mountain LME/MCO can provide you with free information
about local services, assessments, referrals to treatment providers and
connections to crisis services throughout western North Carolina.
Possibilities Of Wellbeing
A resource promoting
wellbeing through lifestyle
strategies, integrative
medicine, nutrition, and
health education
Margot Rossi, M.Ac.,L.Ac.
Geraldine Plato, HHC
Sick? Feeling bad?
We’re here to help,
Telemedicine makes
seeing a provider
easy, quick and
Then you are ready for New Beginnings…
Diabetes Self-Management Education including 1:1 education
with a Registered Dietitian and/or Group sessions offering a
complete teaching team:
Yancey County Home Health
Nurse On-Call 24/7
Providing high quality, low cost home care
to our community for over 100 years!
Skilled Nursing
Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
In Home Aides
Registered Dietitian, Pharmacist, Foot and Eye doctors.
Where: Yancey, Mitchell, or Avery County Health
Departments- Program Accredited by the American
Diabetes Association
Contact 828-682-6118 ext. 29 or 20 to
enroll and ask for more information
Let us help you with...
Affordable Care Act
Project Access
(828) 682-6157 • (800) 772-7955