Eating out? Eat well! - Healthier Workplace WA

June 2015 | Issue Twelve
Better choices
Eating out? Eat well!
Unlike packaged food, café and
Ask questions and make
restaurant food does not have to
carry nutritional information. This
How is the dish prepared?
means that choosing the healthier
What are the main ingredients?
options may not be obvious, or
Can you swap fries for a salad
or roast potatoes?
This newsletter provides useful tips
and information to make sure that
when you ‘Eat Out you Eat Well’
and it’s enjoyable too!
Can the dressing be on the
where possible. Choose tap or
making healthier alternatives, all
sparkling water and add flavour with
you need to do is ask the right
fresh lemon or lime wedges
questions and make a few simple
Watch your portion size
Order from the menu instead of
the buffet
Order an entrée size meal or
share a main with a friend
Don't skip meals
Plan your day in advance and don’t
skip meals just because you’re
Fill up on side orders of salad
and vegetables
Eat your food slowly and when
you feel full, stop!
Don’t be afraid to ask to get your
leftovers boxed up to enjoy the
next day
eating out that evening.
If you avoid eating during the day
you will be hungrier and more likely
to overindulge.
Entrée size and a tomato-y
Pub food
Fish or chicken over
enormous steaks
Stir-fry and plain rice over
deep-fried dishes
Avoid sugary drinks and alcohol
Most restaurants are open to
Thin crust vegetarian over
thick-crust meat lovers
Did you know?
Some chain restaurants
have nutrition information
displayed, and some have it
available on request.
Asian noodle soup
There’s nothing like a lovely
bowl of slurpy soup in the
Crank up the chilli to make it
a real winter warmer!
Prep Time: 10 min | Cook time: 5 min | Serves: 4
» 4 cups salt-reduced chicken stock
» 1/4 cups Chinese cabbage (wombok),
» 1 small red chilli, seeded and finely
chopped (optional)
» 2 tbs coriander, chopped
» 1 bunch bok choy, shredded
» 1 tsp ginger, finely chopped
» 2 tbs reduced-salt soy sauce
» 1 tbs fish sauce
» 125 g Hokkien egg noodles, cooked
» 1 cup skinless chicken breast, cooked,
» 1 cup mung bean shoots
» 1 spring onion (including green top),
1. Combine stock and cabbage in a large pot and bring to the
boil. Simmer over gentle heat for 5 minutes or until tender.
2. Add chilli, coriander, bok choy, ginger and sauces.
3. Divide hot noodles and chicken between 4 deep serving
4. Ladle soup mixture over noodles, add bean sprouts and
garnish with spring onion.
Bring back the pot luck!
Although it seems to have gone out of fashion, you can’t
beat the old “bring a plate” dinner party for cheap, fun
and convenience. This way you get to taste a range of
different dishes and there’s not too much pressure on the
Pro tip: there’s often a lot of left-overs. Get everyone to
bring a container so they can take home a doggy bag .