Change to 2014 Health Care Flexible Spending Account

Change to 2014 Health Care Flexible Spending Account
To help simplify the way you manage and track your health care expenses,
TeleTech has partnered with UnitedHealthcare (UHC) to administer Flexible
Spending Accounts (FSAs) beginning in 2014. You can continue to use your Bank
of America FSA debit card until December 31, 2013. Claims can be submitted
toward your 2013 funds until March 31, 2014.
Beginning with your 2014 account, you may carry over up to $500 of unused
funds into the next year (2015). The annual contribution limit is not affected by
any carryover funds. For example, you will still be eligible to contribute the full
amount (currently $2,500) even if you carry over $500, giving you a total of
$3,000 available funds.
We recommend you carefully estimate your expenses when deciding on your
contribution amount. You will continue to have a 90-day run out period after
the end of the plan year to submit claims, allowing you to submit claims until
March 31, 2015.