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New Styles Offers Ultimate Flexibility for Hospitality Designers
LAS VEGAS, Nv. May 13, 2015 - Durkan, the hospitality brand of Mohawk Group, debuted the
Modesto Collection at HD Expo, space #2523 today in Las Vegas. For the first time, Durkan offers an
encompassing collection of hospitality products that serve the flooring needs for guest room and public
spaces. Modesto is a two-part collection of products – Modesto for Rooms and Modesto for Public
Spaces. Using two different types of manufacturing techniques, the Modesto Collection delivers the right
flooring solution for the right space, with color and design seamlessly coordinated. As part of Durkan’s
comprehensive flooring solutions offering, the Modesto Collection coordinates with Mohawk Group hard
surfaces and Daltile’s ceramic offerings.
“This is the first collection from Durkan where we thoughtfully created two volumes of products and
styles that easily coordinate but made very differently to address the performance needs of each particular
space,” said Mark Page, Durkan senior director of color and design. “Design flexibility for the designer is
key and our Modesto Collection is a perfect example of a design-driven flooring solution.”
Durkan’s Modesto for Rooms collection, designed specifically for guest rooms, features 12 color ways
and 12 designs, two of which are running line patterns and 10 styles are offered with a 500-yard
minimum. The comprehensive selection of guest room patterns is simple, sophisticated and elegant,
offering an eclectic mix of geometric and organic patterning. Its color palette offers a refreshing mix:
dark, steely greys, oak browns, summery yellows and creamy cotton tones.
Modesto for Public Spaces features the added benefit of public space patterns all of which coordinate with
the guest room patterns. Modesto for Public Spaces styles are manufactured using Durkan’s new Definity
precision sculpted technology, which explores and emphasizes dimensional effects. Definity replicates
the durability and look of Axminster as it has never been done and allows for lower pricing to the
designer versus higher priced custom orders. Within the public space offerings, Modesto for Public
Spaces offers all the beauty, prestige and performance of Axminster for less. In addition, the Modesto for
Public Spaces are large-scale patterns designed for public and specialty areas. The collection incorporates
dark yet neutral tones such as black and grey, nutty brown and brass, harvest gold and frost combinations.
These large-scale patterns feature ribbons of texture both broad and intimate that have artistic hand-drawn
As part of the Mohawk Group, Durkan’s sustainability mission is an ecological imperative and
transparency is the keystone of the company’s initiatives. As a result, the Modesto Collection has a
Declare label, which serves as an ingredients label listing all the materials in the product. This allows
Durkan to work with customers and other leaders in the building industry to strive for greater
transparency and healthier choices. Modesto’s overall manufacturing process uses less water and energy
and the collection is 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life. The Modesto Collection is Red List
About Durkan
From the hotel lobby and corridors to guest rooms and ballrooms, casinos and areas of assisted living
facilities, Durkan is world-renowned as an industry leader in innovative design solutions and high-style,
high-performance hospitality carpeting. With state-of-the-art Spectronics HD printing, Computer Yarn
Placement (CYP) tufting technology and forward-thinking pattern and texture technologies, Durkan’s
comprehensive line of patterned and custom carpet products provide the inspired design, advanced
engineering and expressive style needed to set the right tone for every installation. Durkan is the
hospitality brand of the Mohawk Group, a leading commercial carpet manufacturer and a pioneer in the
design of sustainable carpeting. For additional information, visit or or call 800-241-4580.