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The Commissioner
Hayes Barton United Methodist Church
Pastors: Rick Clayton,
LuAnn Charlton, Jesse Baker
Offering Christ,
and Compassion
To Live
as Disciples
of Christ
May 25, 2015 Vol. 14, No. 33
Newsletter Deadline: Noon on June 1
A Living Theology
I have long struggled with Jesus’ words found in Matthew 6 on anxiety and worry. Jesus says, “Do not worry
about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, or
about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than
food, and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of
the air; they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and
yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more
value than they?” The implication is that God will provide so
no need to worry. My struggle has been not knowing how
to actually live them out. I never choose to worry or fear
(there are also many passages that warn against fear, so I
want to include it, too). It seems to me that they just appear. Fear and worry are dependent upon my surrounding
circumstances. I typically find worry and fear to be unwelcome companions. I get agitated and cannot think properly.
I would certainly avoid them if I could.
My struggle with this passage comes because I think it is
unnecessary that anyone feel guilty or shame for something
we have no control of. There may come a time when we
allow a situation to consume us. But we can avoid feeling
shame or guilt because even Jesus had at least one anxious experience. I love the way C. S. Lewis describes Jesus praying in the garden before his crucifixion in a letter to
an American lady (who herself was about to have an operation): “Fear is horrid, but there’s no reason to be ashamed
of it. Our Lord was afraid (dreadfully so) in Gethsemane. I
always cling to that as a very comforting fact.” From Jesus’
experience before his Passion (i.e. his crucifixion), we see
that Jesus also had natural fear/anxiety. This was not a
negative experience that drove him away from his Father,
but was an experience that drove him to prayer in which he
found strength to complete the difficult task ahead of him.
Assuming I am correct in describing fear and worry as
emotions that arise naturally, what, then, is Jesus talking
about? I have begun to wonder if Jesus was talking about
something different than natural human emotions. I think
Jesus was talking about crippling emotions (yes, I just made
up that category). The difference between the two is this.
Natural emotions, as I said, happen to everyone and arise
based on one’s surrounding circumstances. For example,
most parents feel anxious when their child takes their first
drive by themselves after getting their license. That is not
what Jesus is talking about and therefore is not a sin of any
kind. In fact, these sorts of experiences and emotions can
inspire a person to pray and I cannot see that as a bad
“Some people feel guilty about
their anxieties and regard them as a
defect of faith,” Lewis wrote in his
book, Letters to Malcolm. “I don’t
agree at all. They are afflictions, not
sins. Like all afflictions, they are, if
we can so take them, our share in the
Passion of Christ.” Our Lord knew
fear, and we can therefore be confident that whatever fears, worries, or anxieties come to us,
we can turn to God in prayer and know that our concerns
are not met with scorn but with a sympathetic ear. It is the
hope of our spiritual enemies that these trying situations will
pull us away from God; but, we have seen that this does not
need to be the case. By turning to prayer, we shall certainly
receive from God all sorts of strengthening and comforting.
Even in our greatest moments of fear and worry, we shall
find true the great promise found in the Scriptures: “I will
never leave you or forsake you” (Heb. 13:5).
Crippling emotions are different. They may start naturally, but turn into something quite different. Whereas one
can use these natural emotions as occasions for prayer,
one can also allow those emotions to control them. To continue with the example of the newly licensed teenager, it is
natural to worry, as I said. It would be an example of crippling fear or worry if the parent, as a result of these overwhelming feelings, never allowed her child to drive or get
their license in the first place.
Pray for me, as I pray for you, and may the grace of our
Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.
In Christ, Jesse
The Commissioner
Church Calendar: see
New Policy for Sanctuary
05/26 - 05/30
Moving Week
Tue. 05/26 7:30 am Men’s Breakfast
NO Prayer/Communion Service
Wed. 05/27 1:00 pm Haggai’s Helpers
6/6:30 pm Middle School Studies
7:30 pm Church Council
Thu. 05/28 6:15 am HS Prayer Breakfast
10:00 am Pastor’s Lectionary Study
11:15 am Grand Age Club
7:30 pm Chancel Choir Practice
8:00 pm LightHouse Practice
Sat. 05/30 6:30 pm Senior Banquet
Sun. 05/31
Trinity Sunday
Senior Recognition Sunday
Peace with Justice Sunday
1st Sunday in New Classrooms
8:30 am Traditional Worship
8:45 am LightHouse Worship
9:50 am Sunday School for All Ages
9:55 am Giving Thanks for the Past Sanc.
11:00 am Traditional Worship
6:00 pm UMYF
Mon. 06/01
UMW Scholarship Deadline
Tue. 06/02 7:30 am Men’s Breakfast
11:45 am Prayer/Communion Service
Wed. 06/03 1:00 pm Haggai’s Helpers
Thu. 06/04 7:00 am Men’s Prayer Breakfast
10:00 am Pastor’s Lectionary Study
7:30 pm Chancel Choir
Choir Room
8:00 pm LightHouse Practice
Sun. 06/07
2nd Sunday after Pentecost
VBS CDs available
8:30 am Traditional Worship Sanctuary
8:45 am LightHouse Worship
9:50 am Sunday School for All Ages
9:55 am Connection at 9:55
11:00 am Traditional Worship Sanctuary
06/10 - 06/13
Annual Conference Wilmington
The Board of Trustees approved the following policy in
anticipation of having the adult Sunday school meeting
in the sanctuary until The Well is complete:
To ensure a smooth transition into the worship service
and to protect the beauty of that space for years to
come, the Board has adopted a policy that would not
allow the consumption of food and drinks in the sanctuary with the exception of the communion elements and
of water for speakers and choir singers.
Please contact Lee Ragsdale if you have concerns at
[email protected]
Parking as a Good Neighbor
The Trustees have been informed that in response to
frequent and persistent violations, Raleigh Police are increasing enforcement of parking regulations in neighborhoods around HB on Sunday mornings.
Please remember that you cannot park within 5’ of a
driveway, within 15’ of a hydrant, or within 25’ of an intersection. HB staff place cones on Sunday morning only as
a guide for where you shouldn’t park. You are responsible for parking your cars legally on the street. If you are
parked illegally, expect to get a ticket.
Summer Newsletter Schedule
NO newsletters: June 8, 22; July 6, 20; August 3
Newsletters: June 1, 15, 29; July 13, 27; Aug. 10, 17, 24
Questions: Contact Doug Gill, [email protected]
or 919-832-6435 x26.
Peace with Justice Offering: May 31
You can support ministries in the US and worldwide to
remove unjust systems and equip the victimized to live
more fulfilled lives. Please give generously.
College Graduates: Last Call
If you or someone in your family received/will receive a
college degree this spring, please contact Doug Gill at
[email protected] or 832-6435 x26 so they can be recognized in the bulletin on May 31.
Grand Age Club: Thursdays, 11:15 am
05/28: Installation of Officers
For questions: Call Mary Lib Gallagher at 782-8116.
(8:30) 160 (8:45) 87
(11:00) 185
(SS) 223
Follow HB on Twitter and Facebook
Twitter: @HBUMC
Facebook: Hayes Barton United Methodist Church Group
The Commissioner
HB Movers Needed May 27-30
Packing Thanks
Our moving week is here, so let’s “gather to serve” on Wed.,
5/27, to Sat., 5/30. Able-bodied, strong volunteers: please
sign up for at least one 3-hour afternoon or evening shift.
Transition Team members will be on-site to organize/guide
movers. Our packers have done a fabulous job, so now our
Movers can move it. Choose a shift at:
Dear Congregation,
We are excited to
continue moving toward The WELL and
the Spirit of Our Lord is
walking along with us
on this move. Please
thank the following
people for coming out on Friday, May 15, and lovingly packing many items in our church.
Questions: Contact Connie at 757-2062
or [email protected]
Andy Adams
Lise Cagle
Janet Comrie
Diane Ferrell
Josh French
Audrey Gastmeyer
Beth Harrell
Rae Jarema
David Jones
Jim Jones
Paula Long
Liz Merritt
Lanier Murr
Mac & Lindsay Newsom
Shirley Page
Kathy Pretzer
Walt Sherlin
Bill & Denise Stephenson
Save the Date:
Refresh Two
a retreat for the women of Hayes Barton
Led by Pastor LuAnn, Pinehurst Resort
January 8 - 10, 2016
Cost for double occupancy around $350 (includes lodging,
delicious Pinehurst meals and snacks, and all instructional
sessions and materials)
Registration will open Fall, 2015
Questions? [email protected]
M’n’M Singers/Grace Notes
Talent Show
Monday, June 1, 6:30 pm
Resurrection Lutheran Church
100 W. Lochmere Dr, Cary
We are One in the Spirit and what a blessing to be a part of
the Spirit.
Connie Fowler
The Connection at 9:55 Starting June 7
Here’s the basic pattern we will follow beginning on June 7.
Again, in complete honesty, we may rearrange the model at times to fit
speaker’s schedules, but we plan to stay as close to this as possible. The
overarching theme for the entire transition time will be “Preparing for Life
at the Well.” More details about our vision will be shared in June. Every
Sunday will address some aspect of Christian discipleship that grows us
more deeply into our mission. Note that each Sunday following the first
Sunday of each month, The Word, is a teaching on how best to respond
to the word of God. A time for announcements and a short musical offering will open our time together each Sunday.
1st Sunday The Word (Bible Study)
2nd Sunday Response to the Word: Spiritual Formation, Denominational Study or Outreach
3rd Sunday Response to the Word: Spiritual Formation, Denominational Study or Outreach
4th Sunday Response to the Word: Hayes Barton Witness [this
Sunday includes Individual Sunday School Highlight]
5th Sunday Response to the Word: Music
Kevin Anderson
Tina Clyburn
Virginia Demarsh
Bob Foyle
Ashley, Luke & Bailey Fuller
Harriet Habel
Laurie Harrell
Cindy Jones
Jennifer Jones
Mary June Jones
Jo Anna McMillan
David Moncol
Emily Newman
Rebecca Page
Beth Pierce
Charlie & Becky Russell
Betty Smith
Ann Thompson
UMW Scholarship:
Apply by June 1
UMW Scholarship applications and
standards are available at:
- the front desk.
The applications
are due to UMW President, Jo Anna McMillan, by June 1, 2015.
Our UMW annual scholarship is paid directly to the college of the female recipient,
who is a member of HB. The scholarship is
for graduate or undergraduate study and is
granted for one year; however, current HS
seniors who are eligible for many other HB
scholarships are not eligible. Our UMW is
accepting applications. Questions? Please
contact Jo Anna McMillan at 919-417-3470
or [email protected]
The Commissioner
Prayer Encouragement
“Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; prayer is the greater work.”
Oswald Chambers
Pray for Those Deployed
Contact Jesse Baker
at [email protected]
or 919-832-6435 x20
AIDS Care Team
Beth Russell: 919-696-8181
Bereavement Care Ministry
Emily Barbour: 919-417-7777
[email protected]
Cancer Support
Mary Elizabeth Gallagher: 782-8116
Communion Ministry
Theresa & Dick Stevens: 919-866-0304
Martha Ministry
Mary Penn Sherlin: 919-781-5579
or 919-832-6435 x33
Memory Support Ministry
English Edwards: 919-625-1524
Mourning Glories
Becky Balentine: 919-783-6806
Sue Robertson: 919-832-2269
Prayer Ministry
Scott Tyler: [email protected]
Prayer Requests
832-6435 x45 or [email protected]
Prayer Shawl Ministry
Larry Hines: 919-781-5155
Reminiscent Outreach
Jen Smith: 919-758-8475
Nick Constantino, Trey Goodwin: We pray that God would “strengthen them and help
them, that He would uphold them with his righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10b
Sympathy and Love to
Alice Ellington and family on the death of her niece, Carolyn Pulley, on May 22. Her
service was on May 25 at Beulah Christian Baptist Church, Zebulon.
Pat Witt and family on the death of her grandson, John Dakota (Koty) Merriss on
May 22. Service plans will be communicated by email this week.
In Home Communion Ministry
In Home Communion Ministry is for people that are
not able to attend a traditional communion service,
so the service is brought to them. This not only allows our Shut-In members to share in Communion,
but it keeps our beloved members connected with
the church.
Contacts: Theresa & Dick Stevens, 866-0304
We Try So Hard
We try so hard to hang on to the teachings and “get it,” but actually the truth sinks
in like rain into very hard earth. The rain is very gentle, and we soften up slowly at
our own speed. But when that happens, something has fundamentally changed in
us. That hard earth has softened. It doesn’t seem to happen by trying to get it or
capture it. It happens by letting go; it happens by relaxing your mind, and it happens by the aspiration and the longing to want to communicate with yourself and
others. Each of us finds our own way…. Let everything stop your mind and let everything open your heart.
Pema Chodron, Source: Start Where You Are
Stephen Ministry
Jesse Baker: 919-832-6435
Hayes Barton UMC
Visiting Friends
Eleanor Blackwell: 919-787-7855
Peggy Underwood: 919-781-2372
Endowment Challenge
for Holroyd Youth Fund
Honor Your Father
Volunteer Patient Advocacy
Annette Cass: 919-606-3405
Do Nothing
It is so hard to sit and do nothing. And yet in many a case
that is all one can do. Just listen. And do nothing.
Dorothy Day
Source: The Catholic Worker
(November 1951)
Clearly print the name(s) of those you wish to honor/remember and your name(s) exactly as you wish them to appear in the June 21 Father’s Day bulletin. Send this
card and a check, made out to HBUMC with ‘PE – HYF’ on the memo line, in an envelope to arrive by June 17. Or, drop the envelope in the offering plate on Sunday or in
the business office mailbox.
In Memory of ______________________________________________________
In Honor of _______________________________________________________
Your Name(s) _____________________________________________________
Phone __________________________ Amount Enclosed ________________
The Commissioner
Alliance Medical Ministry
We’d love to have your group join us in our garden! No
experience needed.
4th Saturdays (9:30a-noon)
6/27, 7/25, 8/22
2nd Wednesdays: (5-6:30p)
6/10, 7/8, 8/12
Contact Jesse Baker
at [email protected] or 919-832-6435 x20
or Anne Bryan at [email protected]
or Jamey Motter at [email protected]
[email protected]
Seeds of Hope
Get on Board –
Every Sunday Morning
Thank you to everyone who has supported Homework club
this school year! We have wrapped up homework club for
this school year. Please consider volunteering as a mentor
for this fall.
Shuttle service from Carolina Place
on Glenwood Avenue
to the Stone Street entrance…
quicker than parking & walking…
Requirements: Desire to share the light of Christ with a
child in need by helping with their homework one day a
week while traditional school is in session. Spanish language skills are helpful but not necessary. We are also looking for volunteers to assist in Community ministry with the
ladies Bible study.
Furniture: We frequently have families who are in need of
furniture. Please call Jill Fletcher at 919.909.5100 when you
have gently used furniture that you would consider donating.
HIV/AIDS Food Pantry
The food pantry for Under One Roof/Alliance of AIDS Services-Carolina still needs your contributions and appreciates
them more than ever. Most of the clients are living on limited
incomes and need canned goods, small boxes of pasta and
toiletry items. Please leave donations in the pink bins in the
front stairwell off the parlor hall. Contact Estes Thompson at
919-612-0977 with questions.
Carolina Place is at 2626 Glenwood Ave.
The Shuttle service runs from 8 am – 1 pm, departing
every 10 minutes from the parking deck.
Shuttle parking is located in the parking deck. The parking
lot has over 100 covered spaces.
Drop off/pick up at the Stone St. entrance.
Carolina Place is 1 mile NW of HB.
As you approach the parking deck, you will see an
HBUMC parking sign.
Meals on Wheels
Volunteers Needed
We serve on the 2nd Friday of every month as well as the
5th Mondays and Tuesdays. We can use regulars and subs.
To help or to learn more, please contact Jane Holding at
[email protected] or 919-787-8317.
Fixing Things
The trouble with people is that they’re busy fixing things they don’t even understand. We’re always fixing things, aren’t
we? It never strikes us that things don’t need to be fixed. They really don’t. This is a great illumination. They need to be
understood. If you understood them, they’d change.
Anthony de Mello, Source: Awareness
The Commissioner
Birdhouse Sale Thanks
Summer Celebration Picnic
The youth missions birdhouse sale was a huge success
once again! Thanks to the incredible gifted artists at our
church who gave of their time to support youth missions.
We are grateful to:
Wednesday, July 1, 5 - 7:30 pm, Pullen Park, Shelter #5
Please bring food to share
in a good, old-fashioned potluck picnic.
HBUMC will provide drinks and paper products.
Please sign up for the picnic so we can make plans:
respond to a mass email or call 832-6435 x34
and let us know how many adults and children are coming.
Activities to include:
cornhole, three-legged race, water balloons, bubble station,
watermelon seed spitting contest, sidewalk chalk
Amy Alexander
Kim Balentine
Pat Brennan
Trish Bynum
Ellie Clyburn
Davis Coster
Lisa Coster
Scott Dannenberg
Dave Dickey
Julie Flournoy
Delia Gilmore
Carol Hagy
Anne Holder
Cari Jones
Dianne Jones
Mark Jones
Leigh Anne Lancaster
Sally Lazar
Sylvia Liestman
Barbara McNeill
Rebekah McNeill
Susan Dickey McShane Elizabeth Motter
Emily Newman
Nancy Nutt
Lisa Rivers
Anne Rogers
Amanda Rossi
Susan Self
Sharyn Severtson
Nate Sheaffer
Ellen Shintay
Elizabeth Warner
Kelli Wilson
Martha Ministry Meals Needed
One of the main functions of the Martha Ministry is to provide meals and fellowship to HB members who may be in
The youth of Hayes Barton are excited to serve this sum- crisis, or those with ongoing needs. We are asking for help
mer in Kentucky with ASP, in Tennessee with SLAM, and from HB members to restock the Martha Ministry freezer
with meals that can be taken to our members. This is a great
in North Carolina with Student Life.
opportunity for UMW circles, SS classes, other HB groups or
individuals to help minister to our members. Freezer ready
Fairview Road Construction
meals in portions of 2-4 servings are needed including casThis summer, the city of Raleigh will be performing a storm seroles, soups, stews, pastas and pot pies. If you can help,
water construction project. The Fairview Rd./Reid St./Myrtle contact Mary-Penn Sherlin at [email protected], or Julie
Ave. intersection will be closed to traffic for about one month Fleming at [email protected], or call 832-6435 x33.
over the summer. They will be using a small portion of our
Reid St. parking lot during the construction. We are working
closely with the city on schedule and detours and will advise Laptops For Haiti: Can You Help?
you as these are further defined. The Building Committee is ‘Hearts and Hands for Haiti’ needs gently used laptops or
fully aware and will plan to work around the closed intersec- netbooks for teachers and students at their schools in Haiti.
Contact Bob Jensen at 812-8127 or [email protected]
tion as construction on “The Well” begins.
VBS Wish List
Tacky Glue (10 bottles)
650 water balloons
rolls of masking tape
red washable paint (40 bottles)
100 Band-Aids, any size/color
40 large Band-Aids – regular shape,
flesh color
160 small Band-Aids – regular shape,
flesh color
100 single-packaged Reese’s cups
1 bag small candy bars without peanuts or peanut butter
100 blank postcards OR 100 blank
cards with envelopes
gently used or new stuffed animals to
donate to homeless children
1 pack of candles that won’t blow out
10 regular-sized bags of potato chips
The Commissioner
10 - 15 rolls white duct tape
30 plastic or paper tablecloths, white largest size available
10 packs of markers (washable)
10 boxes of Crayons
1500 tongue depressors
Newspaper – for a paper Mache craft.
10 balls of twine
800 Ziploc bags - sandwich size
2 yds/10 sheets fuzzy brown craft fur
380 smooth, round rocks - about 2-4
inches in diameter
30 bottles Mod Podge - any finish is
fine (can be found at craft stores)
100 pieces card stock-any color
15 empty cereal boxes (broken down)
5 pieces of felt, each color – brown,
dark brown, light brown, khaki/tan
30 rolls wax paper
Michael’s Craft Store gift cards to purchase needed supplies
Items to Borrow - label with name and
phone no.; we’ll return them after VBS
4 dodge balls
3 cornhole boards w/ bean bags
6 jump ropes
6 basketballs
4 hula hoops
12 artificial trees, various sizes
2-3 tents
10 large plastic bowls
Please leave any donated/borrowed
items in the VBS bin at the drop-off center at the front desk. Thank you!
Upcoming Youth Events
Senior Banquet on May 30
Senior Recognition on May 31
Lunch Bunch, June 10, 17
Costa Rica Mission, June 13-20
Reel to Real, June 14
ASP, June 14-20
SLAM Nashville, June 21-27
VBS, June 22-26
Lunch Bunch, July 8, 15, 22, 29
Reel to Real, July 12, 19, 26
Student Life, July 27-31
Youth Ministries
Attention: Parents of VBS Children
Get Your VBS CD EARLY - Starting June 7
Wouldn’t you love for your child to have their VBS Music CD early? We would!
Vacation Bible School runs from June 22 - 26, but we think it would be great if
your child had their music CD early and could already
begin learning the songs! Your child’s CD will be available for early pick-up at the Reception Desk in the front
lobby on the following Sundays (June 7th, June 14th,
& June 21st) from 9:30 - 11:00 am and 12:00 - 12:30
pm. Please look for Meredith Clayton. Limit: 1 CD per
family. Thanks, and we look forward to making great music with you soon!
Meredith Clayton, Blair Kennedy, Mary Whitney Rakestraw
JOY Class Notes: May 24
Every day in the JOY Class is special,
and today was no exception. We shared
stories and memories of our years in the
3rd floor JOY Class area, recognizing
that this was the last Sunday we would
meet as a group in the original JOY
Classroom. We learned about the origin
of Memorial Day and prayed for our
service members and their families.
Lastly, we spent time telling wonderful
stories about how much we loved Casper and how his life was a picture of:
Jesus first Others second Yourself last
Contact Josh French
at [email protected] or x25
or Emily Newman
at [email protected] or x17
Acolyte & Crucifer Signup:
Contact Liz Merritt
at [email protected] or x22
or Laurie Harrell
at [email protected] or x13
Extended Session Volunteers
05/31 Grayson & Chris Nichols
05/31 Tracy & Joe Robinson
06/07 Josh & Marcy Points
05/31 Mary Whitney & David
06/07 Cam & Rachel Reynolds
No summer ext. session
VBS Volunteers Still Needed
We need Shepherds:
- Kindergarten: Tue/Thu/Fri
- Third Grade: Mon/Tue/Fri
- Fourth Grade: Tue/Thu
We need help in Crafts on Wed/Fri.
Audrey, [email protected]
Allison, [email protected]
SLAM Nashville Mission Trip
We have 25 signed up, but still have
many spots for current 6th-12th graders
on our SLAM mission trip, June 22-28!
An awesome opportunity to serve
the community of Nashville and, if
you’re a high schooler, serve our middle
school students as a leader! Already
going on another one of our mission
trips? You can sign up for SLAM, too.
Cost is just $200 for a week in Nashville with some awesome people doing
service work! Check out SLAM at:
Check out our mission video from
last year to see what SLAM is all about:
Fill out the mission trip application
and hand it in along with your check
made out to HBUMC!
What’s the Plan?
May 31 will be the first Sunday in new
classrooms as shown below.
Infants: Parlor (left side)
Crawlers/Toddlers: Parlor (right side)
Doves/Lambs*: FH (201)
Donkeys/Whales*: FH (203)
1st/2nd Grades*: Room 139
3rd/4th Grades*: Room 136
5th Grade: Room 141
(Note that some elementary classes
will remain in the same location.)
*Classes will only be combined for the
summer. Look for Fall classroom assignments in August.
The Commissioner
This newsletter is also available by email as a pdf, and can be found on the web at
The Commissioner (USPS 021732) is
published weekly, except one week in
December, one week in August, &
every other week in June/July. Periodical postage paid at Raleigh, NC by:
Hayes Barton United Methodist Church
2209 Fairview Road
Raleigh, NC 27608-2240
United Methodist Church
2209 Fairview Road
Raleigh, NC 27608-2240
Ph: 919-832-6435
Fax: 919-832-4029
8:30 am/11:00 am - Rick Clayton
“Adopted Children of God”
Being children of God, the creator of all things, is
amazing! In our reading from Romans, Paul explains
that this comes about by the leading of the Holy
Spirit, through whom we are adopted by the Father
as sisters and brothers of the Son of God, Jesus
Christ. We are fellow heirs with Christ, the one in
whom God’s promises of new creation are fulfilled.
All of this is the work of the Holy Trinity, Father, Son
and Spirit.
Romans 8:12-17
Postmaster: Send address changes to:
The Commissioner, PO Box 6088,
Raleigh, NC 27628-6088.
Isaiah 6:1-8; Psalm 29
Romans 8:12-17; John 3:1-17
May 25, 2015
Vol. 14, No. 33
Senior Recognition Sunday
Peace with Justice Sunday
Publisher: Doug Gill
[email protected]
919-832-6435 ext. 26
8:45 am LightHouse - LuAnn Charlton
“Embraced by Grace”
Jesus created disturbance because he wanted life to
change so that the people of God would not be
smothered by laws, but embraced by grace and renewal.
Mark 2:23–3:6
Get On The Bus... Sunday Mornings
Join the Entire Church Family
Sunday, May 31, 9:55 - 10:30 am
in the Sanctuary
We will gather as the church to offer thanksgiving to God for years of faithful service in great anticipation of tilling the soil once again for new and vibrant ministries
that will reach into the greater Raleigh community. Come early and walk the halls
and share your stories with friends of life together in this sacred space. After the
service of thanksgiving - stroll through the Chapel, the JOY Class and the preschool to take one last glance.
The Commissioner
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Grand Age Club........................... p. 2
Holroyd Youth Fund Challenge ... p. 4
Hymns to Sing Our Faith ............. p. 2
In Home Communion Ministry ..... p. 4
A Living Theology ........................ p. 1
Meals on Wheels ......................... p. 5
Movers Needed ........................... p. 3
Outreach Pathway ................... p. 5, 6
Packing Thanks ........................... p. 3
Parking as a Good Neighbor ....... p. 2
Peace with Justice Offering ......... p. 2
Refresh Two ................................ p. 3
Sanctuary Policy.......................... p. 2
Seeds of Hope Needs ................. p. 5
Shuttle Bus .................................. p. 5
Summer Newsletter Schedule ..... p. 2
Summer Celebration Picnic ......... p. 6
Support Pathway ......................... p. 4
UMW Scholarship........................ p. 3
VBS CDs ..................................... p. 7
VBS Wish List.............................. p. 6
Youth Ministries ........................... p. 7