ArtFest 2015 – Food Vendor Application

ArtFest 2015 – Food Vendor Application
Business or non-profit name:
Contact information –
First name: ___________________
Last name: _______________
______________________ Website: _____________________
Phone: _______________ Cell phone: ____________________
If you have participated before in ArtFest (formerly International Festival Day), please
indicate the most recent year (this helps us match up returning vendors): __________
Attach list of food items to be sold and prices. If you have photographs of items to
show portion sizes, please attach them, too.
Fees (to be submitted with application):
Booth fees:
One booth (10 x 12)
Two booths (20 x 12)
110 v., 15 amps
Total due with application:
$25.00 application fee
Neither bottled water nor soft drinks in any form may be sold (there are
designated water and soft-drink vendors)
Boilerplate: Attached to this application is a sheet entitled “Policies, Procedures and Requirements.” By
signing below and submitting this application, I acknowledge the receipt of that sheet and signify my
agreement to those terms.
Signed: ________________________
Return this application and the
attachments by June 1, 2015:
Date: _______________
____ email to [email protected] with
remitted by Paypal on website
____ US mail to Haywood County Arts
Council, PO Box 306, Waynesville NC 28786,
with fees paid by check or money order
ArtFest 2015 Food Vendor
Policies, Procedures and Requirements
General Information
The festival is held on Main Street, Waynesville on Saturday, July 18, 2015 this
year. Setup and takedown times will be published on the website
later this year. There is no rain date and no refunds on the basis of weather.
Applications, with photographs and fees, must be in the hands of the Arts Council
by June 1, 2015. Vendors who have been accepted into the festival will be notified by
June 8, 2015. Vendors who are not accepted will receive a prompt refund of their
booth and electricity fees (but not the $25 application fee).
You are responsible for reporting and remitting sales tax to the NC Department
of Revenue as required by law. Upon acceptance into the festival, each vendor will be
required to submit an appropriate Certificate of Insurance for general liability
coverage with a rider identifying the Haywood County Arts Council as an additionally
insured party.
Booths and Hookups
The booth size you select must be strictly adhered to – no selling outside that
area. Please provide, with your application, a photograph of your booth or cart.
Electricity hookups are scarce and limited to 110 volts, 15 amps. You must
provide your own 100 ft., grounded connection and secure it to the street with durable,
highly visible gaffers tape. No generators are allowed.
You must prepare, store and display your food in accordance with the
appropriate North Carolina health codes and regulations. There are no dumping sites
for grease, oil, grey water or trash on the site, so you should plan on taking that with
Checklist for Application
Send to Arts Council by June 1, 2015: [ ]
[ ]
After acceptance (June 8, 2015):
[ ]
Application, with menu items
Check for fees (or Paypal on
Photo of booth or cart
[ ]
Certificate of insurance