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Patti’s Post
I think that when Neil Diamond recorded "Hot
August Night", he really didn't know what he
was talking about. Obviously he never
experienced August nights in Arizona! I'll take a
cool August night any day! For those of you who
are fortunate enough to be away from the valley
I envy you, but hope that you are safe and having
a great time.
The first week of August (July 29th - August 4th)
the course will be closed to aerate the greens and
verticut the fairways. Then comes all the fun of
trying to improve your putting game on bumpy
Overseeding will take place September 23 for
approximately 3 weeks with cart path only for 3
weeks after the course reopens. During the time
the course is closed, if you are an Ironwood only
annual member, you may play at Oakwood using
your membership. IronOaks will be testing an
alternative to overseeding this year. Information
on this is available on the IronOaks golf website
under Golf Information, IronOaks Alternative to
Overseeding for 2013. Any of your concerns or
questions are addressed there. Take some time to
look this over. Charles and the Golf Committee
have worked very hard to bring all the necessary
information to you.
The summer league is still attracting a number of
players. Last month there were 28 ladies who
played at Lone Tree and really had a nice time.
The staff was overly friendly and helpful. On
August 14th, Ironwood will be hosting and the
fee for Ironwood annual members is $3.00
toward the prize money. The last event of the
summer will be hosted by Sun Lakes Country
Club in September. (Continued on Page 2)
June, July, August & September
AM: 7 am
PM: 10:45 am
Upcoming: The signup sheet for the Member Guest
tournament held in November will be available in
the computer room in September. This year we will
be having only one tournament. Be sure and get
your application in early.
Mark your calendars for the 2013 Golf Expo
October 30th.
Wishing you continued cool weather, good golf,
and safe travels,
Bev Lutes is actively looking for new board
members for 2014. There are positions open for
President, Vice President, and Secretary. Please
contact Bev if you or someone you know would be
interested in being on the board. Her contact
information is (480)883-8163,
[email protected] Thank you Bev for all your
hard work.
Golf Trivia
Golf balls were originally made of wood. Later, they were made from boiled
feathers stuffed into stitched leather known as "featheries". The modern, and
cheaper, golf ball filled with gutta-percha was not developed till 1848.
There are 336 dimples on a regulation golf ball.
Balls travel significantly further on hot days. A golfer swinging a club at around 100 mph will
carry the driver up to eight yards longer for each increase in air temperature of 25°F.
Phil Mickelson, who plays left-handed, is actually right handed. He learned
to play golf by mirroring his father's golf swing, and he has used left
handed golf clubs ever since.
The chances of making two holes-in-one in a round of golf are
one in 67 million.
Golf was banned in Scotland from 1457 to 1502 to ensure citizens wouldn't waste
time when preparing for an English invasion.
In an effort to keep our members informed, we are sharing the following information
provided by the IronOaks Golf Committee regarding the 2013 overseeding. Please
watch for details in further issues of The Links and also on Stay in the Loop.
Traditional fairway management practices are
changing, in large part due to the environment and
economy. After careful study and analysis of a trend
within the golf course industry, the IronOaks Golf
Committee and Staff are prepared to undergo
testing of a new type of winter fairway
This past year our Golf Course Superintendent,
Charles Keys, began the testing by applying a Turf
Colorant on a portion of the driving range at
Oakwood. The results were positive, with color
holding well and the health of the Bermuda grass
underneath improving. The colorant protected the
grass from frost, which allowed it to come back
faster and healthier.
IronOaks is now ready to expand the test by using
the Turf Colorant on five of our forty-five fairways.
One fairway on each of our nines will not be
overseeded in an effort to determine how the
colorant performs in high-traffic areas (i.e. cart and
foot traffic).
The test fairways are:
#2 Ironwood #16 Ironwood
#7 Sonoran # 5 Palms
#5 Lakes
The tees and greens will be overseeded.
There are multiple advantages to this alternative
which will result in substantial cost savings.
• less water used
• less fertilizer used
• less mowing (which means less fuel consumed
and fewer labor hours)
• fewer pesticides used
• fewer man-hours for preparation of overseeding
In addition, the potential for improved fairway
conditions include:
* more ball roll due to drier fairways
* no cart usage restriction after overseed (on the
designated fairways)
* healthier grass under the colorant, allowing for a
quicker transition
Taking into account the expenses necessary for the
colorant and application equipment, not
overseeding these five fairways and some common
areas that do not affect golf should result in a cost
savings of approximately $21,000. The Golf
Committee and Staff are excited about this
alternative and the savings and impact it can have
on our courses in the future should we extend this
procedure to include more or all of our fairways.
As the season progresses, we will welcome all
feedback relating to this test. We hope everyone will
approach it with a positive attitude knowing that
your Golf Committee and Staff are working together
in an effort to create a substantial cost savings to all
homeowners, while keeping our courses in the best
possible condition with maximum playability and