Product- and design features Packaging concept

Shape and material
CPET tray suitable for microwave oven, pan,
stove, fridge / freezer.
This packaging form with unique selling
propositions was developed under the
guidance of a leading packaging manufacturer, the company FaerchPlast in
Holstebro / Denmark and Sealpac GmbH
in Oldenburg/Germany the company with
appropriate solution for Traysealers.
Product- and design features
Packaging concept
Matthias Felten
The new form of packaging complies
with all EU standards due to the advice
and exquisite expertise of before mentioned companies.
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Haxenbeißer® - the innovative
and multifunctional packaging
concept for cold and warm dishes
Haxenbeißer® is not just a sausage, but
the interplay of various product and design
1 quality of sausage and sauce/dip
2 taste
3 attractive packaging design
4 easy handling
5 sympathy figure <market footprint>
Haxenbeißer® works across the target group with its form, design, print
and offers attractive opportunities for
Haxenbeißer®-design has an
appealing shape, i.e.: a positive effect in the perception
compared with the competitors or products within a
series. It demonstrates
The special feature about Haxenbeißer®
is its flexible packaging concept – not
only for the manufacturer but also for
the end user.
So it is not only a variety of characters from
a basic form which is realizable, but also
FILLING is highly individual choosable,
such for example:
2 x small sausages, mustard or ketchup,
napkin, cutlery
2 x white sausages, sweet mustard, napkin, cutlery
2 x Debreziner, chili sauce (spicy), napkin, cutlery
Party Girl:
2 x cracker, medium-spicy
mustard, napkin, cutlery
Whether in the football stadium, in
restaurants, at public festivals or
at home: the Haxenbeißer® unites pleasure and consumption in
a packaging, which offers place for
cutlery, sauce, napkins and other contents beside the sausages.
All this makes a sealed chamber system possible, in which
each chamber is separately
arranged. The number of
chambers and therefore
the filling can be achieved
with different characteristics by adding
additional partitions.