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16 Webster Court, Kentville • (902) 678-4142
Spring Featured Treatments
Spring Body “Tune-Up”
Recharge & Rebalance
Change of Season Cleanse
60 minutes | $99
60 minutes | $110
60 minutes | $150
Time to say good-bye to your
dry winter skin with a coconut lime
back and hand scrub.
Enjoy a Caribbean inspired
back & neck massage with our
signature coconut lime massage bars
and hot volcanic stones.
Your feet and hands deserve special
attention with warm scented towels
and a gentle pressure point massage.
We know you will feel fresh and
invigorated when you are finished
your “tune-up”.
Kick-start your metabolism
with dry body brushing to increase
circulation, lymphatic flow and
exfoliate dry skin.
Relax while specific acupuncture
points are selected to strengthen
your organ systems that regulate
hormonal imbalances, reduce stress,
and boost metabolism.
Slowly breathe in aromatherapy
scents of lemon and grapefruit
while floating in a state of
nirvana during your Ayurvedic
reflexology treatment.
A truly unique experience!
Refresh and revitalize your mind
and body after a long snowy winter.
Dr. Florian will equip you with a
two-week full body cleanse that includes;
meal plans, relaxation techniques
and lifestyle recommendations.
Detoxify your pathways of elimination
Andrea Sivret R.M.T. & Kailey Brown R.M.T.
(bowels, liver, kidneys, skin, lymph and lungs)
with Amy's comprehensive plan.
During your visit, enjoy a topical castor
oil treatment and cleansing herbal tea
to support your liver
and kick-off your wellness plan!
Dr. Amy Florian, B.Sc., N.D
Sharon Conroy, BHSc., R.Ac.
Gift Certificates Available ... the Perfect Gift idea for Birthdays, Anniversaries & Special Occasions.
These treatments are covered by most Health Insurance Plans.
We are pleased to Direct Bill your insurance company when available.